Google “saskatchewan booms: premier set for landslide return levant”. I (Lee) urge all Web readers to read Ezra Levant’s article. It was written a couple of days before the November 7th 2011 General Election and will remain relevant for decades even though it contains a factual error regarding the seat count following the 2007 General Election. The last half of the article could have been written any month of any year over the last two decades and could be reprinted over the next two decades making the point that the power of Saskatchewan’s Alphabet soup of corrupt NGO’s, ie: SGEU/SARM/RMAA, and the STF must be ended if Saskatchewan is to remain economically viable.

Google “polls show sask party lead holds hall”, note that ten days before the recent General Election Forum Research predicted that the Sask party would win 52 (fifty two) seats and the NDP would win 6 (six) seats, and note the outcome of the November 7th 2011 Election result was Sask Party 49 (forty nine) seats and the NDP 9 (nine) seats, Forum was out by only 6% (six percent), close projecting work.

Web readers are asked to note near the end of COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, published a month before the Election, I (Lee), using poll numbers and methodology relating to the 1912 General Election predicted the same result as Forum Research, also good work considering the Wall Brain Trust appears to agree with the NDP Political Elite, and the corrupt Leaders of the NGO’s, SARM and the RMAA, who deem me (Lee) to be the stupidest man in Canada and this Web site to be a stupid joke.

I (Lee) am reminded of the old joke about the Army Mule, the old Mule skinner and the young Mule skinner; its early morning, the young guy was trying to get his Mule to move, tried everything, whispers in his ear to slaps on his rump, finally the old guy picked up a short piece of 2×4 and whacked the Mule right between the eyes……the young guy was shocked, he had been trained to treat the Mules well and said so, the old Mule skinner replied “ you must treat him well, but first you have to get his attention”.

I (Lee) first used this Web site to try to get the attention of the NDP Ruling Elite regarding the Strudwick corruption and now use it to try to get the attention of the Wall Brain Trust regarding the Strudwick corruption, so far failing with both, maybe the Lawyers are right, maybe “its impossible to get by Strudwick”, but I will soldier on, going the last inch on the last foot of the last mile in an attempt to obtain development approval for Earle Argue without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Google “some chicken some neck churchill”. Note that in the darkest days of World War two, with Hitler’s tanks rolling over Europe and Russia and Hitlers Barges loaded with troops, trucks and tanks docked in France, ready to cross the Channel and invade England as soon as they had control of the skys; a conquered French Leader stated that Hitler would wring Englands neck like a chicken, but after the Battle of Britain and the Spitfires, many flown by Canadians, had shot Hitlers Folke-Wulf Fighters out of the sky, Hitler decided against invading. In a speech to the Canadian Parliament in 1943, Churchill set out the facts and ended with the famous words “some chicken some neck”, and Premier Brad’s Brain Trust are asked to note the following:

The numbers of the November 7th 2011 General Election are clear, google “ numbers reveal magnitude of win mandryk”, and can not be debated, note that the NDP lost 41,640 (forty one thousand six hundred and forty) votes from the last General Election in November of 2007 to the just past General Election of November of 2011, and this Web site received just under 18,000 (eighteen thousand ) visits until November 7th, 2011.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that with this Web site receiving just under 18,000 visits and based on stats Canada 2.6 (two point six) people per house hold, and God knows how many copies printed and/or e-mail distributed, and discussed with neighbors, 42,000 (forty two thousand) voters probably reviewed this site over the last 4 (four) years. Google “there are no coincidences” and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters got the message regarding the NDP Ruling Elite google “public corruption evil”.

Computer experts of my (Lee) acquaintance advise that, while the Political debate among the backroom geniuses will go on as to the effect (great or little) of this Web site on the out come of the November 7th, 2011 General Election there can be no doubt whatsoever but that this Web site did contribute to reducing the NDP from 20 (twenty) to 9 (nine) seats, and my point to the Sask Party supporters and the Wall Brain Trust is: why does the Wall Brain Trust run the risk simply to pander to a poisonous, arrogant, corrupt, slut such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick when the answer is as simple as a walk in the park, ie: grant Earle Argue his development without requiring that he carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Donna Strudwick, when it can be done at no cost to taxpayers, note “Ministers Thumbnail” at end of segment NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

Some Web readers may think it arrogant of me to compare the world shaping event, the Churchill/Hitler Battle of Britain, to Earles Argues refusal to bribe another arrogant German, the corrupt, slut of a RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, but Churchill had squadrons of Spitfire Fighter planes and Canadian fighter pilots to deal with Hitler, this Web site stood alone, the media too afraid of her (Strudwick)s illegal google “slapp” libel actions and corrupt NDP Queens Bench Judges to write about the SARM/TAYLOR /Strudwick corruption, so with apology to Winston Churchill’s memory, based on the fact of the NDP being reduced to 9 (nine) seats, and Taylor losing his seat, I Lee) am very pleased with the effect of this Web site and so paraphrase Winston Churchill, noting “some stupid-some joke”.

