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August 2, 2017

SPECIAL NOTE: Word press’s AI appears to be re-jigging their systems; if a post shows up with masthead but a blank page, to wit: if readers have googled the post up in the usual way and the search result comes up giving the post date and thumbnail of post content but when clicking on the post name the only result is the Web site masthead with no post add “ and date shown” ie: UBAVKA’S PONZI archive Jan 22, 2014; you may have to scroll down in what comes up; next month’s post will be list of past posts with archive dates, now note below:

I (Lee) was raised in a good family and worked for good men, BUT our Elite are not good men, google “let’s not forget Canada’s legacy of gas warfare saunders” review that horrific history leading to today, google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” & “bombardier uses taxpayer money to bribe putin” & “trudeau uses wall as trump whisperer” & “telford and kushner best friends” & “ ”, note the many articles from US main stream media detailing POTUS ( theTrump family)s massive corruption, yet our leaders are pandering to them, WHY?, now note below: (more…)