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November 17, 2016

Google “mandryk: sask. party mla’s block disclosure in gth fiasco” and “job loss of 10,800 in october in saskatchewan worst in over a decade leader post” & “mandryk: plummeting jobs shake brad wall government foundation” & “mandryk: big borrowing require big saskatchewan government changes” & “murray mandryk reflects on brad walls nine years as premier” and note below:

Google “seven ways president trump would be worse then you think for canada ibbertson”, the Globe and Mail Nov. 12 front page head line is WILL TRUMP?, and under that are sub heads “start a race war?”, “reverse women’s rights?”, “foreign policies bring the apocalypse?”, “protectionism ruin our economy?” “destroy America?” “unify America”, Saskatchewan cannot afford to bribe Wall’s officials. (more…)



November 2, 2016

Billy Boyd buried bodies being Brad’s biggest problem, I (Lee) owe readers apology, the last line in ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL states November title is ODIOUS, CONTINUOUS, EVIL, but CBC published Boyd GTH revelation, ie: Boyds arrogant boasts of GTH fraud, akin to CNN’s “Breaking News” when told about Trumps arrogant boasts of groping yet another woman’s genitals in public or financially stiffing yet another small Contractor. (more…)