Google “sask. party has no choice but to cut rm numbers mandryk”, no less than Regina Leader Post’s Murray Mandryk makes the point: review SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE, SARM LEADER LIES and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL and google “reiter claims lee is the stupidest man in canada and his website is a stupid joke”. The Regina Leader Post supports less RM’s so why does Wall’s man, Reiter, claim I (Lee) am stupid and my top 50 Alexa Website is a stupid joke for making the same point?

Google “rcmp cover up highway civil engineers threats on lee’s life” and “rcmp staff sgt brent lewis destroy’s affidavit evidence of strudwick bribe demands”.The Highway Civil Engineers and RM Administrator Strudwick bribe demands are the same evil, arrogant, ruling elite, official corruption protected by Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, the RCMP and Wall’s Sask. Party, that is costing taxpayers massive money BUT this Website has provided some justice, google “rural zoning website ends harper ethanol subsidy fraud”, and “rural zoning web site helps end just energy fraud”, again, why does Wall’s Minister Responsible dismiss this web site as a stupid joke? 

Saskatchewan’s odious, arrogant, asshole, official ruling elite hatred of me (Lee) for refusing to bribe the Highway Engineers back in the day and now, in the internet age, establishing this Alexa ranked corruption Website instead of carrying Strudwick her “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, google “summary 31940” to approve the Argue’s $30M development has forced Wall out in the open regarding Strudwick’s corruption.

Google “lady justice janet mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier” and “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption” Wall knows that if I (Lee) had been stupid enough to carry Administrator Donna Strudwick, a wilted dandelion to curry favor I would spend five years in prison. Does Wall think I am so stupid as to give him justification to charge me under the criminal code for bribing Strudwick while he supports the Lane/Strudwick/Reiter/Marit evil of SARM’s corrupt bribe demands and why does Wall not accept my no taxpayer cost offer in THE HANGED MAN to bypass Donna Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue’s $30M development?

Review my 2000 character e-mail to the Prime Minister (PM), in ODIOUS AND OUTRAGEOUS then review below my cover note and two page PM briefing asking him (PM) to end Saskatchewan’s official corruption by eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada, sent by Canada Post on June 30 th., note below:

Dear Prime Minister,….. please refer to my e-mail of June 18th asking that you end Saskatchewan official corruption by eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada. Please google “how canada got into bed with tax havens dubinsky”, and “judicial independence might not sound like an exciting term but its really important and its under attack l.p.”, please continue on these points below:

A Canadian administration created a climate where Transparency International states Canada is the most bribery prone Country in the G-7, the Regina Leader Post raised the fact of corrupt Judges, the purpose of this Alexa 40 Web site since 2007, corrupt Judges cost me as much as David Milgaard, ANOTHER GOOD MAN RURAL ZONING.

Please note that Gary Lane, now a Sask. Court of Appeal Judge, had crossed the floor from Liberal to PC, as Devine Attorney General, had Swiss Bank Couriers carry brief cases of cash from the Sask. Leg. building to Switzerland before Devine PCs morphed into Wall’s Sask Party, as example, google “lane grants himself q.c.”

The Lane horror echoes in Canada to this day, google “panama papers billionaire honored at york u despite bribery case dubinsky”. Following Brexit stock markets are dropping, and I respectfully submit Canada, a trading nation, can no longer afford Saskatchewan official corruption at seven times the average world official corruption,
google “s&p downgrades saskatchewan credit rating due to budget concerns c.p.”, this has not happened since Devine, Roy fought it back up, Wall forces it back down.

Should Google have sent my original e-mail to you into a cloud, there is a copy in ODIOUS AND OUTRAGEOUS, communication experts advise briefing notes to Ministers be one to two pages so I had prepared a two page e-mail to you but summarized when advised by Google that PM e-mails are limited to 2000 characters, four short paragraphs can not include all justification for my ask so I attach my original two page briefing and send by Canada Post, respectfully…E.R.Lee



Regarding removal of Saskatchewan from Canada to obtain off-shore investment

Dear Prime Minister…..Please google “cheryle gallant unloads on david mcnaughton new ambassador to u.s., huffpost”, your U.S. Ambassador may be as corrupt as Gallant claims but if Harper was still PM Brad Wall would be US Ambassador and his Saskatchewan corruption, documented in my Alexa 41 ranked Web site, makes McNaughton look like the Angel Gabriel, note Walls Minister, Jim Reiter, has publicly deemed this Web site to be a stupid joke and me the stupidest man in Canada if I think I can obtain development approval without paying bribes.

First google “scc 31940”, then please bring up https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com, and review https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, scroll through the assessor site description of this Web site in the top 50 of the 30M Web sites world wide, note site viewing percent in each country, the United States is at 20% , google “the audacity of american political patronage”, review ODIOUS RULING ELITE, note Brad Walls political corruption parallels the United States Boss Tweed infamous “Tammy Hall” era and explains why this Web site is the top 41st most watched Web sites in 30M World Web sites, with nearly 20% U.S., readers.

