First, a article from a confidant referring to a “back in the day” that may intrigue readers, google “a mortgage bailout in ancient rome delancy place”, read search result, I (Lee) was struck by the fact today’s leaders do the same as the leaders of ancient Rome, print money and pray to our psychopathic God to keep the system going for another decade or two when the obvious solution is as simple as a walk in Wascana Park, just stop the official elite from stealing taxpayer money, we are the example, google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and note below: 

NEW NEWS l: Google “saskatchewan and the federal government have reached a 10- year funding agreement for health care that will bring more than $300 million to the province l.p., review search result, $30M a year is meaningless, the ENGR.’s, Strudwick and her SARM ilk spill that much taxpayer money each year shoveling it into shipping containers to ship to their offshore banks, Web reader’s who think I (Lee) exaggerate review ABOLITION OF RMS and ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and note below:

NEW NEWS II: Google “budget debates should not stir up old partisan divisions mandryk” & “expect ‘ugly battle’ over public sector wage freeze, regina professor says cbc” & “finance minister kevin doherty said monday he’s no labour lawyer mandryk” & “ mandryk: sask. party wage freeze a declaration of war on unions mandryk” & “dumping government cleaning staff is ironic and sad writer murray mandryk” & “sask. government tells school divisions to reduce salary costs, opens door to renegotiate contracts l. p.”& “cameco layoffs underscore for northeren diversification: belanger macpherson”, and note below:

Google “global transportation hub debate shut down again fraser”, note word “again” in title, remember this is the third time Wall has shut down the GTH debate and questions. Google “gth cbc i-team geoff leo rural zoning” and review the three part Geoff Leo CBC GTH series reprinted in this Alexa 37 Web site, the 37th most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Web sites, read CBC GTH Geoff Leo i-team search results and note below:

NEW NEWS lll: Google “trudeau freudian slips referring to premier brad wall and ‘his farmers’ real agriculture”, search result shows a dissing of the Prime Minister but remember, ‘his farmers’ (Wall)s marched against Justin’s father, waving placards claiming he was courting prostitutes when he courted two lovely women, musician Liona Boyd and actress Barbra Streisand WHILE Harper used a farm owned by Wall’s official, a corrupt slut, Donna Strudwick, to boast of destroying the Wheat Board, google “ritz uses strudwick farm to boast of destroying wheat board”, note below:

What do our farmers think is going to happen with Trudeau and his Cabinet tracking this Web site, the 37th most watched in the world’s 30M Web site domains, review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT and SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE. This Web site provided a great service; the Harper Fed heard, google “rural zoning forces harper to end ethanol subsidy”. Google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” visits to my (Lee)s ask of the PM to remove Saskatchewan from Canada are over 3M, Harper heard my call for subsidy Ethanol removal.

NEW NEWS IV: I (Lee) am here to tell our Saskatchewan farmers it is to late for them to tear my throat out with pitchforks as their Alberta colleagues plan for NDP Premier Rachel Notley. Google “crash course greg keenan” & “ canada’s economy: canada prepares for a recession as economy tanks whitefoot” & “time for investors to short canada whitefoot” & “mandryk: high wages not wall’s only governance problem mandryk” and Murray is right as usual, note below:

I (Lee) have been telling Trudeau, his Cabinet his Senators and his voters that the taxpayer can not afford to keep bribing Walls odious, arrogant, asshole, official, ruling elite, the Highway Engineers, review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and that corrupt slut of a Strudwick and her SARM ilk, google “summary 31940”. Google “shrinking but surviving, hill, modjeski”, & “breaking: saskatchewan to move from 12 health regions to one provincial health authority l.p.” & “mandryk: one health board about more than eliminating fat mandryk”, again, Murray is right, note below:

Note Wall ends local health region administration area’s while promising to maintain SARM corruption; LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT and SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE , think about the cost to taxpayers of SARM corruption under Marit and with Marit as Wall’s Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan ENGR.’s official corruption, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and $680M RISK TRANFER, Saskatchewan is doomed, note below:

Wall’s corruption chickens are coming home to roost with a vengeance, google “premier brad wall hints at layoffs or wage rollbacks in public sector as province faces ballooning deficit c.p.” & “dealing with the deficit: wall says action will not be delayed cbc” & “lee predicts wall deficit of $5b rural zoning” & “wall $1.88b regina bypass fraud” & “wall gth fraud”& “quebec inquiry into construction fraud”, review all search results and note Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Administration is more corrupt then Quebec’s ever was, note below:

Wall’s $1.88B Regina by-pass fraud is the best example, note the Regina City Engineers estimated the by- pass cost at $400M, Wall signed a deal at nearly 5 times that, $1.88B, proving massive fraud, risk transfer is never used in road contracting BUT review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING & $680M RISK TRANSFER and note Wall gave the Contractor $680M as insurance against Wascana Creek overflowing its banks and washing solid Concrete overpasses down the Wascana Creek to the Qu’Appelle Valley, to Hudson Bay, Wall really did do that, note below:

The above $680M risk transfer payment to Graham (the Contractor) is utter nonsense and hard evidence of massive fraud, how many nurses and teachers salaries would that $680M pay and for how long? I (Lee) believe Regina, with a 200K population, has NO need whatsoever for the $1.88B by pass with cloverleafs, traffic circles work fine in light traffic, or the GTH hub, review ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, part lll of CBC i-team Geoff Leo’s great work, note the Chinese Government has written off their deposit and ended their plan for investing in the GTH Hub, note below:

The business community refuses to go any where near Walls GTH, as example, Kal Tire planned to build a Prairie supply center in Wall’s GTH but has now suddenly gone to Edmonton, WHY? Set aside my (Lee)s belief Regina does not need the $1.88B bypass or the GTH hub, remember the Regina City Engineers estimated the by-pass cost at $400M but Wall did a P3 deal for 5 times the Regina City Engineers estimate, $1.88B, based on the $1.5B by-pass fraud note my nurse/teacher salary calculation below:

Scroll back to the second paragraph, the Trudeau Fed gave Wall $300M so to be fair take that off Walls $1.5B by-pass fraud and Wall still has a $1.2B fraud to cover off; remember $1B is 1000 Million and Wall is ending nurse and teaching jobs with annual salaries of $50K – $100K, how many nurse and teaching jobs would the cost of Walls $1.2B Regina bypass fraud pay for: ask your grade 12 math student, or a University Professor, or ask the great, good, God Google, BUT there are 8,300 registered nurses and 13,000 teachers, a total of 21,300 and Walls $1.2B by-pass fraud would pay a annual $75K salary for 21,300 people for 12 years, now note below:

That is just the cost to taxpayers of Walls $1.5 P3 Regina by-pass fraud, review posts LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING and ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and you can make a ball park estimate of the total cost of Wall official fraud and how many nurse and teachers it would pay for over how many years? I (Lee) urge readers to never forget Wall was trained to use official corruption, Wall worked for Devine, Lane and Berstein, google “devine decade of darkness”, and note below:

The Devine gang stole $1B a year of taxpayer money every year for ten years, review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, note I (Lee) lived with the fact of the ENGR.’s threats on my life and RCMP cover up of those threats for over 30 years while I fought Saskatchewan’s ENGR.’s destruction of me, including their death threats, review the last few paragraphs of ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED where I (Lee) suggest Wall ask 3 Senators, 2 Conservative and 1 Liberal, to undertake a study of my David Milgaard level of personal destruction from bribe demands and death threats by Wall’s ENGR.’s, supported by the corruption of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, note below:

Readers are asked to review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, google “summary 31940” and note the Wall Administration do not have the balls to sue me me (Lee) for libel because I stood up to their corrupt slut, the Strudwick, proving that I, as a layman, can take any libel action against me to the SCC supported by my well documented claim of Wall corruption in this Alexa 37 ranked Web site, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, note that I gave the three Senators a heads up on my ask of Wall, below:
david.tkachuk@sen.parl.gc.ca pana.merchant@sen.parl.gc.ca cbcnewsottawa@cbc.ca
ottawanews@ctv.ca newsroom@globeandmail.com
Dear Senators: My ask of you is backed by the following hard Political fact google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org my Web site is the 37th most watched Web site in the 30M Web sites world wide, and google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” take note the visit numbers to that post are over 2M.

Please review post ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, there is increasing evidence Wall is suffering politically and may become desperate enough to accept my suggestion three Saskatchewan Senators review the issue generated by Wall official’s corruption. Review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL., note I view Senators with affection and respect and know your task may be impossible; I bring the following to your attention.

