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September 29, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Google “u.s. imposes 220% duty on bombardier c series planes c.p.” and review ODIOUS WHISPERER archived May 29, 2017, note the fact the Trudeau Fed is giving Canadian taxpayer money to Bombardier to use to bribe Putin has understandably driven Boeing Chiefs into a rage, and I am proud to use this Web site to ensure the Boeing Chiefs were aware of these Fed bribery facts, review ODIOUS ARE ANTSY, archived May1, 2017, note below:

Google “analysis: poll finds scheer’s tories ahead of trudeau’s liberals but can you believe it akin?” The guys doing the polls find it hard to believe, but there it is, remember Scheer is a Saskatchewan MP, will the Trudeau Fed now start to look at my (Lee)s offer to Trudeau’s MP’s to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, review post ODIOUS WALL FACTS TO MP’S archived august 2, 2017; elimination of Saskatchewan would eliminate the Scheer base, note below: (more…)



September 1, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Google “bill boyd booted from caucus over conflict of interest legal action possible leo”, review Geoff’s continuing great work on the Boyd GTH fraud; review LADY LORI & THE CABAL archived Feb 5, 2013 and ODIOUS BOYD BURIED BODIES archived Nov 2, 2016, and note that I (Lee) believe Wall will rue the day he stabbed Billy Boyd in the back because if Boyd is charged with fraud he is going to start to dig some bodies up, now note below: 

Google “wiretaps detail bombardier bribery case mackinnon” note subtitle reference to “if found guilty, the manufacturer would be banned from competing for lucrative World Bank infrastructure contracts” Note that Bombardier is as dead and done as Wall and Boyd, now google, scroll down in the site to similar sites, note my (Lee)s Web site is ranked with the World Bank Web site and I urge all readers to review Mark’s great article, note below: (more…)