Google “ labour feud should cease mandryk”, note Murray’s factual account of the SGEU having the gall to use Union dues to pay for huge Bill Board Ads against the Sask Party on behalf of the NDP; I (Lee) remind the Wall Brain Trust that the Rural Zoning Corruption Chickens, ie; SGEU/SARM/RMAA are coming home to roost, giving the Sask Party grounds to carry Legislation to end the entire NDP Ruling Elite Alphabet soup of corrupt NGO’s, SGEU/SARM/RMAA and the rest of their corrupt Elite ilk.

Web readers, and especially the Wall Brain Trust are asked to scroll back to the second paragraph, review Angela’s article, and note the scary fact that 55% (fifty five percent) of the voters polled by Research Forum agreed with the NDP policy plank to raise Potash Royalties and impose rent control, BUT despite that fact, only 32% (thirty two percent) voted for the NDP. That is a 23% (twenty three percent) contradiction that is due to SARM and RMAA Rural zoning corruption, to wit: the voters liked the NDP give away platform but did not like the NDP Ruling Elite public policy of SGEU/SARM/ RMAA public corruption and I urge the Wall Brain Trust to note that fact.

The Wall Brain Trust should google “ten pitfalls wall must avoid mandryk”, Murray is the expert but assuming this Web site did contribute to the NDP demise, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NDP Political Ruling Elite made three mistakes that the Wall Brain Trust should add to Murray’s list of pitfalls, as follows;

1) The NDP Ruling Elite believe it was in their political interest to pander to a poisonous, corrupt, slut, RM of Edenwold would be great Administrator, Strudwick; and
2) the NDP Ruling Elite underestimated their enemy, me, (Lee) believing that I am a moron tilting at windmills; and
3) the NDP Ruling Elite believe this Web site is a stupid joke.

Minor judgment errors are common in the crucible of a Election, but the NDP Ruling Elite had years to note the growing revulsion around the world that the taxpaying voters have for google “public corruption evil” but ignored the facts and the NDP are now worrying about survival, google “ndp objective one of survival in monday’s provincial vote macpherson”.

The NDP Ruling Elite chose to pander to a arrogant, poisonous, corrupt, slut, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, google “strudwick reports to premier and minister”; Strudwick was instructed by the NDP Ruling Elite to use a google “slapp” action to sue me for libel for my complaint to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwick needing bribes to approve a development and a NDP Queens Bench Judge was ordered by the NDP Ruling Elite to find me guilty of libel, but I (Lee) took Strudwick’s google “slapp” action to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In July of 2007 the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the case, but in Summary Statement for Case 31940, carved in stone that Taylor, the NDP Minister Responsible, had ruled that my (Lee)s only option was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick, and her Council, to provide Earle with development approval, leading to this Web site in July of 2007 and 4 (four) months later, after this Web site had received 1500 (fifteen hundred) visits and at least 3000 (three thousand) voters had reviewed the site, the NDP lost the November 2007 General Election when NDP Calvert lost 10 (ten) seats by less than 300 (three hundred) votes each, a total of less than 3000 (three thousand) votes, google “there are no coincidences”, note again “some stupid – some joke”.

Web readers are asked to note that this Web site was advertised on Access TV zap2it Channel in the Battlefords during September, October and November, 2011. Note the last paragraph of segment COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, note that using the hard evidence set out in this Website the Battleford voters were asked to ensure that Len Taylor, the former Alderman/NDP MP/NDP MLA lost his deposit; it failed, (sort of), Taylor did not lose his deposit, but did lose his constituency by a wide margin.

Web readers are asked to goggle “the battlefords becomes the election battle ground mandryk”, and “set elections don’t stop pre-writ games mandryk” and note that the Leader Post’s Murray Mandryk, even before Premier Brad’s election call, had deemed that the Battlefords would be a “hotly contested” riding. Note that Link and the NDP, in a effort to save Taylor and their last rural constituency, staged many of their campaign give away promises from the Battlefords, but it still wasn’t a contest; Sask Party Cox had 3489 votes and NDP Taylor 2436, a comedown for career politician such as Taylor.

