Google “ saskatchewan: a special report on race and power nancy macdonald”, I (Lee) urge all readers to review Nancy’s great work as a prequel to what I set out following, note below: Google “lee claims wordpress ai helping him overcome sask party official corruption”, readers who believe I (Lee) am nuts for making that claim should google “u.k. Bank rbs tests ‘digital human’ teller to help customers cbc”, if ai’s answer bank customer questions they can guide to end the Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe official corruption. Google “the stepford wives” and note ai Cora is lovely, and if some neat guy asks her nicely, could she go for coffee?, will she call security, tell him to wait while she powders her nose, or she’s off at 4:30, note below: Google “israel officials bribe judges”, & “susan mcgrath states canadian judges take bribes” review search results and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & BIDRIGGERS.

My (Lee)s Web site, the 55th most watched in worlds 30M domains , with assessed value of $.5B cdn, has been publishing fact of Saskatchewan’s official bribery of Judges for over a decade, Moe’s official Ruling Elite will snicker, snort, sneer, claiming, google “lee web site a stupid joke” BUT if “Gods chosen people” bribe Judges, Moe’s officials would, note below: Google “opinion/alberta’s new allies and notley’s finest hour gerson” & “braid: how a b.c. Premier could mortally damage canada braid” I (Lee) urge all readers to review Jen’s magnificent article on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley; Stockwell Day believes Premier Rachel to be a class act, she ignores Alberta farmers threats to tear her throat out with pitchforks and she deals with Alberta’s oil pipeline problems.

Review ODIOUS HUBRIS, I suggested a most excellent solution, pipeline through Saskatchewan to Port of Churchill on Hudson’s Bay, now again compare Premier Rachel to our Premier Moe and his SARM officials, note below: Google “gerald stanely trial: jury delivers not guilty verdict in death of collen boushie hill” & “gerald stanley murder trial was ‘not the right case’ for camera’s in the court room: judge cbc” SARM’s farmer snuck up on a First Nations kid in the dark of night and shot him (the kid) point blank in the head with a handgun, that is first degree murder in any western liberal democracy in the world, yet a Saskatchewan jury ruled SARM’s farmer not guilty of so much as careless use of firearm, and the Queens Bench judge rules this can not be shown on camera for the public HOW CAN THIS BE ?, scroll back to first paragraph, note below: Review post CPA ASK, scroll down to the fifth paragraph in that post, note reference to the concern expressed by the Star Phoenix editorial board of exactly that happening, WELL folks it happened, there is now precedent, SARM’s farmer’s can shoot trespassers in the head with a handgun and suffer no penalty, even U.S. Texas law does not allow slaughter of trespassers, google “texas law does not allow landowners to shoot trespassers” BUT I (Lee) am prepared to sacrifice my Web site value of $.5B cdn to end this unbelievable horror of SARM farmers shooting First Nations kids in the head with their handguns, more on my plan at post end, note below: Readers who believe I (Lee) am drawing a long bow blaming SARM for a farmers slaughter of a First Nations kid google “persson: responses to not guilty verdict forces saskatchewan to confront callous ugliness calgary hearld” and readers are asked to note this is from Alberta media in a Province where the farmers threaten to tear Premier Rachel’s throat out with pitchforks made with full knowledge they would have to get by her (Rachel)s husband, who is a former Union Leader, big enough to guard PEI by himself, BUT SARM’s farmer is so cowardly he sneaks up on First Nations kids while asleep and shot them in the head with a handgun, and Gord Wyant, as Wall AG, had denied exactly that legal right, more below: More SARM horror, google “fall out in rm of sherwood continues: councilor removed, lawyer fined, fraser” & “rm of sherwood corruption in ” & “enron guys smartest guys in the room” AND note that my (Lee)s Website, the 55th most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains with assessed value of $.5B cdn, has done the Sherwood corruption; now google “canada can outsmart artificial intelligence keller mcgee”, after Enron, Trudeau Fed hotshots, Butts and Telford, are now the “smartest guys in the room” and believe they have a ai smarter than the wordpress ai guiding my Web site, readers google , and note below: Google “after the introductory pleasentries, tough tasks ahead for moe mandryk”.