I was fully briefed in his Osgoode Hall office by Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of the Federal Judicial Corruption report “Masters in Their Own House”, and know the Canadian Constitution gives the Elite Provincial officials control of day to day lives of Federal appointed Queens and Appeal Bench Judges with apocalyptic economic results.

No Judge wants to be covertly or overtly tracked by officials as to booze, girlfriends or boyfriends, or moved to a newly created Judicial center of Lac La biche, or given a 10 x 12 windowless office with a 40 watt bulb and a grouchy lesbian for a secretary until they get the message, to wit: Provincial Officials have the power to demand bribes and steal any/all taxpayer assets.

Saskatchewan is especially vulnerable Richards served as Chief of Staff to Mulroney Deputy during Schrieber/Airbus, google “lane and strudwick organized cocaine/high school girl parties for conservative judges” which leads to blackmail but even if the Senate is powerless it should warn of Walls official’s constitutional corruption E R Lee

On January 5th I (Lee) sent e-mail to Fed Cabinet, cc: Senate, note below:
dominic.leblanc@parl.gc.ca keya@utma.com maryann.mikychuk@parl.gc.ca jim.carr@parlgc.ca Scott.brison@parl.gc.ca Marienews@ctv.ca ralph.goodale@parl.gc.ca Carolyn.bennett@parl.gc.ca david.tkachuk@sen.parl.gc.ca cbcnewsottawa@cbc.ca denise.batters@sen.parlgc.ca pana.merchant@sen.parl.gc.ca ottawanews@ctv.ca newsroom@globeandmail.com

re: https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org
Dear Minister: Please google “trudeau freudian slips referring to premier brad wall and ‘his farmers’ real agriculture”, note farmers snide critic of the Prime Minister, then remember “Walls farmers” marched against Trudeau Senior waving placards claiming he courted prostitutes when he courted a lovely actress and a musician, Liona Boyd and Barbra Streisand, remember Harper used Walls official, Donna Strudwick’s, farm to boast of destroying the Wheat Board google “ritz uses strudwick farm to boast of destroying wheat board” and note below:

What do the effing farmers think is going to happen with the PM, you Cabinet and Senate tracking this Web site, the 37th most watched in the world, review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE and SARM LEADER LIES, then google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” & “rural zoning forces harper to end ethanol subsidy” note the visit numbers to my ask of the PM are over 3M and I remind our farmers its to late to tear my throat out with pitchforks as their Alberta colleagues threatened to do to Rachel

Google “shrinking but surviving, hill, modjeski”, & “breaking: saskatchewan to move from 12 health regions to one provincial health authority l.p.”, Wall ends health administration but maintains SARM corruption, LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT and SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE. Review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, cost of SARM corruption under Marit now moves to Wall ENGR.’s corruption with Marit as Minister Responsible, I ask again what do the farmers think will happen to their man Wall? E. R. Lee

(end of Fed Cabinet e-mails with senate/media cc’ed in this post)

My (Lee)s confidants question giving Wall a 2 Conservatives-1 Liberal, a 2 to1 advantage, BUT I disagree, all Senators are sick unto death of being the corruption fall guy for expense fiddles, Wallin was the worst at +/- $130K, and Wallin gave it back; I believe the Senate will want to make a example of Walls massive, odious, arrogant, asshole, official, corruption, on a individual basis, Senator Denise Batters is a good woman, a lawyer who worked inside the Wall administration so knows Walls arrogant, asshole, officials elite are stealing everything not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers and she may not be amused by it, note below:

Senator Batters MP husband was a good man driven to suicide by Harper/Wall official corruption he could do nothing about; I (Lee) know how Senator Batters husband felt BUT unlike him I do not have the balls to suicide; Senator Merchant is a good woman who will support her husband, Tony, who hates that effing Lane more than I do, google “lane blocks merchants $20m payment”. Scroll down over the next few paragraphs, note where I, back in the day in Yorkton, working as czar of PC zone 6 for Dave Tkachuk, raised $85K in donations to kept the lights on for the Devine PC campaign until Pioneer Trust gave Devine $350K, note below:

Review post COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, note that when Merv put Dave to the wall in cross-examination Dave told the truth, ie: I (Lee) stated “Lane ‘should’ be shot” which in law is not a threat, Dave, as Devine Chief of Staff, was forced to destroy me, BUT I believe he is a good man who will not forget my work for the PC’s back in the day, BUT Dave still had to watch that effing Lane, as Devine AG, destroy Lorna and I when I refused to pay ENGR.’s official bribes, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5. note below:

I (Lee) do not know how Dave, a good man, was able to stand what was done, not just to Lorna and I, but to all taxpayers, google “devine decade of darkness”, Dave had to watch what was done to all Saskatchewan taxpayers by that effing Lane as Devine Finance Minister, google “lane had swiss bank couriers move brief cases of cash from the leg building”, as a prairie boy Crown Royal saw me through; as stated above I do not know how Dave did it, BUT believe my confidants are wrong about Dave.

