Google “dwain who? nilson makes a fresh start gormley”. Now note Shakespeare’s Mark Anthony’s quote from his eulogy at Caesar’s Funeral; google “ the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones”.

Is one evil act more evil than another evil act? The NDP Ruling Elite, lead by “Bloody Wall Link” ruled that the only option Earle Argue had to obtain approval for his thirty million dollar Development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator, Strudwick, to approve his development, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 41., 42. and 43. Earle refused to pay Donna Strudwick her bribes and that refusal cost Earle his dream, and $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollars) in pretax profit, that is Evil,…… pure Evil….. the ultimate in Evil, with no hope whatsoever.

Google “premier brad wall’s christmas message december 12th 2011”, note Premier Walls religious based message of hope based on the birth of Jesus Christ. Premier Wall expresses hope for the establishment of a food bank in Moose Jaw BUT Earle Argue has no hope whatsoever for his development unless he is prepared to shrivel his soul to the size of a chickpea paying bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to grant approval for his Development, BUT if it was not necessary for honest Developers, such as Earle Argue, to pay bribes to corrupt scum such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to establish a development, there might be enough employment created that there would not be the need for Premier Wall to hope for a food bank in Moose Jaw.

The Strudwick/NDP Ruling Elite Evil has cost the RM of Edenwold ratepayers four hundred thousand dollars each year in lost school and property tax, over four million dollars to date and the Strudwick/NDP Evil has destroyed my (Lee)s life for serving as Earle’s Representative; a corrupt NDP Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, was ordered by the corrupt NDP Ruling Elite to use a google”slapp” to find me guilty of libel for complaining to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwick requiring bribes to provide development approval, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

It is pure Evil that a bit of official Government scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, has absolute control of both the NDP and Wall Administrations, google “ strudwick is don mcmorris campaign manager” and note the December 2007 Don McMorris MLA Speech where he gives Strudwick credit as his campaign manager, the Hon Don McMorris is, and has been since November of 2007, a Wall Minister. Now review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, note that Strudwick is also a close personal friend of Wall Cabinet heavy hitter, the Hon Jim Reiter…… it is a true, pure, evil that the voters can change the Political arm of Government but can not change the Official arm controlling the google “evil of public corruption” which is in place forever.

Google “ritz declares victory in battle over cwb johnstone” note that Donna Strudwick is so arrogant and power full that notwithstanding the fact of Strudwick’s well established corruption, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, and this Web site, SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, the Wall Brain Trust still ensures that the Federal Ag. Minister Gerry Ritz’s press conference, celebrating the destruction of the CWB, is held on Donna Strudwicks farm.

Google “ there are no coincidences” and note that the only economic scandal that has touched the Wall Administration is the Amicus scam in the Hon Don McMorris Health Ministery, google “ blunt auditor offers hope mandryk”. Donna Strudwick manages the Hon Don McMorris Election campaigns, note that Strudwick and Gary Lane are very close, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and note that the Amicus scam is straight out of the Devine Gang playbook of the 1980’s, designed by Gary Lane.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that Evil is relative. Web readers are asked to again google” blunt auditor offers hope mandryk”. Murray notes Amicus as a example of Wall corruption. Look at FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 124, where I (Lee) note Amicus as being the only corruption in the Wall administration, but Devine Gang leftovers doing a google “cozy crony” under the table deal with the Saskatoon Catholic Mafia to scam taxpayers is a long, long, long way from the corrupt horror of the NDP Medical Ruling Elite, using a cocktail of prescription drugs and deliberate dehydration of aging patients in Wascana Rehabilitation Center, simply to save a few dollars. Note DR. JIMS IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME for more examples of the evil of the NDP Medical Ruling Elite in Saskatchewan, the worst in the G-7 Countries.