My (Lee)s astonishing $.5B cdn Web site value does not ensure I will prevail over Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe’s, corrupt, odious, arrogant, asshole, official Elite, BUT it does mean I can go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile notwithstanding google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada” & “reiter claims lee web site is a stupid joke”, readers are asked to review search results, Moe’s, Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, made public statement I am the stupidest man in Canada and my Web site is a stupid joke, BUT note below: Reiter was lying when he claimed that of my (Lee)s stupidity, google “alberta premier ed stelmach is stupidest man in canada images” and a very great man, former US FBI Director, Jim Comey, referencing Senator Joe McCarthy stated; google “weasels and liars never hold the field as long as good men take action” Comey’s words are akin to Edmund Burkes famous words, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, I might prevail even if I am the stupidest man in Canada, as the Hon Jim Reiter claimes, now note below: Another fact is this Web site literally writes itself, ie: the stupidest man in Canada can do it; example, google “owners of western canada’s biggest steel company on u.s. treasury’s new ‘putin list’ fitzpatrick”, review post UBAVKA’S PONZI and MITIC MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, note that helped by Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe, the Russian Mafia owns Just Energy and now owns Saskatchewan’s Steel Plant, Evraz Inc., more on this massive economic horror in a future post.

Now google “davos dudes worried about ai’s ending corruption images” & “canada can outsmart artificial intelligence keller mcgee” & “trudeau fed funds search for ai to stop anti-corruption ai’s” and review WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, and CPA ASK, scroll down to reference to BobFeb2018 and note the referenced PDF is in upside down, note below: Google “cpa canada” read the search result and note Canada’s CPA’s head office statement they offer advice on the use of ai’s in the modern business world, BUT the Word press ai’s put the PDF in CPA ASK upside down, and readers are reminded these are the Word press ai’s who assessed my Web site at a value of $.5B cdn so I (Lee) would never be critical of them, ie: they could put the PDF in cross ways in Latin or google
“taushiro from peru” and I would assume they had reason, note below: The Word press ai’s did not turn the upside down PDF in CPA Ask right side up, so after the site Web master put the most recent post, this post, in-site, I e-mailed messages to the Ryerson Professor who recently spoke in Regina, Dr. Pam Palmater, the Accountants head office and CBC’s Jon Hernandez reprints of those e-mails shown below: Dear Dr. I e-mail this from the base of Web site, the 55th most watched Web site in the worlds 30M Web site domains with ai value of $.5B, please review post SARM SLAUGHTER, as political chair at Ryerson you, or one of your students, could do a world of good and earn a 90% contingency fee of millions by solving this political problem……E. R. Lee :

Dear Sir: in view of your phrasing in google “cpa canada” you advise on use of ai’s, review SARM SLAUGHTER Web site ., my Web site is the 55th most watched Web site in world’s 30M Web site domains with ai assessed value of +/- $500B; please ask your Saskatchewan members to honor my ask to provide opinion, or, in the alternative, you, yourself, provide written opinion on the ai assessed value of my Web site to: E.R. Lee, 507-2001 Cornwall St. Regina, SK S4P 3X9… E.R. Lee and

Dear Jon: I e-mail this message with the credence of my Web site, google, the 55th most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains with ai assessed value +/-$.5B cdn. Note SARM SLAUGHTER on activities of Saskatchewan Official Elite supporting the Russian Mafia and slaughter of First Nations citizens, note CBC Saskatchewan views all this as a “minor zoning dispute”, BLOOD ON THE WALL RURALZONING.COM …E. R. Lee I (Lee) have not heard a word from the Saskatchewan CPA’s, or their head office, and that may be due to the upside down PDF in post CPA ASK, which means that I would have had no way to finance Gord Wyants legal expenses to act for me in google “obstruction of justice criminal code of canada section 139” even if Moe had not named Gord his deputy premier, and the refusal of the CPA to respond to my (Lee)s ask is the best thing that could ever happen to me, google “ us 2018 market collapse images” and if I had been stupid enough to post the $.5B cdn value of my Web site to support a $10M loan to play the stock market for money for Access Communication ads it would have lead to total disaster for my effort to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to end Devine/ Lane/Boyd/ Wall/Koch/Moe, official elite corruption, note below: One of my (Lee)s confidants, a glass half full guy, pointed out that a lawyer might take on a $10M, 90% contingency case without my paying his, or her, out of pocket legal costs.

