FIRST: google “failing saskatchewan’s ndp is creating a big political vacume mandryk”, & “potash merger will cost saskatchewan jobs” & “mandryk: corporate mergers are seldom good for saskatchewan” & “mandryk: walls trade mission points to economic woes” & “survey finds nearly half of employees in saskatchewan living paycheque to paycheque robinson”, BUT it gets much, much, much worse, note below:

Google “canada’s economy on life support babad” review the profound Globe and Mail article, then note United States protectionism dooms Canada and Saskatchewan, Trump will end NAFTA while Hillary will only “modify” it, google “jesus wept” and “what percent of saskatchewan gdp is trade with u.s.”. Note 40% of Saskatchewan GDP is from exports so it matters little, Trump or Clinton, best for Saskatchewan is Hillary with NAFTA only “modified”, and 50% of us choosing between food and mortgage, worst case Trump ending NAFTA if 40% of our GDP disappeares overnight we will all starve, freezing in the dark, note below:

We will starve while Wall’s Official Elite steal the last of the taxpayer money and move it to their offshore Bank accounts, that effing Lane blazed the trail, google “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from the leg building to switzerland”, and google “canadians have at least $170 billion stashed in tax havens says watchdog c. p.”, and “canadian ties exposed in leaked bahamas tax-haven data dubinsky cbc”, note below:

Scroll back to first line in the first paragraph, Murray notes the NDP do not question Sask Party corruption, google “saskatchewan officials seven times more corrupt then world average”, and review AN EXCELLLENT ASK RURAL ZONING, note the NDP Fed refuse to raise questions when Wall destroyed the Argue’s $30M development because I (Lee) refused to carry Strudwick her effing flowers, google “summary 31940”: Taxpayers may not care the Argue’s lost their $30M residential development dream and may believe the tax loss is nothing to them, they may be right, BUT note below:

The NDP do not even question Walls Sask Party cozy-crony contracts with SNC-Lavalin, google “sask power overpays snc-lavalin by $111m”, and note the Liberals are too smart to campaign in Saskatchewan, Provincially or Federally, so the only hope for Saskatchewan citizens is my (Lee)s corruption Web site, Alexa ranked as the 44th most watched site out of 30 million Web domains world wide, Google “rural zoning asks pm to remove saskatchewan from canada”, visit numbers are over 160M. I am proud of my ask of the PM to remove Saskatchewan from Canada because this site could conceivably force the Sask Party to reinvent itself by dumping the last of the Devine Gang, Wall, and electing a honest leader note below:

The Saskatchewan voters have got to end the odious arrogant assholes, such as the ENGR.’s, Dave Marit and SARM thugs such as the corrupt slut, the Strudwick’s, bribe demands. As example, google “marit blackmails roy”, review search results, note evidence that after Roy obtained Cabinet approval to remove the RMs Marit, google “ extortit” Roy, lawyers know the personal facts Marit used to force Roy’s resignation as Premier, but Wall booted McMorris under the Criminal Code, drunk driving, SO Marit could be, booted, google “ section 346 (1) extortion criminal code of canada”.

There is no statute of limitations on Criminal extortion in Canada, and Marit’s extortion of Roy after he (Roy) gained Cabinet approval to eliminate the RMs 12 years ago cost taxpayers Billions, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & ABOLITION OF RMS, and Marit’s extortion of Roy has cost taxpayers $165M a year, $2.5B to date, ask any University Economics Professor, then review $680M RISK TRANSFER & BID RIGGERS RURAL ZONING, and note below:

As Minister of Highways Dave Marit can now start to “disappear” some big taxpayer bucks and google “potential cuts affect party preference: poll chabun”. Is Will right?, is Wall heading to Drummond’s island?, google “gary drummond’s warm climate island rural”, can Marit and the Strudwick be far behind Wall? I (Lee) apologize for going over my own two page limit for the ODIOUS…. line, but google “health regions having $30 million from wcb redirected to help pay off provincial debt lp” & “rural over-governance remaining unaddressed sp”, which mainstream media caused me to go ahead with ENGR. EVIL post, note below:

I (Lee) have long had post ready on ENGR. corruption causing Lorna’s death, it was speculative, BUT when the two big daily Editor’s made a call to end SARM were published the Editors were clearly speculating and while this post is speculative on cause of Lorna’s death, this post does make the point on how far the evil, ugly, greed of the ENGR.’s caused them to go to fill their offshore bank accounts to the rafters with bribe money.