During the two month and one week period, September, October, until November 7th, this Web site was advertised on Access TV in the Battlefords, and the visit count was about 1100 (eleven hundred) and at 2.6 (two point six) voters per house hold, with God knows how many copies run off or e-mailed, this Web site had been read by nearly three thousand voters and had to be a factor in Taylors loss. Len Taylor, a former North Battleford Alderman/NDP MP/ NDP MLA and his ancestors has been a power in the Battleford’s since the fur-trading days; both the NDP and Wall Brain Trust’s insist this Web site is a stupid joke, but again I (Lee), make note, ie: “some stupid-some joke”

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, are asked to google “first nations may form political party warick” and “ reading the saskatchewan tea leaves warren”; a study shows there are enough First Nation voters to win 11 (eleven) ridings and with the NDP suffering and the Liberals day-dreaming, a NDP/Liberal coalition will look pretty good to the rank and file supporters of both the NDP and Liberals.

I (Lee) have not done a detailed study of the First Nations Political Party possibility but given the concentration of Reserves in a few areas and the white voters, feed up with Rural Ruling Elite corruption, voting at 60% (sixty percent), again google “numbers reveal magnitude of win mandryk” that is probably the Political situation. The First Nation usually voted Liberal and with the Liberals no longer a factor in Saskatchewan and now a Third Party Federally, the First Nation Political Party plan will work and they (FSIN) will end up winning a few ridings.

The Wall Brain Trust should google “dwain who? nilson makes a fresh start gormley” and “nilsen bright source as interm leader mandryk” and note that both Link and Len Taylor, the NDP Minister Responsible, who ruled that RM Administrators had to be paid bribes to approve developments, are gone and the NDP are now in a position to regroup. The NDP have 9 (nine) ridings, a base they could build back from, the NDP did it after 1982, and I (Lee) urge the Wall Brain Trust to google “a bumper crop for brad wall morton”, and “liberal-ndp merger may be a forgone conclusion den tandt”, and “oped: lingenfelter’s fall a chance for saskatchewan ndp to retool conway”, despite Leadership denials, I am told that the NDP/Liberal merger talks continue at the membership level.

I Lee) urge the Wall Brain Trust to study the articles, especially the Den Tandt article, and review segment TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE, note that the original Sask Party Back room geniuses combined the least corrupt of the PCs and Liberals, under a name change and ended up running the Province in less than a generation despite the fact it is common knowledge among Saskatchewan voters that during the Devine/Lane/Bernston regime, Swiss Bank couriers, flew in, stayed overnight in the Saskatchewan Hotel and flew out the next morning carrying brief cases of cash straight from the Leg Building back to Switzerland to the Swiss Banks.

The facts set out in the preceding paragraph should prove to the Wall Brain Trust that they are living in a dream world if they believe that the backroom geniuses who grouped the honest PC’s and Liberals to form the Sask Party are the only geniuses in this vale of tears. The Wall Brain Trust must not underestimate the enemy, with Link gone it is just as easily doable for the corrupt Goodale half of the Liberals and the NDP Communists to accomplish the same miracle the Sask Party geniuses accomplished.

Google “ndp undermining canada by lobbying against keystone: oliver kennedy” and “pipeline follies toronto star”. The NDP and their Communist Leaders, supported by the Eastern Media, are trying to destroy the Western economy; the Communists must be stopped and Saskatchewan, the home of the CCF/NDP is the place to do it. The NDP Communist Leader, Nicole Turmel, supported by the Toronto Star, is so arrogant, that she sent two of her MPs to Washington to lobby against the Keystone Pipeline project, a project that would provide many Canadian and United States jobs, plus massive economic spinoffs, as well as provide the United States with desperately needed Ethical oil to keep their economy going; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NDP are true Communist’s dedicated to destroying both Western Canada and the US, COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, and note below:

All Brain Trusts of all Political Parties base all thoughts, plans, hopes and dreams on poll results and I (Lee) urge the Wall Brain Trust to think carefully about the fact that Ipsos Reid shows that 44% (forty four percent) of NDP and 41% (forty one percent) of Liberal Members favor a merger of the NDP and Liberals, which, coupled with the plan for a First Nations Party should be of concern to the Wall Brain Trust, note the following:

NDP Premier Calvert, NDP Leader Link and NDP MLA Len Taylor were adamant that bribes had to be paid to RM Administrator Strudwick for her to grant Earle Argue Development approval, BUT the new NDP Leader, whoever he/she is now that Link has resigned, may follow in Roy Romanow’s footsteps and campaign for the November 2015 General Election by promising to end Rural Zoning corruption by forcing the RMs to amalgamate into Counties, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 20. -26.

