January 28, 2017

First, a article from a confidant referring to a “back in the day” that may intrigue readers, google “a mortgage bailout in ancient rome delancy place”, read search result, I (Lee) was struck by the fact today’s leaders do the same as the leaders of ancient Rome, print money and pray to our psychopathic God to keep the system going for another decade or two when the obvious solution is as simple as a walk in Wascana Park, just stop the official elite from stealing taxpayer money, we are the example, google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and note below: 

NEW NEWS l: Google “saskatchewan and the federal government have reached a 10- year funding agreement for health care that will bring more than $300 million to the province l.p., review search result, $30M a year is meaningless, the ENGR.’s, Strudwick and her SARM ilk spill that much taxpayer money each year shoveling it into shipping containers to ship to their offshore banks, Web reader’s who think I (Lee) exaggerate review ABOLITION OF RMS and ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and note below: Read the rest of this entry »



December 23, 2016

Breaking News : Google “a corrupt municipality no longer corrupt: rm of sherwood top civil servant resigns saying his work there is done l.p.”. McCullough claims he ended Sherwood corruption, now google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit”. Review PROBES LOST LOVE, EBERLE & THE BROS. PROBE, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, SARM LEADER LIES, & LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, note despite a $2B fraud Eberle and Probe are still not in prison and that is just the tip of the iceberg in front of Wall and SARM corruption, note below:

The above and much more is recorded in this Alexa 37 ranked Web site, the 37th most watched Web site in the world, google “former clinton staffer launches new anti-trump site: corrupt.af”, & “corrupt.af” & “lee stupidest man in canada”& “canadian dollar will drop to 59 cents us in 2016 macquarie forecasts cbc”, & “dark side of the boom baic/globe and mail”. I (Lee) predicted drop in the CDN $ to 70 cents, I was wrong but a 59 cent dollar establishes with even more certainty Saskatchewan citizens will starve and freeze in the dark with Wall’s Elite Officials demanding bribes. Read the rest of this entry »


November 17, 2016

Google “mandryk: sask. party mla’s block disclosure in gth fiasco” and “job loss of 10,800 in october in saskatchewan worst in over a decade leader post” & “mandryk: plummeting jobs shake brad wall government foundation” & “mandryk: big borrowing require big saskatchewan government changes” & “murray mandryk reflects on brad walls nine years as premier” and note below:

Google “seven ways president trump would be worse then you think for canada ibbertson”, the Globe and Mail Nov. 12 front page head line is WILL TRUMP?, and under that are sub heads “start a race war?”, “reverse women’s rights?”, “foreign policies bring the apocalypse?”, “protectionism ruin our economy?” “destroy America?” “unify America”, Saskatchewan cannot afford to bribe Wall’s officials. Read the rest of this entry »


November 2, 2016

Billy Boyd buried bodies being Brad’s biggest problem, I (Lee) owe readers apology, the last line in ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL states November title is ODIOUS, CONTINUOUS, EVIL, but CBC published Boyd GTH revelation, ie: Boyds arrogant boasts of GTH fraud, akin to CNN’s “Breaking News” when told about Trumps arrogant boasts of groping yet another woman’s genitals in public or financially stiffing yet another small Contractor. Read the rest of this entry »


September 28, 2016

FIRST: google “failing saskatchewan’s ndp is creating a big political vacume mandryk”, & “potash merger will cost saskatchewan jobs” & “mandryk: corporate mergers are seldom good for saskatchewan” & “mandryk: walls trade mission points to economic woes” & “survey finds nearly half of employees in saskatchewan living paycheque to paycheque robinson”, BUT it gets much, much, much worse, note below:

Google “canada’s economy on life support babad” review the profound Globe and Mail article, then note United States protectionism dooms Canada and Saskatchewan, Trump will end NAFTA while Hillary will only “modify” it, google “jesus wept” and “what percent of saskatchewan gdp is trade with u.s.”. Note 40% of Saskatchewan GDP is from exports so it matters little, Trump or Clinton, best for Saskatchewan is Hillary with NAFTA only “modified”, and 50% of us choosing between food and mortgage, worst case Trump ending NAFTA if 40% of our GDP disappeares overnight we will all starve, freezing in the dark, note below: Read the rest of this entry »


September 3, 2016

There is no doubt whatsoever but that Premier Brad Wall is as slippery as a greased weasel heading to the hen house, google “sask deputy premier don mcmorris resigns after impaired driving charge cbc” & “boyd leaves wall cabinet”& “ premier announces cabinet shuffle” & “ex-landowners say rcmp has talked to them about gth sales d.c.fraser”, BUT throwing Boyd and McMorris under the bus is not near enough.

