Housekeeping: There is a old axiom “what goes around comes around”, and I (Lee) was struck by Saskatchewan Liberal Party platform reminiscent of Saskatchewan’s glory days of Ross Thatcher, google “saskatchewan liberals release platform”, Liberal plan to move exports out of Saskatchewan through Hudson Bay, note below:

Google “lee establishes western earth moving under wing of matheson brothers” and note Don Matheson, with Ross Thatcher as Premier, was on the Board of Directors of the Bank of Canada, and one of my (Lee)s first tasks for Don was a study on the feasibility of moving Saskatchewan product to market through Port of Churchill, review DEJAVU EDENWOLD and note below:

My (Lee)s study showed it was economically feasible then and now with bigger icebreakers and global warming and the Bay soon open year round it would be even more feasible. Now google “summary 31940”, review Supreme Court evidence of RM Administrator Strudwick’s demand for “effing flowers” to approve the Argue Development, note that in Ross Thatchers day the Strudwick would have lasted five minutes after that Supreme Court summary was published, note below:

Google “ndp keeps pressure on sask. party over controversial gth land deals post media” and “saskatchewan election tv debate must be made inclusive mandryk”, and “mandryk: dearborn injects democracy into saskatchewan politics mandryk”, Billy Boyd, Sask Party founder, is so corrupt Kindersley voters asked former MLA, Jason Dearborn, to run against Boyd and note below:

Sask Party corruption is so bad PC’s leader Rick Swenson wants a inquiry into into google “south regina bypass spending out of control”, and “p3 by pass $1.88b fraud”, all good stuff, please review it and note below:

I (Lee) owe readers apology, in my original plan draft title for Walls General Election post was ODIOUS RULING ELITE, subtitle FROM DEWDNEY TO DONNA, but that post is postponed to June with post now planned to follow the Wall Election with draft title THE HANGED MAN, a offer to the Premier to consider solution to Strudwick demand for bribes, google “summary 31940”, but thew Strudwick is not alone, note below:

Google “high ranking liberals, including nathalie normandeau, arrested by upac on fraud charges magder/gyvlai”, review search results, then review posts COOKED COCKROACHES, $680M RISK TRANSFER and BIDRIGGERS, experts calculate official corruption adds one third to cost of Quebec Highway contracting while I (Lee) calculate Sask Party Bidrigging doubles Highway Contracting cost in Saskatchewan, note below:

The NDP are trying to raise Sask Party corruption as a election issue, google “askbradwall.ca”, note the NDP is using Twitter to raise question of where the billions of dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money went, WELL google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org and scroll down to the stats showing that this Alexa 41 ranked Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com has a high rating for social monitoring, meaning Twitter people are following $680M RISK TRANSFER and BIDRIGGERS, note below:

Google “ global tv fires award winning bruce livesey over koch documentary rural zoning” note reference in post RACHEL IN OZ to the fact that under Harper the US Koch Brothers had the power to force Calgary based Global TV to fire award winning journalist Bruce Livesey. I (Lee) was using Bruce’s work on the Just Energy fraud, MITIC, MITCHELL AND THE MAFIA, when I found Global TV had fired him for his documentary on Koch’s. Canadians may worry about Trump, BUT note below:

Trump may be as dangerous as Harper, BUT Trump is a pussy cat compared to the Koch Brothers and SARM, google “five myths about the koch brothers – and why it matters to set them straight moyers”, I (Lee) urge all readers to read Bill Moyers article, and note that SARM is to Saskatchewan what the Koch Brothers are to Alberta, note Murray’s article below:

Google “why the provincial election result on april 4th seems to be a foregone conclusion has everything to do with where ndp leader cam broten spoke yesterday mandryk”, review Murray, then SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE , SARM LEADER LIES, LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION, and if Wall is as smart as I (Lee) think he is, he and Tami will move to Drummonds warm climate island, close to their off shore bank to watch the end of SARM in four years.

