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September 28, 2016

FIRST: google “failing saskatchewan’s ndp is creating a big political vacume mandryk”, & “potash merger will cost saskatchewan jobs” & “mandryk: corporate mergers are seldom good for saskatchewan” & “mandryk: walls trade mission points to economic woes” & “survey finds nearly half of employees in saskatchewan living paycheque to paycheque robinson”, BUT it gets much, much, much worse, note below:

Google “canada’s economy on life support babad” review the profound Globe and Mail article, then note United States protectionism dooms Canada and Saskatchewan, Trump will end NAFTA while Hillary will only “modify” it, google “jesus wept” and “what percent of saskatchewan gdp is trade with u.s.”. Note 40% of Saskatchewan GDP is from exports so it matters little, Trump or Clinton, best for Saskatchewan is Hillary with NAFTA only “modified”, and 50% of us choosing between food and mortgage, worst case Trump ending NAFTA if 40% of our GDP disappeares overnight we will all starve, freezing in the dark, note below: (more…)



September 3, 2016

There is no doubt whatsoever but that Premier Brad Wall is as slippery as a greased weasel heading to the hen house, google “sask deputy premier don mcmorris resigns after impaired driving charge cbc” & “boyd leaves wall cabinet”& “ premier announces cabinet shuffle” & “ex-landowners say rcmp has talked to them about gth sales d.c.fraser”, BUT throwing Boyd and McMorris under the bus is not near enough.

Google “cabinet shuffle exposes wall depth problems mandryk”. The end of McMorris may end the Strudwick corruption BUT Marit as Highways Minister defies explanation, review BIDRIGGERS RURAL ZONING. Marit is a stupid, coward, review BARCLAYS CONFLICT RURAL ZONING, Marit is too stupid to gerrymand boundaries even with the 100th smartest woman in Canada, Jenni Byne, leading him by the hand and when legal rumors of Marit’s planned SARM libel action against me (Lee) were rife I publicized my defense and Marit coward’ed out, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, near post end.