BREAKING NEWS: Google “u.s. imposes 220% duty on bombardier c series planes c.p.” and review ODIOUS WHISPERER archived May 29, 2017, note the fact the Trudeau Fed is giving Canadian taxpayer money to Bombardier to use to bribe Putin has understandably driven Boeing Chiefs into a rage, and I am proud to use this Web site to ensure the Boeing Chiefs were aware of these Fed bribery facts, review ODIOUS ARE ANTSY, archived May1, 2017, note below:

Google “analysis: poll finds scheer’s tories ahead of trudeau’s liberals but can you believe it akin?” The guys doing the polls find it hard to believe, but there it is, remember Scheer is a Saskatchewan MP, will the Trudeau Fed now start to look at my (Lee)s offer to Trudeau’s MP’s to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, review post ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S archived august 2, 2017; elimination of Saskatchewan would eliminate the Scheer base, note below:

Google “traffic flowing again after semi gets stuck on new balgonie overpass ctv regina” & “gov’t says farm equipment may have to drive on curb of new balgonie overpass hunter” & “trust in wall, sask. party, eroding under weight of boyd, gth mandryk” readers are urged to review Murray and then remember that this Web site has been raising the fact of Wall/Boyd, GTH/Regina $1.88B by-pass fraud, for a couple of years now and yes Virginia, that is a “B” as in Billions stolen by Wall and Sask Party, not millions stolen, but Billions stolen, now note below:

Google “provincial gov’t aware of ‘inaccurate’ brightenview ads in 2013: briefing note macpherson”& “wall’s shadow may be a gloomy place for leadership hopefuls mandryk”. Review the peerless Murray and Glen, note the odious, arrogant, asshole official Elite, Wall and his Brain Trust, have been defrauding the taxpayers for years on GTH alone, review WILL HADES FOLLOW HARPER archived Mar 27, 2016 and again note that this Website raised the Wall and Boyd GTH and Regina $1.88B fraud years ago, note below: 

Google “boyd conflict demonstrates sask party entitlement problem mandryk” & “wall just shuffled deck chairs on a listing ship mandryk” & “sask party leadership candidates appeal to rural supporters” & “former conflict of interest commissioner calls for public inquiry on boyd’s gth land deal involvement mandryk” & “e-mail shows bill boyd and premier’s office were connected to scheme to pay too much for gth land ndp says leo” I (Lee) urge readers to review damning mainstream media indictment of Sask Party corruption to date and note below:

Google “koch, chevaldayoff must figure out a way to carve their own path mandryk” & “bill boyd booted from caucus over conflict of interest legal action possible leo”, review Geoff’s continuing great work on the Wall/ Boyd GTH fraud, review LADY LORI & THE CABAL archived Feb 5, 2013 and ODIOUS BOYD BURIED BODIES archived Nov 2, 2016, and note that I (Lee) believe Wall will rue the day he stabbed Billy Boyd in the back because if Boyd is charged with fraud he is sure as hell going to dig those bodies up, now note below:

Google “bombardier culture at heart of bribery case jonasson” & “wiretaps detail bombardier bribery case mackinnon” note subtitle reference to “if found guilty, the manufacturer would be banned from competing for lucrative World Bank infrastructure contracts” Bombardier is deader than Wall; this Web site, 55th most watched in the world google , scroll down in the appraiser site to similar Web sites, my (Lee)s Web site is ranked with the World Bank Web site, I urge all readers to review Mark and note below:

Brad Wall and Billy Boyd resign, google “new sask party leader will have to deal with gth questions mandryk”, readers note Murray quotes Wall’s reference to “Web sites” while warning Boyd of the looming danger of their GTH scam, Wall must be referring to my (Lee)s Web site, the 55th most watched Web site in the world, because there is no other Web site fighting the Sask Party’s massive official corruption and it can not be ignored, as example the peerless Murray, google “mandryk: no escaping gth, government record for jeremy harrison” and note below:

Google “ wall calls it quits leader post headline” & “after wall, who will come next? fraser” & “in a perfect world brad wall would be leaving on better terms mandryk” & “murray mandryk: sask party anniversary reminds us of need for balance”, go through Murray’s great work, I (Lee) was especially struck by Devine’s belief that his cohorts and officials theft of taxpayer money means nothing, typical Devine thinking, google “lane had swiss bank couriers fly briefcases of cash from the leg building to switzerland”& “economist’s: all corruption economies die” note below:

Wall and Boyd are the last of Devine gang, the arrogant, odious, assholes, what now; there are honorable men/women to lead the Sask Party Morgan, Stewart and Tell as example, but google “after wall, who will come next? fraser” MLA’s in line to be next Premier are Wall/Boyd Thugs/Thugges, but my (Lee)s disappointment is my own doing, I was stupid enough to offer taxpayers a honest Highway Contracting service, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL archive Sep 28, 2016 and ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT archive Mar 30, 2017, but Wall ignored me, note below:

Stupidly, at risk of death from Wall’s f**king ENGR.’s, I (Lee) tried again to serve, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL archive Sep 28, 2016 and ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT archive Mar 30, 2017, I ran risk that after inking a deal with Wall to shut my Web site down, Wall would carry retroactive legislation as Blakeney did to destroy Collver/Ham google “ unionist party wikipedia” when I asked Wall to carry legislation to protect me from slaughter by his ENGR.’s, BUT Wall ignored me and his replacements are no better, google “sickening unto death”, note below:

Now google “ ‘waste of money’: new sask. overpass meant for big vehicles is too narrow ctv staff” & “wall $1.88b regina by-pass fraud” & “wall’s engr.’s threaten lee’s life”; God is ending Sask Party official corruption through a “Sodom and Gomorrah” intervention, the ENGR’s f**k’ed up the cloverleafs while the Hon Jim Reiter, claims google “lee is the stupidest man in canada” & “lee’s web site is a stupid joke”, really?, the stupidest man?, our roads ability to carry big equipment is basic,“Mr Grid Roads” Archie Clampitt always worried and asked about bridge width, note below:

SPECIAL NOTE: Word press’s AI must be re-jigging their systems; if a rural zoning post shows masthead with a blank page, to wit: if readers google the post up in the usual way and the search shows only the post date and thumbnail of post content and when you click on the post name and get masthead with no post then add “ and date shown” or go to RURALZONING.COM ARCHIVED POSTS archived Sept 1 2017you may have to scroll down to the post you want or even click to older/newer posts to get to it, but it works, now note below:

Readers are asked to google “mandryk: meli faces struggle to find saskatchewan middle ground mandryk” ………… “canada’s economy posts ‘blow out’ growth: dollar jumps parkinson”……… “bombardier top’s forecasts as shares jump reuters”……“third rail mackinnon chase”….. “ bombardier uses canadian taxpayer money to bribe putin”……. “canada most bribery prone country in g-7”……”lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland”…… “ all economists state corruption economies are doomed” and note below:

Reread the Globe Mackinnon/Chase “Third Rail” article above and note Canadian taxpayer money given to Bombardier was used to bribe Putin and his Oligraph’s and then laundered to POTUS (Trump and his family) to build the Trump Towers, two here in Canada, one tower, the Toronto Trump Tower, has already gone bankrupt; for the complete relationship between Trump Family and Putins Russian Mafia money, google “ , note that Web site facts are proven by articles from US Senior mainstream media, this is hard fact, google “trump dooms us economy”, note below:

Google “trudeau uses wall as trump whisper” & “telford kushner close friends”, Katie (Telford) may be f**k’ing Kushner or only switching her rump at him trying to save NAFTA, BUT it matters not, the Trump family is doomed, the checks the US Founding Fathers put in the Constitution to save their brand new democracy from odious, arrogant, corrupt, assholes such as Trump are working, google https://corrupt.a f there are enough facts in place now to impeach Trump but Bob Mueller is waiting for enough to leave a smoking hole where the NY Trump Tower is, note below:

Google “trump under investigation for obstruction of justice by special counsel mueller washington post”and US media spells out the corrupt horror of Trump with Bob Mueller, Marine Platoon Leader, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, after Trump for obstruction of Justice for firing FBI Director Comey for his investigation into Trumps ties to Russian Mafia money, google “no there-there in trump” but Bob Mueller will put Russian Mafia money “there”, in Trump Towers, the Sask Party has the same ties to Russian money, UBAVKA’S PONZI, archive jan 22, 2014.

