Google “sask. government agreed to transfer 300 acres of gth land to cp for no cost leo” & “rural zoning web site causes china to write off deposits and end gth investment”, the business community will not touch Wall’s GTH fraud and China ended their investment so Wall became so desperate to color up a fairy tale that he gave 300 acres to CP, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Wall is more corrupt than Trump, note below: 

Google “putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 election reuters” & “trump threatens canada supply management” review search results; notwithstanding POTUS (Trump)s Putin ties and intention to destroy Canada’s economy Trudeau hopes/believes Trump will hear Wall whisper’s because Wall is google “ wall five times as corrupt as trump” BUT Wall corruption is destroying Saskatchewan’s economy, note below:

Google “donald trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’ say psychiatric experts at yale conference bulman” & “trump’s odds of being impeached are at evens according to u.k. betting site ladbrokers reiger” a Yale conference room full of shrinks stating POTUS (Trump) is insane and a U.K. betting site placing Trumps odds of survival at 50/50 should give the Trudeau Fed pause BUT Trudeau still dreams on, google “trudeau uses wall as trump whisperer” review search results and note below:

Google “mandryk: class warfare puts wall coalition at risk mandryk” & “letter: saddened former saskatchewan party candidate says ‘ I can no longer stand by this party’ stevenson” & “boyd, gth has done little to make wall gov’t wary of conflicts mandryk” & “mandryk: olauson’s flub conjures the specter of an enemies list mandryk”. I (Lee) feel for the woman Wall’s MLA (Olauson) threatened with an “epic” attack, BUT that is common, google “lee’s life threatened rural zoning” and note below:

There are over 6M visits to the posts setting out the facts of the RCMP covering up the fact my (Lee)s life was threatened for refusing to bribe Devine now Wall’s, ENGR.s, review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, I feel for the woman Olauson threatened BUT threats were common practice during the google “devine decade of darkness” and now the Wall administration, all aimed at covering up official corruption and the officials filling offshore banks to the rafters, google “lane had swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland” note below:

Canadian officials do not openly brag about their corruption as POTUS (Trump) does, but they are more corrupt then Trump, google “bombardier employee arrested, others questioned in swedish bribery probe cbc” & “bombardier asserts commitment to “high ethical standards” following swedish bribery bribery investigation brownnell”, & “bombardier staff arrested in sweden on suspicion of bribery in railway deal globe and mail mackinnon, mccarthy, silcoff”. Review the search results above, especially the Globe, three Journalist article, note below:

Bombardier is in 100 offshore bribery deals, google “multiserve overseas”, and again google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7”,
now google “corrupt.af”, note “canadian courts: trump mislead investors” & “russian elite invested nearly $100 million in trump buildings”. POTUS (Trump) never stops bragging about how he made $10B by bankrupting his tall towers as he built them and refusing to pay workers, small Contractors, and investors, Trump is a corruption horror, review Trump corruption Web site, “corrupt.af.”, BUT we are worse note below:

I (Lee) realize that to keep Quebec voting Liberal our Prime Minister Trudeau had to give Bombardier $372M of Canadian taxpayer money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier equipment and Harper was worse, google “harper gave russian mafia taxpayer money out of canada’s pension fund” and official corruption has become worse, note below:

If my (Lee)s dear dead wife Lorna was alive today she would be reminding me that she and I legally paid Thatcher’s Liberals 2% of Highway Contract value in campaign donations to protect us (her and I) from corrupt Civil Engineers bribe demands, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL. It was legal until Chretein changed the law BUT Ross Thatchers plan solved Saskatchewan’s official corruption problem BUT now Wall is worse, google “press reader brad wall may well be trudeau’s ‘trump whisperer’ morrow” & “how trump became the russian mafia’s bitch greenhalgh”, note below:

Trudeau, Trump and Wall are Tweedle-dum, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-twit, to Putin, review last paragraphs of ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT, Trudeau gave Bombardier $372M of Canadian Taxpayer money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier equipment, sickening, BUT Wall is sicker, review UBAVBKA’S PONZI and MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, Wall and Goodale have been pandering to the Russian Mafia and their Just Energy Ponzi for a decade.