Google “ndp need to choose wisely mandryk” Link resigned as NDP Leader Election night and NDP hard left Leader replacement options are limited (Murray’s list) but Yens Pederson, despite not having a seat, is the only danger to the Sask Party. Yens is a lawyer with Miller Thompson, a national law firm; he (Yens) trained at Osgoode Hall; Dr. Carl Baar was head of the Osgoode Hall Law school at the time, Dr. Baar is a good man and the timing is right for Dr. Baar to have taught Yens Law, segment TURNING OVER ROCKS, so unlike Link, the former NDP Leader, Yens, trained by Dr. Carl Baar, and a likeable lawyer, may not be personally corrupt, per se, and as NDP Leader would have the advantage Devine did, ie: not having a seat in the Leg, ie: time to tour the Province.

Unlike Link, the former NDP Leader, Yens , exactly like Premier Brad, has a reputation for faithfulness, ability, stability, and I (Lee) am told, like Premier Brad, is a likeable guy, and the only difference between them is that one of them is a Red Tory and the other one isn’t; does the Wall Brain Trust want to try explaining the difference to the voters 4 (four) years from now. Yens, raised on a farm, has a NFU background and Nettie Weibe, despite being as flaky as a 5 (five) pound bag of large flake rolled oats, is honest, well educated, with a lot of Political experience and an NFU background. Now google, “ farmers foot bill for pm’s cwb folly johnstone” and “harper pmo and the wheat board”, and “wall lingenfelter clash over wheat board chabun” and “race on to launch canadian cereals derivatives blas”.

Web readers are asked to read as many articles on the cereal grains derivatives stuff as they can find and take note of the fact the Red-Suspender hot shots are establishing a cereal grains derivatives market which will pave the way for even more corruption by the corporate, 20 (twenty) section plus farmers, who control SARM and the Sask Party, and note that at the end of the day I (Lee) believe these facts, which a NDP/Liberal coalition, lead by Yens, will use, coupled with the formation of a Indian Party, which would support the NDP/Liberal coalition, will be a very real danger to the Sask Party.

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, should google “a perfect storm destroyed the ndp cooper” study the article, Cam (Cooper) set out perfectly what many voters, including the Wall Brain Trust, may have forgotten, that the NDP ruled Rural Saskatchewan and there are still 50,000 (fifty thousand) farmers so there is a lot more three section farmers than the Link/Billy Boyd type of twenty six section farmers.

Google “ western farmers to blitz senators in ottawa over wheat board legislation c.p.”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NFU, who make up about 60% (sixty percent) of the Farmers, are not going to accept the loss of their favourite Communist entity, the Canadian Wheat Board, and NFU Nettie may support Yens and if the formation of a cereals derivatives market leads to the same corruption as the United States house mortgage derivative scam Wall Street used to peddle underwater house mortgages to off-shore Banks, which many believe caused the collapse of the European economy, note NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN, Yens, Nettie, and the NFU will have one hell of a big drum to beat in November 2015.

Saskatchewan has over 40% (forty percent) of the arable land in Canada. Even honest Grain Commodity Markets are zero sum and russian roulette, depending on world weather, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Winnipeg and Chicago Grain Exchange hotshots are cooking up a derivatives plan which is always dangerous for honest citizens because the Red Suspender hotshots always use derivatives, which are not a Commodity market, per se, but a paper shuffling, shell game, now you see it, now you don’t, sheets of paper, where the only possible purpose is to run scams.

A perfect example of derivative corruption is the Wall Street underwater house mortgage scam, note segment NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN. The cereal grain derivatives cooked up by the Red-suspender guys in the Chicago/Winnipeg Grain exchange will be designed to peddle hyped cereal grains futures to unsuspecting off-shore Banks. Any Commodities market is bad enough, but at least in that market, the stuff itself, ie; grains and/or minerals exist, and speculators buy and sell the actual stuff, but derivatives are just a piece of paper claiming the stuff might, God willing, exist now, or may exist in the future. Google “derivative finance” and note that Wikipedia defines the term perfectly.

Ruling Elite corruption has driven the World economy to the edge of the abyss and if the cereal grain derivative scam is as corrupt as the Wall Street House mortgage derivative scam, the bubble will burst and the cereal grain derivative corruption chickens will come home to roost with a vengeance, but before that happens the amount of money scammed pedaling the cereal grains derivatives snake oil will make the Ethanol scam, FOLLOW THE MONEY, look like the SARM office girls raided petty cash to buy makeup.

Google “minister ritz defends marketing freedom to sarm delegates johnstone”, and “freedom for farmers ritz” and “lingenfelter wears roots with pride angela hall”. Angela is a experienced reporter and I (Lee) am surprised that she (Angela) would write a article that implies Link is a ordinary 3 (three) section NFU type Saskatchewan farmer. My maps show that Link owns 104 (one hundred and four) quarters, 26 (twenty six) sections of farm Land and he (Link), Billy Boyd and the Rural Leaders, ie: SARM, are examples of the Corporate anti-wheat Board farmers who will benefit from the Chicago/Winnipeg Grain Exchange hotshots cereal grains derivative scheme/scam.

