Google: “panama papers canada”, review all search results, note the CBC connection, google “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland”. Note there are 350 Canadians on the Panama Paper list, CBC has the list, is Lane on it?

If that Gary Lane is on that “Panama Paper list” and CBC releases it I (Lee) will forgive them for covering up Lanes friend Strudwick demand for effing flowers to approve Earle’s $30M development, review BLOOD ON THE WALL and FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30.

Google: “transparency international states canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and “there’s a huge new corporate corruption scandal, here’s why everyone should care, blumenthal, grim, huff post”. I (Lee) urge all readers to review the articles, they predicate, perfectly, precisely, the perpetration of Sask Party corruption.

Google “p3 spending shows why saskatchewan voters needed to see a pre-election budget from brad wall mandryk”, review $680M RISK TRANSFER. Readers not familiar with Tarot cards may believe this post title to be nonsense, but it fits perfectly, google “hanged man images”, note the post title refers to the twelfth card in the Tarot pack which is the “crossroad” card, taxpayers are at a crossroad in dealing with official corruption.
Google “federal support no longer a game for wall mandryk”, review Murray’s article and google “global transportation hub land deal dogs brad wall on saskatchewan election campaign trail c.p.” the article is short and I (Lee) urge all readers to read it and note Wall, well known spinner, convoluted attempt to explain Billy Boyds corrupt GTH land deals note below:

Taxpayers are urged to ask if Wall and Boyd, who both came to power under that effing Lane, have stolen so much taxpayer money for so long, they no longer know, understand, relate to, or care about good and evil,
again google “panama papers canada”, I (Lee) urge all readers to review all search results, then review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and google “images for lane evil then and now”, and note below:

I (Lee) know official evil and believe the Tarot Hanged Man Card fits the fact that following Roys attempt to end SARM/RMAA evil and form Counties to govern rural Saskatchewan, the Strudwick, to make a point, demanded her effing “flowers….” to approve Earles $30M development, google “summary 31940”.

This is your tax dollars the Officials and Judges are stealing, think about the economic horror, again google “panama papers canada” and note individuals who use Tarot cards believe a recipient of the Hanged Man card in Tarot divination’s is at a “crossroad”, and citizens are at a “crossroad” in dealing with RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, dictating Judgments to Judges to allow her to demand effing flowers to approve the Earle’s $30M development, google “summary 31940”, post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

There is a personal downside for me (Lee), I am at the same “Hanged Man” cross road: the Monday March 21 Globe and Mail report on business article, “It’s the economy, Canada”, by Cockburn and McAlaster, includes a poll by IPSOS REID, to me it is beyond belief only 16% of taxpayers believe official corruption is a problem.

Review post TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, the official report by Dr. Carl Baar, co-author with the Hon Jules Deschenes of “Masters In Their Own House”, the Federal report into corruption of the Judges, such as Chief Judge Richards, is at the root of my “crossroad”,
review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, scroll to documents, note Chief Judge Richards wrote Judgment going to his knees before Donna Strudwick, WHY? BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note again why I (Lee) am sickened unto death that only 16% of taxpayers are concerned about official corruption.

The IPSOS Reid poll does show taxpayer corruption concern is tied with concern about education at 16%, and one point ahead of concern about climate change at 15%, and my confidants point out that 16% of the vote changes the outcome of many elections BUT the hard fact is Walls approval rating dropped only marginally in Regina and held steady in the rest of Saskatchewan

Wall won the election and the Strudwick will continue her evil smirk, snickering and sneering for four more years demanding bribes to approve Earles $30M development, google “summary 31940”. My (Lee)s confidants point out that the problem is the business community pays the bribes so 84% of the taxpayers believe it is not their problem, BUT note below:

The taxpayers should know that at the end of the day it is they (normal taxpayers) who pay for Official and Judicial corruption, and google “canada a top candidate for debt crises forbes magazine says tencer”, note that Saskatchewan will be bankrupt after four more years of official corruption, and note below:

Review BIDRIGGERS, LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, LADY LORI AND THE SARM MOTION, SARM LEADERS LIE, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, there is no doubt whatsoever but that the business community pays the bribes to the odious, arrogant, asshole Government officials and Judges review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note below:

The taxpayers ought to know the Ruling Elite considers the business community bribes to officials and Judges as “just a cost of business” and business does not suffer economically, they up their prices to pay official and Judicial bribes and Canadian Fed carries law to allow that, FACILITATION PAYMENT BAD RURAL ZONING.