The odious, arrogant asshole ENGR.’s now have Marit as their Minister, SARM LEADER LIES, so the sky is the limit, offshore banks will increase vault size as Wall allows millions of taxpayer money to be “disappeared” by SARM thugs such as the Strudwick, google “scc 31940” and millions more by official ENGR. bid rigging, BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING, review UBAVKA’S PONZI and note where I (Lee) set out the paper trail of the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan being co-opted by the Sask Party, google
“ mandryk: krawetz made history happen mandryk”, note below:

Review DEJA VU DEVINE and note that effing Lane claimed, as the Devine Gang AG, that I (Lee) was insane for my refusal to bribe the ENGR.’s note IF Wall’s Minister Responsible, the odious corrupt, arrogant, asshole elite,
Reiter, made the claim that I am insane for refusing to bribe the corrupt slut, the Strudwick, he (Reiter), could prove his claim in open Court, google “sheeple definition” & “psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness: only the sheeple are sane benson”, note below:

Now review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, I (Lee) repeat Wall’s Minister Responsible, Reiter, rules I am the stupidest man in Canada if I think that I can get approval for the Argues $30M residential development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, note that I can not be incarcerated for stupidity BUT I could be incarcerated for being insane so if Reiter change’s his claim to that of my insanity it may do it, note below:

Google “ the conscience of a conservative wente”, Tom Flanagan was a Harper loyalist, Tom invented the Harper brand, BUT Maggie goes through the deliberate destruction of Tom Flanagan by Harper because of Tom’s refusal to pander to Harpers base. Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: where the PC Party, the Devine Gang, because of my (Lee)s refusal to pay bribes to the ENGR.’s destroyed me despite the fact I had organized the election of 4 out of 5 PC’s in so called “red square” LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, documents, page 11, and note below:

I (Lee) have failed for over three decades, BUT google “clair cameron patterson wiki”, it took renowned scientist, Cameron Patterson, many decades to force the US/Canadian Political Elite to remove lead additives from gas and paint, remember that back in the day lead additives were used to remove the so called “diesel knock” from car engines, and smooth out the tiny little lumps in paint, including walls/kids toys, note below:

Due to industry bribes to the Official Ruling Elite of the day it took Patterson decades to accomplish the removal of lead from paint and gas despite the fact that it had been common knowledge among all Scientists for hundreds of decades that lead poisoning resulted in a loss of brain function leading to insanity to the point that the Scientists believe lead poisoning caused the collapse of the Roman Empire, google “lead poisoning in rome-the skelatal evidence”, and note below:

For example of today’s insane Political Elite, Google, “russian politico valdimer zhirinovsky orders aides to ‘violently rape’ pregnant reporter sttela dubovllsk huff post”, now google “does russia still use lead in paint and gas?” Just as with lead poisoning it is common ground among economists that: google “ economists claim corruption economies die” and I (Lee) ask Web readers to think about Reiters claim that I am the stupidest man in Canada for refusing to bribe the Strudwick who is protected by that effing Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph. 30. 

Google “lane should be shot rural zoning” note that back in the day I (Lee) made public statement to the Saskatchewan PC backbench MLA’s that then Devine Gang Attorney General, Gary Lane, “should be shot” for confiscating my MLA Appeal from the MLA’s, Lane used my public statements to the MLA’s to charge me with “threatening”, under the Criminal Code, my jury was out for 15 minutes, we could hear them laughing in the jury room, before returning with “ not guilty”, Lane did not appeal, now note below:

Again, google “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from the leg building to switzerland”, and review crucial post SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, the title of that post is taken from Lawrence Solomon’s white paper on the “curse” of the RM Administration of Rural Saskatchewan and the title of this post “ODIOUS ENGR. EVIL”, the evil of corrupt ENGR.’s Administering Highway Construction Contracts blackmailing Judges to destroy Contractors who refuse to bribe ENGR.’s, and note below:

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING & BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? & GARY LANE AND THE CJC , complaint 5: & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, PDF of MLA Appeal & BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING, and note the well documented post regarding the corruption of the ENGR.’s as the official Government Ruling Elite who control Saskatchewan’s Highway Construction contracts, review evidence of Quebec bid rigging and compare it to Saskatchewan Highway Contracting corruption, note below:

Google “outsourcing doubles engineering costs on sask highways contractors say leo cbc news”, note the Sask Heavy Construction Association claims that Government hiring Private Engineers to control Highway Construction Contracts costs double for Engineering, BUT that claim is smoke and mirrors, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note cost of construction Engineering on Highway Contracts is 4%, so even if that cost doubles to 8% using Private Civil Engineers there is still massive saving for the taxpayers because the ENGR. organizing Contractor Bid Rigging doubles total contract bid prices, BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING. 

Web readers are asked to google “public inquiry into quebec highway construction” are asked to note there are 5 (five) pages of search results referring to media reports of bribes, kickback to corrupt Politicians and threats to break the legs of honest politicians, and shooting of Journalists by Professional Civil Engineers and Union Leaders working with the Mafia; Quebec Highway construction contract costs a third more than the same contracts in Ontario while Saskatchewan is even more, the cost doubles.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there was Quebec bid rigging resulting in bid prices so far beyond sanity that public pressure forced Charest to call a public inquiry, its google “sickening unto death”, and 
any taxpaying voter who thinks that we are any different than Quebec is google “as crazy as two waltzing mice”. Web readers are asked to again review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll to half way through, note the evidence the odious, arrogant, evil, ENGR.’s threatened my (Lee)s life because I refused to pay their bribes, leading to mind boggling horror, note below:

The RCMP used a wire tap to discover names of the ENGR.’s responsible for the death threats against me (Lee) but the RCMP officer investigating, Corporal Smith, refused to lay charges against the ENGR.’s who had made the threats against my life and it gets worse, much, much, much worse, unbelievably worse: I had courted a wonder full young woman, Lorna Latta, through her years of attending U of S at Saskatoon, after her graduation, Lorna came to Yorkton to work and we married a couple years later, we both made good money and soon had enough, ie: $30,000.00 to establish a road contracting business, Western Earth Moving, note below:

Google “establishment of western earth moving rural zoning” we set up under the wing of Matheson Bros., and thrived under Ross Thatcher’s Liberals because we paid 2% of contract value as a LEGAL political donation to the Provincial Liberals for Thatcher to protect us from the ENGR. bribe demands. When Thatcher fell the ENGR. renewed their bribe demands but by then Lorna and I (Lee) had net worth of $500K, (+/-$4M today) and I had become arrogant, (hubris) and told them (ENGR.) to “fuddel-duddel” themselves, so they threatened my life, note below:

Google “on the take stevie cameron” note that at the end of the day the odious arrogant ENGR.’s did not have to slaughter me as Mulroney slaughtered his bag men, because first the NDP Political Elite and then Lane, as the Devine Gang AG, did a deal with the Courts to destroy Lorna and I, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note the PDF of the MLA Appeal, & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and google “cic1 rural zoning”.

The fact the ENGR.’s destroyed me (Lee) because I refused to pay bribes is EVIL, but the odious, arrogant, asshole Engineering students had courted Lorna and her girlfriends at University because the girls were in science, and knew the difference between grain and wood alcohol and smuggled the drinkable alcohol out of the science labs to give the arrogant effing Civil Engineering students a cheap drunk at their endless University parties.