Google “ai is inventing language humans can’t understand, should we stop it?-fastco design” & “facebook pulls plug on ai bots after they start inventing their own language kalvapalle” & “facebook shuts down ai system after bots create language humans can’t understand ndtv” & “ai using rural zoning web site to detect fraud” & “ottawa startup bets ai can root out fraud silcoff” & “trudeau fed funds a ai to counter anti-corruption ai”. The “good code” AI’s are fighting Sask Party official corruption and I (Lee) provide the vehicle, ie : this wondrous Web site, now note below:

There are 6M visits to my (Lee)’s anti corruption site and 4M to the Fed site supporting official corruption, I am, of course, pleased and proud that my site has more visits then the Trudeau Fed site fighting my site, note the implications of the fact my Web site has a value of $399,659,864.00 USD, readers note a AI uses my site to detect Sask Party official fraud, google, note the very high regard my site is held in and then google “the american dream to the american nightmare”, the same applies to Canada and note below:

Google “mueller impanels grand jury” & “trump will be impeached” & “a presidential investigation primer morrow”. Honest men and women, on both sides of the 49th parallel pray for Trump impeachment BUT its never a sure thing and until Trump is gone and Pense is President, Trudeau will have Katie (Telford) switching her rump at Kushner in hope of saving NAFTA, now review post ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S August 2, 2017 and note my offer to Trudeau’s 183 MP’s of $2.6M each to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, which would help a lot, note below:

Readers are asked to note that Trudeau’s MP’s ignore me (Lee); I was relying on offshore money managers being reluctant to move money to Canada, google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7”, BUT I was wrong, google ““canadian economy gets a boost while u.s. down graded: imf dangerfield” & “tale of two economies: why the gulf between the bank of canada and the fed is growing isfeld” and as I stated above, beyond e-mails acknowledging receipt of my ask, Trudeaus 183 MP’s have ignored me despite my offer of $2.6M each to do economic good, note below:

There is still cause to hope this will turn out well; the obvious and simple fact is that if Trump is impeached Trudeau will no longer need a Sask Party Thug to whisper to Trump to save NAFTA and God willing and if the Creek don’t rise, Trudeau’s 183 MP’s may then decide they may as well have the $2.6M each that I (Lee) offer them to end Sask Party official corruption using Section 33 of the Canadian Constitution (notwithstanding clause) to remove Saskatchewan from Canada google “lee asks trudeau MP’s to remove saskatchewan from canada”, note below:

But even if Trudeau’s 183 MP’s continue to ignore my (Lee)s offer of $2.6M each to end Wall’s official corruption by removing Saskatchewan from Canada there is still cause for hope, google “sask. party suffering in polls” & “mandryk: meili faces struggle to find saskatchewan middle ground mandryk”, and note that no less then the great Murray, the most astute political watcher in Saskatchewan, believes that Dr. Meili will win the Saskatchewan NDP leadership; Murray hints at Dr. Meili’s hard left political mindset, BUT Dr. Meili’s hard left wired brain is a good thing, note below:

Google “provincial ndp leadership candidate ryan meili has announced he will not accept corporate or union donations in his campaign star phoenix”. My (Lee)s confidants tell me Dr. Meili is as smart as all Doctors think they are and if his brain is wired to the left of Douglas’s Dr. Meili is perfect, google “saskatchewan political leaders have been trying to remove the rms’s since the 1930’s” and review post SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE archive May 3, 2010 and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, archive Sep 3, 2011, and note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that assuming Dr. Meili is as smart as everyone says he is the first thing he will do as Premier is end the RM system, end SARM and the RMAA, create County’s and appoint a County Administrator to each County, which will save the taxpayers $165M each year in rural administration costs alone, review CROWN COCKROACHES archive Aug 29 2013 and SARM LEADER LIES archive may 31, 2012, and that does not include bribes from Developers and suppliers, google “scc 31940” and note below:

If Dr. Meili is as smart as everyone says his next move will be on the Civil Engineers controlling SDOH review BIDRIGGERS archive Sep 29, 2015, as I (Lee) suggest in that post, take it to a University Engineering Professor to check my work, but the takeaway is that in my day the Contractors, in the main, calculated total costs by taking fuel and wages and multiplying by three, then doubled cost for the bid price BUT under the Devine/Lane/Wall Administration’s the Contractors had to double bid prices again to pay the Highway Engineers bribes, note below:

Roy would never have agreed, but if Dr. Meili’s brain is wired to the left of Douglas then solution to corrupt Highway Engineers demanding bribes from road Contractors is simple, just end calling for tenders to build roads and have the Province buy a fleet of equipment and go back to building all Highways and Municipal roads with Government equipment, the taxpayers (RM’s/ Highways) own well equipped storage/maintenance yards/buildings in small centers from one end of Saskatchewan to the other, and a AI could calculate which centers are most efficiently located, note below:

The Foreman, operators and mechanics could live and raise their families in the small Towns and big Villages, the centers could be located so that it was no more than a hours drive to work, the crews could build both Highways and Municipal roads, crew living costs would be cut and the little Towns and Big Villages would get a huge boost but the BIG saving would result from their being no Contractors bribing the Professional Civil Engineers who control the Highway Contracts with MLA’s and Cabinet making the call as to which roads should be built, when, now note below:

My (Lee)’s calculation shows that if Dr. Meili followed my plan set out in the preceding paragraphs the taxpayers would save 75% ( three quarters) of the current Highway and Municipal road construction cost, readers who need/want more on the massive corruption of the Civil Engineers who control the Saskatchewan Department of Highways should review posts ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL archive Sep 28, 2016 & $680M RISK TRANSFER archive Nov 30, 2015 & MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, archive Dec 23, 2015, and note below:

Readers are asked to review GARY LANE AND THE CJC archive Jul 31, 2012 complaint 5:,TURNING OVER ROCKS archive Aug 25, 2009, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? archive May 28, 2010, and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW archive Apr 18, 2012, which post contains the PDF of my appeal to the Devine PC MLA’s; note that “f**king” Lane, as Devine AG confiscated my (Lee) appeal from the MLA’s leading to MLA phone calls to me and my public response ie: “Lane should be shot”, note below:

My (Lee)s statement to the MLA’s that “lane should be shot” lead to Lane laying criminal charges of “threatening” but after 15 minutes a jury found me “not guilty”, ODIOUS RULING ELITE archive May 30, 2016, great theater but it changed nothing, the only way the ENGR.’s can demand bribes is through corruption of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges which Dr. Meili can do nothing about because the Feds appoint Queens/ Appeal Judges BUT RM/ ENGR.’s make up 90% of corruption and minor issues supported by Judicial Corruption accounts for 10%, note below:

The Trudeau Fed will do nothing about Queens/Appeal Judge corruption for two reasons, 1) google “rcmp cover up highway engineers threats on lee’s life”, the RCMP are the direct responsibility of the Fed. and Goodale is the Minister Responsible, 2) review UBAVKA’S PONZI archive Jan 22, 2014, and note that Goodales supporters are up to their ears in Sask Party official corruption so the Judges will continue to be controlled, BUT as set out in the preceding paragraph, the RM/ENGR.’s corruption is 90% of all Saskatchewan official corruption, note below:

Google “another trump of a week globe and mail editorial” note the Globe and Mail Editors have developed a theory that the Trump base, a third of the US voters, is well aware their manufacturing jobs are gone for good, BUT their hope is that Trump is so corrupt he will destroy the entire US economy so that every US citizen will end up suffering as much as they (Trump Base) are suffering so Trump base interest now is to ensure the suffering of others, a neat theory and I (Lee) would never ever presume to question any theory advanced by the Globe and Mail Editors, note below:

Given the fact of the Globe and Mail Editorial theory and the fact that my Web site is the 55th most watched site in the world, and given that my Web site was established to prove Walls f**king ENGR.s deliberately destroyed me and threatened my (Lee)s life time and time again, which threats the RCMP wire tapped and then refused to charge the Professional Civil Engineers making the threats, scroll back over the preceding six paragraphs for the documentary proof and note below:

Given the Globe Editorial many readers may believe that my (Lee) effort to eliminate RM’s, ie: SARM and the RMAA, and Walls f**king ENGR.s from the face of the earth by eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada, google “lee asks trudeau mp’s to remove saskatchewan from canada” is revenge, but nothing could be further from the truth, my efforts are guided by the great axiom of Edmund Burke, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing edmund burke”, I am a good man and my only interest is to serve taxpayers, which I did, note below:

As one example, my (Lee)s work for google “mr grid roads archie clampitt” the Qu’Appelle Valley was in the Yorkton District and we had grid roads into the Qu’Appelle Valley, both sides, from # 6 Highway to the Manitoba border, 25 in total, and I oversaw, starting with small scale air photographs, then large scale air photos, all 25 Grid road locations, earth quantity cost estimates, after approval by head office, which was never denied, administered the survey, did the design, tender call, and supervised construction of the contract(s), all without bribes, note below:

Another accomplishment was when a few times, not many, but more than one or two, where we were trying to get a grid road around a slough or cut across a section, that I (Lee) stared down a angry farmer carrying a rifle, shotgun or pitchfork, and he (the farmer) always walked away, Lorna did not like the idea of losing half her house hold budget and RCMP did not like the idea of the paper work if a f**king farmer had actually shot me, but Archie Clampitt did not tell me to stop using my courage to get a grid road built, unlike Harper, google “harper hides in closet”, note below: 

Then, as owner, with my wife Lorna, of Western Earth Moving Ltd., I (Lee) oversaw the completion, first with Matheson Bros. Yorkton, of many Highway and Grid road Contracts and I did it without paying one red cent in bribes to the Highway Engineers. We did pay 2% of the value of the Highway Contracts as a then legal political donation to the Liberal Party under Premier Ross Thatcher and Ross Thatcher would order removal of any Engineer from my contract that I asked, Lorna did not like the 2% but our Accountant and Lawyer assured her it was a political contribution.

Lorna and I (Lee) started Western Earth Moving Ltd with $30K, we paid for $90K of equipment the first year, we never looked back and when Thatcher fell we had a net worth of $500K, $3.5M in today’s dollars, Lorna fussed for years that “things were going too well” and she was right, BUT I did not see what could go wrong, I could have written a book about corruption of the f**king Engineers, I controlled a huge bankroll and was surrounded by top accountants and lawyers AND never imagined for a micro-second the RCMP/Queens/Appeal Judges are as corrupt as the ENGR.’s, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Judges are corrupt, TURNING OVER ROCKS archive Aug 25, 2009 , BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED archive May 28, 2010, and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW archive Apr 18, 2012, which post contains the PDF of my appeal to the Devine PC MLA’s, which that f**king Lane, as Devine AG, sneered at; BUT my Web site reached level of 55th most watched Web site in the 30M Web site domains world wide, google SO I tried again.