The fact is that the evil the NDP Ruling Elite and the corrupt NGO’s have done to the Saskatchewan taxpayers is beyond measure. A example is Regina Developer Earle Argue, and I (Lee), serving as Earle’s Representative, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL and the evil that NDP Leader, Link, personally, has done as exemplified by the bloody wall behind him is absolute and that evil will live as long as I (Lee) am alive and able to keep this Web site up and advertised on Access TV, and note that a public inquiry, and report, as requested, could result in more Web visits with better effect and better results, note “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of segment NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

Web readers are asked to take note of John Gormleys reference to what he called the “scandal plagued” NDP Lorne Calvert Administration. While setting out his interview with NDP interm Leader, John Nilson, Gormley stated in the Star Phoeinx: “From the stalled economy and scandal-plagued Calvert years to the past four years in opposition.” and his “scandal-plagued” reference must include NDP Calverts rural development corruption, ie: NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruling that Earle’s only option to obtain approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar ) development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume”(bribe)s to the corrupt RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, the subject of this Web site for the last 4 ½ (four and a half) years.

Google “strudwick reports to minister and premier”, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 41. – 43. , note the Taylor Ruling that the only option to obtain development approval was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Strudwick; how much of the “flowers, chocolates and perfume” would Strudwick have passed on to Premier Calvert and Len Taylor? I (Lee) know, and can prove to a public inquiry that David Kyle, then Saskatchewan Director of Radio and Television for the Public Broadcaster, CBC, knew about the Rural Zoning corruption, yet CBC, Canada’s Public Broadcaster, bankrolled by the taxpayer, did nothing.

David Kyle has now slithered under another rock…….. Kyle left CBC Saskatchewan for the Arts Board, but as the then CBC director of Radio and Television, he (Kyle), who is closely related to Queens Bench Judge Larry Kyle, told Earle Argue that CBC does not do “ minor Municipal zoning dispute” story’s. Google “ current/with Anna Marie Tremanti, scroll down to Monday November 28th, 2011 “investigating quebec’s construction industry”, click on to the audio report of a CBC investigation into Municipal corruption in Quebec. There can be no doubt but that David Kyle, as the then local CBC Director, told Earle a flat lie, CBC does do Municipal corruption story’s.

CBC, a Canadian taxpayer owned, taxpayer funded, Public Broadcaster has gone public with the Mafia working with corrupt Civil Engineers and Union Leaders to scam millions of dollars of taxpayer money in the Construction industry in Quebec. Google “conflict of interest annex c”, and note it should be a contravention of Section 121 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada for David Kyle, a top CBC Administrator, and a relative of Queens Bench Judge Larry Kyle, to dismiss the fact that here in Saskatchewan it is deemed a “minor zoning dispute” and refuse to do the story, when a Crown Minister, Len Taylor, acting like every movie Mafia Godfather that ever played the roll, ruled that Earle (Argue)s only option to obtain development approval was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick.

For CBC administrator, David Kyle, to dismiss the Taylor/Strudwick corruption as a “minor zoning dispute”, when there is a Judicial Council of Canada report stating Government officials, such as Strudwick, and her colleagues in Justice such as Court Registrar Wyona Roy, MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY BOARD APPLICATION: 0001/ 2004, control Judicial rulings, note BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, This is google “sickening unto death”, ie: Political Ruling Elite and Judicial corruption at its worst and CBC has a public duty to disclose this Ruling Elite corruption to the taxpayers, this horror goes far beyond the question of “scandal” raised to by Gormley.

Web readers are asked to review a recent Globe and Mail Editorial, google “ how do we deal with this week of scandal?” which Globe and Mail Editorial raises fair question as to how to explain Ruling Elite corruption to kids; the Globe Editors asks a fair question, as example; should kids be told of NDP Ruling Elite acts that ends with blood on walls?