The system is so effing corrupt the CRA allows the business community to deduct the cost of bribes to the odious arrogant asshole officials and Judges as “cost of doing business” AND under Canadian law, the business community and their accountants, are not required to name corrupt officials and Judges who receive bribes so the odious, arrogant, asshole, Highway Engineers, the Strudwick and the Judges, do not pay tax on their bribes resulting in average taxpayers paying more tax.

My (Lee)s confidants claim, correctly that 16% of the popular vote can change Government, BUT I am sick unto death that 100% of the taxpayers are not outraged that they pay more tax because of the corruption of the officials and Judges who pay no tax on their bribes, scroll back to the start of this post, the first paragraphs.

Intellectually, I (Lee) know my confidants are right, 16% of the vote is usually enough to bring down Government and IF 16% of voters concerned about corruption was subtracted from the Sask Party and added to the NDP the two would be tied in popular vote, BUT I have my own personal “cross road” to bear, note below:

Review RACHEL IN OZ, note that I (Lee) am sickened unto death at knowing I am of the same species as the Highway Engineers, that effing Lane, the Strudwick, and Chief Judge Richards. Google “four regina lawyers advise it is impossible to obtain approval for the argue development without bribing strudwick”. Every single person I (Lee) know agrees the legal advice is sickening but deadly accurate, review post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30, and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, I (Lee) have been trying to deal with the fundamental evil of Lane for three decades, note below:

During the countdown to Walls April 4th General Election there was interest in this Web site beyond normal and the most watched posts were LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and BIDRIGGERS I (Lee) urge readers to review the well documented posts setting out the corrupt evil of official corruption in Saskatchewan and accept the personal toll on me to spend three decades trying to over come the evil of Lanes official corruption.

The lawyers know the toll on a honest man, such as I (Lee), fighting a fundamental evil such as Lane, for thirty years, that is why a few of them want to shake my hand. Review PROBES LOST LOVE, Ron Barclay crossed back from the dark side to try to end Eberle’s $2B fraud, BUT despite Barclay’s ruling on Eberle’s $2B fraud, Wall refuses to lay criminal charges against Eberle, WHY?

Review post WILL HADES FOLLOW HARPER?, scroll to near post end, note my (Lee)s reference to this post, THE HANGED MAN and my planned attempt to force Wall to grant Earle approval for his $30M development without bribing RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, and note my (Lee)s belief thatr the Strudwick will bribe or blackmail Chief Judge Richards to rule the Province does not have the power to overrule her refusal to grant the Argues approval for their development until she gets her effing flowers, google “summary 31940”.

It takes $200K in legal fees to go to the Supreme Court, AND my (Lee)s first thought was google “lee would earn $236K for accomplishing the impossible for the argues”,
and to put that $200K in a lawyer trust fund to fight the corrupt Queens and Appeal Bench ruling pandering to Strudwick, BUT there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it would be unethical to ask Earle for $236K to fight through to the Supreme Court with only a 15% chance the SCC would hear the case, and note below:

My (Lee)s original solution to the problem of Strudwick blackmailing or bribing Chief Judge Richards to rule the Premier and his Cabinet do not have the power to overrule the Strudwick on zoning issues, was a Wawanesa Surety Bond, google “lee advises using a $10M surety bond as solution to strudwick demand for bribes to approve the argue development” review search results, Walls big win has changed things note below:

Murray is always right, the morning of April 1st, on the Shelia Show, he (Murray) predicted collapse of the NDP and with only 16% of voters concerned about Wall corruption nothing has changed and this Alexa 41 ranked Web site is still my (Lee)s only hope to obtain approval for Earles $30M residential Development without carrying Donna Strudwick, “flowers, chocolates and perfume” google “summary 31940” and note below:

Wall won 51 seats and 62.5% of the vote and the NDP won 10 seats and 30.3% of the vote, BUT that is not a disaster, review AN EXCELLENT ASK note the NDP Fed refused to act AND it was NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, who ruled Earle must carry the Strudwick effing flowers and cholcastes to obtain development approval, google “summary 31940”, it is probable a NDP victory would have accomplished nothing anyway.