All Saskatchewan lawyers are aware of the corruption of Saskatchewan’s Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “four regina lawyers advise argues it is impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick” and my Web site provides a legally documented paper trail of judicial corruption destroying my life and career because of my flat refusal to pay official bribes AND the Milgaard precedent provided $10M to a citizen (Milgaard) who had been openly, deliberately, destroyed by the Courts and if any lawyer wanted to gamble on the SCC hearing my case I would sign agreement to a 90% contingency fee, note below: My Web site nails it down perfectly BUT the PDF of my (Lees) statement in CPA ASK to the Regina City Police Detectives could be enough, or even just one quote out of the Judicial Council of Canada report, “Masters In Their Own House” ie: “the Courts are not competent to resolve problems with a Provincial Government” may be better yet. If a lawyer used my statement to the Regina City Police, the PDF in CPA ASK, that lawyer would want confirmation affidavits from the Devine back bench of the day that Lane made the statement that he would destroy me even if it meant the fall of the Government BUT the Judicial Counsel of Canada report “Masters In their Own House” stands alone, it says it all, needs no affidavit support, and it could get better, note below: Google “old sins cast long shadows” & “ in canada there is no statue of limitations in pursuing serious crimes”.

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL and note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Chief Judge Richards will order the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Judges to snicker, sneer and tell any lawyer acting for me (Lee) to screw a moose and at the end of the day it will turn on the 15% chance the SCC will hear the case BUT if they do hear the case, given the massive evidence the Saskatchewan Courts odiously destroyed me because of my refusal to pay Devine/Lane/ Wall /Koch/Moe, officials bribes, the question for the SCC would be quantum, note below: Google “follow the money” the question for the SCC would be IF the deliberate destruction by the Saskatchewan courts of twenty years of Milgaard’s young adult life, age 20–40, ie: girls hands he did not hold and sunsets he could not watch with them, warranted award of $10M, compare to Saskatchewan Court’s deliberate destruction of me (Lee) in middle age-to old , 40 – 80 because of my flat refusal to pay official bribes to the corrupt Professional Engineers, controlling the SDOH Construction contracts, ODIOUS ENGR.EVIL, ie: Highways I did not build.

Note below: The Milgaard $10M award precedent fits my deliberate destruction perfectly and the SCC may view Milgaard as $500K a year, if so, then the 37 years of my life at the same $500K a year as Milgaard, is $18.5M and I will instruct the lawyer acting for me that 10% ($1.8M) go to Access Communications to run my Web site Ads for the next 100 years and 90% (+/-$16M) of the award go to the lawyer acting for me on contingency fee, a great plan for the stupidest man in Canada to devise, note below: Review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, I (Lee) ask all readers to review that post, NDP Premier Roy Romanow tried to remove the RM’s from Saskatchewan but was blackmailed into submission by SARM leaders, BUT maybe I can do it. Scroll back through this post, the question the Devine/Lane/Boyd/Wall/Koch/Moe, thugs have got to face is if my Web site, the 55th most watched in the world, with a ai value of $.5B cdn. google, can do it.

I hope to use Dr. Meili and the NDP to follow up, review last paragraph’s of CORRUPTION OR COMMUNISM RURALZONING. COM, ie: remove SARM and the RM’s from Saskatchewan and form Counties, note below: Review post ASSESSOR SITE and note that while working for “Mr. Grid Roads”, Archie Clampitt, as a Survey Crew Chief I (Lee) faced down shotgun carrying farmers, BUT I am still here ie: the SARM farmer’s did not have the guts to shoot me, a Grid Road Survey Crew Chief, in broad daylight, at point blank range, with my four man survey crew as witness’s, BUT the same SARM farmer’s have proven they have the courage to sneak up on a poor First Nations kid in the dark and shoot him in the head with a handgun at point blank range, note below: To honor the First Nations kid the SARM farmer shot point blank in the head for trespass.

