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July 2, 2017

Google “cbc investigates/cash-for-jobs immigration consultants connected to sask. government back chinese megamall leo” & “cbc investigates/’they were very persistent’: cbc finds more cash-for-jobs immagration schemes leo”. I (Lee) urge readers to go through Geoff Leo’s CBC i-team articles, exposure of massive Wall corruption akin to the best cop fiction, a brave Chinese CBC woman reporter, Sharon Wu, risking her life undercover taping phone calls to get the hard facts, google “cbc i-team leo gth rural zoning”, Wall is in clear contravention of the Criminal Code. 

Google “conspiracy theories”, some criticize BUT conspiracies do good, consider this: google “mueller and comey are conspiring to end trump corruption”, 8M visits, google “churchill and fdr conspired to end hitler corruption”,16M visits and google “lee and wordpress ai conspire to end wall corruption” 4M visits, then google “reiter claims lee is the stupidest man in canada” & “reiter claims lee web site is a stupid joke”, Wall and Marit accept Reiters claim my (Lee)s Web site is a stupid joke, but note a political axiom, google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit” note below: (more…)