I (Lee) believe my problem is not the honesty of Senators, or even Wall, I believe Wall is gazing into the same abyss I am and has come to the same conclusion I have, ie: that while he won three elections by pandering to the corruption of Saskatchewan’s odious, arrogant, asshole, official, elite, SARM, RMAA and the ENGR.’s, now, because of this Alexa 37 ranked Web site, the 37th most watched site in the world, Wall’s pandering to official corruption is forcing him to the edge of the abyss, note below:

Saskatchewan’s economy is doomed, google “the bank of canada just laid out how the economy could tank kirby” & “major saskatoon landlord granted creditor protection by b.c. court macpherson” and if Wall tries a short term stall by taking my (Lee)s suggestion to the Senators and they agree my ask of Wall is equitable, or just advise I am entitled to a Milgaard level restitution, which will all go to Access to maintain ads for this Web site until end of days, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT document 4, Wall is doomed if that is the end result, note below:

For the foregoing solution to work this Web site must stay up and on the internet so I (Lee) have google “a chinamans chance” of stopping Wall’s ENGR.s from slaughtering me. Readers are reminded that back in the day Yorkton RCMP refused to lay threatening charges against the Civil ENGR.’s for the RCMP’s wire tap death threats against me by the ENGR.’s and the solution is for Wall’s Cabinet to sign a OC (Order in Council) that in the event of my (Lee)s “sudden death in my own home”, aka: Owen Mitchell, MITIC MITCHELL AND THE MAFIA, the following would occur: 

The RCMP report prepared by Corporal Smith must exist and criminal charges against which ever of Wall’s ENGR.’s had threatened me back in the day in Yorkton would now be laid against the ENGR.’s now and heard in Quebec or Maritime Province. The foregoing would put Wall in a classic google “catch 22”, this Web site, the 37th most watched in the world, is my only hope to stop Walls ENGR.’s. from slaughtering me if Wall grants me the right to get between his corrupt in house Civil ENGR.’s and their bribes and my only hope would be this Web site, the 37th most watched in the world, giving Wall’s evil ENGR.’s pause in a plan to slaughter me.

CONVERSLEY, this Web site, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, will destroy Wall even if he is the best liked Premier in Canada, so his (Wall)s official Elite corruption has lead to a stand-off. Senior mainstream journalists are predicting Wall will step down as Premier, so who’s next? There are good men and good women, who could take over as Sask Party leader and Premier, Don Morgan, Lyle Stewart and Christine Tell all come to mind and there may be others, BUT note below:

There may be good men and women in the Sask. Party who may not want to face the hard fact their elite official’s have the constitutional power to dictate judgments to Saskatchewan’s Federal Queens and Appeal Bench Judges supporting their official bribe demands and the next Sask Party Leader and Premier face’s two hard choices, they can 1) issue the order for my (Lee)s slaughter or 2) accept this Alexa 37 ranked Web site, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, published every month until my death of old age, which may cause them to think about being Premier.

Now as a Wall side issue google “top women bureaucrats earn 30% less than men frasier” & “misogynists definition”; Misogynist, a weird word for a weird male phobia, hatred of women; women are a delight, in addition to the lovely roundness of their rumps and breasts women all multitask and on average are 2% points smarter then men on the Stanford IQ test and studies show that of the Companies listed on the Stock exchange the more women on Boards of Directors the higher the companies profit margin, so why does Wall pay women 30% less then men?, note below:

Why does Wall not pay women the same as men? Walls girl Friday, Kathy Young, is especially deserving, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, about 6 (six) paragraphs before the end, reference is made to my PC zone 6 fund raising to bring $80K out of so called “red square” to Kathy so she could keep the Devine PC staff salaries paid and lights on until Pioneer Trust gave Devine and Lane $350K, I remember Kathy counting nickels for stamps to mail out PC memberships while trying to save enough to buy her then boss, Dave Tkachuk, now Senator Tkachuk, and herself lunch.

