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November 27, 2009

Ernst & Young survey re corruption” sets out the massive cost of Corruption to the North American economy and it was John F. Kennedy who said “ when we got into office the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we’d been saying they were” (google). I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that notwithstanding the fact that I was aware of both the Ernst & Young study and John Kennedy’s facetious remark I am still surprised at my accuracy in predicting the sea of corruption regarding the massive taxpayer subsidies of Ethanol Plants in Saskatchewan but even more surprised at the stature of the individuals involved in the corruption.

All Web readers are asked to note that what I (Lee) predicted in Web site segment dated September 2nd 2009, FOLLOW THE MONEY, and segment dated October 15th 2009, WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, has already come to be, to wit; I predicted that there will be endless and massive taxpayer money poured into all Ethanol plants to keep them operating and note that after only a year, the Terra Grain Fuels Ethanol plant at Belle Plaine, has already been given a Federal grant of $77,750,000.00 (seventy seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) “ethanol plant gets government boost” (google), and “government of canada invests in biofuels in saskatchewan” (google). Please note that this Plant only cost $130,000,000.00 (one hundred and thirty million dollars) to build in the first place.

Lee Harding, the Saskatchewan director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is as outraged as all voting taxpayers should be and all Web readers are asked to note again “ethanol plant gets government boost” (google), and note that the sea of corruption is more widespread than even I (Lee) thought it was, because the individuals benefiting from that $77,750,000.00 (seventy seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) of tax payer money are not the Saskatchewan hotshots ( Link and Drummond ) who I assumed would benefit but a small group of the eastern super elite.

All Web readers are asked to review again Web site segment dated September 2nd 2009 FOLLOW THE MONEY, taking special notice of my (Lee)s belief that the NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert bowed to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her RMAA ilk because of the need to keep control of Rural Zoning through Strudwick and the RMAA to ensure there was zoning for more Ethanol Plants so as to be able to demand more taxpayer subsidies and I (Lee) stand by that claim, but I (Lee) was wrong about it being Drummond et al. who was going to benefit from that massive corruption. (more…)


November 21, 2009

Despite the fact that there was no mention in the Throne Speech of any change in the way Rural Zoning decisions are made in Saskatchewan rumour is rife that the Wall Administration is planning to have its mini-ministry “Enterprise Saskatchewan” remove Rural Zoning control from the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association)and give that control to the Senior Provincial Bureaucrats in Community Planning, (Manitoba did that years ago) and it would serve the Developers and ultimately the taxpayers, much better than the three hundred Rural Administrators maintaining dictatorial control over zoning in each Rural Municipality.

The RMAA members will scream bloody murder at losing their bribe money from the Developers but will calm down when it occurs to them that all they will have to do is up their bribe demands from the equipment suppliers, the culvert suppliers, the gopher poison suppliers, the contract ditch grass mowers, the Grid Road Engineers and the Grid Road Contractors to end up with the same level of bribe income.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Municipal Corruption situation in Rural Saskatchewan is akin to that of Montreal, “ police probes, mafia allegations in the palermo of canada peritz”, and any one who thinks that even the Mafia could get any of that stimulus money out of a City of Montreal bank account without a Municipal Bureaucrat signing a cheque is living in a dream world, yet the Province of Quebec refuses to act, just as here in Saskatchewan, both the Provincial Administration and Official Opposition refuse to address the Rural Zoning Corruption issue, note Web site segment dated June 18th 2009, TWEEDELDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE.


October 15, 2009

For three decades Dr. Michael Atkinson has been conducting classes at the University of Saskatchewan on Government Corruption in Canada and has now started holding public seminars on the subject, entitled, “Why is Canada so Corrupt?”, one seminar was held in Regina Wednesday September 16th 2009 at the JS Window Room, 2nd Floor, Gallery Building, University of Regina College Avenue Campus, a small crowd, thirty or so, mostly academics, attended but they (Dr. Atkinsons audience) were a knowledgeable, enthusiastic group.

Dr. Atkinson, who has been studying the government corruption issue for thirty years, sets out that Canada has two levels of corruption, what he (Dr.Atkinson) calls “petty” and “grand,….. “petty” being bribes to Government officials to provide services, such as “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick to grant the Argues zoning, note Website segment dated July 26th 2007, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY? which Dr. Atkinson claims to realize is disturbing to the individuals, such as the Argues, who lost (failed to earn) ten million dollars because of their refusal to bribe Strudwick, but even the Edenwold ratepayers loss of millions in tax revenue due to Administrator Strudwick’s corruption Dr. Atkinson dismisses as having little or no public consequence relative to his University level public policy concerns but other Countries, even some third world Countries, adopt a different corruption standard.