There may be a kid who dreams of growing up to be be a land developer and those kids must be told everything about the public corruption they will face as adults if they do intend to enter the business world in Saskatchewan. I believe that this mind numbing corruption can be laid at the door of the NDP Ruling Elite and their alphabet soup of Ruling Elite agencies, SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) the SGEU (Saskatchewan Government Employees Union), STF ( Sask.Teachers Federation) and their Elite ilk.

Review segment COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, note the Media reports that the Leader of the NDP, Nicole Turmel, is a card carrying Communist; now google “ndp undermining canada by lobbying against keystone: oliver kenndy”. Note the NDP, Canada’s “loyal” official opposition, is lobbying against a economic development project of benefit to Canada and the United States; the NDP want wind/solar energy only and I (Lee), have been told by trustworthy people that it can easily be proven that the STF (NDP Teachers) are teaching the Grade and High School Science students that the only viable energy option is wind/solar. The STF, NDP Teachers teach that any carbon based fuel ie; oil, coal and natural gas must not be used because of CO2 emissions and the STF NDP Teachers also teach that Hydro can not be used because Dams annoy fish.

The hard left STF/NDP Teachers are concerned about the fish but do not mention to the kids that if Pelicans could vote they would vote for Dams because Dams create clean power and great fishing holes ie: no CO2 emissions in the air the Pelicans fly in and great fishing spots for Pelicans, and other fishers of fish. We have all seen humans standing with rows of Pelicans sitting on the rocks at the base of the Dam, the Pelicans wait for fish to leap while the human fishers fly cast into the pools at the base of the Dam and to my (Lee)s eye, both homosapien, and Pelican, fishers of fish, look happy.

Saskatchewan has a lot of high grade Uranium ore, and for economic reasons it is crucial that the use of Uranium be promoted. Notwithstanding this obvious economic fact, the hard left STF NDP Teachers keep pounding away at the kids that notwithstanding the fact Nuclear is free of CO2 emissions, the STF NDP Teachers claim Nuclear is the work of the Sask Party and the Devil to the point the kids are afraid to raise question of Nuclear Power for fear of being given a failing grade in Science exams.

I (Lee) believe that if these hard left, STF/NDP, Teachers are prepared, in the face of the desperate economic need to use and sell Saskatchewan Uranium to ensure economic survival, to give a failing grade to any kid who even asks the Nuclear question means there can be no doubt whatsoever but that these same hard left, STF/NDP Teachers will support the NDP Minister then Responsible, Len Taylor, in his ruling that Developers must pay bribes to Government officials, such as RM Administrator Strudwick, to obtain development approval, segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 41.- 43.

I (Lee) am certain that these same hard left, NDP, STF, Teachers will teach the kids there is nothing unethical with Senior Government officials dictating Judicial rulings to Queens Bench Judges to make sure the bribes are paid to those Senior Government officials, note segments TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? and the hard left, STF/NDP Teachers will teach there is nothing wrong with the fact the Government officials do not have to pay income tax on the bribes they are paid by business people note segment THE FIFTH HORSEMAN ELITE BRIBERY.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is always better for the kids, to know, than not know, about the level of NDP/SGEU/STF/SARM/RMAA, Ruling Elite corruption supported by Judicial corruption. As example, I (Lee) ask Web readers to review EDENWOLD EVIL- HORNUNG Q. C. and think how to explain to the kids how a man with the paper trail of Richard Hornung Q. C. mediated a solution to the Teachers strike; it is as sick as Hitler’s Ghost mediating a agreement between Israel and Palestine.

My (Lee)s main interest is the bribes the business community must pay to the Ruling Elite Government officials to accomplish development, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that today’s Ruling Elite corruption extends beyond bribe demands, the hard left, the NDP Ruling Elite, the STF Teachers, SGEU and the Judiciary have built a culture of corruption that includes indoctrinating school kids to “public corruption evil”.

