There is no doubt whatsoever but that Premier Brad Wall is as slippery as a greased weasel heading to the hen house, google “sask deputy premier don mcmorris resigns after impaired driving charge cbc” & “boyd leaves wall cabinet”& “ premier announces cabinet shuffle” & “ex-landowners say rcmp has talked to them about gth sales d.c.fraser”, BUT throwing Boyd and McMorris under the bus is not near enough.

Google “cabinet shuffle exposes wall depth problems mandryk”. The end of McMorris may end the Strudwick corruption BUT Marit as Highways Minister defies explanation, review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING. Marit is a stupid, coward, review BARCLAYS CONFLICT RURAL ZONING, Marit is too stupid to gerrymand boundaries even with the 100th smartest woman in Canada, Jenni Byne, leading him by the hand and when legal rumors of Marit’s planned SARM libel action against me (Lee) were rife I publicized my defense and Marit coward’ed out, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, near post end.

Review ODIOUS RULING ELITE, para. 174., world leaders are long faces and longer e-mails that official corruption costs world taxpayers a Trillion dollars a year, this Web site has been making that point for a decade regarding Saskatchewan officials, review ODIOUS RULING ELITE, mother post providing proof for my claim of Saskatchewan official-Judicial-RCMP-Sask Party corruption in the ODIOUS…. line, note below:

As one example, I (Lee) can prove Lane-Strudwick organized cocaine-high school girl parties for Conservative Judges, what I CANNOT prove is that Lane-Strudwick are now blackmailing male Judges such as Richards with pictures of them google “fuddel-duddeling” cocaine fueled high school girls, BUT that would explain the Strudwick’s power to demand “flowers” to approve Argues $30M development, google “summary 31940”. Strudwick’s arrogant, corrupt, evil parallels the Sask. Highway Engineers arrogant, corrupt, evil, which I know well, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, MLA PDF.

Wall wants $180K from CBC to copy the Highway documents CBC need to cover Billy Boyd’s GTH land fraud and constitutional experts claim Wall’s demand unacceptable, BUT google “each one of us weaves the rope that hangs us high rural zoning”, note CBC has brought the Wall’s corrupt demand for $180K on itself. CBC’s David Kyle, a relation of, google “queens bench judge larry kyle”, with full knowledge of RCMP Staff Sgt. Brent Lewis destruction of the affidavit evidence of the Strudwick corruption David Kyle told Earle Argue that Strudwick’s refusal to grant approval for his development without bribes was a “ minor zoning issue” not worthy of CBC air time.

I (Lee) had similar Highway Civil Engineer document problems and RCMP cover-up, when the odious, arrogant, asshole, Yorkton Highway Civil Engineers threatened my life by phone and letter during the Western Earth legal battle until D.A. Mackenzie Q.C. advised me to lodge complaint with the RCMP who were given the threat letter and tapped Lorna and my phone, the Highway Civil Engineers had used their home phones to make the death threats so the RCMP had hard evidence of the death threats BUT refused to lay criminal threatening charges against the Highway Civil Engineers.

Walls Minister Responsible, the odious, arrogant, asshole, the Hon Jim Reiter, claimed I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for my refusal to bribe the Strudwick, but back in the day, despite that stupidity, I pulled a “blackbag” raid on the Highways office and took their Western files to my office, ran copies and the next morning, at their coffee break, went back and dumped the files on a back roomdrafting table, note below:

I (Lee) briefed Western’s lawyer, Jim Miliken, on my black bag raid and Jim used the copies I “black bagged” to try to force official copies out of Highways, but the odious, arrogant, assholes claimed that I was bankrupt so could not pay their cost to copy, Jim offered his Trust Cheque but they refused. After Jim was appointed a Judge and D.A. MacKenzie Q.C, accepted instruction D.A. used the copies to force Attorney General lawyer Bill Lawton to admit to the documents existence and D. A. then used the Highway Civil Engineers internal documents to prove theHighway Engineer guilty of Breach of Contract, Engineering error and negligence BUT to no avail, note below:

The Western Trial Judge, the odious, arrogant, asshole, Queens Bench Judge, “Sandy” MacPherson, ruled the Highway Civil Engineers were “only human” and correct to destroy me and ruled against Western. No CBC reporter is so insanely stupid as to pull a black bag job on Highways so CBC may not have the hard evidence of Boyds GTH fraud, and the RCMP will destroy any evidence they gather and Chief Judge Richards will be bribed or blackmailed to let Boyd walk on his GTH fraud anyway.

Readers are reminded that RCMP Staff Sgt Brent Lewis, stated in writing, filed in open court, he had destroyed the evidence of Strudwick corruption Lloyd Smith provided him and four Regina lawyers advise it is impossible to obtain approval for the Argue $30M development without bribing Donna Strudwick. Wall refuses to accept my (Lee)s offer to resolve the corruption issue as set out in THE HANGED MAN RURAL ZONING, by giving me (Lee) title to Loverna, reincorporated as a Village. Now google “can quebec be removed from canada?” Note Quebec can be removed from Canada so Saskatchewan could be removed from Canada, and note below:

Remember, the Hon Jack Hillson had solved the Strudwick bribe demand by amending the Urban Act to allow a Village to annex the Argue $30M Development out of the RM of Edenwold, BUT google “ strudwick refuses to allow wood mountain annexation”. Strudwick in effect told the Hon Jack Hillson to “fuddel-duddel” himself hence the Highway Civil Engineers have precedent for Chief Judge Richards to rule it is against the public good (or some such) to give me (Lee) title to Loverna, but the DOH Civil Engineers refusing me title to Loverna could be overcome by the Wall Cabinet signing a $1M Wawanesa Surety Bond, which I would pay for, and note below:

Google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org Wall has got to end official corruption. Google “don’t look now canada’s economy is getting ugly kirby” & “have any offshore ceo’s invested in canada?”. My two page memo to the PM asking Saskatchewan be removed from Canada is in ODIOUS OBDURATE EVIL. Google “rural zoning asks pm to remove saskatchewan from canada”. Visits to the posts referring to my ask for Saskatchewan’s removal from Canada are +/- $1.5M, and Wall should think long and hard about official corruption and should remember this Web site is the 46th most watched Web site in the 30M world wide Web site domains.

October title is ODIOUS DOH EVIL, the Odious—- line will continue until end of days.


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