Many Senior Yorkton Lawyers know my life was threatened by Saskatchewan Dept. of Highway Engineers and know the RCMP tapped my phone and traced the calls to the Highway Engineers but refused to lay threatening charges under the Criminal Code. Google “scc western earth moving vs dept of highways” note my lawyer proved Negligence, Breach of Contract and Engineering error by the Highway Engineers but Queens Bench Judge, the Hon “Sandy” MacPherson, ruled the Highway Civil Engineers were only “human” and dismissed the case.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case so I appealed to MLA’s in the Saskatchewan Legislature but Devine AG Lane confiscated my appeal from the MLA’s , I made public statement that “ lane should be shot” for confiscating my MLA appeal, Lane charged me with threatening under the Criminal Code, but my Jury took 15 minutes to return a “not guilty” verdict, Lane did not appeal my jury verdict and I have fought Saskatchewan official elite corruption since.

Kim Young , then a Saskatoon MLA , now the Hon. Kim Young, a Saskatchewan Provincial Court Judge, advised me that Gary Lane had worked with Queens Bench Judge “ Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me and I believe my destruction was ordered by Lane because of my refusal to bribe the Civil Engineers administering the Highway Construction Contracts and Brad Wall is now using the same Highway Civil Engineers to quarter back the Regina P3 Bypass $1.88B fraud.

The Regina P3 By-pass was originally estimated by the Regina City Engineers to cost $400M, but once Walls Highway Engineers became involved the cost ended up at $1.88B, which was the Harper approved P3 deal signed with the Contractor, the Fed paying one third of that. One example for the massive cost increase is the $680M risk transfer, ie: the Contractor is paid $680M to accept risk of a concrete overpass burning down or floating away on a over flow from Wascana Creek, review post $680M RISK TRANSFER, note Wall is planning to build 12 more concrete cloverleafs around Regina, he does like cloverleafs, now as to Strudwick’s bribes.

The Argues will not pay official bribes so they came to me because my Highway Contracting Company had been deliberately destroyed by Lane, then AG for the Devine Administration, working with Q B Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me, many believe because of my refusal to bribe his officials, but when the Argues asked me to help with ending Strudwicks demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve their development Strudwick used a SLAPP to sue me for libel, I went to Lady Bev, who confirmed Donna Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues development, google “scc 31940”.

Please review Criminal Code Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION which states there is a five year prison term to carry anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor and under the Constitution, the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges protecting Donna Strudwick, and Staff Sgt. Brent Lewis, the RCMP officer who stated in writing he had destroyed evidence of Strudwicks corruption, report to your Ministers, and at the end of the day are your responsibility as PM.

Please note that Web site post ODIOUS RULING ELITE contains information that four Regina Lawyers advised the Argues it was impossible to get by Strudwick to gain approval for their $30M development and contains hard evidence your Queens Bench Judge, the Hon Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, ruled Strudwick reports to Wall which was upheld at Appeal, and Transparency International states Canada is the most bribery prone Country in the g-7, and Regina Bank Managers know that Lane had Swiss Bank Couriers fly brief cases of cash from the Saskatchewan Legislative to Switzerland, and former Saskatchewan MLA’s advised that during the google”grant devine decade of disaster” Lane and Strudwick ran cocaine parties for conservative Judges and high school girls at the Squire Motor Hotel in Ft. Quappelle

CBC’s, “The Current”, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti, reports that economic experts calculate Government officials steal one Trillion dollars a year world wide, one Trillion dollars is 1000 Billion dollars, one Billion dollars is one thousand million dollars and World population is seven Billion, thus the World wide average cost of official corruption is $143.00 per person, per year while it is a matter of public record that Devine disappeared a Billion dollars a year of Saskatchewan taxpayer money for ten years during the 1980s, Saskatchewan’s Population is one million which is one thousand dollars a year of taxpayer money for every man woman and child in Saskatchewan for a decade, divide $143.00 into $1000.00 = 6.99, round that off to 7.

Media reports that former Devine Elites, Brad Wall and Billy Boyd are the Sask Party, evidence that today’s Saskatchewan Ruling Elite is 7 times as corrupt as any other World Ruling Elite. Chief Judge Richards is a Harper Hack, Richards was Chief of Staff for Ray Hynatyshyn who was Mulroney House Leader when Mulroney demanded bribes from Schreiber to buy Airbus’s, and the only way to end Saskatchewan’s official Ruling Elite stealing 7 times more money then the World Ruling Elite’s official average, is remove Saskatchewan from Canada. Google “johnston: transformational change needs to begin at home for sask party government” and removing Saskatchewan from Canada would end the problems Bruce (Leader Post) raises.