I (Lee) try to watch all the Canadian (CBC/CTV), and United States (CNN) Talk shows and Google News watching for corruption in Government articles. One of the CNN hosts interviewed a retired US Teacher who had just published a Book setting out that 90% (ninety percent) of all US kids cheat on exams. The US kids feel they have no choice but to cheat, which involves bribing computer hackers to change grades or if possible, bribing a smarter kid to write their exams for them, and the kids believe they must pay bribes to make sure they have high enough marks to get into a University.

The kids know there is a ethical problem with paying bribes, but they come from homes where the parents work in business or Government. The Parents of the kids in business complain at the supper table about having to pay bribes to Government officials and the Government official Parents brag at the supper table about the bribes they demand from the business community; the kids from both homes are well aware of the ethical horror but 90% (ninety percent) of the kids cheat on exams and they must be taught that the google “evil of public corruption” has serious consequence in the long term because Ruling Elite corruption leads Countries to a financial abyss and that the absolute corruption of their Ruling Elite Parents sometimes results in “blood on the wall”.

Web readers are asked to scroll back to the title picture of this Web segment and again google “saskatchewan man files complaint over bloody background he sees in election ad winnipeg free press”. The complaint was filed referring to a Sask Party election ad showing NDP Leader Link standing in front of a wall the NDP claimed was subliminal message of being blood smeared implying Link has blood on his hands. Until the media reported that the ad was a “subliminal” message I (Lee) thought that the Sask Party spin doctors had found a real blood smeared execution wall in the back yard of a Mansion owned by a Dictator in a Oil rich Banana Republic and simply added a picture of Link.

Google “sex with playboy model in bribe allegations martin” and “letter to rcmp mining watch canada” and note that exactly like the Calgary Mining Company Executives Link spent his time in Calgary as Nexen’s Vice President running errands for the Nexen Board carrying bribes to the Dictators who run the Oil Rich Bannana Republics and Link was so able, efficient and effective, in carrying bribes to Bannana Republic Dictators, giving Nexen access to “easy oil”, google “facing up to end of easy oil”, that during Links decade of Nexen service, the Nexen stock price doubled, split, and then doubled again.

I (Lee) believe that the Banana Republic Dictators and their Thugs may have spent some of the bribe money Link carried to them on machine guns to deal with protestors and if such was the case there would be nothing “subliminal” about protestors blood on kitchen, living room and bedroom walls of the protestors hovels, or the execution wall in the back gardens of the Dictators Mansions in the Oil Rich Banana Republics.

As is usual with Company executives, part of Links wages as a Nexen Vice President was stock options. Google “real estate talks agriculture”, note Saskatchewan Agriculture land is valued at $390.00 (three hundred and ninety dollars) per acre; after a decade as a Nexen Vice President, carrying bribes to Oil Rich Banana Republic Dictators, Link now owns 26 (twenty six) sections of Saskatchewan farm land. “Yes Virginia, that is sections, not quarter sections, but sections of farm land with a value of $6,000,000.00 (six million dollars)” and Links land is not “subliminal”, it is as real as the blood on the Banana Republic, oil rich, warm climate, Dictators execution wall.

Google “sickening unto death” and note that any machine guns used would have have been paid for with Oil Company bribes and a even sicker fact is that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows the Calgary Oil and Mining Company’s to deduct, as a cost of doing business, the cost of bribes to Banana Republic Dictators who put some of the bribe money in Swiss Banks and instead of using the rest of the bribe money for roads, schools and hospitals they use it (bribe money) to pay the thugs to round up the Protestors, and buy the machine guns and buy the bullets the machine guns shoot, and pay the thugs to pull the trigger of those machine guns.

Note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 16. Now Review segment MUNICIPAL BOARD BOUNDARY APPLICATION: 0001/2004, scroll down to the documents, note page 11 (eleven), note the script in the Globe and Mail Article note that as long as a Nexen Company official, such as Link, signing as a Vice President, that the bribe was paid to a Ruling Elite official, such as the Dictator of a oil rich Bannana Republic, for the purposes of allowing Nexen, or any Canadian company, to operate, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows the amount certified to be deducted as “facilitation payments”, a more apt phrase would be “blood on the wall” payments.

