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March 30, 2017

Google “some cities losing half of provincial funding says sask. urban municipalities cbc” & “ wall and company ill-prepared as tsunami of criticism looms mandryk” & “ wall sells 900 sask. provincial grain cars” & “wall budget kills stc”, readers urged to review search results, note below:

Small cities destroyed, Wall shutting down STC that rural Seniors and small rural business’s rely on to visit family and for package delivery BUT worse yet Saskatchewan has 40% of the arable land in Canada and Wall selling the Provinces Grain Car fleet that gets that produce to market to cover google “ walls gth and regina $1.88b regina bypass fraud” is criminally insane. Google “rural zoning asks prime minister to remove saskatchewan from canada”, note the +800K site visits; my (Lee)s ask of the PM makes more sense every day, in every way, note below: (more…)