Web readers and the Wall Brain Trust are reminded that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, sneered at for tilting at windmills, but when the media broke the grain exchange Red-Suspender hotshots derivative plan, the instant I saw the word “derivative” it took me 30 (thirty) seconds to recognize the google “scam potential” and another 30 (thirty) seconds to realize the negative political implications for the Sask Party in 2015.

The Wall Brain Trust must take note that IF I (Lee), the stupidest man in Canada, spotted the implications, people as smart as Yens and Nettie will have figured out the political implications of the derivatives scam in half the time I did, and will plan to use the fact of the cereal grains derivative potential scam, and their NFU and SGEU Urban NDP members as a base to appeal to the Village population and overpower the Rural Ridings and the Wall Brain Trust must take note that NDP political plan will work as sure as God made little green apples. All Web readers, but especially the Wall Brain Trust, is again asked to google “liberal-ndp merger may be a forgone conclusion den tandt” and note that if they are not stopped the NDP/Liberal coalition will be back in power after November 2015 pandering to corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to review FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME and SASKATCHEWAN”S CURSE and note where I (Lee) set out that the farm population is about 15% (fifteen percent) and the Village population is about 35% (thirty five percent), of Saskatchewan and I set out a plan to replace the 300 (three hundred) RMs with 13 (thirteen) Counties overlaying the School and Health Districts, thereby saving $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) in RM Administration costs.

The center piece of my (Lee)s plan was the usual give-away, ie: divide that seventy five Million saving in RM Administration costs (eliminating the RMs) among the 450, (four hundred and fifty) Villages as infrastructure grants which would give each Village a annual grant of $166,000.00 (one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars) and note that each County would have a average of 35 (thirty five) Villages within its borders, and my plan was for the Provincial Administration to carry legislation that the Village Mayors in each County form a committee to control rural zoning and development approval.

Before I (Lee) published my plan Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith discussed it with a few Village Mayors who liked the idea of their Villages getting a annual infrastructure grant of $166,000.00 (one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars) BUT it is also self evident that something has to be done, either the RMs or the Villages have got to be eliminated from Saskatchewan because it is insane to have a total of 750 (seven hundred and fifty) Municipalities, (300 RMs plus 450 Villages) administering Rural Saskatchewan with a population of less than 500,000 (five hundred thousand), or 666 (six hundred and sixty six) people for each administrative unit; that is insanity, review segment SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE, based on a study by Lawrence Solomon.

The cost of RM Administration by the RMAA is especially insane. The farm population is about 15% (fifteen percent) of all of Saskatchewan, or 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) people at a total cost of $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) for RM Administration, that is $500.00 (five hundred dollars) per person administration..

Google “ the cost of governance in small size municipalities”, note the administration cost in Canada for small Municipalities is $150.00 (one hundred and fifty dollars) per person so the cost of Administration of the Saskatchewan RMs is over three times the average Canadian “small size municipalities”, not counting the cost of RM corruption, but deep thinkers of my (Lee)s acquaintance point out that the County Administrators would be just as corrupt as the RM Administrators and of course they would be, but with my (Lee)s plan there would be only 13 (thirteen) County Administrators requiring bribes instead of the 300 (three hundred) RM Administrators requiring bribes so that fact alone should be a big cost savings for the honest Saskatchewan taxpayers.

Divide 13 (thirteen) into 300 (three hundred) the product is 23 (twenty three) so that means each County Administrator would have to steal 23 (twenty three) times the amount of tax payer money on each County transaction to equal the same amount of taxpayer money as 23 (twenty three) RM administrators would steal, which is difficult, google “parkinson’s law” and note that one of Professor Parkinson’s Law’s is that auditors will not bother with the theft of small amounts of taxpayer money.

As a specific example, under the RM system a equipment supplier sells the RM one new road grader for $250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars), the equipment supplier pays the RM Administrator the usual 2% (two percent) or $5000.00 (five thousand dollar), bribe and then charges the RM ratepayers $255,000.00 (two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars) and the RM auditors would believe it was beneath them to bother with that small a bribe/theft of taxpayer money even if they did notice it.

