BREAKING NEWS: Google “fear of global economic upheaval top agenda at davos gatehouse” & “ predicts coming economic collapse” & “canada most bribery prone in g7” & “world economic fourme questions canada’s income equality economic sustainability better dwelling”. I (Lee) urge readers to review as many of the search results as they can stomach and note that I have been stating for years in this Web site that if the Sask Party official elite keeps stealing every taxpayer asset that is not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers we are doomed to starving and freezing in the dark, note below: 

Google “saskatchewan civil servants focus of fraud probe globe and mail” & “saskatchewan party contributions over $250 in 2016 elections sk.” List of individuals donating to support Wall/Boyd/Koch official Elite Evil as example TOP COP DAYDREAMS, now google “nasty sask. party leadership will make reconciliation tough, mandryk” & “alberta’s current premier dishes some advice for saskatchewan’s new premier 620 ckrm” along with my (Lee)s Web site, the 55th most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains advising official elite, note below:

Google “her court changed canada sean fine”. Sean’s lovely article on how Canada’s retiring Chief Justice, the Hon Beverley Mclachlin, changed Canada is exemplified by a Lady Bev ruling, google “scc 31940” leading to my Web site, the 55th most watched site in the world, with a ai value of $.5B cdn, . TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK & ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY, leading to google “lee asks trudeau fed to remove saskatchewan from canada” ending SARM official Elite corruption in Saskatchewan, note current SARM corruption example below:

Google “judge to decide probe municipal corruption case in june polischuk” & “ eberle probe corruption”& “canadian bar association president susan mcgrath states federal judges take bribes schmitz” review as many search results as needed to confirm for you Saskatchewan’s absolute Judicial corruption, then to confirm it review, post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, all taxpayers can do is watch while SARM piles their taxpayer bribe cash in front of the Judge until the Judge decides its enough to rule Probe “not guilty”, note below

A better title for this post would be “ SARM SLAUGHTER”, google “divide between urban and rural is not always there, saskatoon starphoenix editorial” and note part way through the editorial the Editorial Board states “the idea that 45% of homeowners being willing to take the law into their own hands is frightening”, truer words have not been written since Edmund Burke wrote “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”; remember that Gord Wyant, as AG, refused SARM demand for legislation giving them the right to shoot anyone trespassing on their land; Gord refused to grant farmers right to shoot on sight, but lost SP leadership to Scott Moe now note below:

I (Lee) have a ask of the CPA’s, but first a few housekeeping mentions, google “probe into party-run debate raises even more questions fraser and macpherson” & “will sask party crumble without its solid wall mandryk” & “gth disclosure clearly now shows something went wrong mandryk” & “bombardier bruised on two fronts with threats to trains, planes tomesco” & “if nafta crumbles, this country’s hot streak is at risk berman” & “wyant’s threat dominates race to replace brad wall macpherson”, Gord was a threat to SARM/RMAA money laundering so lost SP leadership to Moe and now on to my ask of the CPA, note below:

Google “analysis/the challenge of playing the market against artificial intelligence don pitts”. My (Lee)s Web site is the 55th most watched in the world, google , and has a assessed value of +/- $.5B, yes Virginia that is a ai assessed value of my Web site of half a Billion dollars, review ETHICS NUTS? comparison to WAPO and Reuters; as to how Alexa establishes Web site value, review , BUT what I do not know is, will a bank agree that my Web site’s assessed value of $.5B can be used as security for a ai controlled investment loan?, note below:

I (Lee) need CPA written opinion regarding assessed value of my Web site, to wit: confirm the ai assessed value of $.5B is accurate, it is a big favor to ask but CPA’s should review TWO LADYS AND THE BOUNDARY BOARD RULING, scroll to the last paragraphs in the post where I set out how I solved a problem for a CPA trying to deal with a situation that his clients, a clinic of Medical Doctors, was having with Revenue Canada over returning part of their Drug company bribe money to the Drug Company VP, I solved it, ie: the CPA’s owe me; mail the opinion to E.R. Lee, 507-2001 Cornwall St Regina Sk S4P 3X9, note below:

I (Lee) assure all CPA’s their opinion of my Web site dollar value will be put to good use. First review posts AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note that thanks to the genius level legal defense ability of Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirny, I was found not guilty of threatening Lane, now review a twenty page official document entitled “STATEMENT OF ERNEST ROBERT LEE TAKEN AT 4:15 p.m. December 18th,1985 Regina Police Service Building-Major Crime Office, readers are asked to read my statement attached to this post in PDF, and readers are referred to near end of page 14 of the PDF,


Note on page 14 in the PDF, ie: the paragraph referred to preceding, near end, it is a a long paragraph, where I state in a few lines at end, that:

“Lane has made public, or made statements in Caucus that he’ll see
the fall of the Government before he comes to terms with, terms with
Bob Lee. It was, Lane raised the issue in Caucus, in an attempt to
have me committed.”

Readers are asked to note that the Police Detectives investigating, Regina City Detectives, Marchinko and Layman, filed the statement they took from me (Lee) with the Court BUT Eric Neufeld, Lane’s Crown Prosecutor, refused to use my formal police statement in his presentation to the Jury. Neufeld had no evidence/documents whatsoever. other than my statement to the Regina Police Detectives, regarding my threat against AG Lane, BUT unbelievable as it was then and is to this very day, Neufeld refused to use my statement to the Regina City Police as evidence for my Jury hearing the case, WHY? re-read my statement and note below:

Review again LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, review the hard evidence Lane had reached agreement with Queen’s Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee); it is simple for a Provincial Attorney General and a Queens or Appeal Bench Judge working together, review post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED, OR BRIBED?, to destroy any Provincial citizen they want to destroy, but Lane was so determined to destroy me he told the PC Caucus of the day he would destroy me even if it meant the fall of the Government, note the insanity of Lane’s stated threat while claiming that I was insane, google “lane claims lee insane”, now note below:

Lane, as Devine AG, did a deal with QB Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee), leading to the stress causing the death of my wife Lorna, ODIOUS WHISPERER & ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL cost Saskatchewan citizens the services of two good, hard working, well trained, citizens, Lorna as a pharmacist, while I did roads, BUT Lane claimed that I was insane while at the same time stating that he (Lane) would destroy me even if he had to bring down the Government to do it; to my simple mind it is drop dead insanity for Lane to state to the Devine Caucus he would destroy me even if it meant fall of the Devine Government, note below:

Readers are asked to note that Lane’s God is money and I (Lee) do not mean money to build a widget factory, or a tall tower, or a steel mill, or a housing development, creating economic development and jobs, all Lane has done with the taxpayer money he stole is put it in offshore banks, google “lane has swiss bank couriers move brief cases of cash from leg building to swiss banks”. Lane’s wife, Liz, may have, probably has, closets of shoes, but beyond shoes for Liz, the taxpayer money Lane stole l has done not one scintilla of good for anyone, ever, note below:

Back in the day, Lane as Devine AG, deemed me (Lee) insane and more recently, Reiter, as Walls, now Moe’s Minister Responsible, deemed me to be the stupidest man in Canada, these odious, arrogant, Elites may be right about my sanity and intelligence, but good code ai’s have my back so my Web site is the 55th most watched in the Worlds 30M Web site domains , my Web site has a ai assessed value of +/- $.5B CDN, yes Virginia, that is a half a Billion dollars, which I will use to end Saskatchewan corruption saving taxpayers Billions of dollars, review my excellent plan below:

Google “transparency international calculates official theft of taxpayer money per taxpayer per year world wide” & “lane as devine finance minister had swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland” & “ devine/wall official theft of taxpayer money is $1000.00 per taxpayer per year” & “return on investment is 6.3%” & “chartered banks best mortgage rate is 3%” & “private equity’s $1-trillion question jones and nelson”. Review EBERLE AND BROS PROBE, last paragraphs, note Schwab provides free ai investment service, in a world awash in cash my (Lee)s plan has chance of success, note below:

Many readers may believe I (Lee) am as insane as Lane claims I am, or at best, as crazy as two waltzing mice, google “as crazy as two waltzing mice” a coinage by Raymond Chandler, one of my favorite fiction writers, BUT I urge readers to review the previous paragraph and given the assumption that the CPA(s) confirm the ai’s assessed value of my Web site at +/- $.5B and I, as owner and publisher, am prepared to sign a mortgage of a asset valued at $.5B to support a loan of $10M for Schwab’s ai’s to mange which should generate annual $330,000.00 investment income which is more than enough to get done what I hope to do, note below:

Readers who question my (Lee)s math and/or conceptual thinking in the two paragraphs preceding could have a University Economic Prof., or their high school math genius, go through it for them, BUT on the assumption I am right, the $330,000.00 will pay Access Communications to run Web site ads with money left over to run a robo call operation asking citizens to read my Web site, and pay court and travel costs for a lawyer to run a “obstruction of justice section 139 (1) criminal code” contingency action against the province based on the Milgaard $10M precedent, one of my best plans ever, note below:

The most recent poll shows the NDP ahead of the Sask Party by about 9%, with the NDP leaderless until March 3rd 2018, and two years until the election in spring of 2020, three, if Koch?? pulls a Devine election stall for a year, Web site
which will give more time to sink into the minds of the Saskatchewan voters the fact the Devine/Wall/Koch Gang stole $1000.00 from every man woman and child in Saskatchewan. a Billion dollars a year for a decade and google “regina by-pass $1.88b fraud” by Wall/Koch are working on another couple of Billion in fraud, note below:

Readers are asked to think about Saskatchewan’s stolen taxpayer Billions another way; ie: $1000.00 per person per year is $4000.00 for each Saskatchewan family per year, Devine?Lane did it for a decade, Wall/Koch for another decade, think about it as a total of $80,000.00 per family, enough money to give two kids a University Education, or a cottage at the lake, trips, a new Cadillac, Lincoln or Mercedes, every year, and never having to worry about missing a mortgage payment, dental bills or food, google “grant devine saskatchewan decade of darkness”, note world wide knowledge of the decade of the Devine corruption evil, now note below:

I (Lee) believe that the only solution to Saskatchewan’s official corruption is to remove Saskatchewan from Canada leaving our taxpayers governed by Manitoba and Alberta, review post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, note reprints of the old maps near post end and review ODIOUS RULING ELITE, my base plan is to create cause for the Trudeau Fed MP’s, or after 2019, the Scheer Fed MP’s, to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, review post ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S for copies of my e-mails to the Trudeau MP’s, but it may be constitutionally impossible to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, so now note below:

My (Lee)s first hope is that the Saskatchewan CPA Association response to my (Lee)s ask providing opinion that my Web site value is the $.5B the Word press ai’s deem the site to be worth, then the Trudeau Fed 183 MP’s may solve Saskatchewan taxpayer’s official corruption problem by removing Saskatchewan from Canada as I ask of them in exchange for my giving title to my Web site valued at $.5B CDN, in effect give each MP +/- $3M to do their job, ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S, BUT if my ask of Trudeaus, or Scheer’s MP’s, is constitutionally impossible, or the MP’s refuse, my Web site could still end Sask Party corruption, note below:

Review CORRUPTION OR COMMUNISM RURALZONING.COM at post end, I (Lee) offer, (hopefully) new NDP Leader, Dr. Meli, advice, eliminate SARM/RMS/RMAA and create Counties and eliminate tender calls on highway work and go back to Douglas Days of provincially owned equipment to complete road work in the Province of Saskatchewan, including counties; if this was done 90% of Saskatchewan official elite corruption would end even given the corruption of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note below:

What is set out may be the best I (Lee) can do for the Saskatchewan taxpayers even using my wonder of a Web site the good code ai’s gave me, ie: the 55th most watched Web site in the worlds 30M Web site domains, BUT my confidants believe, given the hard evidence my life and career was deliberately destroyed by AG Lane and QB Judge “Sandy” MacPerhson because of my flat refusal to pay official elite bribes, that hard fact and given the Milgaard $10M precedent a lawyer could win me enough money for 50 -100 years of Access Communication Web site ads, note below:

All lawyers are aware of the corruption of Saskatchewan’s Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, AND google “four regina lawyers advise argues it is impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick” my (Lee)s Web site provides a legally documented paper trail of judicial corruption destroying my life and career because of my flat refusal to pay official bribes and the Milgaard precedent provided $10M to a citizen (Milgaard) who was openly, deliberately, destroyed by the Courts; if any lawyer wanted to gamble on the SCC I would sign agreement to a 90% contingency fee, note below:

Web site nails it down BUT the PDF of my (Lees) statement in this post to the Regina City Police Detectives alone could be enough. A lawyer would want confirmation affidavits from 2 or 3 Devine back bench of the day that Lane made the statement that he would destroy me even if it meant the fall of the Government, but my police statement and those affidavits could be enough for a lawyer to win award of the Milgaard precedent of $10M, the lawyer keeping his/her $9M contingency fee and giving $1M to Access Communication for Web site ads, AND on that point there may even be a bright side, note below:

The insistence of Devine/Lane/Wall/Boyd/Koch gang to ensure my (Lee)s 37 years of horror flows from their deep hatred of me and need to humiliate me for my refusal to pay their bribes,it may stem from something akin to what the shrinks call “toxic shock syndrome” review TOP COP DAYDREAMS rather than a general refusal to make general economic administrative sense, for examples of sanity prevailing, note below:

*** As one example review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, note the hard evidence that I (Lee) asked then Minister Jack Hillson to solve my problem of getting development approval for the Argues without bribing Strudwick and Jack amended the Act to allow Wood Mountain Village to annex the Argue development but his Ministerial ruling was ignored then, AND now I have been told nothing except that houses are now being built on the Argue Development, did the Wall/Koch gang grant Argues approval providing the Argues guaranteed that I get nothing?

*** review posts FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL & ODIOUS OBURATE EVIL, near post end, note that I (Lee) asked Regina Architect Joe Pettick to obtain affidavit evidence that the Argues had a net worth of $2M as required by Saskatchewan law to qualify as a Developer, note that Joe did as I asked and because of my effort the Argues had all that was necessary to go ahead with their development yet I have NOT been advised by the Argues that their development is now going ahead. 

*** Readers are asked to review post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, taking special note of paragraph 67 (e) my agreement with the Argues for a success fee of $236K as set out in the legal work that I (Lee) undertook to defend myself against Strudwicks SLAPP libel action when no lawyer would touch it. It is good work, but I do give all credit to the SCC clerks who took me by the hand and walked me through the process of preparing the leave application leading to Lady Bev’s ruling, google “scc 31940” which lead to this Web site, the 55th most watched in the world,

*** A second example of the Devine/Wall/Koch Gang making sense when I (Lee) will not benefit, review ONE GOOD MAN, note the Wall/Koch Gang paid a few million dollars without trial after Regina Lawyer David MacKay filed Statement of Claim and I believe that when the Wall/Koch gang are sure that I would get nothing, ever, they (Wall/Koch) may cave when a lawyer files Statement of Claim and spend their last two – three years in Government shoveling taxpayer money into their offshore bank account before calling the Sask Party a day after the next election.

*** There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Sask Party Ruling Elite have a problem in finding a solution to their Elite official corruption without my (Lee) benefiting from that solution SO I design a plan where I get nothing, ever, even if that Saskatchewan official corruption ends;
There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it was insanity for the Sask Party membership to elect Scott Moe as Premier instead of Gord Wyant.

*** Google “wyant see’s liberal roots as a positive, rather that a negative mandryk”. Note Gord Wyant’s personal and family paper trail, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Gord is one of Christendom’s best men AND I (Lee) may still be able to be of service to Saskatchewan people in trying to correct the odious, corrupt, arrogant, stupidity of the Sask Party members in not electing Gord (Wyant) as their leader and our Premier, now note below:

First, review post DR. JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME, note that Dr. Jim, as the Liberal Party Leader loaned his own money to finance Saskatchewan’s Liberal Party and demanded loan repayment by using a in/out tax donation income write off to recover the money he had loaned the Liberals. In interest of full and complete Web site disclosure it should be noted this site’s genius Webmaster, google “ , the genius who took this Web site to the 55th most watched Web site in the worlds 30M Web site domains, was Dr. Jims Chief of Staff as Liberal Party Leader and Health Minister, now note below:

Federal law forbids political leaders financing the party they lead BUT I (Lee) propose Gord keep his Leg seat and be given acclimation as Liberal Party of Sask. Leader and take on a google “obstruction of justice criminal code of canada section 139” case for me against the Province of Saskatchewan using the Milgaard $10M precedent as cause of action; it should be noted Milgaard was awarded $10M because the Queens/Appeal Courts deliberately destroyed 20 years of his (Milgaard)’s young male adult life, age 20 – 40, to cover up the Courts original deliberate judicial acts in convicting him, that is $500K per year compensation, note below:

Google “old sins cast long shadows” & “ in canada there is no statue of limitations in pursuing serious crimes”, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Richards will order Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Judges to tell Gord Wyant to screw a moose and so at the end of the day it will hinge on the Supreme Court of Canada hearing the case and if they do, given the massive hard evidence the Saskatchewan Courts deliberately destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay Devine/Lane/Wall/Koch official bribes the only question before the SCC would be quantum, note below:

Google “follow the money” the question for the SCC would be IF the deliberate destruction by the Saskatchewan courts of twenty years of Milgaard’s young adult life, age 20–40, ie: girls hands he did not hold and sunsets he could not watch, warranted award of $10M compared to Saskatchewan Court’s deliberate destruction of me (Lee) in middle age-to old ,40 – 80 because of my refusal to pay official bribes to the corrupt Professional Engineers, controlling the SDOH Construction contracts, ODIOUS ENGR.EVIL ,to wit: compensation for Highways I did not build, Milgaard $10M award precedent fits my horror perfectly, now note below:

Remember the wise words of Edmund Burke, ie: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, note the evil of Richards Queens/ Appeal Bench Courts, BLACKMILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and potential to triumph over that evil if the SCC hears it and awards the $10M awarded to Milgaard, OR better yet if the SCC views Milgaard as $500K a year, then the 37 years of my life at the same $500K a year, ie: $18.5M, I will instruct Gord that 10% ($1.8M) go to Access to run my Web site Ads for the next 100 years and 90% (+/-$16M) of the award go to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan and if Gord won even balance of power he could end Sask Party official corruption, e-mail below: — ask Gord Wyant to read post CPA ASK in Web site ………E. R. Lee

Google “carillian’s collapse leaves canadian roads, hospitals, military contracts in question gatehouse” & “ opinion: cancelling saskatchewan hospital p3 would save million of dollars seitz”. Google “justin trudeau says 2015’s sunny promises will take canada through 2018’s storms blanchfield and robonson”. The PM confirms my (Lee)s predictions in this Web site of coming economic horror, BUT scroll back to the 2nd paragraph in this post; a great Lady, Canada’s former Chief Judge, the Hon Beverley McLachlin, born in SW Sask, google “scc 31940” gave me this Web site to end official economic corruption, note below:

Google “next sask. election could pit cheveldayoff against meli mainstreet research” & “meaningless polls tell us little about sask. party race outcome mandryk” I (Lee) urge readers to review Murray and the Main street poll. Murray is always right BUT the Main street poll adds to my hope Dr. Meili will win the NDP leadership and if the Liberals can split off even a bit of the Sask Party vote then Dr. Meili will be our Premier but even if he does the next 100 miles for me is if this Web site can force Dr. Meili, as Premier, to end Sask Elite corruption by responding to my ask as set out in post CORRUPTION AND COMMUNISM, note below:

Google “stunning win for scott moe may mean healing needed for sask. party mandryk”. I (Lee) urge all readers to review Murray and note Murray, the best political watcher in Saskatchewan, fears the rural – urban split is too wide to bridge, review post SASKATCHEWANS CURSE. I can think of no better way to end the last Web post that I will ever write with Wall as Premier then to quote Murray “wall driving off with his license plate dangling behind him mandryk”, Murray’s metaphor of Wall’s license plate scrapping the pavement as he drives off is very fitting, note below:

Readers are urged to also note Rachel’s maternal instinct kicked in and she apoligizes, sort of, to Wall for giving him a hard time despite the fact Wall’s brothers in Christ, the Alberta farmers, had threatened Rachel, google “alberta farmers threaten to tear alberta premiers rachel notely’s throat out with pitchforks” I urge all readers to again review Murray’s column referred to in the paragraph preceding. 

The next post will be in-site in late February 2018


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