I (Lee) owe readers apology, at end of the June post, the mother post for the ODIOUS…post line, ie: ODIOUS RULING ELITE, I stated draft title for the July post was ODIOUS WALL WANTS $180K, but changed the plan when, google “regina bypass camera’s offer view of construction” and “regina bypass isn’t delivering on its promises mandryk” and “just how many sask. companies are working on the regina by-pass leader post” and “johnstone: ‘transformational change’ needs to begin at home for sask party government”, and “saskatchewan party government tone deaf in yancoal dispute mandryk” and “difficult times may call for difficult measures but maybe the saskatchewan party government needs to stop coming across as quite so desperate mandryk” and note below:

Walls plan that the Regina by-pass needs 12 over passes and cloverleafs and another 20 miles of highway to get around, through, and over Regina, is absolute insanity, Wall appears to be as insane as Lane claimed I (Lee) am for my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, google “lane claims lee insane”, BUT Wall and Billy Boyd have found a way to launder taxpayer money, to wit: concrete cloverleafs, and they are sticking to it, review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, scroll down to third search result for the post, review the post and note Wall can not evade the hard evidence and math and consider the following:

Even based on Wall’s absolute idiocy, with full cloverleafs costing $30M each in BC, and Highway cost running at $1M dollars a mile, the most the Regina by pass should cost is 12 x $30M = $360M for overpasses and another 40K ( 24 miles )of Highway at $1M per mile is a total of $384M and the Regina City Engineers originally estimated the total cost at $400M, now Wall has signed a contract with Graham for five times that, ie: $1.88B, outrageous beyond comprehension.

Review my e-mail to the Prime Minister below:



Regarding removal of Saskatchewan from Canada to obtain off-shore investment.

Dear Prime Minister…..Google “cheryle gallant unloads on david mcnaughton new ambassador to u.s., huffpost”, your U.S. Ambassador may be as corrupt as Gallant claims but if Harper was still PM Brad Wall would be US Ambassador and his Saskatchewan corruption, documented in my Alexa 41 ranked Web site, makes McNaughton look like the Angel Gabriel.

Google “scc 31940”, then bring up https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com, and review assessor https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org, scroll through the assessor site description of this Web site in the top 50 of the 30M Web sites world wide, note that Walls $1.88B Regina by-pass fraud is an example of why this Web site is in the top 50 Alexa rank

The Regina P3 By-pass was originally estimated by the Regina City Engineers to cost $400M, once Wall became involved the cost ended up at $1.88B., review post $680M RISK TRNASFER, Wall is planning to build 12 more concrete cloverleafs around Regina, the Fed paying one third, review ODIOUS RULING ELITE, the only solution is to remove Saskatchewan from Canada

The MP’s and MLA’s, would stay the same, the 3rd meridian , 106 longitude, as the new border would remove Saskatchewan, save Billions of dollars in Walls official fraud which could be used to assist First Nations with education, housing and health care in Manitoba and Alberta, and might also convince the off shore CEO’s to invest in Canada, respectfully yours…..E. R. Lee

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Saskatchewan’s odious, arrogant, asshole, official Ruling Elite, have gone a bridge too far in laundering taxpayer money with that outrageous Regina By-pass $1.88B fraud. Wall accepts his Minister Responsible, Reiters, public claim that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and this Website is a stupid joke and Wall ignores my no taxpayer cost offer in THE HANGED MAN, but Wall should remember that it was narrative Web sites like this one that did the impossible, ie: electing a Black guy US President, even if Reiter is right that I am the stupidest man in Canada.

And Wall should google “rural zoning site forced harper to end ethanol subsidy” and “rural zoning used to warn of just energy fraud”and “rural zoning ends eberle-probe 2b fraud” for example of what this Alexa 40 ranked Web site has accomplished and Wall should review Bruce Johnstone’s economic run down, google “johnstone: ‘transformational change’ needs to begin at home for sask party government” and Wall should think long and hard about the Strudwick demand for “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues $30M development, and my (Lee)s no taxpayer cost offer in THE HANGED MAN.

Wall may believe it is impossible for the Trudeau Fed to remove Saskatchewan from Canada, just as the four Regina lawyers advise it is impossible to obtain approval for the Argue 30M development without bribing the Strudwick, but Canada must have offshore investment to survive so the PM may remove Saskatchewan from Canada if there is evidence that would help solve his offshore investment problem, again review my e-mail to the Prime Minister above.

Draft title for August post is ODIOUS AND OBDURATE, with the 1-2 page ODIOUS… posts published every month after that until end of days.


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