I (Lee) tried, at risk of death by Wall’s f**king ENGR.’s, to serve tax payers by providing a honest Highway Contracting service, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL archive Sep 28, 2016 and ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT archive Mar 30, 2017. I did not have to risk Wall using retroactive legislation to destroy me, I could use ask in THE HANGED MAN ruralzoning. com archive April 5, 2016, there are Sask Party men/women, Morgan, Stewart and Tell, who would not use retroactive legislation to destroy me, BUT google “after wall, who will come next?, fraser”, note

Over the years I (Lee) attempted to serve taxpayer’s, google “scc 31940”& “section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption criminal code of canada” the Supreme Court stated that my only option to obtain zoning approval for the Argues $30M Residential Development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, but if I carried anything to Strudwick to curry favor I would spend 5 years in prison so I made, first Calvert, then Wall, a fair offer, VENAL & VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS archive Jul 1, 2010, and note below:

Google “four different regina lawyers advised it was impossible to get approval from the rm of edenwold for the argues $30M residential development without bribing strudwick” BUT my principal Earle Argue stated flatly that he would not piss on Strudwick if she was lying on the ground on fire in from of him SO as set out above, I (Lee) offered to give the taxpayer, through SASK WATER, 80% of the Argues 350 gpm spring water for development approval BUT both Calvert and Wall laughed at my offer SO the Argues 350 gpm spring water is still running to Hudson Bay.

Google “murray mandryk: brad wall’s successor will be forced to defend his government mandryk”, really?, tell me (Lee) about it, Saskatchewan taxpayers only option to end official corruption is my Web site, the 55th most watched web site in the world, for proof google note I ask Trudeaus 183 MP’s to remove Saskatchewan from Canada for $2.5M each as the only sure way of ending official corruption, ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S archive Aug 2, 2017, and note below:

I (Lee) repeat, google “ai is inventing language humans can’t understand, should we stop it?- fastco design” & “facebook pulls plug on ai bots after they start inventing their own language kalvapalle” & “facebook shuts down ai system after bots create language humans can’t understand ndtv” & “ai using rural zoning web site to detect fraud” & “ottawa startup bets ai can root out fraud silcoff” & “trudeau fed funds ai to counter anti-corruption ai” the Trudeau Fed is funding “bad code” AI to counter “good code” AI’s fighting Sask Party official corruption, this is sick, note below:

The hit cult classic TV series “Person of Interest” is basis for my (Lee)s reference to “bad code” a AI referred to by Miss Roots google “bad code miss roots”, beyond that the series had a aging MI6 top official trying to convince Harold that the only way to end official corruption was to turn the whole insane corrupt nightmare over to AI’s to administer, Harold became increasingly edgy the cure, ie: good code AI’s, might be worse than the corrupt human elite, BUT I (Lee) will not get in the way of AI’s trying to end corruption of the odious Sask Party Elite, note below: 

AND, this Web site provides a blue print for Dr. Meili to end 90% of the official corruption, ie: ENGR./SARM/RMAA corruption, scroll back over the 20 paragraphs, minor official corruption protected by Queens/Appeal Judges account for 10% but the Feds refuse to end Judicial corruption in Saskatchewan, TURNING OVER ROCKS archive Aug 25, 2009 and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED archive May 28, 2010, so the only really certain sure solution to end all official corruption in Saskatchewan is to remove Saskatchewan from Canada.

Google “cbc investigates/sask government considers buying high-priced farmland near gth from regina developer-before he owned it leo” & “meetings unearth gth major financial woes soloducha” & “ city by-election won’t tell change ndp fortunes mandry”. Murray points out the NDP have got to win seats in rural Saskatchewan to form Government BUT google “ mandryk: high sask party leadership costs may produce old influence problem”, and note below:

Wall/Boyd/ Sask Party corruption has been the focus of this Web site for a decade which Web site is now the 55th most watched in the world,, and if the Trudeau 183 MP’s continue to refuse to accept my generous offer to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, review post ODIOUS WALL FACTSTO MP’S archived august 2, 2017, I would be proud if Dr. Meili used this Web site to campaign for the NDP on Sask Party corruption.

Draft title for October post is DIAMONDS DON’T DO IT


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