Link, as a Nexen VP, took bribes to the Oil Rich Banana Republic Dictators, earned $6,000,000.00 in stock options carrying the bribes. The bribes Link carried to the Banana Republic Dictators caused the Nexen stock to double and after a stock split to double again so the question today’s kids, our future Leaders, must consider, if Link has bloody hands, do the Nexen Board and shareholders also have bloody hands? and a future leader, one of today’s kindergarten kids, will have to decide if the CRA Officials have bloody hands by allowing the “ blood” deductions and if the tax payers who sit still for the deductions, have blood on their hands, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

Canadian kids should also know there is a light side to the Calgary hotshot’s corruption; they do not all end up “blood on the wall” horror stories. Some corruption is a farce and I (Lee) believe that the facts set out below could be used as a basis for a Shakespeare play that a High School class could write and produce to be used as school instruction on Ruling Elite bribery and corruption. A play on Ruling Elite corruption might be effective, note that just like the corruption Web sites of today, Shakespeare used his plays to, google “speak truth to power” to deal with the Ruling Elite corruption.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to note below where I set out the facts of the well documented real life Canadian corruption involving a couple of corrupt, but bumbling, real life Calgary Morons managing a real life Calgary Mining company, a real life corrupt Mayor of a real life Mexican Mining Town, a real life playboy model, real life Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials, a real life RCMP investigation and real life media articles.

The facts surrounding the corruption of the Calgary Mining Morons are only a bit less insane than Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who slaughtered his father because he (Hamlet) wanted to google “fuddle-duddle” his Mother, which in turn is only a bit more insane than the fact that a NDP Ruling Elite, the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, believed there would be no political price to pay for ruling that Earle Argues only option to obtain development approval was to bribe a evil, lying corrupt, official RM Administrator Strudwick, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 41.-43. and SOME STUPID – SOME JOKE, note below a typical Canadian tale of public corruption evil;

Google “sex with playboy model in bribe allegations martin”. Note that the Ruling Elites bribery demands often result in hotshots like the Calgary Mining Morons paying a prostitute to service one of the Ruling Elites. Once in a while the woman, or her pimp, decides to try blackmail and the media gets into it. A good example of that is Manitoba Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Lori Douglas, who, attempting to keep her Black lover quiet, paid blackmail to the him; she (Lady Lori) had been videoed google “fuddle-duddleing”, him complete with oral sex, and tried to cover it up by paying blackmail, but Lady Lori is now being investigated by the Judicial Council of Canada, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 68. and 69., google “lady lori”

The problem the Calgary Mining Morons have with bribing the Mayor of the Mexican Mining Town is that the Mayor became so arrogant that he wanted to google “fuddle-duddle” a particular playboy model and she refused, but the irony is that Mexico is a poor country and there are millions of Mexican women, many as lovely as the playboy model, who would “fuddle-duddle” the Mayor for a hundred dollars US, any time he wanted, to buy food for their children, but the Mayor demanded the playboy model and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the insanity starts with Revenue Canada Officials allowing the business community to deduct the cost of bribes to the Ruling Elite as a business expense. Web readers are asked to note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 16., note Revenue Canada allowing “facilitation payments” to be deducted as a business expense and also google “letter to rcmp mining watch canada” and note the detailed reference to “facilitation payments”.

The problem the Calgary Mining Morons have is that while they could have hired a couple of Mexican thugs to kidnap the playboy model and deliver her to the Mayor to satisfy the Mayors bribe demands, and then claimed a “facilitation payment” as a tax deduction for the cost of Mexican Thugs to kidnap and deliver the playboy model to the Mexican Mayor, what would the Calgary Mining Morons do after the Mayor got tired of google “fuddle-duddle”ing the model and next demanded one of the Mining Moron’s Trophy wives and/or the Board Chair’s Trophy wife or his favorite Mistress, or both, or all three women delivered to him as a complete, obedient, docile, functioning, harem.