The odious, arrogant, asshole, ENGR. threats to kill me are understandable, I (Lee) flatly refused to pay their effing bribes, but they deliberately destroyed a lovely woman (Lorna), and that is well beyond their normal evil. Lorna, who was as healthy as the proverbial horse, with no family history of breast cancer, was stricken with breast cancer and died young from the endless public boasts of the ENGR.’s that they had bribed the Judges to destroy me, her husband, for my refusal to pay their bribes, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING & BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

My (Lee) sitting in the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton holding Lorna’s hand while she died of breast cancer was beyond the usual ENGR. Evil, but Lorna’s confidants still blamed me for my refusal to bribe the ENGR. thugs controlling our Government Highway contracts. Stress causes breast cancer and the stress of the threats on my (her husbands) life and boasts of the ENGR.’s of the deliberate destruction of our Contracting company caused Lorna’s stress and I believe lead to her death, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the ENGR.’s demand for bribes and threats on my (Lee)s life when I refused to pay their bribes and the RCMP refusal to charge the odious arrogant asshole ENGR.’s when their (RCMP) wiretaps discovered the names of those ENGR.’s responsible caused Lorna deep stress: I am speculating that stress lead to Lorna’s death, BUT the Editorial Boards of both the Star Phoeinix and Leader Post, demands for Wall to amalgamate RMs into Counties will save taxpayers money is pure speculation, Wall could appoint the Strudwick to administer one of the Counties and she will have access to five times the money she did in Edenwold RM, so will steal five times as much, now note below:

Now google “the last reasonable man” and note hubris is always a problem, the only quarrel Lorna and I (Lee) ever had was when Lorna claimed I was arrogant, (hubris) for claimimg that I was more ethical than her friends, the ENGR. Thugs, demanding bribes and threatening my life. Lorna pointed out that there could be no doubt whatsoever but that I had “bribed” the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan with 2% of contract value for then Liberal Premier Ross Thatcher to protect us (Lorna and I) from the odious, asshole, ENGR.’s demands for bribes, and of course Lorna was right, BUT note below:

Lorna, as a owner of Western, loved her house and Cadillac, and had been advised by our accountant Ken Laxdall, and our lawyer Jim Milliken, that 2% of contract payment to the Thatcher Liberals was a legal political donation and had accepted the fact of 2% of contract cash flow to the Liberals for protection from ENGR. Bribe demands and after Jim Milliken was appointed a Judge, and D A Mackenzie Q.C., accepted my (Lee)s instruction on the Western legal battle Lorna relented, she was a Scottish girl, so she and D A adored each other, D A could play the bagpipes and speak Gaelic so Lorna forgave me and dropped claim of my hubris.

Google “ancient greeks executed officials guilty of hubris”, SO who is more guilty of hubris?, the odious, arrogant, asshole, ENGR.’s who destroyed Lorna and I (Lee) because of my refusal to pay ENGR. bribes, or me for refusing to pay the ENGR. bribes when warned by all experts those bribes had to be paid? Review again DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to documents in the PDF of the MLA appeal, page 3 – 7, contact your MLA and ask him/her who is more guilty of hubris?

That MLA appeal was actually written by Lorna and Lester Johnson, note statement by Lloyd Hampton MLA, and former RCMP officer, note the ENGR.’s bragged about destroying me (Lee), it is also fact Devine Gang Attorney General Gary Lane asked a odious Queens Bench Judge, “Sandy” Macpherson, to finish what the NDP and the ENGR.’s had started, to wit: Lorna and my destruction for my refusal to bribe the ENGR.’s, note below:

Lorna and I (Lee) were deliberately destroyed 30 years ago here in Saskatchewan and there is a recent rerun in Quebec, hard evidence that Ruling Elite official corruption is absolute from one end of Canada to the other, Google “cosmmisso link to toronto construction firm prompts union to ask fo police to probe cbc news” and “corruption not confined to quebec ndp leader mulcair suggests barry”, and any taxpayer who thinks the Saskatchewan Ruling Elite officials are not part of this google “ public corruption evil” are as crazy as google “two waltzing mice”, note below:

After Quebec I (Lee) did something I should have done long before, checked Highway bid prices here in Saskatchewan and found evidence of bid rigging doubling bid price on the Prud’homme-Vonda contract, review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING and the hard facts are that at the end of the day the Quebec Mafia are less corrupt than the ENGR.’s and that effing Lane, and the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges here in Saskatchewan, note below:

If the movie take on Mafia operations is accurate, “protection money” is paid and back in my (Lee)s day all Contractors legally paid 2% of contract value to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan as the monthly contract progress payments came out, operators wages, fuel, repair and camp cost have got to be paid for any Contracting operation to function and that 2% POLITICAL donation to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan had to be paid to get the next progress payment, BUT in return Ross Thatcher protected all Highway Contractors who wanted protection from the bribe demands of the ENGR.’s administering the Department of Highways construction contracts.

