Google “the able criminal j. a. mack”, readers may find white paper “able criminal” of interest given that Trump, now POTUS (President of the United States), on a per capita basis, can be bested in official corruption only by our very own prairie boys here in Saskatchewan, Devine, Lane, Berstein and Wall; now note below:

There is no doubt whatsoever but that Trump is a piece of work but he is not the first, or only, Western Liberal Democracy leader who’s corruption took their taxpayers to the economic abyss , google “grant devine greed is good” &“cameco considering legal action after japanese utility cancels $1.3 billion uranium contract macpherson” & “dream investment fund puts nine sask office buildings up for sale macpherson”& “mla’s need to improve their own ethics and conflict laws mandryk” and note below:

Readers should note that the public record of Wall’s out of control official corruption goes on and on and on, to wit: “mandryk: pending cuts little reason to applaud $1.2-billion deficit mandryk” & “wall says ‘everything’ on table as deficit hits $1.2B macpherson”, & “wall’s trial balloon on health cuts really about deficits, tax hikes mandryk” & “public accounts meeting on gth land deals ends in frustration for ndp fraser”, & “brightenview closes $7.6m purchase of gth lands macpherson” & “sask. party mlas keep putting up roadblocks to gth answers mandryk”, now note below:

Wall’s official corruption machine, SARM, RMAA and his ENGR.’s has lead to Saskatchewan’s collapsing economy and Wall’s heavy hitters heading for the high hills; Review post ODIOUS MISOGYNIST and as example, note again the number of nurse and teacher salaries Walls $1.88B bypass fraud would pay, now google “rm of sherwood expects coun. tim probe to resign following ombudsman’s conflict of interest probe fitzpatrick and martin” & “eberle and probe corruption rural zoning” and note below:

Google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org note this now Alexa 33 ranked Web site has gone up from the 37th most watched Web site in the world to the 33rd most watched; scroll to the end of webstatsdomain.org , note China is now 22.3% of the visits leading to this Web site as the 33rd most watched Web site in the world and note below:

Review ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, note China has canceled investments in both Wall’s Regina GTH fraud and the Dundurn mega-mall and note I (Lee) predicted China’s officials had been studying this Web site and information provided by webstatsdomain.org has now proven my prediction, note below:

This Web site is the 33rd most visited Web site in the world’s 30M Web site domains and with POTUS “tweaking” NAFTA, the fact China’s Government official’s make up 23.8% of this Web site’s visit numbers is the most terrifying economic happenings in Canada that can be imagined so on February 13th 2017 I (Lee) advised the Trudeau Fed Cabinet, note below:

dominic.leblanc@parl.gc.ca keya@utma.com,

re: https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org

Dear Minister: please note Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.
has now improved from the 37th most watched Web site in the world wide 30M Web site domains to the 33rd most watched in the world.

Of greater importance, with risk of POTUS tweaking of NAFTA, is 22.3% of this Web site’s visit numbers now from China, with U.S., dropping to 13.4%. Review ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, note China is in such a fury over being so smoked by Wall that it has forgone its financial deposits and dropped its plan to invest in Wall’s GTH fraud and the Dundurn Mega Mall, here in Saskatchewan, note my prediction in that post was that China has been studying this Web site is now proven true.

Chinese officials will be aware of google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” & “saskatchewan officials 7 times more corrupt then world average” & “rural zoning asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada”, note my request has received nearly 1M visits, is China waiting for the PM to honor my ask before investing?,…. E. R. Lee

end of February 13th, 2017, Trudeau Cabinet e-mail 

Trump is now POTUS, President of the United States, google “rob merrifield: trumps biggest threat to canada’s economy isn’t nafta-it’s that he’s to out-compete trudeau” & “trump’s moves not reassuring for canada mandryk” & “corrupt.af”, a new US Website dedicated to Trump corruption, note it took this Web site, my (Lee)s, corruption Web site, a decade to get to the 33th most watched Web site in the world, while the new Trump corruption Web site “corrupt.af” has taken only few day’s for visit numbers to be over 800K, note below:

Review ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED, note where I (Lee) predicted Web site “corrupt.af” will soon rank as the most watched Web site in the world and this Alexa 33 ranked Web site, the 33th most watched Web site in the world, documenting my effort to deal with Wall’s official corruption, google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org this site, my Web site, has set a standard for corruption Web sites with 22.3% of its visits from China, the second biggest economy in the world and 13.4% of its visit from the US, the biggest economy in the world, now note below:

God willing this Web site will ride Trump corruption Web site “corrupt.af” coat tales to a Alexa 2-10 ranked site, adding to this site visit numbers and Web readers may be interested in Web site type, this site is conventional narrative whereas the U.S. site “corrupt.af” appears to be a version of bullet point in block style. Review CALEDONIA CLASS EDENWOLD CORRUPTION where I compare Web site designs, Gary McHales site in Ontario was pictorial and this site narrative, now note below:

Note Gary Mchale won Caledonia Ontario citizens, Brown and Chatwell, millions of dollars from the McGuinty Liberals to settle a zoning dispute when his Web site was at 14,000 visits, whereas this site (my site), despite being the 33rd most watched site in the world, failed the Argues even with my offer to Calvert and Wall to settle at no taxpayer cost; notwithstanding this Web site is the 33rd most watched Web site in the world I (Lee) failed to gain approval for the Argues $30M development without carrying effing flowers to the Strudwick, google “summary 31940” and note below:

Keep in mind Wall’s Minister Responsible, Reiter, claims that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and this Web site is a stupid joke which may be the explanation for my failure for the Argues but also consider the Ontario Premier of that day, Dalton McGuinty, won the next election, whereas Brad Wall does not appear to give a tinkers dam, again google “scc 31940” Wall demands that his corrupt slut, the Strudwick, be carried “ flowers, chocolates, and perfume” to approve the Argue development, note below:

Review ODIOUS MISOGYNISTS and note that by now Wall will have so much taxpayer money stored in a off-shore bank that he does not care if Saskatchewan is removed from Canada, google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” , note visit numbers to my (Lee)s ask of the PM are at 1M, again note comparison between this Alexa 33rd ranked Web site and “corrupt.af” U.S., and note below:

Note again Walls Minister Responsible, Reiter, claims I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada while the publisher of “corrupt.af” is a Clinton operative which means he is one of the smartest guys in the US, note Trump corruption will be of interest to all Canadians whereas Wall, his Brain Trust and officials corruption will also interest Saskatchewan readers, note the mainstream media have all coined lovely descriptive phrases to depict Trump, note below:

Google “clueless-reckless-graceless-mindless-heartless” huffington post” & “trump inauguration speech: ‘angry’, ‘authentic’, ‘primal’ bbc” & “opinion: the u. s. descends into brutality as the real-life archie bunker is sworn in as president: cbc macdonald”, the Texans have long had a lovely, succinct, phrase to depict corrupt two bit shysters such as Trump, google “all hat-no cattle” and note below:

I (Lee), for the upteenth time, ask you to google “ reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, this fact notwithstanding, before all the wise words above were put on line by able mainstream journalists depicting Trump I coined a phrase to describe Trump, to wit: a bully using “bluff, bluster, bragging, bullshit and bankruptcy” and I ask readers to google “wall’s swift current museum goes bankrupt” and note below:

Note that after being given the money by Devine (Saskatchewan taxpayer) to establish a Museum, Wall declared the Museum Bankrupt; it is ironic that Trumps qualification to be POTUS ( President of the United States) is to declare a half a dozen tall Towers bankrupt after his father gave him the money to build the first tall Tower and Wall’s only qualification to be Premier of Saskatchewan is to have declared a Museum bankrupt after the taxpayer gave him the money to build it, now a item of interest below:

Google “goebbels secretary dies” and “goebbels big lie”, note that the woman who typed letters, answered the phone and organized meetings for Nazi Germany’s, (Hitler)’s propaganda chief, Goebbels, the man who put into practice Hitlers “big lie” plan to win power has died at age 106; she would have been in her early thirties when she served as Goebbels Agent 99, ie: smart female assistant, and now before her death we are doing a rerun of the Hitler horror and slaughter of the Jewish people, note below:

Google “trump and his press secretary flagrantly lied on their first full day in office: that matters sarlin” & “how trump can build a u.s. autocracy: david frum” & http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/the- current/segment/ 11562284” & “civil unrest is not a challenge for trump-its a resource says david frum – the current”. I (Lee) urge readers to review Anna Marie’s great interview with David Frum, note David makes reference to Trump’s goal to be the richest man in the note, google “richest man in the world” and note Bill Gates currently holds the title with net worth of+/- $80B, note below:

Google “trump insane” there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Trump is as dangerous a demagogue as David Frum says he is, BUT when it comes to stealing taxpayer money Trump, as they say in Texas is, “all hat-no cattle”. I (Lee) believe Trump is just a two-bit bully, all “bluff, bluster, bragging, bullshit and bankruptcy”, except for the fact that many of the German Ruling Elite in the thirties dismissed Hitler as nothing, google “the austrian corporal” but then Hitler gave the world WW II, note below:

POTUS (Trump) boasts that he made $10B by building tall towers, each owned by a separate company, and then putting each of his individual company’s that owned each Tower in bankruptcy and refusing to pay the small contractors and small investors that built the Tower for him and Trump pulled that bankruptcy big lie scam here in Canada, google “trump tower in toronto bankrupt”. Trump claims to have a net worth of $10B, and brags that he (Trump) made that money off the backs of US and Canadian people through stiffing workers, small contractors and small investors with his big lie bankruptcy scams, now note below:

There is a total of +/- 360M people in US/Canada, divide 360M into $10B, = $28.00, Trump has scammed $28.00 from every man, woman and child in the US and Canada, my (Lee)s point is that as a fraud artist Trump is, “all hat-no cattle” because google “experts calculate cost of official corruption at $143.00 per person world wide” review search results, note that for all Trump’s “bluff, bluster, bragging, bullshit and bankruptcy”, divide $28.00 in to $143.00, the product is 5, on average, every two bit Government official in the world has trumped Trump by a factor of 5, note below:

Again, on a per capita basis, every two bit Government shyster official in Christendom has stolen five times more taxpayer money than Trump has, is every last one of the Worlds official Elite’s 5 times smarter than Trump?, maybe, but Trump is just getting started, again google “how trump can build a u.s. autocracy: david frum”, David is a Canadian, son of CBC’s Barbara Frum, and a very, very smart guy, currently a Senior Editor for the Atlantic, he wrote speeches for President “W” Bush and knows the power of Trump as U.S. President and what he can get away with, note below:

Hitler won a general election in Germany in the 1930’s and now eighty years later in the U.S. Trump won a general election, and Congress has already changed the U.S. official corruption laws to allow Trump to steal taxpayer money; google “greasy palms dept: congress to repeal oil and nines anti corruption legislation, foreign policy.com” & “house votes to repeal sec anti-corruption rule for energy companies murphy” & “senate votes to repeal transparency rule for oil companies coma “& “u.s. repeal of mining anti-corruption rules will mean canadian companies will have much tougher reporting guidelines freeman”, & “u.s. policy shift threatens canadian oil mccarthy/cryderma” and note below:

Trumps change to U.S. corruption laws will make it simple for him (Trump) to achieve his goal of being the richest man in the world. Bill Gates has a net worth of $80B but Trump will easily steal enough taxpayer money to have net worth of a few Billion more than Bill has; Trump could settle for $90B, maybe even $81B, a billion more then Bill Gates, but my (Lee)s prediction is that Trump will want $100B, ten times $10B, so over the next 4 years Trump will steal ten times his current $28.00 per person, to wit: $280.00 for every man, woman and child in the US and Canada , google “trump tower opens in vancouver” now note below:

Note that after 4 years of being POTUS (Trump) will have stolen twice the $143.00 the worlds official elite steal, BUT Trump is still all “hat-no cattle” compared to our Prairie boys, Devine, Lane, Berstein Wall , assuming the Trump is what David Frum fears and predicts, he (Trump), at $280.00 per person in four years, is still “all hat-no cattle” when you compare his (Trump)s official frauds to our own Saskatchewan’s Devine Gang, ie: Devine, Lane and Berstein, with Wall working for them, note below:

Google “devine decade of disaster”, review search results, note the hard evidence the Devine Gang stole $1000.00 each and every year from every Saskatchewan citizen for a decade, divide Trumps $28.00 per person into the Devine Gangs $1000.00 stolen per person, the product is 35, are Devine/Lane/Berstein 35 times smarter than Trump?, maybe, note below:

Google “saskatchewan at the abyss of bankruptcy after devine”, and note 
Wall and his Brain Trust have gone beyond even the Devine/Lane/Berstein corruption horror of stealing $1000.00 a year from every man, woman and child in Saskatchewan for a ten years, a total of $10B, yes Virginia that is a Billion with a “B”, Wall and his officials have stolen $500.00 more taxpayer money per capita than Devine, Lane and Berstein, note below:

Google “walls $1.88B regina bypass fraud”, review all search results, note the unarguable fact that the Regina City Engineers estimated the cost of the Regina by-pass to be $400M, while Wall signed a no tender deal with Graham for $1.88B, nearly five times the Regina City Engineer’s estimate, as just one part of the deal review $680M RISK TRANSFER, Wall gave Graham $680M to accept risk of a solid concrete overpass burning down or floating away if Wascana Creek overflows its banks, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Wall’s no tender, behind closed Cabinet door deal with Graham for $1.88B, 5 times Regina City Engineers cost estimate of $400M, is clear, massive, official fraud. Review post ODIOUS MISOGYNIST, and note that if you take Wall’s deal with Graham for $1.88B, subtract the Regina City Engineer’s true cost estimate of $400M from that $1.88B for $1.5B and divide the population of Saskatchewan, 1M, into $1.5B, the product is $1500.00, note below:

Review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING for the true extended level of Wall’s ENGR. corruption BUT for now isolate the Regina $1.88 By-Pass, note that on a per capita basis Wall stole 1.5 times taxpayer money the Devine Gang stole on that one By-Pass deal and Wall makes Trump look like a two-bit shyster because even assuming Trump ends up stealing the $100B estimated above over the next four years that is still only $280.00 for every man woman and child in the US and Canada.

Again for the Trump to end up the richest man in the world, as David Frum predicts is POTUS ( Trump) end game, he will have to steal a average of $280.00 from every man woman and child in the U.S., whereas on the one deal alone, the Regina $1.88B By-pass fraud, Wall stole $1500.00 from every Saskatchewan citizen, 5 times what Trump will steal on a per capita basis, is Wall 5 times smarter than Trump?, maybe but note below:

My confidants points out that it is unfair of me (Lee) to belittle POTUS (Trump) because on a per capita basis he is able to steal only 20% of what Wall and his Brain Trust are stealing from the Saskatchewan taxpayers, my confidant believes I am being unfair to POTUS because Wall and his Brain Trust have a home field advantage over POTUS, Wall and his officials are dictating Judgments to the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, review posts TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but thatwhat is set out in Masters in Their Own House, note PDF in BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? Is plain English, the Judge’s are tracked by Saskatchewan officials and threatened regarding addictions to drugs, booze, little boys or big girls, or moved to a newly created Judicial center in Lac La biche, and note below:

The fact of Federal Judicial corruption is in plain English, Wall’s officials sometimes force Federal Judges to stay here in Regina and give them a 10 x 12 windowless office with a 40 watt bulb, never hearing any cases, with a grouchy lesbian with no computer or typing skills for a Secretary, until they (the Judges) get the message, to wit: Provincial Officials have a free hand to demand bribes from business and steal any taxpayer assets not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers, note below:

It gets worse; Saskatchewan Chief Judge Richards served as Chief of Staff to Mulroney’s Deputy during Mulroney/Schrieber/Airbus and google “lane and strudwick organized cocaine/high school girl parties for conservative judges” which leads to blackmail even it the girls were at age of consent, LADY LORI, A BEACON, scroll down to document 3, “politics kills national court study” the Provinces refused to allow the Feds to clean up Judicial corruption, for example of the resulting Wall economic horror, note below:

Just one example; google “summary 31940”, and note taxpayers have lost $6M to $8M a year in lost tax revenue from Argues $30M development because of first NDP Calvert, then Sask Party Walls, demand I (Lee) carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Donna Strudwick, when to do so contravenes the Criminal Code of Canada, google “section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption criminal code of canada”, and note below:

If Wall, or any of his Sask Party MLA’s, or any NDP MLA want to read “Masters In Their Own House” the Federal Judicial corruption report the Hon John Crosbie gave me (Lee), the report I gave the Devine PC MLA’s, the report that effing Lane confiscated from the PC MLA’s, I am told my 55 copies of the Federal report that Lane confiscated are stored in a closet in the Leg basement, MLA’s should read the Fed report and weep.

Draft title for March is ODIOUS ASSHOLES HATRED A FACT


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