If the Calgary Mining Morons paid them enough money the Mexican Thugs would slaughter the model, after they had finished google “fuddle-duddleing” her themselves, but the Calgary Mining Morons would then have to pay blackmail to the Mexican Thugs, and not even a Revenue Canada official would approve the cost of the slaughter of a playboy model to be deducted as a “facilitation payment”, because the woman refused to google “fuddle-duddle” the Mayor of a Mexican Mining Town as one of the bribes that the Calgary Mining Morons were paying the Mayor to allow the Mining Morons to operate the Mexican mine and while the Mining Morons thought about what to do next, the wonder-full woman went public, the PMO should use some of the stimulus money to build a statue to her and place it with google “the famous five”.

One sure thing is that the playboy model does not have to worry about the Calgary Mining Morons using their own money to pay Mexican Thugs to slaughter her to keep her quiet because unless the taxpayer pays for the slaughter by Revenue Canada officials allowing the cost to be deducted as a “facilitation payment”, as the cost of doing business, she is safe from slaughter because, the Calgary Mining Morons are cowards and would never kill her (the playboy model) themselves and would never, ever, in a million years use their own money to pay Mexican Thugs to slaughter her.

Web readers are asked to google “to bribe or not to bribe”, note there is some question, of the use of bribes as a economic tool BUT I (Lee) repeat, the Canadian off shore Mining corruption scenario set out above could form the basis for a dandy Shakespeare farce. Google “mama devine raised no stupid kids”, note the search result sends the Web reader to segment STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, scroll down to the documents and note my skit. Note that despite the fact the NDP Ruling Elite insist that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada my skit did receive excellent reviews and I can prove that my skit was staged many, many times by Judges at drunken parties on rainy Sunday afternoons at Beach houses, so a Senior High School class could easily write and stage a play with a working title of something like; “ Calgary Mining Morons Problem”.

A Stage Play patterned after the Shakespeare plays, based on the bribe problems faced by the Calgary Mining Morons, would provide good roles for a half a dozen Senior High School kids, both boys and girls….the hapless Mining Morons, both boys….the arrogant, corrupt and demanding Mexican Mayor, a boy,……..the annoyed/worried/scared/brave, playboy model, a girl,…… the bemused finger wagging first wife of a Calgary Mining Moron, a girl…… a Mining Morons worried second, trophy wife, a girl.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the best role of all in the play would be the Revenue Canada official, ( boy or a girl), either a arrogant, ice queen bitch, a girl…… or a arrogant, smug, bastard, a boy…. trying to explain to the play’s audience why Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows Canadian Business to deduct as a business expense, the bribes, the so called “faciliation payments” the Canadian Business pays to Ruling Elite officials in Canada, and off shore, to be allowed to run a business and it keeps getting worse, google “canada slips down global corruption ranking ctv news”.

Google “canada worst g-7 country in preventing bribery: report derk abam”, study the article. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the kids have every right to know, when they leave school, that Canada is the most bribery prone g-7 Country. Now review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION and note that the kids have every right to know that the mindless corruption is not rooted in the Mafia who are pussy cats compared to the power and arrogance of the corrupt Government official scum and the Judiciary, note TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? and the cartoon in the first paragraph of NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN.

Web readers are asked to google “catholic priests carnal knowledge of altar boys” and then note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and note that Web readers have raised question if the Judges and Conservative lawyers are pedophiles the same as the Catholic Priests carnal knowledge of the Altar boys, and my answer is a emphatic NO.

Former Devine Gang Attorney General/Court of Appeal Judge, Gary Lane is not a stupid man, and he made certain that the girls were all over the age of consent so the Judges and Senior Conservative Lawyers who attended his (Lane)s Cocaine/high school girl parties were not pedophiles; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Conservative Lawyers and Judges liked google “fuddle-duddleing” big girls, not little boys.