Nepal, as example, in contrast to Saskatchewan, takes “petty” corruption so seriously that in a effort to stop the bribe demands of their officials they ( Nepal’s leaders ) have enacted rules that Nepal Airport officials must wear uniforms with no pockets. “nepal’s graft solution: no more pockets” (google) perhaps, here in Saskatchewan, Dr. Atkinson could start to advocate as a matter of public policy that if the Wall Administration carried Legislation stopping the Rural Administrators from having Cayman Island Bank accounts that would solve the Rural Zoning Corruption problem. (more…)


September 2, 2009

Follow the money” is a famous quote immortalized in the movie “ all the presidents men” (google) and was the real life advise to the reporters attempting to bring then United States President Nixon to account for corruption and the term has been used ever since as advice to reporters to use that axiom as a basis to uncover Government corruption, and it makes sense because Government corruption is always about money.

I (Lee) believe that a Web reader had that version of “ follow the money” advice in mind when he ( the Web reader) advised me (Lee) to go up into the Avord Tower building in downtown Regina and note that Wil Olives Law offices take up floors nine and ten of the Avord Tower and that the Points West/Gary Drummond suites of offices are grouped together above the Olive law office at the east end of the fifteenth floor.

The Rural Leaders believe that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for thinking that I can get zoning for the Argues development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, nevertheless, stupid or not, I (Lee) instantly realized what the Web reader had taken note of and raised with me, this little band of Ethanol brothers consisting of Points West Consulting and Points West Management Consultants, President Gary Aldrich and Vice President Reg Gross, in Room 1560, Terra Grain Fuels-Drummond Group of Companies with Gary Drummond as Chairman of the Board in Room 1570 and a C-Green Aggregators operating out of Room 1560, the same office as Aldridge and Gross.

These people and their operations may be key word googled in the usual way, ie:
“ points west consulting”……. “c-green aggregators”…..and “terra grain fuels drummond group of companies” and their Websites provide insights as to what they do. Web readers are reminded that Gary Aldrich is the former Chief of Staff to Premier Roy Romanow and was the Campaign Chair for Lingenfelter (Link)’s successful run for the NDP leadership and Wil Olive is the same Wil Olive, Regina Lawyer and NDP “heavy hitter” (google), who organized the NDP attempt to address their Meadow Lake Membership fraud, which is now the subject of a RCMP Criminal investigation, and Gary Drummond of Channel Lake fame needs no introduction to the taxpayers but taxpaying voters new to Saskatchewan may wish to key word google “ gary drummond channell lake hansard” for the transcript of the Channel Lake inquiry into his (Drummond)’s activities.

Any taxpaying voter who wades through the hours of Hansard testimony at the Channel Lake hearing will reach the conclusion that Gary Drummond and a couple of Senior Provincial Government Officials were able to obtain an astonishing amount of Saskatchewan tax payers dollars, nearly a Billion dollars, when Drummond, through a company named Direct Energy, and working with the two Senior Saskatchewan Officials, was able to buy natural gas in Alberta at market prices and then immediately resell it through Sask Energy to the Saskatchewan taxpaying consumers at a vastly inflated mark up, everyones dream of “buy low sell high” (google), stock market stuff, but today would be insider trading, a contravention of the recently amended section 382.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada, “bill c-13 insider trading” (google) (more…)


August 25, 2009

The Hon. John Crosbie, now Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland-Labrador, at the time one of Mulroney’s senior Ministers, gave me (Lee) a copy of the Judicial Council of Canada report “ Masters in Their Own House”,… “masters in their own house judicial council of canada dr carl baar”, (google), the report that establishes that the Provincial Administrations use their control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges working lives to control Judicial decisions and on Thursday February 5th 1987, I (Lee), visited the co-author of that report, Dr. Carl Baar, at his office in Osgoode Hall at York University.

At that long ago meeting Dr. Baar advised me (Lee) that the Senior Officials of the Canadian and Provincial Governments have no fear of either their Political Masters or the Judiciary but they (the Senior Officials) were afraid of public opinion because both the Politicians and Judges respond to public opinion and that the only method to deal with the Corruption of Government officials was to keep turning over the rocks so the Public can see those Government Officials slither away to get under another rock and just keep doing that until public reaction forces a end to that particular bit of corruption.

Web readers who believe that I (Lee) overplay the fact of Judicial Corruption protecting Government Official Corruption ( bribes and kickbacks) should note Globe and Mail article “ottawa judge wasn’t judging gender christie blatchford” ( google). (more…)


July 27, 2009

One lone First Nations person complains about fraud “rcmp investigate ndp meadow lake membership scandal” and the RCMP hop to it, crank up their computers and cruisers and hit the investigation trail instantly, but where is the fraud?, it was Link’s leadership campaign supporters money that went to pay for the First Nations memberships and at the end of the day the NDP head office kept the $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) so maybe Links campaign donors were defrauded by their own head office, but it cost the First Nations people nothing, so First Nations was not defrauded.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to compare that RCMP instant response with a criminal investigation of the NDP Meadow Lake membership fraud to what I (Lee) am trying to deal with as the Argues Representative. The then NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that I (Lee) had as the Argue Representative, to obtain zoning for the Argues 30 million dollar residential subdivision development, was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” ( a bribe) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, “ supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google).