Google “cabinet shuffle exposes wall depth problems mandryk”. The end of McMorris may end the Strudwick corruption BUT Marit as Highways Minister defies explanation, review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING. Marit is a stupid, coward, review BARCLAYS CONFLICT RURAL ZONING, Marit is too stupid to gerrymand boundaries even with the 100th smartest woman in Canada, Jenni Byne, leading him by the hand and when legal rumors of Marit’s planned SARM libel action against me (Lee) were rife I publicized my defense and Marit coward’ed out, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, near post end.
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August 1, 2016

Google “sask. party has no choice but to cut rm numbers mandryk”, no less than Regina Leader Post’s Murray Mandryk makes the point: review SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE, SARM LEADER LIES and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL and google “reiter claims lee is the stupidest man in canada and his website is a stupid joke”. The Regina Leader Post supports less RM’s so why does Wall’s man, Reiter, claim I (Lee) am stupid and my top 50 Alexa Website is a stupid joke for making the same point?

Google “rcmp cover up highway civil engineers threats on lee’s life” and “rcmp staff sgt brent lewis destroy’s affidavit evidence of strudwick bribe demands”.The Highway Civil Engineers and RM Administrator Strudwick bribe demands are the same evil, arrogant, ruling elite, official corruption protected by Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, the RCMP and Wall’s Sask. Party, that is costing taxpayers massive money BUT this Website has provided some justice, google “rural zoning website ends harper ethanol subsidy fraud”, and “rural zoning web site helps end just energy fraud”, again, why does Wall’s Minister Responsible dismiss this web site as a stupid joke?  Read the rest of this entry »


June 22, 2016

I (Lee) owe readers apology, at end of the June post, the mother post for the ODIOUS…post line, ie: ODIOUS RULING ELITE, I stated draft title for the July post was ODIOUS WALL WANTS $180K, but changed the plan when, google “regina bypass camera’s offer view of construction” and “regina bypass isn’t delivering on its promises mandryk” and “just how many sask. companies are working on the regina by-pass leader post” and “johnstone: ‘transformational change’ needs to begin at home for sask party government”, and “saskatchewan party government tone deaf in yancoal dispute mandryk” and “difficult times may call for difficult measures but maybe the saskatchewan party government needs to stop coming across as quite so desperate mandryk” and note below: Read the rest of this entry »


May 30, 2016

Readers note Saskatchewan was established to facilitate corruption, review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, scroll to near post end, review copies of the maps showing how the Eastern Brain Trust of the day doodled up maps about how to divide up Western Canada and no one planned, imagined or day dreamed there would be a Saskatchewan.

BUT  then  Lieutenant Governor of the North West Territories, the Hon Edgar Dewdney, remarried and wanted to impress a new wife, or maybe the woman actually did need more shoes, and like any Mafia Godfather, with a new trophy wife, to impress her, Dewdney decided to scam a few million dollars creating the Province of Saskatchewan and the City of Regina and set up the RM of Sherwood surrounding Regina and the Sherwood Council as a front to run his development scams for him, and  nothing has changed to this day, Kevin  Eberle tried the same scam.

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April 5, 2016

Google: “panama papers canada”, review all search results, note the CBC connection, google “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland”. Note there are 350 Canadians on the Panama Paper list, CBC has the list, is Lane on it?

If that Gary Lane is on that “Panama Paper list” and CBC releases it I (Lee) will forgive them for covering up Lanes friend Strudwick demand for effing flowers to approve Earle’s $30M development, review BLOOD ON THE WALL and FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30.

Google: “transparency international states canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and “there’s a huge new corporate corruption scandal, here’s why everyone should care, blumenthal, grim, huff post”. I (Lee) urge all readers to review the articles, they predicate, perfectly, precisely, the perpetration of Sask Party corruption. Read the rest of this entry »