Your MP’s and MLA’s, with boundary adjustments, would stay the same and the media, Access Communications, CBC, CTV, are controlled by the Fed, through CRTC, so nothing will change there. A handy place for the border is up the middle, the 3rd meridian, the 106 longitude, near Saskatoon, leaving taxpayers west of the 3rd citizens of Alberta and east of the 3rd citizens of Manitoba, which would save Billions of dollars in Walls official fraud which could be used to assist First Nations with education, housing and health care in Manitoba and Alberta, and might also convince the off shore CEO’s to invest in Canada, respectfully yours…..E. R. Lee (END PM MEMO)

Readers are asked to google “judicial independence might not sound like an exciting term but its really important and its under attack l.p.” Judicial corruption is the point of my (Lee)s decade of this Alexa ranked Web site. Review TURNING OVER ROCKS, and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED, the harm to me by judicial corruption can be compared to harm to David Milgaard, ANOTHER GOOD MAN RURAL ZONING, and the Lane horror has set example, google “lane grants himself q.c.” and “panama papers billionaire honored at york u despite bribery case dubinsky”, and note below:

Google “justin trudeau to pitch canada to worlds financial elite at sun valley conference c.p.” my (Lee)s ask of the PM to remove Saskatchewan from Canada to end the Devine/Bernsten/Lane/Strudwick/Wall/Sask Party level of official corruption at seven times world average official corruption could not come at a better time and my (Lee)s confidants believe Wall must respond to my no taxpayer cost solution to Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve Argue’s $30M residential development, as set out in THE HANGED MAN, note below:

Readers are asked to read the last paragraph in my (Lee)s PM two page briefing, note my reference to the fact that the elimination of Saskatchewan from Canada ending the Wall Administration’s” disappearance” of Billions of taxpayer dollars would mean more funding for First Nations education and health care, note land mail message below:

Tania Koeing-Gauchier
APTN Manager of Programming
339 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg Canada
R3B 2C3

Dear Tania, this ask is supported by Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com which site is in the top 40 most watched Websites out of the 30M Web sites in the world: if you feel any of your editor’s may be interested please pass this material on. While Access Communication has treated me very well, they have run my Web site ads since 2007, and the site is now the 40th most watched Web site in the 30M Web sites world wide, Saskatchewan CBC dismissed RM official bribe demands as a “minor zoning dispute”, and will not touch it, BLOOD ON THE WALL RURAL ZONING.

Please review post ODIOUS AND OUTRAGEOUS and note that post includes a reprint of my 2000 character e-mail to the Prime Minister asking that Saskatchewan’s official corruption be ended by removing Saskatchewan from Canada, and attached to this ask of you is the detailed two page Minister briefing I recently sent to the PM via Canada Post. Note the last paragraph refers to saving Billions in Saskatchewan official corruption which I suggest to the PM could be used to support First Nations.

AFN National Chief, Perry Bellegarde, is a Saskatchewan boy, and may know more about the Wall Administration corruption then I do and if you feel it warranted pass this information to him, he may want to raise the idea of eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada with the PM and his Ministers. Reprint of this letter to you, and the PM memo will be in site in August draft title ODIOUS OBDURATE EVIL, sincerely,…..E. R. Lee

Readers are asked to google “mosaic lays off 400 workers” and “saskatchewan june job numbers don’t paint a rosy picture mandryk” and “shock waves from brexit vote could hit canada hard johnstone” and “struggling sask economy pays price mandryk” and “ s&p downgrades saskatchewan credit rating due to budget concerns c.p.”, this down grade has not happened since Devine, Roy fought it back up, Wall forces it back down. Google “sask power, govt, not forthright on co2 project mandryk” and “kemper coal plant”, note that a duplicate of Boyd’s C02 capture scam in the U.S. is fraud, how in the name of God has Billy Boyd carried on his C02 scam here?, note below:

Google “fear beats hope more than we realize in politics mandryk” and ask how much taxpayer money Wall used to obtain land for the bypass east of Regina? As example, google “regina architect joe pettick establishes argues have net worth of two million dollars to obtain development approval from all relevant provincial departments”, I (Lee) advised the Argues to ask Joe Pettick to obtain Provincial department approval for their development, and I went to Joe personally, note below:

I (Lee) asked Joe to obtain affidavits proving the Argue 20 acre acreage east of Regina was valued at $100K per acre for total of $2M required by the Provincial Departments, and this is relevant because the Argues and other acreage owners across from the CK Tower, would have used the affidavits Joe acquired to demand $100K per acre of taxpayer money when Wall’s overpass buried their acreage’s east of Regina.

One odd occurence, when developer (Deveraux) needed to prove $2M net worth, Wall simply gave Deveraux $2M of taxpayer money to color up his fairy tale financial statement so that he could go ahead with his development, google “wall gives developer deveraux two million dollars of tax payer money”. note google map below:


Review the one page Google map above of #1 Regina East, or drive out and look at it, the area across from the CK Tower, east of the railway on the south side of #1, where the Argues 20 acre, $100K per acre, $2M acreage, and the rest of the acreage’s have all been literally buried by Wall’s monstrous, idiotic, clover leaf and railway track overpass, how many million dollars has that drop dead insanity cost taxpayers?

Remember Edmund Burke, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing burke”, note that I (Lee) never do nothing.

Draft title for the September post is ODIOUS WALL WANTS $180K.


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