My (Lee) confidants, including my wife, Lorna, who’s great Uncle had been a Minister in the Jimmy Gardiner Administrations back in the day, pointed out to me, correctly, that the Ross Thatcher Liberals were demanding “protection money” exactly as the Mafia does, and google “mafia, inquiry reveals mob intimidation tactics cp”. I believe that the threats against my (Lee)s life by the ENGR.’s because of my refusal to pay their bribes and the RCMP use of wire taps to find out who was threatening me, but not laying criminal charges against the ENGR.’s, is fundamental evil, note below:

Lorna had gone back to work as a Pharmacist, while I, acting on D.A.s advice, organized “red square” for Devine and the PC’s, which was a great success, I got 4 PC’s elected in 5 of the “red square” constituencies, but Lane still destroyed Lorna and I for my refusal to bribe the ENGR.’s. To me (Lee), it could not be worse, I felt responsible for my wife Lorna’s death caused by the stress of the ENGR.’s destruction of Lorna and my Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to pay their official bribes, BUT Lorna and I are a minor matter in the big picture, note below:

Lorna and I are two dead and destroyed official victims BUT in Canada’s big picture the continuing slaughter of citizens by the Odious official Ruling Elite to cover their massive corruption gets worse. Google “on the take stevie cameron crime greed and corruption in the mulroney years”, and “transparency international states canada most bribery prone country in g-7”. read Stevies best selling book, note a half a dozen of Mulroney’s bag man were “suicided” and many believe it was because they knew what off shore Banks the Mulroney bribe money was stored in, akin to a Pirate Chief killing the crew who had helped him bury his treasure, note below:

Mulroneys official slaughter of his bagmen is recorded in Stevie Cameron’s best selling book note in preceding paragraph, BUT Mulroney’s Bag men were a tough bunch, one of them, John Grant, in death, had a oblique Saskatchewan connection. I (Lee) met John Grants widow Debra and her daughter Heather, when Deb remarried then U of R President, Don Wells, and it became known that Debs first husband, John Grant allegedly “suicided” by stabbing himself 17 (seventeen) times in the heart, his motel room walls, floor, and ceiling were awash in his blood, ask any Doctor or Nurse if it is possible to stab yourself 17 times in the heart, note below:

To make my (Lee)s point compare Saskatchewan corruption to Quebec, as proven by the public inquiry into contracting corruption in Quebec. Google “ ‘donnie brasco’ testifies at quebec corruption inquiry toronto star”, note that famed FBI undercover agent testifies, that nothing changed, google “extra 3% tax for contracts went to montreal mayor gerald tremblay’s party: chabonneau commission testimony bruemmer”, and note below:

Readers remember the Mafia does not build roads, they do corruption,and readers should review post HYENAS WITH HUBRIS and note the media paper trail shows the Mafia in Montreal received 2.5% (two and a half percent) of the cash flow on each contract while the Montreal Mayor and his official Civil Engineering thugs received 4%, note the Elite officials received more corrupt cash out of Government contracts then the Mafia,
the retired contractor testified that his company put out about 6.5% (six and one half percent) of the Contracts in “extra tax” ( bribes), and only 2.5% of that “extra tax” went to the Mafia, and 3% (three percent) to the Montreal officials, the Court lost track of 1% but the sworn facts are solid.

I (Lee) am struck by two obvious points, first, back in the day, running Western Earth Moving during the regime of Liberal Leader Ross Thatcher the Highway Contractors were required to make a LEGAL 2% (two percent) of contract cash flow as a political donation to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan and in return then Premier Thatcher protected the Highway Contractors from the ENGR. bribe demands, again review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, review PDF of MLA Appeal.

