October 5, 2018

First google “why can’t liberalism be populist, too? clifford orwin” its a long article, one full Globe and Mail page, but Web readers may find it of interest that over the century’s deep thinkers such as Spinoza, Montesquleu, Smith and Locke have tried to stop the arrogant, ruling, Elite assholes from stealing every taxpayer owned asset not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers BUT failed miserably as I (Lee), note below:

Now google “luck is nearly impossible to beat, and justin trudeau’s has no end: neil macdonald” & “mandryk: trudeau’s carbon tax rebates won’t sell in sask. mandryk”, as usual Neil and Murray spell it out, the Trudeau Fed does not give a tinkers dam what Saskatchewan says, or does, why do the Feds not eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada as I ask, google “lee asks trudeau fed to remove saskatchewan from canada” note below: Read the rest of this entry »



September 5, 2018

First google “analysis: chrystia freeland raised trump’s ire with key speech stephensen” & “scientists warn the un of capitalism’s imment demise ahemed” & “harper sold wheat board to saudi’s” & “ritz uses strudwick farm to brag about elimination of wheat board”, & “jesus wept” & “does allah weep?”; Jesus wept but Allah does’nt, the Saudi Princes keep right on making money out of the Canadian Wheat Board, did Strudwick get tax dollars to use her farm to boast of ending the Wheat Board?, why did Harper sell the Wheat Board to the Saudi Princes?, these are all lovely, just f**king lovely facts, BUT google “moe mostly avoiding conservative’s summer of discontent mandryk” note below: 
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August 9, 2018

Breaking news : Google “ rcmp say’s criminal charges will not be laid in gth investigation fraser & macpherson” & “ lee predicts no criminal charges in gth fraud” & “rcmp destroy evidence of strudwick bribe demands” & “rcmp refuse to charge highway engineers for threats on lee’s life”, review all search results, google “jesus wept” but there is still Probe, note below:

Google “ toronto trump tower developer paid $100 million to kremlin-linked ‘fixer’: report tencer”. All Web readers should read Denaiel’s article, hard evidence of Trumps massive corruption, then google “wall five times as corrupt as trump” & “crown appeals acquittal of probe white-crummy” & “ probe eberle fraud”, would Moe appeal Probe if my (Lee)s Web site, Alexa ranked as the 55th the most watched in the 30M Web site domains, google, appraised value of Web site is $.5B CDN, was not in place, but my site rarely corrects the massive official elite corruption, example below: Read the rest of this entry »


July 5, 2018

Breaking news: “canadians who want to play hardball with trump
should look at this map tencer” & “a trade war with u.s. would knock, canada’s economy into recession: scotiabank cp”. Readers should study the article (s) and look at the map, then google “jesus wept” & “let us pray by curtis chapman”, but I (Lee) will still go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to end the horror of MOE’S MONSTERS RURALZONING.COM, even if repeats the horror as the last four decades of my existence, Moe’s Monsters keeping on demanding bribes and filling their offshore banks to the rafters with taxpayer money to the very end, with no hope, google “population growth will play into a sask party 2020 win mandryk”, despite Murray’s prediction, Dr. Meili has not given up; neither will I, note below: Read the rest of this entry »


June 4, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Google “electorates have long tolerated corrupt governance- not anymore rotberg”. Readers are asked to review Robert Rotberg’s article and google his book “the corruption cure and canada’s corruption: at home and abroad” readers are asked to review the search results from Robert’s book, and my (Lee)s Website on exactly the same subject for the last forty years, Saskatchewan official elite corruption, My Web site has a Alexa rank of 55, the 55th most watched Web site in the world, valued at $.5B cdn, a half a Billion dollars but has accomplished nothing to date, until now, after over thirty years suddenly there is hope, scroll back to first lines in this paragraph.  Read the rest of this entry »