BUT if a County bought 23 (twenty three) new road graders for a grand total of $5,750,000.00 (five million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) and the equipment supplier paid the County Administrator the usual 2% (two percent) bribe to approve the grader purchase, to wit; $115,000.00 (one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars) the County auditors would believe that amount to be worthy of their notice but

my deep thinking confidants are right, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, if the RMs were eliminated and Counties formed, the County Administrators would be as corrupt as RM Administrators and would demand bribes from the equipment salesman, Road Contractors, culvert salesman, Civil Engineers and gopher poison salesman.

Adding to the obvious truth set out in the two or three preceding paragraphs I (Lee) believe that it is just plain common sense that the total bribe demands from the 13 (thirteen) County Administrator would be considerably less than the total bribe demands of the 300 (three hundred) RM Administrators is now. BUT of great importance, zoning corruption blocking economic development would be ended by the Province carrying Legislation that panels of Village Mayors in each County control all Rural development zoning; the need for Developers to pay bribes to the Administrators (RM or County) would be ended and the Province would have a Rural economic development boom..

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Village population could overwhelm the Farm Population in a General election and sweep Rural Saskatchewan, and if the NDP Leadership, whoever they turn out to be now that Link is gone, campaigned on my (Lee)s plan they would win the November 2015 election; my fear is that with Link gone, who was adamant that Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid, a new NDP Leader will use my plan unless the Sask Party carries Legislation ending SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) and the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association).

In my (Lee)s day it was legal for a road contractor to make donations to a political party and a contravention of the criminal code to bribe Government Civil Engineers, but now it as a contravention of the Criminal Code to donate more than $1000,00 (one thousand dollars) to a political party and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows bribes to Government Engineers to be deducted as a cost of doing business.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that in today’s world down is up and up is down and despite the NDP Ruling Elite insisting that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and this Web site is a stupid joke, my fear is that they (the NDP) will now use the common up is down and down is up idea and use the plan advanced in this Web site to eliminate the RMs and provide grants to the Villages as a platform plank to win the November 2015 General Election.

I (Lee) again make the point that the NDP Ruling Elite and the Leaders of their alphabet soup of corrupt NGO’s, SGEU/SARM/ RMAA /STF, state for the public record that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada if I think that I can get development approval for Earle without bribing Strudwick and also claim that this Web site is a stupid joke, but does the Wall Brain Trust need to run the risk that this Web site is a stupid joke?

I believe the NDP loss after the establishment of this Web site in July of 2007 proves it would be political suicide for the Wall Brain Trust to keep pandering to the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Strudwick, as the NDP Ruling Elite did, and that they (Wall Brain Trust) should think long and hard about the implications of google “the evil of public corruption” ( promoted by NDP) and accept they have 4 (four) options.

The Wall Brain Trust options are; 1) do nothing….2) defy Supreme Court precedents and carry Legislation blocking Corruption Web sites and order the Queens and Appeal Judges to uphold their legislation, and pray the Supreme Court Judges, in contravention of their own precedents, agree……3) have me (Lee) “suicided”, as MLA Jack Wolfe was “suicided”….4) end Strudwick bribery set out in NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, using the “MINISTERS THUMBNAIL” at the end of the segment as a plan.

I (Lee) ask the Wall Brain Trust to recognize that using option 1 ie: doing nothing about the Strudwick corruption did not work out well for the NDP….2) means fighting through to the Supreme Court against all Supreme Court precedents. The reality is that 3) and 4) are the only options. I have no interest in living in a Country as corrupt as Canada’s, so the Wall Brain Trust is welcome to order me “Jack Wolfed, (suicided)” any time they decide, but if I am not “Jack Wolfed”, this Web site will remain in place until my natural death and the Wall Brain Trust are asked to review the following:

I (Lee) ask the Wall Brain Trust to use search engine “Mozilla Firefox” to note, as example, in segment COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, where WordPress has set a “like/dislike” form to fill out, note in the search result of any segment of any WordPress site, when the site segment comes up in search request there is a three bar symbol beside the segment title, note the grey to green shading of the symbol. Note a typical Government Web site, google “enterprise saskatchewan”, note that the tracking results show the three bar symbol at solid grey on the Enterprise Saskatchewan site meaning thast no one looks at it.