Second point; review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 15.-19. note it is media documented that Prime Minister Brian Mulroney charged Developers 6% (six percent) of contract cash flow as a bribe to be granted Federal Government real estate contracts, and Mulroney was from Montreal, SO is Federal Ruling Elite 6% of cash flow bribe requirement a coincidence, or standard practice based on Montreal, Quebec, corruption standards, which was Mulroney turf, review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, note below:

Google “lee offers to settle for right to hire his own civil engineers rural zoning”, back in the day, I (Lee) offered to settle my refusal to pay the bribe demands of the odious arrogant ENGR.’s by the Devine Gang allowing me to hire and pay fees of Private Civil Engineers to provide Construction Engineering on any Highway Contract my company entered into with the Province, but then Devine Gang Attorney General, Gary Lane, denied my request claiming it would be a license for me to print money, and that effing Lane is right, it would be a license for any Highway contractor to print money if they could hire their own Civil Engineers, note below:

Remember, back in my (Lee)s day the cost of construction engineering on road contracts was 4% (four percent) of the contract, google “cost of construction engineering” and note the graphs show that nothing has changed, the cost of construction engineering is still 4%, and review the testimony of the Montreal Contractor at the Chabonneau Inquiry in the paragraphs preceding, his testimony that his bribes to the Mafia and the Montreal Mayor and his officials were a total of 6.5% (six and a half percent) with 2.5 % going to the Mafia and the rest, about 4% as extra tax (bribes) to the Montreal official Ruling Elite and note below:

In summary: sworn testimony at the Quebec corruption inquiry is that the Mafia requires 2.5% (two and a half percent) of contract cash flow for protection money, in the same way that Liberal Premier Ross Thatcher, in my (Lee)s day, required 2.0 % (two percent) of contract cash flow to legally protect the Contractor from ENGR. bribe demands, and we now know that Mulroney demanded a 6% bribe on Federal Government real estate deals, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 18, and note below:

The 1/2% difference in protection money between Ross Thatcher and the Mafia means nothing, no grading Contractor, not even I (Lee), can bid grading contracts that close. Review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING, the only way the low bid of any Highway Contract can end up double a sane bid is through the Administration of the ENGR.’s controlling tender calls and Contract Administration, AND any taxpayer who believes any Contractor keeps any of that extra taxpayer money is google “crazy as two waltzing mice”, it goes into the odious ENGR.’s off shore bank accounts, note below:

If the Mafia are content with 2.5% of contract value as protection money to prevent slaughter of Grading Foremen and sabotage of equipment, as they are in Montreal, and the Contractor pays 4% for construction Engineering, as I asked the Devine Gang to allow me to do, the cost is the same as the bribes paid in Montreal and for the first time since Ross Thatcher’s administrations the Highway Contractors would have honest Engineering.

Review SUCKERPUNCHED-TWICE, readers are asked to note that my (Lee) study done back in the day at the request of D A MacKenzie QC, show that 20% of the ENGR.’s demanded bribes, and D A assumed the honest 80% were covering for the corrupt 20% to protect Highways and if the 80-20 honest/corrupt split stands in the Wall Cabinet and Caucus, as example, Lyle Stewart, is a honest man and will be having a difficult time for nothing, google “poll suggests ndp ahead of saskatchewan party in regina l.p.”. 

But that effing Lane is right: BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING if I (Lee) could hire my own Civil Engineers to administer any Highway Construction contracts I entered into with the Province and I was the only Contractor with that right it would be a license to print money because at low bid I would make the contracting bid profit, 100% PLUS another 100% ie: the massive amount of bribe money the odious arrogant ENGR.’s demand from today’s Highway Contractors to control bid prices and administer the Contracts, but that is what Road Builders Association demands.

