Breaking news: google “ meet the donors: who is shelling out the big bucks in the sask. party leadership race? fraser”. Readers should study D. C.’s article and note who’s big bucks are going to what aspirant; that dollar flow tells all political junkies what they need to know. Now google “former liberal senator battling cra over $350k tax bill dubrinsky”, readers are asked to note the reference to the Sask. heavy hitters, now google UBAVKA’S PONZI images, official Fed corruption could not occur without Goodale’s control of the RCMP, note below: 

More breaking news: Google “ canadian dollar could fall 20% if washington walks away from nafta: td securities skinner” & “scotiabank long term outlook warns canada at risk of recession tencer”, now google , my (Lee)s Web site is the 55rd most watched in the 30 million world Web site domains, it is now valued at +/-$.6B CDN and I have used the site for over a decade to tell Harper, Trudeau, his 183 MP’s, Wall, Billy Boyd and taxpayers that we are doomed if the official elite keep stealing taxpayer money, note below: Google “cbc investigates/highways rebuked for failing to properly search for gth e-mails of sask premier’s cousin leo” & “ mandryk: governments are particularly bad at a couple of things”. For two years I (Lee) have been pointing out NDP/media preoccupation with Wall/Boyd GTH fraud instead of the Wall $1.88B Regina by-pass fraud, google “regina $1.88b bypass fraud”; Regina City Engineers estimate the Regina by-pass cost at $400M, including 4 cloverleaf’s BUT Wall inks Graham deal for 5 times that, ie: $1.88B?, how can that be?, note below:

I (Lee) agree with the Regina by-pass cost estimate at $400M BUT Wall signed a P3 deal with Graham for 5 times that, ie: $1.88B. The facts of the massive, simply massive, Regina By-pass corruption cannot be disputed, as example, review BIDRIGGERS images and ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL images. It is my misconception, I am so certain the professional engineers running SDOH are a single massively corrupt monolith that I keep forgetting that the professional engineers report to the Wall official Political Elite, now note below: 

CBC’s peerless Geoff Leo is nailing down Premier Wall ties to Highways; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the e-mails Geoff wants between Wall’s cousin and Wall’s Premier’s office will lead to unraveling the massive $1.88B Regina by-pass fraud. Google “ sask. party donation list offers insights into the leadership race mandryk” & “the ndp opposition wants more detailed information on land acquisition costs associated with the regina bypass project fraser”. I (Lee) feel deeply for the only honest aspirant to replace Wall, to wit: Gord Wyant, note below: 

One picture worth a thousand words?, readers familiar with this Web site may be intrigued that Word press AI, on his/her own has added images to my (Lee)s most popular site posts, as example, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, google “ blackmailed. bullied or bribed?, images , or, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, google “ lane evil then and now images” or “FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, google “facts: edenwold evil images” & “reiter claims lee web site is a stupid joke” & “whistling by the graveyard” note below: 

Google “canada is at risk of being left behind by ai lebaco” readers are asked to note that my (Lee)s Web site is a perfect example of the risk to the Trudeau Fed administration posed by a honest AI; please again google , I remind readers my Web site is the 55rd most watched in the 30 million world Web site domains and is valued at +/-$.6B, CDN, yes Virginia, this Web site is valued by a AI at over half a Billion dollars; what is the Trudeau Fed response?, google “trudeau fed funds a ai to counter anti-corruption ai” note below:

Google “ai is inventing language humans can’t understand, should we stop it?-fastco design” & “facebook pulls plug on ai bots after they start inventing their own language kalvapalle” & “facebook shuts down ai system after bots create language humans can’t understand ndtv” & “ai using rural zoning web site to detect fraud” & “ottawa startup bets ai can root out fraud silcoff” & “trudeau fed funds a ai to counter anti-corruption ai” the Trudeau Fed is funding a “bad code” AI to fight my (Lee)s “good code” AI fighting Sask Party official corruption on my behalf, note below:

Readers familiar with the hit cult classic TV series “Person of Interest” will recognize my (Lee)s reference to the “bad code” referred to by Miss Roots google “bad code miss roots” BUT beyond that there was the aging MI6 top official trying to convince Harold that the only way to end official corruption was to turn the insane official corrupt nightmare over to AI’s to administer, while Harold became increasingly edgy that the cure, ie: good code AI’s, might be worse than the corrupt human elite disease; despite Harold’s worries, AI’s are taking over official administration, note below:

Google “ elon musk: artificial intelligence is the biggest risk that we face as a civilization national news”, a very great real life man, Elon Musk, agrees with Harold, the “Person of Interest” genius and disagrees with the aging MI6 Senior Official and me (Lee), who does not count because, google “reiter claims lee is the stupidest man in canada” & “reiter claims lee’s website is a stupid joke” BUT I told Devine, Calvert, Wall, Harper, Trudeau, all 183 of Trudeau’s MP’s, and now tell taxpayers; Sask Party elite official corruption has got to end, a excellent example below:

Google “flawed way of thinking persists opinion” & “clarke’s sask. party leadership bid might provide needed shakeup mandryk” & “wyant’s threat dominates race to replace brad wall macpherson”. The LP Editors and Murray point out the Sask. Party Brain Trust is so desperate at thought of their political collapse they are blaming Sask. economic collapse on the First Nations and a few immigrants while, google “ gth/regina $1.88B by pass fraud” is the straw that broke the camels back. I (Lee) am told that Gord Wyant is the best of the Wall replacement aspirants, note below: Google “so far, the story of the global transportation hub has been one of burgeoning scandal, utterly devoid of any redeeming results or mitigating circumstance, fingas” & “rm leaders need training lp editorial” & “scc 31940” I (Lee) urge readers to review Greg’s great op-ed, then review DIMAONDS DON’T DO IT archived october 30, 2017, and the Supreme Court Summary statement that the corrupt slut of a Donna Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve development zoning, elite corruption never ends, note below:

Google “cbc investigates/trudeau’s chief fundraiser linked to cayman island tax schemes cashmore, gomez, findlay”. Google “ trouble in paradise” & “ trudeau tied in polls with scheer” & “notable canadian companies, individuals, in the paradise papers, ouellet, seglins, haulihon” & “ enron leaders the smartest guys in the room” & “lee asks trudeau to remove saskatchewan from canada” are Trudeau, Butts and Telford really the smartest guys in the room?, will Paradise papers be the Trudeau Fed Waterloo?, would Scheer end the corrupt horror?, back to Wall below:

Google “sexual harassment has never been a polite topic of conversation in the old boys world of the saskatchewan legislature mandryk” & “mandryk: the sudden and mysteries disappearance of kevin doherty as a force in saskatchewan party took most by surprise monday mandryk”, Wall’s concern about sexual harassment of women is all Wall can find to attack Wotherspoon with; it surprise’s me (Lee) Wall is more concerned with Trent as NDP Leader than Dr. Meili, review DIMAONDS DON’T DO IT rural for my advice to Dr. Meili now note below: Google “the rm of sherwood goes to court to remove its own councillor fitzpatrick”, would you believe it? these odious, arrogant, assholes think that a death bed repentance will cut it with voters whenever Sask Party has the balls to call a election, google “polls show ndp 49% sask party 40%”. EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE rural archived mar 31, 2015 & ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S, archived august 2, 2017. Note that I (Lee), in effect, offer Justin’s MP’s $3M each to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, will they accept my offer?, note below: 