April 27, 2018

Google “hsbc, europe’s largest bank, cuts off financing to the oilsands tencer”, Alberta doomed, Saskatchewan at risk. Google “conflict of interest flippancy wears badly on sask party government mandryk” & “sask. party tax on used cars is height of political hypocrisy” &
“ saskatchewan’s 2018-19 budget: by the numbers leader-post” & “used cars, energy-efficient appliances more expensive under sask. party budget c.p.” Moe’s spending cuts all relate to cutting service to Saskatchewan taxpayers while making certain spending on the google “regina $1.88b regina bypass fraud” & “gth fraud ruralzoning” remains intact. Read the rest of this entry »


April 12, 2018

BREAKING NEWS Google “request to tell gerald stanley’s story
rejected by toronto-based publisher between the lines richards”. Review the first paragraphs of SARM SLAUGHTER and then note that a Toronto publisher has refused to publish the bullshit Robertson Stromberg has piled up to justify their client, the SARM farmer, sneaking up in the dark, on a First Nations kid asleep in his car and shooting the kid point blank in the head, then bragging about it and to be found not guilty, note below: It should also be noted that in the mid nineties the Law Society charged the same law firm, Robertsom Stromberg, with acting for Eric Bernston to launder taxpayer money, review Regina Leader Post article “Society alleges payoffs — subtitle Bernston, law firm named” page A 14 Saturday October 28, 1995, now note below: The Toronto publisher “between the lines” refusing the SARM farmer publishing request is at now google “toronto publisher refuses to publish sarm farmers book”. Read the rest of this entry »


March 2, 2018

Google “ saskatchewan: a special report on race and power nancy macdonald”, I (Lee) urge all readers to review Nancy’s great work as a prequel to what I set out following, note below: Google “lee claims wordpress ai helping him overcome sask party official corruption”, readers who believe I (Lee) am nuts for making that claim should google “u.k. Bank rbs tests ‘digital human’ teller to help customers cbc”, if ai’s answer bank customer questions they can guide to end the Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe official corruption. Google “the stepford wives” and note ai Cora is lovely, and if some neat guy asks her nicely, could she go for coffee?, will she call security, tell him to wait while she powders her nose, or she’s off at 4:30, note below: Google “israel officials bribe judges”, & “susan mcgrath states canadian judges take bribes” review search results and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & BIDRIGGERS. Read the rest of this entry »


February 5, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Google “fear of global economic upheaval top agenda at davos gatehouse” & “ predicts coming economic collapse” & “canada most bribery prone in g7” & “world economic fourme questions canada’s income equality economic sustainability better dwelling”. I (Lee) urge readers to review as many of the search results as they can stomach and note that I have been stating for years in this Web site that if the Sask Party official elite keeps stealing every taxpayer asset that is not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers we are doomed to starving and freezing in the dark, note below: 

Google “saskatchewan civil servants focus of fraud probe globe and mail” & “saskatchewan party contributions over $250 in 2016 elections sk.” List of individuals donating to support Wall/Boyd/Koch official Elite Evil as example TOP COP DAYDREAMS, now google “nasty sask. party leadership will make reconciliation tough, mandryk” & “alberta’s current premier dishes some advice for saskatchewan’s new premier 620 ckrm” along with my (Lee)s Web site, the 55th most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains advising official elite, note below: Read the rest of this entry »


December 27, 2017

Breaking news: Google “trump’s tax plan tsunami is about to wallop Canadian jobs and investment mintz” & “the ‘everything’ bubble is about to burst, but is the world prepared? ambrose evans-pritchard”, read the articles and then look on the bright side: when the Koch woman wins Premiership on January 27, 2018 there will be no Saskatchewan taxpayer money left for her to move to her off-shore bank accounts, note below:

Readers are asked to google “easy money robertson and cardosco”. Regina citizen, Ken Fritz lost $15K to private sector fraud BUT $15K is a rounding error to Wall fraud, google “wall $1.88B regina bypass fraud” & “trudeau fed funds search for bad code ai’s”, review results, why does Trudeau not just honor my (Lee)s ask, google “lee asks trudeau mp’s to remove saskatchewan from canada” as set out in my Web site, now again google and now google and note below: Read the rest of this entry »