Again review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING, the Road Builders Association demand Wall leave the in house ENGR.’s administering Highway Contracts, well taxpaying voters, even with that effing thug, Dave Marit, as Minister of Highways, within 3 years of my (Lee) hiring, and paying, my own Civil Engineers to administer any Highway grading Contract that I enter into with the Province of Saskatchewan my company would be contracting any Highway Grading Contracts that I wanted to bid on and the Road Building Association will be bribing the Sask Party to allow them to hire their own Civil Engineers to administer their contracts, note below:

Review again THE HANGED MAN RURAL ZONING, note my (Lee)s offer to Wall to by-pass Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue Development and compensate me for accomplishing the impossible for the taxpayers by reincorporating Loverrna as a Village and granting me title to it. Loverna is on the Alberta border thirty miles west of Kindersley, it is a ghost village, now controlled by the RM of Antelope Park, has no value to taxpayers and reincorporation as a Village and title to it (Loverna) is all I need, but there is a problem even with something that simple, note below:

When the Hon Jack Hillson amended the Urban Act to allow me (Lee) to use Wood Mountain Village to by-pass Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve Argues $30M Development Strudwick snickered and sneered at the Hon Jack Hillson’s order and Richards, as Appeal Judge, upheld Strudwicks defiance of the Hon Jack, google “summary 31940”, so when the ENGR.’s start their legal action to stop me they will have a legal precedent.

Chief Judge Richards will use his own legal precedent giving the Strudwick power to tell Minister Responsible, the Hon Jack Hillson, to google “fuddel-duddel” himself regarding his Ministerial order I use Wood Mountain Village to by- pass Strudwick’s demand for bribes as a precedent to rule that I can not use Loverna Village to deal with the ENGR.’s bribes, no lawyer will touch it so I (Lee) would again have to act for myself through to the Supreme Court, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, and google “summary 31940”, lawyers congratulate me on that work, and I could do it again, but that still leaves me with a massive problem, note below:

There is only a 15% chance SCC will hear the case and review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, note Wall booted Heppner as Highways Minister and gave the Ministry to a stupid coward, Marit, review BARCLAYS CONFLICT, Marit is so stupid he could not gerrymand Federal Boundaries with Jenni Bryne, the 100th most power-full woman in Canada leading him by the hand, and Marit was too cowardly to continue his SARM libel action against me (Lee) when I published defense in this Website, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, scroll to last paragraphs but Wall could easily end all of his massive corruption problems, note below:

Wall could easily end RM corruption by following the Leader Post and Star Phoenix Editorial Board asks to cut the number of RM’s, as example Wall could combine RM Horribilis (Sherwood/ Edenwold) with Pense, Lumsden and Lagord to form a 5 RM County and I (Lee) fear that Wall has bought the Argues for $2M, last paragraphs of ODIOUS OBDURATE EVIL, and I owe the PM apology for my Argue ask, which will be e-mailed to the PM forthwith with copy in the next post, and note below:

Review WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, Wall gave Deveraux $2M of taxpayer money to color up his financial statement for bonding purposes, hence my (Lee)s use of this Web site valued at $2M- $8M for bond backing is reasonable and given the fact of Deveraux $2M gift from taxpayers, Wall could reasonably ask his Cabinet to sign a $2M Wawanesa Surety Bond, which I (Lee) would pay for, allowing me to hire, and pay, private Civil Engineers to administer Highway Contracts I enter into and Wall could reasonably reincorporate Loverna as a Village and grant me title to it (Loverna), now note below:

I (Lee) owe Reiter and my dear dead wife Lorna’s memory an apology, Reiter is right, I am stupid and Lorna was right, I am arrogant. Google “four regina lawyers advise it is impossible to get by strudwick”, hence there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it was arrogant and stupid of me to ignore the advice of four Regina Lawyers that its impossible to get by Strudwick without bribing her, google “summary 31940”, and note below:

Google “oecd cuts outlook for global economy and canada’s too cbc” and
“canada’s economy on life support babad” note Canada’s economic growth is less then inflation, (negative growth) and we can no longer afford to pay the ENGR.’s, and Strudwick their official bribes, ODIOUS RULING ELITE.

Title of November post is ODIOUS, CONTINUOUS, EVIL.


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