The Russians used the Serbian woman, Ubavka Mitic, as a front to control Just Energy and Wall used $120M of taxpayer money to buy the useless Belle Plaine ethanol plant from the Russian Mafia SO there is only one way to end the Wall corruption horror ie: my (Lee)s wondrous Web site, the 33rd most watched Web site in the worlds 30M Web sites. My site may, or may not, force Trudeau to remove Saskatchewan from Canada BUT Wall and his odious arrogant elite officials still have reason to be antsy, note below:

Google “saskatchewan’s economy sheds 2000 jobs in march: stats canada fleece” & “brad wall’s saskatchewan party loses sight of its own priorities in budget nandryk” &“jeremy harrisons political games will haunt him and all of us mandryk” & “brad wall welcomes reprieve of washington trade trip mandryk” & “budget of rage dechene” is a excellent rundown of the horror of Wall’s budget; the article title is apt, Wall knowing this Web site could finish him is antsy and responds with old testament rage, he (Wall) google “plowed and salted the earth”, note below:

It is true that Roy rebuilt Saskatchewan after Devine, Lane, Berstein and Wall stole $10B of taxpayer money and its true the NDP could rebuilt again after Wall is gone, BUT while the NDP could rebuild Saskatchewan, Trump will be gone after the US midterms, google “gable cartoon globe and mail saturday april 8 2017” and Trudeau will no longer need Wall as a “trump whisperer” and this Web site may be able to cause the Trudeau Fed to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, note below:

Readers who claim it is stupid of me (Lee) to think this Web site will finish Wall should review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and note Saskatchewan Bloggers believe this Web site cost NDP Premier Calvert the election in the fall of 2007 and review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE RURAL ZONING, strong evidence this Web site reduced the NDP to nine seats in 2011, and google “rural zoning forced harper to end ethanol subsidy”, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, this Web site was used by a Market watch group to cause Just Energy share price drop of 2/3, note below:

The only question is; can this Web site cause Trudeau to remove Saskatchewan from Canada?, the answer is yes, God willing and if the creek don’t rise, and Wall is helping my (Lee) effort, google “premier brad wall has personally invested in three of the oil companies he is trying to lure to saskatchewan; provincial conflict of interest commissoner says its ok fraser”, BUT google “premier should have cleared letter to alta. companies with conflict commissioner first leo” & “using our taxes to subsidize oil executives’ move here is madness mandryk”, note below:

Google “new poll shows brad wall’s popularity is falling as taxes and cuts rise pochalik” & “mandryk: grants in lieu of tax grab insult to regina saskatoon mandryk” & “mandryk: property tax hikes to curse wall government mandryk”, review Barb and Murray, they make all their Wall points of corruption eloquently and perfectly, note below:

The Devine Gang, including Wall, stole $10B of taxpayer money, today’s taxpayer loss would be +/- $15B and was the debt Roy had to deal with in his day, google “saskatoon may not be alone in taking province to court over lost grant-in-lieu revenue hill” & “some cities losing half of provincial funding says sask. urban municipalities cbc” & “ wall and company ill-prepared as tsunami of criticism looms mandryk” & “ wall sells 900 sask. provincial grain cars” & “wall budget kills stc”, and note below:

Small cities services at risk, Wall shutting down STC the rural Seniors and small rural business’s rely on to visit family and for package delivery BUT worse yet Saskatchewan has 40% of the arable land in Canada and it is criminal insanity for Wall to sell the Provinces Grain Car fleet that gets that produce to market to cover his google “ walls gth and regina $1.88b regina bypass fraud”,again google “rural zoning asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada”, note the +800K site visits; my (Lee)s ask of the PM makes more sense every day, in every way, note below:

Wall is worse than Trump, google “ donald trump slides down forbes list of world billionaries cbc” review ODIOUS ASSHOLES TRUMP TRUMP, note I (Lee) used outdated numbers, Forbes says Trump is worth only $3B, not the $10B he claims, and Bill Gates is worth $86B, not $80B I used; but this changes little in the post except more evidence of Trump constant lying boasts, BUT who is more evil, our Official Elite gave Canadian tax payer money to Bombardier to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier equipment.

Review again ODIOUS ASSHOLES TRUMP TRUMP, on a per capita basis Wall and his officials stole five times more taxpayer money then Trump, google “charbonneau commission”, review BIDRIGGERS, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, Quebec public inquiry established official corruption in Quebec road contracting increases costs by 1/3 BUT this Web site’s hard evidence show Wall’s ENGR.’s bribe demands with RCMP/Queens/Appeal Court protection of Wall ENGR.’s doubles Saskatchewan’s Highway grading contract costs, note below:

Wall could prove or disprove, for the taxpayers, my (Lee) claim just above by honoring my ask and tracking the first years Highway grading contract bid results. Review ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & BIDRIGGERS, if Wall refuses my (Lee)’s offer to sell this Alexa 33 ranked Web site, the 33rd most watched Web site in the world, to his creature SARM, to allow me to deal with his corrupt ENGR.’s then Walls hatred of me is more sickening then the hatred of his odious, ENGR.’s, note below:

Readers are asked to again note that if Wall grants my (Lee)s ask to hire and pay my own private Civil Professional Engineers to administer any Highway Construction Contract I am awarded, review BIDRIGGERS, and if Walls evil ENGR.’s do not slaughter me, within three years my company will be completing every Highway grading contract in Saskatchewan that I want to bid on and will save taxpayers half of the Provincial Highway grading budget, a saving of +/- $200M each and every year.

