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January 28, 2017

First, a article from a confidant referring to a “back in the day” that may intrigue readers, google “a mortgage bailout in ancient rome delancy place”, read search result, I (Lee) was struck by the fact today’s leaders do the same as the leaders of ancient Rome, print money and pray to our psychopathic God to keep the system going for another decade or two when the obvious solution is as simple as a walk in Wascana Park, just stop the official elite from stealing taxpayer money, we are the example, google “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and note below: 

NEW NEWS l: Google “saskatchewan and the federal government have reached a 10- year funding agreement for health care that will bring more than $300 million to the province l.p., review search result, $30M a year is meaningless, the ENGR.’s, Strudwick and her SARM ilk spill that much taxpayer money each year shoveling it into shipping containers to ship to their offshore banks, Web reader’s who think I (Lee) exaggerate review ABOLITION OF RMS and ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL and note below: (more…)