BREAKING NEWS Google “request to tell gerald stanley’s story
rejected by toronto-based publisher between the lines richards”. Review the first paragraphs of SARM SLAUGHTER and then note that a Toronto publisher has refused to publish the bullshit Robertson Stromberg has piled up to justify their client, the SARM farmer, sneaking up in the dark, on a First Nations kid asleep in his car and shooting the kid point blank in the head, then bragging about it and to be found not guilty, note below: It should also be noted that in the mid nineties the Law Society charged the same law firm, Robertsom Stromberg, with acting for Eric Bernston to launder taxpayer money, review Regina Leader Post article “Society alleges payoffs — subtitle Bernston, law firm named” page A 14 Saturday October 28, 1995, now note below: The Toronto publisher “between the lines” refusing the SARM farmer publishing request is at now google “toronto publisher refuses to publish sarm farmers book”.

The publisher of Web site urges all Web readers to e-mail congratulations to publisher of “between the lines”, for refusing to publish the SARM farmers boast of shooting a sleeping First Nations kid in the head. The search results contain statements regarding Saskatoon lawyers, Robertson Stromberg, who acted for the SARM farmer who shot the First Nations kid in the head while he was asleep in his car; example below: your stand on SARM farmer’s slaughter of the First Nation kid is as wondrous as my Web site. Jim Reiter, claims my Alexa 55 ranked Web site ., valued at +/-$.5B cdn, is a stupid joke, and has refused to acknowledge its existence for over a decade, but review CPA ASK, SARM SLAUGHTER and CORRUPT SASK CASH to appreciate reason why your ethical position is so encouraging and serves Saskatchewan voters so well……E. R. Lee.

Google “divide between urban and rural is not always there, saskatoon starphoenix editorial” Readers are asked to note that part way through the Star Phoenix editorial referenced the Editorial Board states “the idea that 45% of homeowners being willing to take the law into their own hands is frightening”, google “ lady janet rules strudwick reports to the premier” this horror must, and will, end. This Web site Publisher assures voters he will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to try to ensure the other 55% of the Saskatchewan homeowners are protected from the odious, arrogant, asshole, official, elite, such as Strudwick, reporting to Devine/ Lane/Boyd/Wall Koch/Moe, note below:

Google “mandryk: meili struggling to beat Moe’s mainstream sales pitch mandryk”& “gth continues failing grades on land-sale revenue, government says too soon to talk divestment fraser” & “provincial government considering off-loading global transportation hub to city of regina fraser” & “dumping the gth on the city of regina doesn’t solve anything mandryk” & “the numbers are in: canadians really, really hate their premiers hopper” & “gth and regina $1.88b by-pass fraud” & “province adding $17.7 million in revenue by upping everything from speeding tickets to cost of refundable beverage containers leader post” review all search results and note below: Web site Publisher refuses to believe City of Regina officials are
dumb enough to accept Moes GTH even gift wrapped in a diamond interchange and Moe gouging another taxpayer $17M in bottle deposits, is nonsense, the SARM officials and SDOH engineers spill that much money moving stolen taxpayer money to offshore banks. Now google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada” & “reiter claims lee web site is a stupid joke”, readers are asked to review all search results, noting that despite the Hon Jim Reiter’s claim the publisher’s Web site is a stupid joke there is hard evidence in the publishers Web site posts that the GTH and $1.88B Regina by-pass are both massive taxpayer frauds, note below:

Google “notorious russian troll farm targeted trudeau, canada oil in online campaign pantella” & “poll: scheer conservatives in large majority territory taqhva” & “lee offers trudeau 183 mp’s +/- $3m each to remove saskatchewan from canada”. Review again publishers Alexa 55 site ranking . AI Web site assessed value is +/- $400M US; with Loonie at 75 cents to US $, divide .75 into $400M, product is $533M cdn; review post CPA ASK, note Publisher has not received CPA opinion of the correctness of AI assessed value of Web site BUT note below: Given the hard fact of, as example, google “ do ai’s control world economy?” note all deep thinkers believe AI’s already control world economic function so why would they (AI)’s not be correct in their valuation of publishers Web site, so publisher asks readers to divide a comfortable Scheer majority of what ?, 180 MP’s into $533M, product is+/- $3M; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Dr. Meili and the NDP will win the next Saskatchewan General Election so given that hard fact, does any voter believe Scheers MP’s would refuse this publishers offer of $3M each to remove Saskatchewan from Canada?, note below: Google “wall still casting a dark shadow on hope of new moe government agenda mandryk” & “meili versus moe means a new world for sask. politics mandryk” & “mla’s returning to sask. legislature must pay mounting by- election costs mandryk” & “no moe oil to bc: a radical threat from a sask party premier mandryk”. Readers are asked to review Murray’s profound articles on what to expect before the next general election; the most recent poll, with the NDP leaderless, put the NDP ahead of Wall by 9%, now with Dr. Meili, who is as smart as all Doctors think they are, it is going to be heart warming during the count down to next general election to watch the polls predict Moe’s collapse, until then note below:

Review post CPA ASK, note Web site publisher advises Dr. Meili to end Saskatchewan’s official corruption by removing SARM/RMAA/RM’s, create Counties, end tender calls for Highway contracts and go back to Douglas days of Government owned equipment to build both County roads and Highway’s. Dr. Meili may not take publishers advise but this Web site will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to end Sask. Corruption; the only way Moe can stop Web site is to order the SDOH to slaughter publisher and the RCMP to cover up that slaughter, review post ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, then google “on the take stevie cameron”, note the number of Mulroney bag men who “suicide’d”, and google, “jack wolfe mla suicide” and then note below: Review SARM SLAUGHTER, a SARM farmer snuck up on a First Nations Kid in the dark while the kid slept in his car and shot him in the head with his revolver; that SARM Farmer has a soul who would take his revolver, come up behind publisher at a crosswalk, have his revolver “accidentally” go off shooting publisher in the back of my head and the Sask. precedent is the SARM farmer would walk, SO the only question is, does Moe have the balls to order the publisher (my) slaughter?, and will a man as good as Deputy Premier Gord Wyant live with that order?; if Gord can live with that Moe order the publisher will be dead but review the last paragraph in SARM SLAUGHTER, if Premier Rachel can ignore Alberta farmers threats to tear her throat out with pitchforks publisher can and
will ignore SDOH Professional Engineers threats on his life, note below:

Review . The Web site is Alexa ranked 55th most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Website domains with a appraised value of +/-$.5B cdn, and the site contains ads. Many of the ads are for computer related ventures, BUT the Regina and Southey Car dealers run ads, Access Communication’s run ads and the publisher was delighted that on March 10th (2018) the Liberal Fed advertised on this Web site, using Trudeau’s picture. Google “rural zoning asks trudeau fed to remove saskatchewan from canada”, so the question is; are Butts and Telford really the smartest guys in the room?, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, can Goodale save Moe? or is Murray right as usual?, scroll back to first paragraph in this post, note below:

Review post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & CPA ASK, note that the Devine Gang, lead by Lane, is so massively, evilly, corrupt that they went right to the edge of sanity and reason to destroy site publisher, Lee, because of his refusal to pay official bribes, even when he had helped them win power, google “lee got 4 out of 5 pc’s elected in red square” & “all lee asked was right to hire his own engineers”, readers note that all publisher asked to settle SDOH Engineers bribe demands was the right to hire professional civil engineers to administer highway contracts his company was awarded, but Lane refused that simple ask, official bribes must be paid, note below:

Google “ regina-wascana general meeting” readers are asked to note this is Fed Liberal fund raising, pure and simple, publisher refers the Fed Liberal organizers to CPA ASK where publisher offers Gord Wyant a 90% contingency fee of as much as $15M and a chance to do a lot of good for Saskatchewan taxpayers, now with Gord Wyant serving as Moes Deputy Premier, any lawyer could act for the publisher and except for $ 1-2M for Access, keep the 90% contingency fee, or give it to Liberals/NDP, doing good for Saskatchewan taxpayers as long as Access gets $1M-$2M to run Web site ads for 50-100 years after publisher’s death, note below:

Google “meili win makes choice rather clear for sask. voters mandryk” & “winds of change cbc” & “ryan meili wins saskatchewan ndp leadership vote macpherson” & “ lee hopes for a win by dr. meili” & “it may be dangerous for meili to get into a battle of saskatchewan values mandryk” Murray makes the point, ie: Lee’s hope the Web site, the 55th most watched in the world, google ., with AI assessed value of $.5B cdn, should give Dr. Meili, of Swiss descent, something to at least think about, despite memory of Tommy Douglas deep belief in Communism , note below:

If Web site, google can convince Dr. Meili to eliminate SARM/RMAA/RMs, create Counties and replace contracting County and Highway road work with taxpayer owned equipment publisher calculates the Saskatchewan taxpayer will save a annual $.5B. Ask any University economic Professors, but publisher estimates a 2/3 saving of the Highway budget, review BIDRIGGERS & ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, then review SARM LEADER LIES & LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, another $200M saved for annual $.5B saving in bribes paid and also save a bunch of First Nations from slaughter note below: Google “canadians divided on gerald stanley verdict: poll cbc” only 30% of Canadians believe SARM farmers should have the legal right to use their revolvers to shoot First Nations kids in their heads while dozing in their vehicles, BUT 63% of Saskatchewan’s believe SARM farmers should have right to shoot First Nations Kids in the head, why are the Saskatchewan citizens over twice as racist as all other Canadians, what could be the explanation for that odd horrible fact?, note below:

All readers are asked to review post SARM SLAUGHTER and
note that post visits are very high, AND at the end of the day the site is judged by the Alexa ranking of Web site, 55th most watched site in the world . As readers review SARM SLAUGHTER, note rural zoning offers any lawyer a 90% contingency fee to conduct a case against Saskatchewan, take note of publishers ask of Ryerson heavy hitter which may lead to Access TV running site Ads for 100 years, note below:

Google “norwegians get richer as sovereign wealth funds adds billions gatehouse” & “regina $1.88b by-pass fraud” & “scc 31940” &“lane has swiss bank couriers fly brief cases of cash from legislative building to switzerland”, think of Norway, review CORRUPTION OR COMMUNISM RURALZONING.COM think how well off taxpayers will be if this wondrous Alexa 55 ranked Web site can cause Dr. Meili to stop Moe’s odious, corrupt, arrogant, asshole, official Elite from stealing every Saskatchewan asset not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers, note below:
Google “how shady lenders clean dirty money tomlison and xu”
& “40% of world economy is corrupt” review the search results, note the schematic “the cycle of dirty money” in the Kathy/Xiao article. The Saskatchewan taxpayers will be horrified, but part of today’s “corruption cash” driven illicit economics is fueled by Saskatchewan tax payers cash stolen by Moe’s evil odious, arrogant, asshole Elite officials and moved to off-shore banks, as example google “lane had swiss bank couriers move
brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland”, note below:

Google “moe’s transition to new cabinet, staff may be a messy matter mandryk” & “how does laundered cash shape b.c.’s economy? report due in march cbc hernandez ”. Any reader who believes that the Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch/Moe official corruption in Saskatchewan is NOT part of Canada’s looming economic disaster should note rural zoning was wrong on effect of the horror of Devine/Lane/Wall/ Boyd/Koch/Moe corruption; to help make the point of publisher error on the issue, note below a reprint of one paragraph mid way in post CPA ASK:

“ Readers are asked to note that Lane’s God is money and I (Lee) do not mean money to build a widget factory, or a tall tower, or a steel mill, or a housing development, creating economic development and jobs, all Lane has done with the taxpayer money he “liberated” is put it in offshore banks, google “lane has swiss bank couriers move brief cases of cash from leg building to swiss banks”. Lane’s wife, Liz, may have money for closets full of shoes, but beyond shoes for Liz, the taxpayer money Lane liberated has not done one scintilla of good for anyone” Well good readers, publisher’s belief the stolen Saskatchewan taxpayer money served only Liz Lane, and other elite wives shoe needs, is WRONG, stolen tax-payer money serves corrupt purpose, google “reiter claims lee is stupidest man in canada”, publisher agrees Reiter is right, after CPA ASK went in site confidant’s reminded publisher the taxpayer money the Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe, official Elite stole and stored in offshore banks does serve a solid corrupt purpose, the offshore banks that store that corrupt cash, such as the Bank who’s couriers carried brief cases of cash from Saskatchewan Legislative Building to Zurich, google “lane has bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland” are used for many different corrupt purpose’s, note below:

The money Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch/Moe, and their officials steal from the Saskatchewan taxpayers and put in their off-shore banks is used to bankroll elicit undertakings around the world; to be fair to Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch/Moe, and their officials, money stolen from Saskatchewan taxpayers is a fraction of the corrupt cash stored in the off-shore banks, BUT stolen Saskatchewan taxpayer money, however small, is used to finance activities that should sicken honest men and women unto death, the horrors are on CNN/CBC/CTV every day, running women and children machine-gunned down, facts and sights that Saskatchewan’s taxpayers should not have on their conscience, note partial list below:

**Soviet weapons grade nuclear material sold to middle-eastern mavericks ** machine guns, automatic rifles, night vision glasses, landmines, cluster
bombs, missiles, tanks and artillery pieces dumped to owners with fake
end user certificates headed to terror-friendly African despot’s. ** billions in laundered drug money moved from black to white economy. ** 100’s of tons of refined heroin shipped to European, British, US ports. ** the US spends 78B a year on their drug habits. ** illegal narcotics account for one tenth of world trade. ** world production of cocaine has doubled in the last ten years and
heroin has tripled, the industry now does $400B annually. ** google “eu migration chief hits out at ‘sick minds’ over greece bribery
probe bbc” ** Bombardier uses Canadian taxpayer cash to bribe Russian officials to
buy railway equipment. ** Transparency International deems Canada to be the most bribery prone
country in the G-7. ** experts calculate that world citizens lose an average of $145.00 each to
corrupt officials. ** Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch/Moe, officials cost Saskatchewan
taxpayers $1000.00 each for two decades, 7 times world average. ** Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch/ Moe, bought useless Belle Plaine
Ethanol Plant from Russian Mafia owned Just Energy for over one
million dollars. ** Harper Fed Finance Minister Joe Oliver loaned Russian Mafia owned
Just Energy $105M out of Canada’s pension fund. ** Google “corruption, tax evasion has cost developing world $6trillion-
report-reuters” ** “how does laundered cash shape b.c.’s economy? report due in march
cbc hernandez ”, watch CBC for the promised report. ** google “ottawa lent $1billion to a mining company that allegedly
avoided nearly $700 million in canadian taxes oved” ** google “mary dawson regarding fed finance minister french chateau” ** google “supercluster cash delights pulse sector still facing tariff
crunch white -crummey” ** google “corporate-misconduct laws could aid snc-lavalin van praet” ** with the support of Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe, official
money laundering of Saskatchewan taxpayer money into off shore
banks, Putins thugs now control Evraz Inc. Regina Sask. steel plant. ** google “canadian real estate worth billions seized by chinese
government huffpost” note the Government of China has reason to
believe money stolen from China was used for building in Canada. ** google “fbi investigating financing of trump international hotel and
tower in vancouver smith” ** google “dan fumano: trump tower vancouver residents warned to keep
luxurious windows shut to ensure elevator works fumano” ** google “follow the money: how billions in suspect russian cash is
influencing london glenning” ** google “the ‘death star’ of canada’s economy poplak” readers are urged
to review Globe and Mail South African reporter Richard Poplak article
on the drop dead idiocy of the Export Development Canada (EDC). 

Readers who question publisher’s work above should google “the battle to clean up b.c. Glavin” a profound Macleans article; readers should review it, then google “christie clark criminal investigation” if a lovely woman such as Christie Clark is subject to charges under Canada’s criminal code for official corruption then Saskatchewan’s Official Sask Party Elite, Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe, should be charged, google “devine decade of darkness” & “$1.88b regina by pass fraud” anyone who believes Sask. odious arrogant official asshole Elite is not as corrupt as Christie Clarke’s BC Liberals is living in a dream world, note below:

There are other profound articles, as example google “andrew feinstein exposes “the shadow world” of global arms”. Andrews one hour lecture at Vancouver was hosted by Paul Kenndy on CBC “Ideas” dated January 29, 2018. Note that Andrew Fenistein is now Director of google “corruption uk”. Readers on Netflex are urged to watch a documentary called, google “dirty money”, six one hour segments on elite corruption, BUT Rachel is cleaning up Alberta, Horgan BC, and publisher will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile with his Web site, the 55th most watched in world’s 30M Web site domains with AI assessed value of +/-$.5B, , to try to clean up Saskatchewan, CORRUPTION OR COMMUNISM, note below: Notwithstanding the claims of publisher’s stupidity by Wall/Lane/ Boyd/Koch/Moe’s, Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, publisher is proud to publish the 55th most watched Web site in the world with AI value of +/- $.5B cdn,; publisher can face himself to shave and sit at the feet of men such as Jim Comey, Andrew Feinstein, Bob Mueller, Andy McCabe, giving publisher courage to spend rest of his life on the last inch on the last foot of the last mile trying to save the Saskatchewan taxpayer from the absolute corruption of Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe official elite, note below:

Yes Virginia, as remarked on by Andrew (Feinstein) in his lecture, that is Trillions, not Billions, being laundered through the off shore banks and remember that in the British system there is one million Billion in one Trillion, and the above transactions, which are just the tip of the iceberg, have got to have money moved, buyer to seller, as part of any corrupt transaction and the off-shore banks transfer that money for them, but
once in a long, long while, for some unexplained reason, the off-shore money laundering Banks get cold feet and for some reason the Deutsche Bank, a favorite of the Russian Oligroph’s, have gone to authorities regarding laundering money to serve the Trump family interests, google “deutsche bank reported questionable transactions involving kushner, his inner circle handelsblatt global” and note below:

Why did the Deutsche Bank money launders blow the whistle on Trumps family?, it is said that at the change over of US power “W” Bush advised Barrack to ‘never piss off the spy boys’, if true, that is the best advice a outgoing US President ever gave a incoming US President, and google “theory of probability” and if the Deutsche Bank boys have the same fear of the US spy guys diligence, devotion to truth and long memories; one of those “spy boys”, Bob Mueller is trying to take down Trump and the bank blew the whistle, the question now is will Trump throw his son in law Kushner under the bus and will that help him?, note below: November 2018 US midterms are seven months away and polls show Democrats should win both House and Senate in November 2018 and impeach Trump. Review post ODIOUS WHISPERER and remember the US Banks refused to finance Trump so Trump had to get money from somewhere to build Trump Towers and Bob Mueller will use Kushner money laundering information to dig deeper into how the Trump Towers were financed, there are two Trump Towers in Canada, one in Toronto, already in bankruptcy and the other in Vancouver still functioning, BUT google “vancouver trump tower is a shithole” & “dan fumano: trump tower vancouver residents warned to keep luxurious windows shut to ensure elevator works fumano”, BUT is Canadian elite any better?, note below: Google “fed finance minister morneau holding company owns french chateau”, review all search results, the Fed Finance Minister’s French villa is owned by a holding company that is owned by another holding company that is owned by God knows who, or what, maybe the garden gnome, google “garden gnome images” while at the same time Trudeau’s hotshots, Butts and Telford, are google “the smartest guys in the room” & “canada can outsmart artificial intelligence keller mcgee”, and believe they have a AI smarter than the wordpress AI guiding Web site,, note below:

Publisher asks readers to google “liberal approval rating drops to 44% as women, middle class, look to tories: ipsos poll kalvapalle” & “white suburban women turn on trump” & “the best signs from the 2018 womens march” and Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe should note this Web site publisher is going to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to put a end to the corrupt horror of their SARM officials/SDOH Professional Engineers, and note below: Google “ here’s who’s buying saskatchewan’s next”. Review Tammy’s great article, note Kelly Panteluk, the contractor doing the GTH earth work, gave Moe $25K. Review preceding paragraph and then ask the question, if the US women can turn on Trump corruption and Canadian women can turn on Trudeau corruption, google gth and regina $1.88b bypass fraud” and ask can the Saskatchewan women turn on Moe corruption? next post in site April 2018.


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