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May 29, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Google “will donald trump be shown the door? shribman” & “trump tells russians comey is crazy a real ‘nut job’ nyt” & “john oliver: ‘it is too easy to point at trump being crazy’ guardian staff” & “trump thinks all ‘straight shooters’ are crazy” & “ lane claims lee insane”, & “ lane has swiss bank couriers fly brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland” and note below:

Google my (Lee)s site is valued at $1B CDN; scroll to this post end where I offer Justin’s 183 MP’s title and publishing rights to this Web site, to wit: I offer MP’s $5M each to end Wall corruption by removing Saskatchewan from Canada; is that insane? Well, dear reader if a ‘straight shooter’ such as former FBI Director Jim Comey is deemed to be “crazy” by POTUS (Trump), then I am proud to be deemed ‘insane’ by Lane and will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to end Wall official corruption, note below: (more…)



May 1, 2017

Google “sask. government agreed to transfer 300 acres of gth land to cp for no cost leo” & “rural zoning web site causes china to write off deposits and end gth investment”, the business community will not touch Wall’s GTH fraud and China ended their investment so Wall became so desperate to color up a fairy tale that he gave 300 acres to CP, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Wall is more corrupt than Trump, note below:

Google “putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 election reuters” & “trump threatens canada supply management” review search results; notwithstanding POTUS (Trump)s Putin ties and intention to destroy Canada’s economy Trudeau hopes/believes Trump will hear Wall whisper’s because Wall is google “ wall five times as corrupt as trump” BUT Wall corruption is destroying Saskatchewan’s economy, note below: (more…)