Now compare the Enterprise Saskatchewan Web site search result to any segment of this Web site, as example, WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? Note the green three bar symbol on the search result, click on that green three bar symbol, note that this Web site is “followed and liked”, based on a “limited” number of votes; experts tell me that is excellent Web track record for a Province with a million people, so I (Lee) believe that it is in the Wall Brain Trust interest to remember the effectivness of this Web site and give Earle his development without requiring that he carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to that slut, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to review segments “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” and FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME; note affidavit that RM of Edenwold Rate payers stated that RM Administrator Strudwick and her Council wanted to acquire ownership of the Earle Argue development quarter and its 350 gpm (gallon per minute) spring water flow for herself and Council and note that is the affidavit material that RCMP Staff Sargeant Brent Lewis destroyed……why did RCMP Staff Sargeant Lewis destroy that affidavit ??? review FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Web readers are now asked to google “canada should charge industry for water: report de souza”, note that a Federal Government report recommends that water should be set at a value of 10c (ten cents) per thousand liters, doesn’t sound like much, but one of my (Lee)s confidants, based on information from a few Edenwold Ratepayers and affidavit of Lloyd Smith have asked if I (Lee) might be wrong about the problem being Earle Argues flat refusal to bribe the corrupt slut, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

My confidant and the the Edenwold ratepayers question if the Strudwick-Argue bribery problem is not so much about Earles refusal to pay Strudwick bribes but is a real life version of the cult-classic Jack Nicholson/Faye Dunaway/John Huston movie “China Town” and instead is all about Strudwick and her Councils corruption in seeking control of the Argue 350 gpm (gallon per minute) spring water flow?; review Web segment, google “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”.

Web readers are asked to note that the Argue spring water flow runs at 350 gpm, (gallons per minute) and any Web reader who runs the calculation will find that the Argue 350 gpm spring water flow is valued at $85,000.00 (eighty five thousand dollars) a year, that is chump change compared to Earle’s potential $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollar) profit from his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development, but as in “China Town” the water is the key to all development and that is why Strudwick wants the Argue development quarter and spring water flow and to protect the corrupt slut (Strudwick) RCMP Staff Sargeant Lewis destroyed the Lloyd Smith affidavit.

The De Souza article set out above is the first time that I (Lee) have been able to provide Web readers with hard evidence of the dollar value of Earle’s spring water flow, ie: $85,000.00, (eighty five thousand dollars) a year, but Web readers are asked to note that I knew that area of the RM of Edenwold was short of water and used that fact in my approach to the NDP Ruling Elite, ie Calvert and his Cabinet of the day.

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, are asked to review segment VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS where I set out a method for the Calvert NDP to use SASK WATER to resolve the Strudwick bribe demands, give Earle his development, and serve the public good by providing water to the White City area, but the NDP laughed at me and ordered a corrupt NDP Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry to find me guilty of libel based on a google “slapp”, note segment BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Web readers are asked to review segment COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION and note that the NDP Leader, Nicole Turmel, is a card carrying Communist, and note that only in Communist Countries are the Judges universally corrupt; google; “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”, scroll by the search results of this Web segments to note near the end of the first page the reference to formal Judicial reviews of Bar Association head Lobbyist, Susans McGraths, statements regarding Judicial bribery

Web readers are asked to note that when I (Lee) checked to make sure the media reference proving Susan’s warning of Judicial bribery demands was still up, the media reference had vanished from the Google system, leaving this Web site as the first few search references, but near the end of the first page of search results there is references to Judicial Council type studies and reports to prove Susan (McGrath)s public statement regarding Judicial bribery was made, and studied by top Judicial officials, but Web readers may be interested in the historical facts which lead to her (Susan)s dramatic threat of Judicial bribery.

It is a little known fact that the Federal Judges are a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and Susan McGrath, as head of the lobby branch of the CBA, is responsible for lobbying the Feds on behalf of the Federal Judges who have long been demanding that their salary be equated to the United States Supreme Court Judges, who are paid about $300,000.00 (three hundred thousand dollars) US a year.

The CBA lobby effort started under the Liberals and went into the first Conservtive Administration during the time the Canadian dollar was about sixty five cents US, and to add insult to injury to corruption the Judges demanded a dollar value adjustment which would have put them (the Judges) at about $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) Canadian. Stephen Harper probably viewed these corrupt clowns as a joke, the PM is trained as a Economist and pointed out the income for a Canadian lawyer is $85,000.00

( eighty five thousand dollars) per year, which caused a bit of media stir, because the only way the PM could know that is from Revenue Canada, but at the end of the day, the Feds gave the Judges the same percent raise as every other Federal Government official.

The Feds refused to grant the wages the Judges demanded, so Susan (McGrath), at the next Canadian Bar Association meeting, made her public statement, ie: warning that some of the Judges would now demand bribes from Litigants until their income level reached the level they (the Judges) believe they should be at, ie: their wage prorated to the wage level of United States Supreme Court Judges and there the Judicial bribery issue remains with the PM refuseing to raise the Canadian Judges wages to US Supreme Court levels and as Susan warned, the Judges demanding bribes from litigants to get to the wage level they originally demanded, to wit: par with the US Supreme Court Judges.