Google “coincidental campeau resignation comes at a bad time for wall” & “time for brad wall to show the gth accountability we’ve yet to see mandryk” & “auditor’s report hits government where it hurts mandryk”. Murray compares Wall’s handling of his GTH fraud to Calvert ‘s handling of Calvert’s NDP SPUDCO debacle but Wall suffers as compared to Calvert, notwithstanding this comparison a confidant still believes Walls massive official corruption is preferable to NDP Communism, ie: Saskatchewan voters face corruption or communism but there is a third way, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is a better way. ie: Trudeau Fed remove Saskatchewan from Canada, until then we deal with the likes of Eberle, Probe and Richards; Probe was back in court on June 6th, google “rm of sherwood councillor probe headed to trial fitzpatrick” & “scc 31940” & “ blackmailed, bullied or bribed? rural images” & GARY LANE AND THE CJC archived jul 31, 2012 complaint 5: note I (Lee) believe Richards will use the Supreme Court of Canada, “scc 31940” precedent to find Probe not guilty, note below:

Google “wall must even out rural and city budget cuts writes murray mandryk mandryk” & “ rm of sherwood writes to coun. tim probe places deadline on his resignation fitzpzatrick” & “councillor tim probe has refused to resign his rm of sherwood seat fitzpatrick”, review EBERLE & BROS. PROBE archived mar 31, 2015, & ODIOUS MISOGYNISTS archived jan 28, 2017 and ODIOUS ASSHOLES TRUMP TRUMP archived feb 25, 2017, for taxpayer cost of Wall pandering to ENGR.’s/SARM/ RMAA, note below:

Google , I (Lee) remind readers this Web site is the 55rd most watched in the 30 million world Web site domains, this fact notwithstanding Wall remains adamant in refusing to end his massive official corruption while one of my confidants reminded me that my problem stems from the Wall Brain Trust drop dead hatred of me, SUCKER PUNCHED TWICE archived Feb 23 2016, and note my reference in that post to the Bibles reference, ie: “ the world turns on hate John 15:18”, note below:

It is hard, cold, fact the Sask Party is in a classic Catch 22, if they granted my ask, this Web site, the 55th most watched in the world, was my only hope to stop their Civil ENGR.’s from slaughtering me. Readers are asked to review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL images and note the RCMP refused to lay criminal threatening charges against Sask Party ENGR.’s for threats against my life SO on the face of it my only option is to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada”, and note below:

If Sask Party had granted my (Lee) ask another option to “maybe” stop their ENGR.’s from slaughtering me was to have a OC (Order in Council), signed by the Lt. Governor, that if I am found dead in my own home, aka: Mitchell, review post MITIC MITCHELL & THE MAFIA archived Dec 23, 2015; murder charges would be heard in a Queens Bench Court in Quebec or the Maritime’s, which may give Sask Party ENGR.’s pause, but that is a faint hope at best, again, google “ trudeau, butts and telford fund ai to counter anti-corruption ai” note below:

Review LADY LORI, A BEACON, images, scroll down to document 3, “politics kills national court study” the Provinces refused to allow the Feds to clean up Judicial corruption, google “four regina lawyers advise argues its impossible to obtain zoning approval without bribing strudwick” the lawyers are right, my Alexa 55 ranked Website, the 55th most watched Web site in the world, failed to obtain the Argues development for them without bribing Strudwick, google “scc 31940”, as corrupt as Trump, , and note below: 

Again google “scc 31940”, the Supreme Court stated Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues development BUT google “section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption of the criminal code of canada” it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor. FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL archived Mar 3, 2011 this horror has cost taxpayers millions in lost tax revenue; if I (Lee) could have accomplished the Argue goal it would have been good for taxpayers and my soul, note below:

BUT what would really do my (Lee)s soul a power of good is to force a Saskatchewan Premier to allow me to hire my own engineers to administer any Highway Contract my company entered into with Saskatchewan, it would be a “up your gigi with a wire brush” moment in Saskatchewan Prof. Engineering history, google “odious engr. evil images, THEN google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, & “theory of probability” AND note the chances of me, the stupidest man in Canada, accomplishing my goal is 50-50 at best, note below:

BUT even if I (Lee) am as stupid as Reiter claims, google “engineers threaten lee’s life rcmp refuse to lay charges”, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, archived Jul 31, 2012 complaint 5: and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW archived April 18, 2012, scroll to documents, MLA statements where Sask Party ENGR.’s boast about destroying me and while I might be as stupid as Reiter claims, I am not as insane as Lane claims, google “lane claims lee insane”, review search results, BUT the fact remains, the best thing for my soul would to build another highway. 

