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November 30, 2017

Breaking news: google “ meet the donors: who is shelling out the big bucks in the sask. party leadership race? fraser”. Readers should study D. C.’s article and note who’s big bucks are going to what aspirant; that dollar flow tells all political junkies what they need to know. Now google “former liberal senator battling cra over $350k tax bill dubrinsky”, readers are asked to note the reference to the Sask. heavy hitters, now google UBAVKA’S PONZI images, official Fed corruption could not occur without Goodale’s control of the RCMP, note below: 

More breaking news: Google “ canadian dollar could fall 20% if washington walks away from nafta: td securities skinner” & “scotiabank long term outlook warns canada at risk of recession tencer”, now google , my (Lee)s Web site is the 55rd most watched in the 30 million world Web site domains, it is now valued at +/-$.6B CDN and I have used the site for over a decade to tell Harper, Trudeau, his 183 MP’s, Wall, Billy Boyd and taxpayers that we are doomed if the official elite keep stealing taxpayer money, note below: Google “cbc investigates/highways rebuked for failing to properly search for gth e-mails of sask premier’s cousin leo” & “ mandryk: governments are particularly bad at a couple of things”. For two years I (Lee) have been pointing out NDP/media preoccupation with Wall/Boyd GTH fraud instead of the Wall $1.88B Regina by-pass fraud, google “regina $1.88b bypass fraud”; Regina City Engineers estimate the Regina by-pass cost at $400M, including 4 cloverleaf’s BUT Wall inks Graham deal for 5 times that, ie: $1.88B?, how can that be?, note below: (more…)