If I (Lee) had been stupid enough to act on Taylors statement that my only option to obtain zoning for the Argues was to carry flowers chocolates and perfume to Strudwick, I (Lee) would have been in contravention of Section 123 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada “ criminal code of canada section 123 (1) part iv” (google) for bribing her (Strudwick), but Taylor put himself in contravention of the Criminal Code with his ruling because it is a contravention of Section 464 of the Criminal Code “section 464 counselling offence that is not committed” (google) which sets out it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to advise anyone to commit a criminal act.


June 18, 2009

Tweedledum and Tweedledee” are two fictional characters from the Lewis Carrol novel, Through the Looking-Glass. The two fictional characters are famous for being indistinguishable and the relevancy to Saskatchewan politics is that the June 6th, 2009 election of Dwain Lingenfelter (Link) as the NDP Leader is the start of the 2011 election campaign with the voters facing a “lose-lose” (google) situation because unlike the Scandinavian Countries where the Political Parties seem to be equally honest “equality corruption and social trust” ( google), here in Saskatchewan, the Sask Party and NDP have identical policy positions allowing Rural zoning Corruption.

Premier Brad Wall is a amiable enough man but his Sask Party is the direct descendant of Grant Devine’s Progressive Conservative Party that “ disappeared” ten Billion dollars of tax payer money “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal” ( google). Grant Devine set a Commonwealth Corruption precedent by having a dozen Cabinet Ministers incarcerated for fraud “ rcmp probe operation fiddle” (google), and Devine’s descendant, Premier Brad Wall, refuses to end the Rural Zoning Corruption policy established by the NDP.


April 26, 2009

Please note ” afghan corruption a growing concern” for a TIMES ON LINE article dated March 31 2008 by Aryn Baker and based on that article, and this website, a blogger has tagged this website as a related post in a comparison of the corruption of our officials here in Saskatchewan to the officials in Afghanistan.

A Edmonton Journal article by Tim Naumetz dated May 15th 2007 ” edmonton journal coverup culture fills rcmp:officer” ( google) states the RCMP are trained to cover up white collar crime, also note ” rcmp involved in coverups” ( google) for more media on RCMP corruption and cover up. The RCMP slaughter citizens who annoy them ” ian bush robert dziekanski” and the RCMP destroyed evidence in the Argue/Strudwick zoning/bribery dispute so given that the RCMP has a culture of slaughter of innocents and covering up of corruption it should be no surprise that the Afghan police are corrupt with the RCMP training them.

The corruption comparison between Saskatchewan and Afghanistan is accurate. When my (Lee’s) Access zap2it ad and this website ran in the Rural areas for over a year the only response was phone calls from the Rural Municipal Leaders to Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith that I ( Lee) was the stupidest man in Canada if I believed that I could get zoning for the Argue development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick. This arrogant and corrupt attitude on the part of Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders proves a level of corruption that will only be matched by the Afghan officials after their RCMP training.

Saskatchewan is the only Province of a G-20 Country so openly corrupt that the Minister Responsible and the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges carry a public Ministerial and Court ruling that a Developers only option to obtain development zoning approval for his project is to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume, ( bribes) to Donna Strudwick, the Provincial government official responsible for approval of that zoning, ” supreme court of canada summary case 31940” ( google).

It is true that both the Argues and I (Lee), the Argues representative, were warned about Strudwick. Four different Regina Lawyers told the Argues that it was impossible to get by Strudwick, Dwain Lingenfelter, ( then Deputy Premier) told me ( Lee) that it was impossible to get by Strudwick to obtain zoning for the Argue development project and Jim Hipkin, Reeve of the RM of Lumsden, told me to be very, very careful of Strudwick because of her close personal relationship to Court of Appeal Judge, the Honourable J. Gary Lane.

I ( Lee) a slow learner, am starting to get the message that Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders may be right, maybe I am the stupidest man in Canada for trying to get zoning for the Argues development without bribing Strudwick, nevertheless it is my intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to solve the Argues zoning problem without paying bribes. (more…)

Start Cleaning Up Bribery At The Bottom

January 22, 2009


The Corruption of our Government officials is so well known that the United States Chamber of Commerce lobbied the US Congress until it signed into law as part of the NAFTA trade agreement US Senate Bill S.651, the so called “ Bribery Bill” allowing the US business community to pay bribes to our Canadian Government officials. This absolute corruption has brought both Countries to the edge of a financial abyss that will make the 1930’s depression appear to be a “technical recession“ in comparison. (more…)

Book and updates

October 28, 2008

Please see the information below, and at the bottom you’ll find details on how to obtain the book that explains in depth problems with Saskatchewan’s justice system.

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