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October 30, 2017

Breaking News : “koch and others may bump into unsavory side of wall
legacy mandryk” and note it appears Wall is pulling a Mulroney in his dying days, ensuring his legacy, including his refusal of my (Lee) offer of no taxpayer cost deal, VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS google,, the 55th most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Website domains, is now carried on by the Koch woman, who is doomed, note following Mulroney’s corrupt horror, Kim Campbell, won only two Federal PC seats, note below:

Google “the saskatchewan party governments contempt for civil servants is palpable mandryk” & “mandryk: sour gas wells remind us oil industry enjoys a double standard mandryk” & “environmental charges against ex-saskatchewan party mla bill boyd adjourned until november macpherson”, Boyd has stolen millions of taxpayer dollars and Wall charges him with this environment nonsense, even if Boyd is fined millions he will snicker, snort, sneer and take the money out of his off-shore bank; note below: (more…)