Again review BIDRIGGERS and given the hard evidence, to wit: Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission, proving that corruption in Quebec Highway Contracting increases costs by 1/3, Wall refusing my ask to prove my (Lee) well documented claim that the corruption of his( Wall)s ENGR.’s doubles Saskatchewan’s highway grading costs; the facts are plain English, Wall is costing taxpayers this massive amounts of money because of his hatred of me and no individual with that level of hatred for any of his citizens should be Premier of Saskatchewan, note below:

One unique fact of official bribery is causing Wall and his odious, arrogant, asshole, ENGR’s their antysness, ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT, Wall’s ENGR.’s hatred of me for refusing to pay their (ENGR.)’s bribes, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: parallels Harper’s official hatred of Muslims for the fact their religion prevents them from paying official bribes, note below:

My (Lee)s research lead to discovery the Muslim religion prevents Muslims paying bribes to Government official’s with the end result Harpers official Ruling Elite hate Muslims, ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT and this is a parallel to Wall’s ENGR.’s hatred of me for refusing to pay his ENGR.’s official bribes, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and this little known fact of the Muslim religion could force the Trudeau Fed to end Wall’s corrupt official’s bribe demands simply by removing Saskatchewan from Canada, note below:

Readers are asked to remember that “inshallah”, is Arab for “as God wills”, and google “rural zoning asks the prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada” visit numbers are over 800K and God willing Trudeau will end Wall corruption by removing Saskatchewan from Canada, 
review https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, note this Web site is the 33rd most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains, scroll to the sites world map, China makes up 22.3% of Web site visits and India, a Muslim Country, makes up 5.7% of Web site visits, note below:

Rosie, on CBC Power and Politics, had Goodale trying to explain Canada’s policy on refuge’s claiming asylum and my mind drifted back to another day and another Regina Liberal Lawyer, this one a friend, who back in Harper’s day, came to me and stated “Bob I want you to come with me to a immigration hearing”…. the guy seeking asylum was a road contractor who refused to pay bribes to the officials in his Country of origin and so feared for his life if he was deported, but he was deported, note below:

Sound familiar?, a road contractor refusing to pay bribes and suffered death threats, ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL & GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: except for the fact there is no place to deport me (Lee) to my problem was, and still is, identical to the refuge’s problem, “refusal to pay ENGR.’s bribes” that is why my Liberal Lawyer friend wanted me to hear the poor bastard’s claim for asylum, which was denied under Harper, but would Goodale grant him asylum today?, God knows, now note below:

Readers are asked to note that on April 3rd, after ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT went in site, I sent the following email to the Trudeau Fed Cabinet.


re: https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org

Dear Minister, Google “muslim liberal mps receive hate email”. All Muslim MPs are the victims of a massive stream of hate e-mails, now review ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL, Wall’s ENGR.’s obviously hate me BUT WHY? I am not Muslim, I am Anglo-Saxon, Anglican, Caucasian, there was a Lee at the signing of the Magna Cata, I am kind to small animals, never molest kids, and never pat women on their rumps, so why would anyone hate me? 

I asked myself; why the hatred of the Muslim’s by the Caucasian official Ruling Elite?, and using my usual key word google search’s soon discovered why our official Caucasian Ruling Elite hate the Muslim’s with a drop dead passion beyond any and all reason, google “canada most bribery prone country in the g-7” & “paying a bribe in order to get one’s rights -islamga.info”, review search results and note below:

Paying or taking of bribes is “haraam” a sin in the Muslim Religion, NOW review again post ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and note that my refusal to pay Wall’s ENGR.’s their official bribes puts me in the same position as the Muslim community but this fact notwithstanding review post ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT and despite the fact, as Rhett said to Scarlett in ‘Gone with the Wind’ “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”.

Google “lee always glad to help” as long as Wall orders the safe guards asked I am prepared to risk my life to Wall’s ENGR.s death threats to offer Wall a deal that includes selling this Web site to Walls creature SARM, your Goodale, as part of Wall’s official corruption, could ensure that deal is done,…….E.R. Lee (end of Trudeau Fed Cabinet email.)