But Wall lost Regina seats, review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, and note a MOG study shows that with +/- 10% of Saskatchewan population the rural area receive 44% of benefit from taxes, with Strudwick corruption, and this Web site Alexa rank of 41 may cause voters in the Urban’s to think about the Strudwick corruption.

Google “gth, regina bypass issues loom for wall mandryk”, Wall must now deal with Regina’s $1.88B by-pass fraud, and Boyd’s GTH Hub land fraud, and Eberle’s $2B fraud and Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve Earles development, BUT I (Lee) have suggestion for Wall as to how he can solve the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve Earles $30M residential development.

Wall should review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER and VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and end Strudwick’s bribery demand by using one of the three solutions I (Lee) suggest to bypass the Strudwick, Wall should note Earles Development was designed by the world famous Regina Architect, Joe Pettick, and approved by the Edenwold Council and all Provincial departments, only the Strudwick refused approval.

If Wall grants Earle Argue development approval without Strudwick bribes I (Lee) will have worked a miracle for Earle and the taxpayers, review post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and Wall, as Premier, should accept I (Lee) accomplished the impossible for Earle Argue and earned taxpayers many millions of dollars in tax revenue from Earles $30M development and deserve compensation.

As my (Lee)s compensation I ask Wall reincorporate Loverna, now a ghost town, a unincorporated Hamlet in the RM of Antelope Park, as a Village, and grant me (Lee) title to Loverna Village. Google, “images of loverna”, note that Loverna is on the Alberta border and I would use it as base for a road contracting operation bidding County roads in Alberta and Highway Contracts on the west side of Saskatchewan.

Loverna is 160 acres and reincorporated as a Village would have value of +/- $200K and is as far away from Strudwick and Chief Judge Richard as I can get and be in Saskatchewan. Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, scroll to paragraph 35. and 67 e), if Wall grants Earle approval for his development without having to carry Strudwick her effing flowers, google “summary 31940” I (Lee) would earn another $236K from Earle.

Google “lee qualifys for cra whistle blower fee rural zoning”, I (Lee) would qualify for a whistle blower fee of 15% of the $2.5M Federal tax Earle would pay on his $10M profit adding $225K to my base for a total of $636K. Note $100.00 in 1967 is equal to $718.92 today so $636K is 3 times the $30K Lorna and I saved to set up Western in 1967. This plus the value of domain name and note that Web site “.com domain names” in the top 100 Alexa rank sell for $4M – $8M, providing a solid bonding base.

Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, back in the day I (Lee) asked Devine to give me the right to hire Civil Engineers to administer any Highway Contracts I had with the Province, BUT Devine refused because Lane claimed it would be a google “license for lee to print money rural zoning”, that effing Lane is right, it would be a license to print money if I did not have to bribe the Government Engineers, review BIDRIGGERS, note below:

Construction Engineering costs 4% of contract value, and Contracts Western entered into would be +/- $4M, with Engineering cost of $160K on each contract, it would cost less for a two man survey crew to just follow official Engineers around checking the work, publishing record of the official “level errors” in this Website.
For proof of the official “level errors” by Government Engineers above, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, click on the PDF of 1984 MLA Appeal. Google “lee advises a $10M surety bond as solution to strudwick demand for bribes to approve development”, but premiums for a $10M Surety Bond would be a annual $100K, it would cost less to advertise this Web site on Access here and Community Cable in Ottawa.

Again Google “panama papers canada” then review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “cba official susan mcgrath states federal judges take bribes” and “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building to switzerland”, perhaps the Strudwick and Chief Judge Richards at a crossroads.

BUT Wall is at a crossroads, he made political history winning three terms BUT there is considerable and conclusive evidence his Administration is as corrupt as that of his old Boss, Devine, and Wall should google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to the premier” and “strudwick wants to be appointed dm”, Wall could solve the problem overnight by appointing Strudwick a DM.

Wall should think about the alternative, review WILL HADES FOLLOW HARPER?, my (Lee)s June post is ODIOUS RULING ELITE , start of the ODIOUS… posts asking the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada but Wall could respond to my ask to end the Strudwick bribe demand as detailed above in this post.


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