Google “texas judge beats daughter” and note that after CNN published the video of the Judge beating his daughter with his leather belt for downloading music it was impossible for the Texas Ruling Elite to keep the lid on the facts of the Judge beating his daughter, yet here in Saskatchewan, despite the fact Attorney General Gary Lane’s high school girl/Judge/Lawyer/Cocaine parties used to trap Senior Conservative Lawyers and Judges to later blackmail them was well known to the MLA’s the Media said nothing, and it must be noted that Lane is so arrogant, greedy, and self centered that after Devine came to power in April of 1982 Lane’s first legislative act as Attorney General was to grant himself a QC (Queens Council); the media did not even report on that fact.

I (Lee) am sure as hell not defending Lane, his (Lanes) actions can not be justified any more than the Texas Judge beating his daughter for down loading music can, BUT it should be noted that the high-school girls Lane used were not gingham sweeties, google ” high school girls: blow jobs not a big deal”. My information was that someone in the Lane/Strudwick camp, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30., had the sense to make sure that all of the girls involved in Lanes cocaine/high school girl parties were past the legal age of consent and one sure fact is that no one had to rape the girls once they were given cocaine; Lemon gin, flowers and chocolates are less risky than the Mafia providing cocaine but Web readers are reminded of the old joke, “ flowers are fine, candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, cocaine is certain”.

Web readers are asked to scroll back to the title page of this segment, the reference to “Bloody Wall Link” and note 4 (four) pages back from here reference to Link’s work as one of Nexen’s Vice Presidents carrying bribes to Banana Republic Dictators and review segment EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C. for Gary Lanes actions as Attorney General covering up the Hornung Corruption; Link and Lane, sounds like a couple of stand up comics, except that Evil and Eviller would be fitting.

Evil and Eviller, and I (Lee) do not know which is worse, Link or Lane; Lane disappeared so much of Saskatchewan taxpayer money into the Swiss Banks that Saskatchewan was on the abyss of Bankruptcy and it took a true Statesman, Roy Romanow, to save Saskatchewan from bankruptcy and in a effort to provide cash flow for complete economic recovery Roy also tried, but failed, to end Rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan, note segment STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Except for the google “jack wolfe suicide” as far as I know Lane did not end up with “blood on the wall” anywhere but Lane never did any economic good for anyone except himself, Donna Strudwick, and the Swiss Bankers, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30., but it must be noted that although Lane has taken “early retirement” from the Saskatchewan Appeal Bench whatever blackmail ability Lane had from the high school girl/cocaine parties, remains in place, whereas Bloody Wall Link is gone, but Link did do some economic good for a hand full of people while carrying bribes to the Dictators of the Oil Rich Bannana Republics on behalf of the Nexen Board and Shareholders. Link, carrying bribes to the Banana Republic Dictators, caused the Nexen stock to double, split and then double again, making Nexen Shareholders a lot of money in a trade off for the blood wall’s in the back yards of the Dictators Mansions.

But as evil and corrupt as Lane and Link are, I (Lee), believe that no matter how much blood is on the wall behind Link and how much Saskatchewan taxpayer money Gary Lane stuffed into the Swiss Banks, or how many cocaine fueled high school girls Lane google “fuddle-duddled”, it is my opinion that they (Lane and Link) are still not as evil and corrupt as the three witches of Edenwold, ie; Associate Chief Judge of the Manitoba Queens Bench Court, Lady Justice Lori Douglas, Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, and RM Administrator Strudwick, in blocking Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development until Donna Strudwick’s bribes are paid, review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL.

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, are asked to review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, note my (Lee)s warning the Wall Brain Trust to be care full of the potential for the NDP/LIBERAL/NFU using the Wheat Board issue as a tool to win the Election in November of 2015. The Wall Brain Trust is asked to google “judge rules ritz breached wheat board act c.p.” and “court says gov’t broke law johnstone” and “macpherson: harper keeping promises drives opposition crazy macpherson” .