There may be hope this election, google “from day one of this election campaign the saskatchewan party has accused the ndp of trying to take saskatchewan back to the ‘bad old days’ johnstone”, Bruce is the Leader Post economic editor and quotes facts and Saskatchewan Provincial Leaders have been trying to eliminate the RMs since the 1930’s, maybe this time, note below:

Alberta eliminated their RMs and our Saskatchewan RMs have got to go, Roy tried, Cam Broten will come close this election and with the help of this Alexa 41 ranked Web site will eliminate RMs four years from now. Google “harper announces destruction of wheat board from strudwick’s farm yard”, note below:

The Harper corruption, as carried on by Wall here in Saskatchewan has got to end. As example, google “harper kpmg tax fraud rural zoning”, review search results, note this Web site raised the Harper/ KPMG/CRA corruption before the Harper election and it has gotten worse, google, “canada revenue offered amnesty to wealthy clients in offshore tax ‘sham’ cbc”, and “secret tax deal for wealthy kpmg clients sparked anger inside canada revenue agency”, note below:

Hades will follow Harper if the CBC finally does its job, google “revelation 6:8, i looked and there before me was a pale horse. its rider was named death and hades followed him”. CBC did a good job uncovering the Harper KPMG/CRA tax fraud, now google “lamont alberta administrator demands bribes cbc”, CBC also did a good job on Lamont Town Administrators bribe demands, so WHY did CBC cover up the Strudwick’s bribe demands here in Saskatchewan?,note below:

Google “lane strudwick cocaine high school girls judge parties” review search results, did David Kyle, then CBC Saskatchewan Chief, cover up for Queens Bench Judge Larry Kyle?, is that why David Kyle left CBC? Google “four regina lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing donna strudwick”. Review post TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING. Dr. Carl Baar advised that my (Lee)s only hope to deal with official bribe demands in Saskatchewan is publicity, but the CBC refuses to report on Strudwick’s bribe demands, and note below:

Review post UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN, note the affidavit evidence that the Strudwick wanted to gain control of the Argue $30M residential development, note the RCMP destroyed the affidavit evidence of Strudwick’s corrupt plot to obtain title to Earles development but people talk and as a result Hades will freeze solid before Earle Argue would piss on Strudwick if she was on fire in front of him, let alone carry her “flowers chocolates and perfume”.

The Argues know that I (Lee) would never in a million years carry Strudwick her effing flowers, or anything else, that is why the Argues came to me, note that in a recent “Scandal” segment, “Red” the President’s Press, Secretary, when she came to understand what the cabal surrounding the President were plotting, stated “we are all going to hell”, the same should apply to the CBC protecting the Strudwick’s right to demand bribes to approve Argues $30M residential development. 

Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note that even given that the Supreme Court had established as fact Strudwick demanded “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, google “summary 31940”, CBC refused to publish the fact of the Strudwick bribe demand to approve the Argues $30M development, and I (Lee) was advised by a CBC reporter to set up Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.

The Website I (Lee) established is now a Alexa 41 ranked site, notwithstanding the fact the site is in the top 41 most watched Web site out of 30M world wide Web sites the site has failed to cause the CBC to publish the fact of Strudwicks bribe demands or Premiers NDP Calvert or Sask Party, Wall, to question the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve Argues $30M development, CBC allowed corrupt Queens and Appeal Judges to prevail, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Assuming Dr. Carl Baar is right, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the only possible solution is to use publicity to try to cause the Trudeau Fed to use the notwithstanding clause to overrule the corrupt Courts and grant the Argues development approval without carrying Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume” again google “summary 31940”, and note below:

Any lawyer who tried to do what I (Lee) am trying would be disbarred overnight so the lawyers are right that for all practical purposes the Strudwick must be bribed to approve the Argue Development. I am not a lawyer and can not be disbarred, only “suicided”, but when I left high school my IQ was 137, in the top 5% of Stanford IQ ratings, BUT note below:

I (Lee) am not bragging because here in Saskatchewan a high IQ is as useless as tits on a boar, the only road to success in Saskatchewan is to have a soul that allows bribing the odious arrogant asshole officials, the Highway Engineers, Strudwick and the Queens/Appeal Judges review posts BIDRIGGERS & BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, and google “summary 31940”, note below:

Review the preceding paragraph, even if I (Lee) could force myself to pay the odious, arrogant, asshole, Donna Strudwick her bribes, I would be incarcerated for five years, google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption” unless I bribed the Judge, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note below:

Even if I (Lee) do obtain the Argues $30M residential development for them without bribing the Strudwick it has taken over a decade and Developers, and their bank mangers, do not have that kind of time so must bow to the odious, arrogant, asshole officials bribe demands, such as Strudwick and the Judges, note below:

I (Lee) have qualitys other than a high IQ, example, if I cannot build roads I do not care if I live or die so have no fear of being “suicided”, as Jack Wolfe was, google “jack wolfe mla suicide” and Brian Mulroneys bag men were suicided, google “on the take by stevie cameron” but I also have another awesome quality, note below:

I (Lee) am insane; google, “ lane claims lee insane”, BUT note that WW I soldiers were given medals if they were insane enough to charge German Machine gun nests and get close enough to lob in a hand grenade, BUT I have worked for over decade against the Strudwick’s bribe demands and the corrupt Judiciary, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and have failed miserably.