My (Lee)s memory is clear of Kathy Young as a older teenage girl, sitting alone, with her desk light shinning on her, in the old Macallum-Hill Building preparing and mailing out PC membership cards during the count down to the April 1982 General Election with that effing Lane as PC Party President, and I sometimes wonder, now that she is surrounded by Mountain ranges of cash stored in offshore Banks, if she ever thinks of “back in the day”, Kathy must know where today’s cash comes from.

I (Lee) am sure Kathy keeping as care full track of Boyd and Pusors GTH taxpayer fraud money as she did of the donation money that I brought her to keep the lights on back in the Devine days. All Politicians of all Political Stripes always trust women more then men as staffers because women are loyal, as example I have gone after the Strudwick for her corruption but google “strudwick $200K bribe would be divided with edenwold council” & “lady justice janet mcmurtry fronts for her father”, note below:

Readers are asked to review search results above until satisfied the two women, Lady Janet and the Strudwick, are fronting for their men, review ODIOUS BOYD BURIED BODYS, note my belief that if Billy Boyd is at risk he will give CBC a map of where Devine/Lane/Wall buried the bodies while Kathy will know where enough bodies are buried to fill a cemetery BUT CBC could water board her until St Swithin’s day and she would not talk.

BUT whenever there is press reference to Kathy my mind turns to the horror visited on my wife Lorna and I (Lee) thirty years ago. Review the first few paragraphs of ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, and note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Saskatchewan taxpayers are “looking into the abyss of bankruptcy”, google “these are the provinces most at risk from a trump presidency tencer”; my life of horror is precursor of why Saskatchewan taxpayers are looking into the abyss, note below:

Note again I (Lee) was credited with creating a zone organization in Devine PC’s zone six, nicknamed “red square”, BUT even after I got PC’s elected in 4 out of 5 riding’s in a CCF/NDP stronghold, Lane still finished what NDP Blakeney started ie: the deliberate destruction of my Highway Contracting company, note GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: Judicial corruption required that I pay Wall’s ENGR.’s their bribe demands, and I refused, note our ENGR. elite are more corrupt then even the Quebec Civil Engineers google “quebec charbonneau contracting inquiry”, note below:

Again review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, my refusal to bribe the ENGR.’s has lead to this Alexa 37 Website, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, and this corrupt horror flows from Saskatchewan’s Official Elite control of Judicial decisions by Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, Queens/Appeal Bench corruption is leading us to the edge of the abyss, and note below:

No Judge wants to be covertly, or overtly, tracked by Saskatchewan officials regarding addiction to drugs, booze, little boys or big girls, or moved to a newly created Judicial center in Lac La biche, or left here in Regina given a 10 x 12 windowless office with a 40 watt bulb. Never hearing cases with a grouchy lesbian with no computer skills for a Secretary, until they (the Judges) get the message, to wit: Provincial Officials have a free hand to demand bribes from business and steal any and all taxpayer assets not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers.

Saskatchewan Chief Judge Richards served as Chief of Staff to Mulroney’s Deputy during Mulroney/Schrieber/Airbus and google “lane and strudwick organized cocaine/high school girl parties for conservative judges” which could lead to blackmail even it the girls were over age of consent, review LADY LORI, A BEACON, scroll down to document 3, “politics kills national court study” the Provinces refused to allow the Feds to clean up Judicial corruption, just one example of the resulting economic horror below:

Google “four regina lawyers advise argues its impossible to obtain zoning approval without bribing strudwick” and the lawyers are right, my Alexa 37 ranked Website, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, failed to obtain the Argues development for them without bribing the Strudwick, google “summary 31940”, and taxpayers have lost $6M to $8M a year in lost tax revenue from the Argues $30M development, note below:

If Wall, or any of his Sask Party MLA’s, want to read “Masters In Their Own House” the Federal Judicial corruption report the Hon John Crosbie gave me (Lee), the same Federal Judicial corruption report I gave the Devine PC MLA’s, the same Federal Judicial corruption report that effing Lane confiscated from the PC MLA’s, I am told my 55 copies of the Federal report that Lane confiscated are stored in a closet in the Leg basement.

February draft title is ODIOUS ASSHOLES TRUMP POTUS 


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