Web readers are asked to note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the PMO was determined to shut down the CWB. There was never any doubt that the PMO can legally do it, Manitoba Premier Sterling Lyon demanded the notwithstanding clause be placed in the Constitution for a reason, ie: to make sure that Parliament has the last word over the Courts. Note Kate McMillans award winning Conservative Blog, google “small dead animals: cwb forensic audit needed” and note that Kate has been asking for a forensic audit of the CWB and if the Directors stole some money that will help politically.

BUT I (Lee) suggest the Wall Brain Trust note the search result on Kate’s award winning “small dead animals” Blog shows only one of the little green three vertical bars as solid green indicating a small number of “ approval” votes, NOW google any of my Web site segments, as example, try WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? note that two of the bars in the vertical three bar symbol are solid green indicating a “approval” by a limited number of votes, which experts say is a higher rating than Kate’s award winning Blog.

Google “ex- cwb director suspects arson graney” note that CWB Director Flaman had property destroyed by possible arson whereas Earle has suffered no destruction on his development, indicating a hatred between CWB/non CWB greater than Strudwicks hatred for Earle because he has a chance of more honest wealth from his Development than Strudwick has from Developer bribes. This shows the NDP/Liberal/NFU coalition using the PMO axing the CWB is a real danger to the Wall Administration four years from now and I (Lee) ask the Wall Brain Trust to review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE.

Web readers are asked to google “lobbyist registry overdue mandryk”, and confidants have asked; am I (Lee) lobbying for Earle Argue, and if so can Strudwick, the Edenwold Council and the Wall Brain Trust solve any problem, real or imagined, they might have with this Web site by denying me the right to lobby on Earle’s behalf?

My (Lee)s confidants raise a good question and only time will provide a answer after the Wall Brain Trust carries the Legislation but this Web site has been up and advertised on Access TV for over 4 (four) years and through 2 (two) General Elections so a honest Court would probably rule that my right to lobby has been grandfathered in, BUT given the corruption of the Queens Bench Courts, note segments TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that my lobby effort could be ended by a corrupt Queens Bench Judge all that can be done is carry on as long as possible.

Web readers are asked to review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, note near the end of the segment the reference to the Regina lawyers advising Earle “pro-bono” that it was impossible to get by Strudwick without paying bribes….a Web reader has brought to my (Lee)s attention a contradiction within this Web site ie: note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 13. to 15. setting out that Regina Lawyers Ron Gates (Links brother in law) and Barry Nychuk lead Earle down the garden path to the tune of $30,000,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars)……no question, it is my Mea Culpa, I forgot about the scam that Links brother in law, Regina Lawyer, Ron Gates, pulled on Earle.

Web readers are also asked to note a second error in the same segment, note near the end I (Lee) ask Web readers to again for the up-teenth dozen time google “canadian judges might take bribes susan macgrath canadian bar associtaion”, note I state that the media reference relied on to prove Susan’s statement had disappeared out of google, well I was wrong, the media is still in place and Computer experts tell me it happens once in a while that a search attempt fails, only to be a success a few minutes or seconds later.

Web readers, especially Brads Brain Trust, are asked to read this Christmas Murray’s Mouseland Message, google “the cat who ate the christmas cheese mandryk” and pay attention to the common sense message that Murray sets out, ie: end the goggle “evil of public corruption”, ie: end rural development corruption in Saskatchewan.

Web readers are reminded of the wise words of Edmund Burke, British Statesman from the 1700’s, google “ the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”: Web readers are asked to contact their Sask Party MLA and ask him/her to note the solution set out in “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION – NDP INSANITY, ask them (MLA)s to note my solution costs the Taxpayer nothing and will help solve the problem of the Corrupt NDP and NGO’s in Saskatchewan.

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