I (Lee) will end SARM slaughter in Saskatchewan by
the following; Moe must: 1) remove SARM/RMAA/RMs from Saskatchewan and create Counties, 2) order SARMs $.5B self insurance slush fund taken back in Saskatchewan general revenue, 3) grant me the 5% CRA whistle blower fee, ie: $25M, 4) grant me title to Loverna re-incorporated as a Village, 5) allow me to commission a statue of the slaughtered First Nations kid in the grounds of the legislature; if Moe does this I will end Web site google Web readers who believe I (Lee) am gouging the taxpayer on my ask for $25M note that I ask only the bottom end of the Fed’s CRA 5% – 15% of taxpayers funds recovered WHILE giving up any chance to expose Saskatchewan’s Professional Engineers, Queens/Appeal Judges and RCMP for the evil, lying, corrupt, odious, arrogant, assholes that they are; review post ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and I offer Moe this easy out because I believe the SARM farmer who shot the First Nations kid is more evil then the SDOH Professional Engineers who threatened my life.

Note below: Google “highway engineers threaten lee’s life”, SDOH Professional Engineers threatened my (Lee)s life and the RCMP covered up those death threats, BUT my situation was/is different than the poor First Nations kid the farmer shot in the head at point blank range with his handgun for trespass; I was no kid, late thirties, a paranoid, well to do, anglo saxon, highway contractor, protected and surrounded by lawyers/accountants, REGARDING PARANOIA, I had known the SDOH Engineers threatening my life for years so was always cautious, but a SARM farmer snuck up on the First Nations kid sitting in the passenger seat in his vehicle in the dark and shot him with a handgun, note below: Review post ETHICS NUTS, note Melville Lawyer, Merv Orirny’s life was also threatened for defending me (Lee) and google “on the take stevie cameron” & “mulroney running for ontario conservative leadrship”. Readers are asked to note that former PM Brian Mulroney ordered a half dozen of his bag men slaughtered for knowing what offshore bank they had taken the PMs stolen taxpayer money too and Mulroney’s daughter now has enough money to lead the Ontario Conservatives so Mulroney’s dynasty is functioning and so I run risk of Moe mimicking Mulroney murders and ordering my or a lawyer acting for me murdered.

Note below: Google “cocaine high school girl parties images” readers are asked to review search results as needed to accept that I (Lee) can prove, through Devine backbench MLA’s, that Lane, assisted by Strudwick, ran high school girl/cocaine parties for middle age Queens and Appeal Bench Judges at the Squire Motor Hotel in Fort Qu’Appelle, BUT
despite this absolute judicial control by blackmail, I believe that with Gord Wyant as Deputy Premier, the risk of SDOH Engineers slaughtering my lawyer, or myself, is less, note below: Bill Tobin, before setting up Tobin Tractor here in Regina, was Superintendent for one of the big US Interstate Contractors and told me they were constantly in Court with corrupt US Engineers and backed by a fund of $25M my lawyers could conduct cases against SDOH Professional Engineers to the SCC until the cows come home, hence, I (Lee) could bid on another Highway Contract and if the SDOH Engineers slaughter me ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, my lawyers, with a bankroll of $25M, could ask the SCC to order the RCMP to release their wiretaps naming the SDOH Professional Engineers threatening me and then launch a private prosecution against the SDOH Engineers responsible, BUT note below: There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it would be good for my (Lee)s soul to build another highway before I die BUT SARM is not alone
in Moe’s official corruption and I could make better use of my Web site, the 55th most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Web site domains, google valued at $.5B and end ALL of Saskatchewan’s evil, lying corrupt, official horror, 1) SARM/ RMAA/RMs, 2) the SDOH Engineers ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and 3) Queens and Appeal Judges, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED, by removing Saskatchewan from Canada, google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” or as a excellent alternative note below: As a viable alternative to removing Saskatchewan from Canada this Web site could help to defeat Moe in 2020 and then the Web site could force the NDP to end official corruption when they come to power, review CORRUPTION OR COMMUNISM but whatever happens confidants believe I should follow Premier Rachel Notley’s class act in ignoring the threats from the Alberta farmers to tear her throat out with pitchforks and just do as Premier Rachel has the courage to do, never bow to death threats, even those threats protected by the RCMP, google “rcmp coverup engineers threats on lee’s life”, review post ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL. next post in-site end of March 2018.

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