The very best thing for my (Lee)s soul would be to build a few more miles of Highway before I die and use the profits to pay Access to increase my Web site visit numbers asking Justin’s MP’s to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S archived Aug 2 2017, BUT without this Alexa 55 ranked Web site, the 55th most watched Web site in the world, published monthly, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that I do not have google “chinamans chance” of stopping Sask Party ENGR.s from killing me if I am granted my ask, note below:

My (Lee)s plan is this Alexa 55 ranked Web site, the 55th most watched Web site in the world will lead to World CEO’s refusing to invest in Canada until Saskatchewan is removed from Canada; my confidants agree its a good plan BUT they believe that even if it doesn’t work the Sask Party administration is so morally/ ethically bankrupt the Trudeau Fed can not allow Sask Party official corruption to continue and believe this Web site will force Trudeau to take action despite Goodales protection of the Sask Party, review UBAVKA’S PONZI images note below:

It is also a classic Catch 22 for me (Lee), this Web site, the 55th most watched in the world, is my only hope to stop Walls ENGR.’s. from slaughtering me when the RCMP refuse to lay criminal threatening charges against Wall’s ENGR.’s, my only option is for Trudeau to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada”, BUT with Saskatchewan gone any chance for me is over, Alberta and Manitoba each have favorite road contractors SO with that day dream dead, back to the RM economic horror, note below:

Google “council addresses western potash extension, deals with cupe 21co ” remember this ties into Argue development post CROCODILES DO CRY archived Nov 1, 2014, now google “ombudsman finds sherwood councilor was in conflict of interest, asks rm to vote on his dismissal post and ABOLITION OF RMS archived December 2, 2013, for a expert estimate percent of voter knowledge of corruption needed to force action and note below: Google “problematic conditions persist in regina, saskatoon real estate markets: cmhc c.p.” & google “ cameco considering legal action after japanese utility cancels $1.3 billion uranium contract macpherson” & “dream investment fund puts nine sask office buildings up for sale macpherson” note the heavy hitters are headed to the high hills, review ODIOUS MISOGYNIST archived Jan 28, 2017 and calculate again, how many nurses and teachers salaries will Sask. Party $1.88B bypass fraud pay?, now note below

Review the first paragraph of ODIOUS ASSHOLES AGITATED archived Dec 23 2106, then google “rm of sherwood suing former reeve, councilors, over legal fee reimbursement fraser”, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the former RM Administrator is wrong when he claims that he ended corruption in Sherwood RM, why are the RM ratepayers suing Eberle, Probe and their legal team?, RM of Sherwood Deputy Reeve Tim Probe charged under the Criminal Code of Canada, google “ tim probe june 6th court appearance”, note below:

Google “scc 31940”, no less then the Supreme Court ruled Strudwick had to be bribed, it sounds like a soap opera; will Probe be “pronged?” OR will Strudwick blackmail or bribe Richards to dismiss Probe’s criminal charge, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED, OR BRIBED? archived May 28, 2010. Refer to PROBES LOST LOVE, archived Feb 26, 2015, note the Leader Post put a copy of Barclay’s report on the Eberle fraud on line, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE archived June 17, 2013 and note below:

I (Lee) did detailed study of the Eberle fraud and calculated the Eberle fraud was a $200M fraud, not the $2B fraud Barclay calculated, BUT Barclay’s smart female assistant, his agent 99 (Get Smart), probably did the detail work on the Eberle fraud so my cost estimate could be low, as I recall Barclay’s agent 99 is a Chinese girl meaning she is smarter than Barclay and I put together, so her work is probably right BUT note below:

It is beside the point if Barclay’s smart female assistant’s work or mine (Lee) is right ie: it matters not if Eberle and Probe tried to steal $2B or $200M of taxpayer money, it matters not if a fraud is “flowers chocolates and perfume” for Strudwick or $200M, (my calculation of the Eberle fraud) or $2B (Barclay’s ruling on the Eberle fraud) it is still contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada, BUT f**n flowers, a $200M fraud, or a $2B fraud, it is beyond my comprehension how the Sask Party Brain Trust think they can leave Eberle out of the Probe fraud charge, note below:

Google , note this Website has gone down from Alexa ranked as the 43rd most watched Web site world wide to Alexa ranked as the 55rd most watched Web site in the 30M Web site domains world wide, timing of visits show this drop in visits despite the fact Probe has been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada with the RM of Sherwood development fraud following my (Lee)s half a dozen posts on that fraud, scroll back to the previous paragraphs, and review as many, or few, of the posts as needed, then note below:

Google “reiter claims lee is stupidest man in canada” and readers who are struck by the contradiction in the fact that Walls Minister Responsible, Jim Reiters, claims I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and the hard fact this Web site is the 55th most watched Web site in the 30M Website domains note a Webmaster designed the site and the site relationship with Word press and I was struck again by the Webmasters great work when a confidant brought to my attention that: google “3 simple tips to make your digital marketing more successful jennie armstrong”, note below:

Jennie’s three tips are to make sure that 1. site title shows instantly, 2. how responsive a Web site is, and 3. Websites seo score. As to Jennie’s # 1., just google “rural zoning” and note the first and instant search result is to this Web site, for another example google “lee asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” note there has been massive visits to my (Lee)s ask of the PM, yes Virginia, there is many, many, visits to that ask and skeptical readers are asked to get opinion from a University computer expert as to the quality of this Web site, note below:

Jennie #2/3 in , scroll to near end, note response time at 25 seconds is deemed excellent, now as to Jennie’s # 3. the seo (search engine optimization) score and in the first paragraph the site seo score is 60%, google “meaning of seo score” review all search results, note this sites 60% ranks with all top sites, excellent work by my site’s Webmaster, as author and publisher, my (Lee)s technical input was/is minimal at best, note below:

My (Lee)s role as publisher of the site is that of all publishers, money, I pay the bills, but I also author the posts and will never forget, after the Webmaster set up the site, and I drafted the first post, the Webmaster reviewed the draft and deemed it to be fine and good because it told a story, the Webmaster stated story telling corruption Websites such as this one accomplished the miracle of getting a black guy, Barack Obama, elected president of the United States of America, note below:

When the Webmaster said “story telling” my mind went flooding back over the years to when I (Lee) worked for Archie Clampitt “Mr. Grid Roads”, where much of my work was studying and writing reports on the endless, odious RM sleaze, graft and corruption, where a odious, arrogant asshole of a Grid Roads Engineer, Dan Gilewich, demanded Archie (Clampitt) fire me because my reports did not use bullet points, BUT told a story, imagine, fire a good, hard working, man over refusing to use bullet points in RM corruption reports, google “jesus wept”, note below:

Gilewich called his usual 8 AM Regina meeting so I had to leave Yorkton at 6 AM, where Gilewich demanded Archie Clampitt fire me, Gilewich said “Lee may as well be sitting here telling us a story”, BUT Archie Clampitt liked my reports (stories), so saved me from Gilewich which has lead to this Web site and if there is a scintilla of Justice in this vale of tears this site will take down the odious official Government professional Engineers, such as Dan Gilewich, review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL images, and note below:

A couple of my (Lee)s confidants believe this Website, as the 55th most watched Website in the 30M Website domain names in the world, google , will solve Sask Party official corruption problem, BUT google “butts-telford ask tax payers for $100K each moving costs”, Tudeau Fed top officials have the same entitlement demands as Sask Party officials; Trudeau will never see my e-mails, hence my appeal to his MP’s, ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S, archived August 2,2017 BUT I am still deemed a “loser”.

Next post in site December 2017


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