Raymond Chandler, one of my (Lee)s favorite detective fiction writers, wrote in the “The Long Goodbye” ; “there is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself”; I often think of Chandler’s words as they relate to my hubris which cost my wife Lorna and our son Jason their lives when I had the hubris to believe that I was so drop dead smart that I could complete Saskatchewan Highway contracts without bribing the SDOH (Saskatchewan Department of Highway) Civil Engineers and now 40 years later still believe I can overcome Moe’s Monster’s corruption, note below:

Google “doug ford, jason kenney and the end of the world maher”
the article is akin to the cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayer of the SDOH Civil Engineer bribe demands as detailed in post BIDRIGGERS, now good news regarding the Trudeau Fed and official corruption, google “snc-lavalin shares fall 10% on news that foreign bribery case will proceed cbc & “ snc-lavalin: federal prosecutors won’t negotiate deal, company may appeal c.p.” & “snc-lavalin and sask.power”, the Sask Power and SNC-Lavalin officials smoked a ton of money out of Saskatchewan taxpayers BUT Trudeau Fed refuses to let SNC-Lavalin walk, note below:

Google “ ‘we ride horses-not unicorn’s’: notley fires back at pipeline opponents dean bennett” & “dow drops” & “world stocks tumble after imf slashes economic growth forecast annabelle lang” & “ trump’s new nafta shows what he really cares about zech carter” & “the ‘trudeau effect’ dragging down canadas stock markets just got much, much worse, financial post” & “toronto stock exchange suffers worst day in 3 years amid global sell off ross marowits” & “us economy like the titanic – moving at full steam, with an iceberg ahead: guggenheim” & “asian stocks slide after big losses on wall street bbc” & “losing potash corp head office without a fight gormely” & “politicians need to understand climate change has big local costs mandryk” & “’crises’ levels hit in workplace deaths, says prof ackerman”, Moe is as desperate as death, note below:

I (Lee) urge Web readers to review all articles in the preceding paragraph, and remember that my Web site has been predicting exactly that, now more on Moe Monsters corruption, google “sask party government must consider all elements in job strategies mandryk” & “rm of edenwold and white city wage publicity battle over annexation white-crummey”, readers are asked to review WALL & ASSESSOR SITE, scroll a quarter into the post to my long talk to then White City Mayor regarding Strudwick, note the Mayor predicted I would end Strudwick, note below:

My (Lee) review of WALL & ASSESSOR SITE, preceding paragraph reminded me a confidant had noted a fact I had been edgy about; my boasts that my Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com is Alexa ranked the 55th most watched Web site in the world 30M Web site domains valued at $.5B cdn and to prove my claims I have referred Web readers to
https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, google “websites using webstatsdomain-builtwith trends” BUT my confidant noted that
while the script in the proof site I have been using ie: webstatsdomain.org is plain English and confirms my claim(s) but my confidant noted that
https:/www.alexa.com/sitefor ruralzoning.wordpress.com states there is not enough traffic for Alexa to establish visit numbers, more below:

Apparently a contradiction, but the Alexa site also notes that my site is ranked at the 17 millionth most visited in the world, and has increased by over 2M in the last three months alone, AND remember there are over 30M Web site domain names in the world which would put my site at +/- half way assuming normal site visit patterns. My confidant’s concern is the claim my site is the 55th most watched in the world coupled with the fact that my confidant knows Web site msn.com is the 46th most watched in the world, BUT the fact is that this may be semantics because my Web site is ranked in the Alexa site as the 17 millionth most watched placing my site at half way in the worlds 30 million domains, note below:

My (Lee)s concern is that my Web site must be accurate in all claims or Moe Monsters will go into Court and demand my site be taken down. I also have been edgy about the fact that assuming my claims regarding my Web site were accurate then why did the eastern publisher
info@btlbooks.com refuse to publish my book when it could have been advertised to good advantage on my Web site, post MOE MOANS ll and why did CPA’s refuse my ask, and why no lawyer will act despite my offer of 90% contingency fee, CPA ASK RURALZONING.COM and why are Moe and his Monsters, the taxpayers odious, arrogant, asshole, official Ruling elite still snickering, smirking and sneering, claiming my Web site is a stupid joke, google “reiter claims lee web site a stupid joke”, note below:

Google “predicting the next ten years peter diamandis”, the AI’s are here and God willing controlling my (Lee)s Web site. Despite AI control the fact is that the best, actually the only explanation, is that somehow, someway, for some reason, the visit numbers for my Web site, google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, are not accurate, this notwithstanding the hard fact that heavy hitters including Sask Power, Canadian Banks and the Liberal Fed are advertising on my Web site, this is a direct contradiction; to be blunt, is webstatsdomain.com real and is my Web site real?, again google “websites using webstatsdomain-builtwith trends” and I owe it to my Web readers to answer that question, and I also need to know if Moe’s Monsters are right to snicker/sneer/smirk/ snort at my effort to end their corruption, BUT I have a plan, note below:

Again review post MOE MOANS II, scroll to near post end where I (Lee) go through a “theory of probability” calculation based on Jim Comey book sales of one million in the US and that I can find a publisher for my book HATE AND HORROR I plan to advertise it on my Website. Google “some web sites generated 300,000 visits per month”. Because of the Alexa 55 fact I estimated visits of 150,000 per month with sales of .003 percent of visits which would total 462 sales. It is true that 16% of visits are US and 35% of visits offshore but that may help AND FrisenPress has been advertising on my Web site so they may look at it and I believe that if I can find a publisher for HATE AND HORROR whatever sales are I can work back to what the Website visit numbers must have been to reach that sales number at .003%, and set the results out here, note below:

I (Lee) could have used the more optimistic Canadian example, google “on the take stevie cameron” Stevies great book on Mulroney greed and corruption sold 200,000 copies in Canada with a population of 30 million, that is book sales of .006% of population, double projected sales of Jim’s book; I could have used Stevie Cameron as the example instead of Jim Comey and used .006% of Saskatchewan population of one million to project book sales of 6000, but I always assume the worst so I set the projection up based on the Jim Comey US example; note below:

Google “braid: as conservatives surge, notley is losing allies one by one – calgary hearld don braid” I (Lee) urge all readers to review Don’s great article, Rachel’s problems are to be expected, Rachel’s election as Alberta’s NDP Premier was a miracle, but Dons great work is not about Rachel, it is about the realignment of political forces in Canada, and of course, my only interest in the situation is if enough Saskatchewan voters will recognize that official ruling elite corruption is driving Saskatchewan into bankruptcy, google “pbo: provinces near bankruptcy” , note below:

Google “frontier center attempting to manipulate truth on residential schools mandryk”, review Murrays great article on the attempt by Moe and his Monsters to white wash the horror of Residential Schools, then review post SARM SLAUGHTER and note Moe’s Justice Department cover up of the SARM Farmers slaughter of the First Nations kid by sneaking up on him in the dark as he napped in his car and shot him in the head. Given my (Lee)s Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com ranked by https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, as the 55th most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Web site domains, and note below:
Google “ buried behind cows and cars: key changes in nafta 2.0 mcgreger” & “ canadian dairy farmers slam new trade agreement, say it will have ‘dramatic impact’” cp. Then review a crucial Andrew Coyne article, google “andrew coyne: the wolf is truly at provinces’s doors, pbo fiscal report warns coyne” & “leader post: editorial: saskatchewan’s municipal councils conduct requires review editorial” & “leader post: mandryk: mckillop mess may be reason to re-examine sask rural municipalities mandryk”; now more on Trump horror, note below:

Google “kavanaugh confirmed 50 to 48” & “halifax cartoonists response to kavanaugh hearing goes viral alex cooke” & “should women be angry?, chemaly/traister” & “images of kavanaugh smirking, sneering and sniffing at senate hearing” & “the lessons of anita hill: bad days bring mighty change elizabeth renzetti” & “ a really simple guide to the us mid-term elections bbc”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the American women are outraged at the Kavanaugh confirmation and so they should be, in her great article Elizabeth compares the Dr. Ford situation to Anita Hill which is valid, now note below:

Women in suffer constantly with steady streams of sexual remarks through to actual rapes and if the asshole raping her is not strong enough to take her down a couple of his buddies hold her down while he “f**ks her, as Kavanaugh “f**ks” Lady Justice in the cartoon in preceding paragraph google “kavanaugh gang rapes”, but the bright spot is the US suburban women appear to be outraged enough to take out Trump at the midterms, November 7th, and then demand the Democrats impeach both Trump and Kavanaugh, google “can a us supreme court judge be impeached?” sure they can, just as Trump can be impeached, note below:

Back in the day, at a party, some darkly handsome dude had been found guilty of rape and was all over TV, I (Lee) remarked that I could not understand why a guy as handsome as the rapist did not just sit quietly in a singles bar for a hour until a thirty something divorcee raped him and a hand full of women turned on me “Bob, be quiet, it’s not about sex…its about power” and watching Kavanaugh’s outrage and his ugly sneering, snarling, facial contortions when he was challenged by Senate Democrats, confirm what the group of women told me years ago, note below:

A confidant tells me that I am as big a horror as Trump in that I (Lee) view all situations only as they relate to my obsession with SDOH official corruption and it is true that my mind, while watching Kavanugh Senate confirmation on CNN, did wander off to google “lorna believed sdoh engineers demanded bribes to prove their superiority to lee ruralzoning.com”, I disagreed with Lorna at the time and still do, I believe the evil, odious, arrogant, asshole SDOH Engineers only interest is tax free bribe money to store in their off-shore bank accounts AND beyond that, the hard fact is that the term “rape” is used to depict not only the hard, forced, sexual conquest of a woman, BUT also google “rape of the treasury” and note that it is common to use the term “rape” to depict the odious, arrogant, assholes, stealing of taxpayer money, note below:

Google “free the cities gregory beatty” & “ four senior regina lawyers advise argues it is impossible to obtain approval for their $30m development without bribing rm of edenwold administrator donna strudwick” & “scc 31940” note that no less than the Supreme Court of Canada stated that I (Lee) had to carry Donna Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to obtain development approval for the Argues, which is a contravention of google “section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION criminal code of canada”, where it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry “anything” to a Municipal official to curry favor, but there is a answer, note below:

Google “ford and the notwithstanding clause” & “caq threatens to use notwithstanding clause to end hijab use” it was my (Lee)s belief and understanding that Canada’s famous “notwithstanding” clause, Section 33 of Canada’s Charter of Rights, was not intended to resolve disputes regarding parking tickets and end women’s use of the hijab, but if Ontario Premier Ford can use it to force the Toronto Mayor and Council to its knees, then surely Moe can use the “notwithstanding” clause to over ride google “scc 31940” the Court statement that I had to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to obtain approval for the Argue $30M residential development, note below:

Google “lee guilty of hubris ruralzoning.com” Web readers are asked to review search results until they are satisfied that I (Lee) may be said to be guilty of hubris, some readers, in view of Web site google
https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, may reach the conclusion that I am in fact pretty smart and they would be right, I am “pretty smart”, I am also able and hard working, BUT google “confidence or hubris” AND note the hard, cold, cruel, fact is that I am not as smart as I think that I am, which is the classic definition of Hubris, note below:

The first and best example of the hard fact that I (Lee) am not as smart as I think I am is as follows, and was self evident from the get-go, ie: the establishment of Western Earth Moving; the hard fact is that anyone as able and well trained as I was should of known better, there is even a section in Canada’s criminal code regarding the fact, google “c-46 knew or ought to have known” and goes back to the fact of Western Earth Moving unbelievable success for a decade and the fact that, despite my original training in Administration giving me the evidence, I should have known better, BUT I believed my success with Western Earth Moving, was as a result of my ability, I was wrong and should have know better, facts below:

First, google “return on small business about 6%”, that hard fact was covered in the in-house business administration classes I (Lee) took and despite this knowledge I never stopped to question what the hell was going on when after Lorna and I started Western Earth Moving with $30K, review PROBES LOST LOVE, and in ten years Western had net worth of $500K, a return on investment of over 30%, I calculate the return at 32%, far, far, far more then the normal small business 6% return, ask your high school math child genius or any Economics University Professor and I attributed the Western success to have resulted from my ability, ie: my belief that I was able, well trained and drop dead smart, but note below:

Web readers are asked to accept that I (Lee) was in fact well trained, able, hard working and not exactly stupid BUT no where near as smart as I thought that I was, which is classic Hubris. Web readers are asked to remember that in those days, under Ross Thatcher Liberal administration, with all Government highway contract tenders, low bidder was awarded the contract as long as they could be bonded and agreed to pay Ross Thatchers Saskatchewan Liberal’s political donation of 2% of the contract value, google “thatcher liberals demanded political donation of 2% of contract value”, hence, Western was competing with all other road contractors who, including me, had exactly the same problem, ie: corrupt Government Engineers demanding bribes, note below:

During Premier Ross Thatcher’s time all the road contractors, who could be bonded and had made the required political donation of 2% of the contract value to Ross Thatchers Liberal Party were awarded the contract had the choice to either bribe the Government Engineers or ask Premier Ross Thatcher’s office to order the corrupt Engineer removed from administering his contract; I (Lee) flatly refused to bribe Government Engineers administering the contracts and always simply had the corrupt Engineer removed, the truly smart contractors paid BOTH Thatchers Liberals political donation of 2% of contract value and bribed the SDOH Engineers, and this was who Western bid against, note below:

Western’s competition, the Highway Contractors who paid both Thatchers Liberals and the Highway Engineers were the contractors Western bid against, therefore, during Thatchers day, the end result was that Western kept the money that would have normally gone to bribe the Government Engineers, hence ended up showing over 30% return until Thatcher’s Liberals fell to Blakeney and the Government Engineers administering Saskatchewan Highways contracts destroyed Western Earth Moving; the fact of the Highway Engineers ending up with half of the contractors profit is showing up to this very day as set out in BIDRIGGERS RURALZONING.COM, with the hard evidence Engineers bribes result in doubling Highway Construction cost for taxpayers , note below:
I (Lee) ask Web readers to scroll back and reread the first few paragraphs, again google “confidence or hubris” study the search results, think about it, was I guilty of hubris when I challenged the odious, arrogant, asshole, Saskatchewan’s official ruling elite, by refusing to pay their bribes; while thinking about it, remember the Federal Government report “Masters In Their Own House” TURNING OVER ROCKS RURALZONING.COM and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, was not published until 1981, after Western had started legal action against the Highway Engineers and the Hon John Crosbie did not send me a copy of the report “Masters In Their Own House” until after the case ended, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, review the PDF this is the subject in my book HATE AND HORROR, if I can find a publisher, note below:

I (Lee) realize this does not answer the question regarding my hubris, the hubris question came home to me when I google “step” to find out what percent of Saskatchewan GDP is trade with the US, which as note of interest was at 55% in 2017, which dooms Saskatchewan with Trump ending NAFTA, as further interest google “trump’s tax cuts 10 times worse for canada than nafta cancellation: report tencer” BUT, note below:

Going into STEP reminded me (Lee) of another of my Argue failures. Google “murad al-katib/earle argue regina lentil plant detailed time line ruralzoning.com.” Go into post CORRUPT SASK CASH, to the list of illicit economic activities financed by laundered taxpayer money, near the end, “super cluster cash delights pulse sector still facing tariff crunch white-crummey” this particular money laundering is especially distressing to me, again google, “murad al-katib/earl argue regina lentil plant detailed time line ruralzoning.com”, note below:

Note at the start of the time line reference to Earle Argue above attempt to gain STEP approval for Argues lentil plant built on his development, only to be blocked by RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, and Web Readers are asked to note that when Earle Argue, on my (Lee)s advice, applied to STEP, (Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership) for assistance with finding offshore sales for lentils, Murad al-katibe was working for STEP and simply stole Earle’s plan, then backed by the google “arslan family of turkey” developed a plant, while Strudwick refused to approve building of a lentil plant on Earle’s development, as note of interest, google “transparency international turkey corruption ranking”, Turkey is ranked 81, Russia 135, and US 16; more on my (Lee)s Hubris below:

Note again my Alexa 55 ranked Web site, has 100% legal status https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org and I (Lee) am proud, to the point of Hubris, about my Web site’s legal status, another sure thing is this is hard evidence my Web site assessed value of $.5B cdn has got to be very real to the very real AI’s who assessed that value of $.5B CDN, a fact I am proud of, to the point of hubris, BUT another hard fact is that I have accomplished nothing, AND the fact there is hard evidence that I lost because my enemies, the evil, odious, arrogant, assholes, the Saskatchewan official ruling Elite, are dictating Judgments to the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURALZONING.COM and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, my flat refusal to bow to the evil corrupt officials even in view of Canada’s total Judicial corruption is just more hard evidence of my hubris, note below:

Review post STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, many experts agree that what my (Lee)s cartoonist confidant depicted is the only hope for the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters to benefit from my going the last inch on the last foot on the last mile to end Saskatchewan Ruling Elite’s official bribe demands by stirring in the sewage lagoon of elite corruption until my death, my Uncles lived into their mid ninety’s, so God willing, I have another fifteen years, four more election cycles, to end Moe official corruption, and I may only need ten years to end Moe corruption, google “predicting the next ten years peter diamandis” and note one genius predicts the AI’s need only ten years to end official corruption, note below:

Google “history shows moe’s 1,250 layoffs to pay for his pst cuts unworkable mandryk” & “ former rm of sherwood councillor files appeal leader post” & “third-quarter budget update signals less money, moe problems mandryk”, and I (Lee) urge Web readers to study Murray, who sets the facts of Moe corruption out perfectly then google “chasing capital: how canada can reverse an investment chill mckenna parkinson” & “global trade tensions mount in wake of trump tariff plans morrow chase waldie” then think about this Web site publishing this public record to the world for another four election cycles, scroll back to the first paragraph and ask yourself as a taxpayer, should my hubris be viewed as a negative if it ends, or even decreases, the absolute corruption of Saskatchewan’s odious, evil, arrogant, asshole official ruling elite?, note below:

Google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org ., & “ is canada doomed?-trendlinefinancial.com” & “is the canadian economy really past the point of no return barlow” & “david stockman: trump tax reform overhaul is a pipe dream, stocks are headed for 40 – 70% plunge landsman” & “justin trudeau, from saviour to liability globe and mail editorial march 10 2018” & “a trade war is upon us, canada must endure short-term pain, look beyond u.s. and open up dairies telecom powell”, & “how canada won and lost, a trade deal morrow, mckenna and nolen”, the three Senior Journalists believe Canada will suffer, now note below:

Web readers who believe that my (Lee)s hubris causes me to claim AI’s are quarterbacking my Web site google “big data and ai are poised to transform canada’s natural resource sector hamilton”, and again, to make the point, regarding coming economic collapse go back into post CORRUPT SASK CASH, scroll down half way to the list of money laundering horrors ; “google “the ‘death star’ of canada’s economy poplak” readers are urged to review Globe and Mail South African reporter Richard Poplak article on the drop dead idiocy of the Export Development Canada (EDC)” but note a Globe bright spot google “ottawa must not bend on its carbon tax globe and mail editorial” and note below:

To further make the point regarding my (Lee)s inability to end my tendency to hubris, due in part, to my (Lee)s unseemly pride in my Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com , and google “triumph of evil images ruralzoning.com” & “a decade after financial collapse, ice land faces a new economic challenge bloomberg news”, Ice land is tiny, but still a example akin to a canary in a coal mine, the world economy is dying just as Saskatchewan economy is dying, google “vern krishner: beware the double whammy of a bribe krishna” & “all corruption economies die” &“ poll tracker: federal poll averages and seat projections” the Trudeau Fed is going to wear the coming apocalypse, note below:

Again google “lee believes wordpress ai’s control his web site ruralzoning.com”, review search results as needed, then google “amazon scraps ai for bias against women raises more doubts about objectivity of algorithms gatehouse” the AI’s may have taken a interest in my (Lee)s Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org., because Lady Justice Janet McMurtry lead a group of women to make sure Donna Strudwick got her bribes for approving the Argue’s $30M development, google “scc 31940” and review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, IMAGES but there is also another fact, google “miss roots — person of interest”, Harold Finch’s AI’s were all fond of “Miss Roots”, maybe AI’s like women who know the book of Ruth, they like Eve instead of Lilith, note below:

Google “trump tariff backlash grows in u.s. as major companies take financial hit” & “lose your illusions. its an ugly, dystopian world: neil macdonald” & “u.s. congress won’t vote on new nafta in 2018—throwing wrench in trade deal’s time line shepardson” & “the us economy and the mid term elections michael j. boskin” there can be no doubt whatsoever but that assuming the Democrats win the House in November the US economy will be in gridlock for at least two years, six if Trump wins in November 2020, Canada will suffer much and google “under the dome: politics doesn’t take vacations fraser” & “trump inflates saudi arms deal but stays silent on saudi cash in his own pocket s. v. date” & “dow drops” note the Dow dropped all gains made under Trump, again google “all corruption economies die” & “jesus wept” and note below:

Google “1/3 of canadians fear bankruptcy ahead of bank of canada rate decision noah zivitz” & “bonokoski: death knell beginning to toll for trudeau liberals mobankoski” & “a year away from election day and no- name scheer is right behind celebrity trudeau: ispos poll doug sanders” & “ snc-lavalin makes public appeal ahead of court date on bribery charges vanpraet” & “premier should move provincial election date mandryk” & “mandryk: sask. needs better budgeting to deal with oil pricing quirks mandryk” note Harper cartoon on page A10 of Oct 19 Leader Post, google “the new assassins doug saunders”, review SARM SLAUGHTER note Moe’s Monsters are in good company, and note more Moe horror below:

Google “leader post: taxpayers footing bill for buses reveals sask. party’s gth problem mandryk” & “session preview: carbon tax, trespassing, and rural crime on agenda d. c. fraser” & “the world of easy money transformed canada into a debt nation. that world is coming to a end theresa tedesco” & “letter to the editor: oct, 23, 2018 readers letters” all corruption economies die”, now note below:

It was true genuine coincidence when I (Lee) set up the title for the preceding post TRIUMPH OF EVIL and a Trump thug gave me such great ammunition for my Website, ranked in the top half of the 30M Web site domains https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org., valued at +/- $.6B CDN, to allow me to compare Trump to Moe over the next two years. Google “trump thugs send pipe bombs to top us democrats and cnn” & “sdoh engineers threaten lee’s life for refusing to pay bribes ruralzoning.com ” & “rcmp cover up threats on lee’s life ruralzoning,com” & “sarm farmer slaughters first nations kid ruralzoning.com” & “on the take stevie cameron” & “ jack wolfe suicide ruralzoning.com”, note below:

As this post is written and published America’s future under Trump is unknown BUT polls show the Democrats will take the US House, but not the Senate, on November 6th BUT the Dems will still be able to run Trump ragged with subpoena’s and criminal investigations by the FBI until November 2020, google “ a really simple guide to the us mid-term elections bbc” & “moe gth corruption” & “moe and regina $1,88b by-pass corruption”, note below.

God willing I (Lee) will be able to run Moe just as ragged with my Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org., scroll down to site end, note 16 % of my Web visits are from the US and 35% offshore, and my comparing Saskatchewan’s po-dunk Moe and his SDOH death threats against me to Trump thug death threats on the former Democratic Presidents and other Democrat leaders and CNN, may intrigue US, offshore and Saskatchewan Web readers for the next two years until the next Saskatchewan General election in November of 2020, unless Moe’s Monsters slaughter me, google “ sdoh engineers threaten lees life for refusing to pay bribes ruralzoning.com”.


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