After I (Lee) sent the above email to Trudeau Fed Cabinet Saskatchewan poll results were published, Gormley did a column and I (Lee) remembered the Supreme Court of Canada ruling and legal opinion expressed by four Regina lawyers that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to bribe Donna Strudwick google “insightrix poll shows sask party support is tumbling 620 ckrm” & “ndp partisans back with a sense of purpose gormley”, & “mandryk: class warfare puts wall coalition at risk”, Murray is bang on, Wall is over, BUT that is of no use to me, note below:

Google “scc 31940” & “four regina lawyers advise only option to obtain development approval for the argues was to bribe donna strudwick”review search results, note that these SCC facts stem from the Calvert NDP time so change in Saskatchewan Government to the NDP would do nothing to end Official Corruption in Saskatchewan and Canadian official corruption is worse, beyond my (Lee)s ability to comprehend it, note below:

Review again the last few paragraphs of ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT and note the Trudeau Fed gave Bombardier $372M of taxpayer money to bribe Putin to give them (Bombardier) contracts supplying railway equipment which is sickening beyond comprehension, and explains why experts claim, google “canada most bribery prone country in the g-7”.

In my (Lee)s day, whenever my contracting company, Western Earth Moving Ltd., had to borrow money my CA had to prove to the lender what the money was for and now Bombardier, using Canadian taxpayer money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier railway product, and Trudeau knowing what Bombardier was going to do with that $372M of Canadian taxpayer money when he (Trudeau) gave it to them may distress World leaders who cannot face themselves to shave, or put on their makeup, if they tried to compete with Canada by using their taxpayer’s tax money to bribe Putin.

All I (Lee) have left is being able to face myself to shave while I go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to the end of my three decades of horror BUT the Lee males are long lived and this Web site, the 33rd most watched Web site in the world, will set out the facts of this horror until my death, ie: the sickening corruption of Trudeau giving Bombardier taxpayer money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier product that world leaders may view as beyond the pale even given POTUS’s (Trump) world’s official corruption standards, which may force Trudeau to take action, note below:

I (Lee) repeat, my wondrous Web site may force Trudeau to order my slaughter, as Mulroney ordered slaughter of his bag men, google “on the take, stevie cameron” OR remove Saskatchewan from Canada and I ask the Prime Minister decree the Manitoba-Alberta border to now be the 106th meridian, just east of Saskatoon. To keep their bribes flowing Wall’s odious, arrogant, elite officials will launch a Charter challenge BUT that is the reason for google “notwithstanding clause” and politically the Fed Liberals can not lose, Saskatchewan is a Liberal wasteland, note below:

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI and MITIC MITCHELL & THE MAFIA; Goodale has protected Wall’s corrupt relationship with the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy Ponzi scheme for a decade, this Website, up for a decade, google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com. the 33rd most watched in the worlds 30M Web site domains publishes the facts of the Goodale corruption and will continue until my death and Trudeau should consider the benefits of this Web site gone from the internet and Goodale just gone, note below:

Google “corrupt elite laundering money in canadian housing: report huff post” & “ return to sodom and gormorrah friedman”, I (Lee) urge readers to read summary of Friedman’s study, he sets out that God destroyed the two Cities because they were corrupt. Google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, BUT I am smart enough to understand that if Wall did as I ask in ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT and allowed me to hire my own Professional Civil Engineers to administer all Saskatchewan Highway Contracts I was awarded I would make money and pay tax, note below:

Again google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org note the AI controlling the assessor site webstatsdomain.org calculates this site to have value of millions of dollars BUT google “only sure thing is death and taxes” any tax I (Lee) pay would be given to Bombardier to bribe Putin to buy Bombardiers railway equipment, remember, Trudeau did a deal with Bombardier, Trudeau gave Bombardier $372M taxpayers money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier equipment in exchange for Quebec keep voting Liberal which fact sickens me unto death, note below:

After reflection there is only one way out for the PM and I (Lee), the PM obviously understands the “Art of the Deal” as well as Trump does who literally wrote the book, so I suggest the PM, (Trudeau), and I do a deal, if Trudeau removes Saskatchewan from Canada I will give him (Trudeau) title to the 33rd most watched Web site in the 30M world wide Websites domains https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com and sign affidavit to call it a day, and on April 17th 2017 I sent the Trudeau Cabinet email below:


RE: https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org

Dear Minister, Review the last paragraphs of ODIOUS HATRED HARD FACT your Cabinet gave Bombardier $372M of taxpayer money to bribe Putin to be given contracts to supply railway equipment.

Google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org the assessor site webstatsdomain.org deems this site to have value of millions of dollars and Web sites ranked in the Alexa top 100 sell for $2M to $8M, google “only sure thing is death and taxes”, BUT any tax paid would be given to Bombardier to bribe Putin to buy Bombardiers railway equipment which sickens me unto death, so I offer you way out.

You gave Bombardier $372M of Canadian taxpayers money to bribe Putin to buy Bombardier equipment so Quebec will vote Liberal until St. Swithins day, you like deals; you remove Saskatchewan from Canada and I will give you title to my Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com the 33rd most watched Website in the 30M domain Websites world wide and call it a day…………E.R. Lee

Draft title for May post is ODIOUS WHISPERER


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