Web readers are asked to review segment TURNING OVER ROCKS and note that during those meetings, Dr. Carl Baar assured me (Lee) that during the exhaustive study of Judicial corruption that he and the Hon Jules Deschenes had completed they found no evidence whatsoever that Political leaders of any Political stripe were dictating Judicial ruling, they (Deschenes and Baar) determined that Judicial corruption was dictated by Provincial Government officials, such as RM Adminsistrator, Strudwick and her two bit shyster, paid by the taxpayer, Glen Dowling. I suggested to Dr. Baar that the solution was to turn Administrative control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Court over to the Senate but Dr. Baar told me that he and Jules Deschenes had already advised the Feds that was the only solution but the Provinces fought that idea to the death.

Web readers are assured that my (Lee)s only interest is to live long enough to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain development approval for Earle Argue’s $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential developmenmt without paying bribes to the corrupt slut, RM Administrator, Strudwick and to clear my name of libel of the corrupt slut, RM Administrator, Strudwick, and to establish a Foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site to advise the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters of the corruption of the NDP Ruling Elite and I ask Web readers to note my dream can be realized without costing the taxpayers a penny, note “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of segment NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 1.- 10. and note that despite the hard evidence the Argue development was granted approval by both the Edenwold Council and all Provincial Departments, 4 (four) Regina lawyers advised that despite Council and Provincial department approval, it was impossible to get by RM Administrator Strudwick, ie; bribes had to be paid to the corrupt slut (Strudwick)

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, in any other G-7 Country Lawyers would be lining up to use the hard evidence established in Strudwick’s libel action against me to launch a 1/3 contingency action against the RM of Edenwold on behalf of Earle Argue for $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollars) but all Lawyers know the Queens Bench Judges are for sale to the highest bidder and with Earle Argue’s refusal to pay bribes, and SARM/RMAA having access to a half a Billion dollar slush fund to pay bribes to Judges, the only legal advice the Lawyers can offer Earle is “its impossible to get by Strudwick”; the bright spot for Earle is that, as far as I (Lee) know, the Lawyers felt guilty enough that the legal advice was given him (Earle) free, ie: google “pro-bono”.

Google “wall brings harpertism to the provinces taube”, and “ wall stamps new brand on sask taube”, articles on Premier Brads precedent setting victory in Saskatchewan on November 7th 2011 means Saskatchewan has moved to the days of Aberhardt and Manning but I (Lee) bet my life that in those days honest citizens could establish economic development projects without bribing corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry.

It is only in Comminist Countries that Government officials dictate policy and Judges are for sale on a group basis, so Saskatchewan (and Quebec), at the official level, are Communist controlled and I (Lee) would bet my life that the fabeled Alberta Premiers “Bible Bill” Aberhardt and Ernest Manning and more recently, Saskatchewan’s Ross Thatcher, would have charged RM Adminstrator Strudwick and Len Taylor with fraud, and fired RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis for destroying evidence and demanded the Feds remove Lady Janet from the Saskatchewan Queens Bench; Premier Brad, if he is to live up to his press, should take action against Saskatchewan NGO/Judicial corruption.

Again google “ndp undermining canada by lobbying against keystone; oliver kenndy” and “pipeline follies toronto star”. The attempt by the corrupt, Communist NDP and the Eastern Media to destroy the Alberta and Saskatchewan economy must be stopped and the best and most fitting place to solve the problem of the NDP, the NGO’s and the Communists is here in Saskatchewan, the birthplace of the CCF/ NDP.

Google “wall cabinet needs a tweak mandryk” note that it will be uphill work for even Murray to spin Bill (Hutchinson) as replacement for “Bloody Wall Link” as the face of Political evil, but note Murray reminds the Wall Brain Trust that they have bragged about being stuffed to the rafters with integrity; Murray does not note it, but the Wall Brain Trust integrity boast is a welcome change from the Devine Gang boast that they stuffed Swiss Banks to the rafters with money.

I (Lee) remind the Wall Brain Trust of their “integrity” boast, and ask that they note my plan set out in the “Minister Thumbnail” at the end of segment NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY to solve the problem of Earle’s refusing to pay RM Administrator Strudwick bribes for approving his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development and note that my plan would not cost the taxpayer one red cent.

The Wall Brain Trust are asked to accept that I (Lee) was baptized a Anglican and swear before God, that if granted restitution on the plan set out in the “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of segment NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY that I will use the funds realized from the lots to establish a Foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site to help make sure that the NDP, controlled by Communists, and the alpahbet soup of corrupt Saskatchewan NGOs, ie: SGEU/SARM/RMAA, and their corrupt ilk, do not form Government in Saskatchewan again.

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