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February 5, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Google “fear of global economic upheaval top agenda at davos gatehouse” & “ predicts coming economic collapse” & “canada most bribery prone in g7” & “world economic fourme questions canada’s income equality economic sustainability better dwelling”. I (Lee) urge readers to review as many of the search results as they can stomach and note that I have been stating for years in this Web site that if the Sask Party official elite keeps stealing every taxpayer asset that is not nailed down and guarded by Rottweilers we are doomed to starving and freezing in the dark, note below: 

Google “saskatchewan civil servants focus of fraud probe globe and mail” & “saskatchewan party contributions over $250 in 2016 elections sk.” List of individuals donating to support Wall/Boyd/Koch official Elite Evil as example TOP COP DAYDREAMS, now google “nasty sask. party leadership will make reconciliation tough, mandryk” & “alberta’s current premier dishes some advice for saskatchewan’s new premier 620 ckrm” along with my (Lee)s Web site, the 55th most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains advising official elite, note below: (more…)