Google “polling shows vote gap narrowing between sask party and ndp”, “wall, boyd and sask party corruption”, and “ndp negligent for failure lp editorial” review all search results and note that Wall could still go down, and the election of one or two Liberal MLA’s to the Saskatchewan Government on April 4th could force Wall or Breton, to approve the Argue development without bribing the Strudwick, again google “summary 31940”.

Again review SUCKER PUNCHED—TWICE, scroll to near post end, note my (Lee)s ask of the Alberta Agriculture Minister to use Alberta PFRA to solve the Strudwick bribe demand problem, but even if Alberta did as I ask Wall and Strudwick would use a Charter Challenge to stop it, google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to premier”, note below:

BUT I (Lee) hoped that if Wall used the Charter to make sure the Strudwick was carried her effing “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, google “summary 31940” to approve the Argue $30M residential development, it would so sicken the Trudeau Fed they would use google “section 33 of the charter”, the notwithstanding clause in the Charter, to end Strudwick’s corrupt horror.

I (Lee) had also hoped Rachel might use PFRA as I ask just to rattle Wall’s cage, even if it cost a few bucks travel cost for their in house lawyers to fight Strudwick/ Wall Charter challenge through to the Supreme Court, remember, Wall and Strudwick are part of the Harper base and it was the Harper base that threatened to tear Rachels throat out with pitchforks and note below;

I (Lee) had hoped that Rachel may approve my Alberta PFRA plan to annoy Wall and force Wall and Strudwick to mount Charter challenge to make sure the Strudwick gets her bribes, I have heard nothing from Alberta and I am not holding my breath, BUT Rachel may be waiting to see if her little brother, Cam Broten prevails on April 4th.

Review SHILLER ON STUPIDITY, and note that a Sask Party insider advised me (Lee) the Wall Cabinet was split on granting the Argues approval for their $30M residential Development, but at the end of the day, no matter what happens on April 4th, my (Lee)s only sure solution to Strudwick’s demand for her “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, google “summary 31940”, to approve the Argues $30M residential development is
my “eliminate Saskatchewan” plan using this Alexa 41 ranked Web site to cause the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada, but note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that even if the Trudeau Fed would enjoy every minute of the “eliminate Saskatchewan”, plan, RACHEL IN OZ, it is a hail Mary pass the Trudeau Fed would use the notwithstanding clause to remove Saskatchewan from the Dominion of Canada, BUT Canada is bankrupt. Google “canada’s gold reserves are just about empty c.p.”, that is why Trudeau, trying to sucker off shore investors to invest in Canada, and may have no choice, BUT note below:

If Wall wins on April 4th Rachel may still respond to my ask to use her PFRA to solve the Strudwick demand for bribes, review post SUCKER PUNCHED—TWICE, scroll to near post end, note my e-mail to the Alberta Agriculture Minister, where I advise the Minister that if he honors my ask I will use this Alexa 41 ranked Web site asking the Trudeau Fed to ensure Alberta gains half of Saskatchewan, note below:

If the Broten Bunch win on April 4th Rachel will never harm her brand new little brother by using PFRA to solve the Strudwick bribery demand problem, and Strudwick will smirk, snicker and sneer, while demanding “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue $30M development google “sarm blackmail’s romanow by refusing to pass education tax on to the province”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that SARM will blackmail Broten, just as they blackmailed Roy, so again my (Lee)s only option is to use this Alexa 41 ranked Web site in attempt to cause the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada. Review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, even if Broten used one of my (Lee)s three no taxpayer cost plans to bypass the Strudwick, google “summary 31940”, note below:

Google “ rm administrators have discretionary zoning power” the Strudwick will bribe the Queens and Appeal Bench Courts to rule the Province does not have the authority to overrule her on development questions, review post BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? I (Lee) believe that at the end of the day there is only one solution, eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada, review the last paragraphs of RACHEL IN OZ, BUT note below:

A confidant believes the Trudeau Fed would have a Constitutional problem eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada, the same problem as eliminating the Senate, and with the Supreme Court already in the loop on the Strudwick bribe demand, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, note the Strudwick offered no defense to the Leave Book, google “summary 31940”, my confidant believes there may be a way to deal with the Strudwick.

As example, even if the Premier tried to end Strudwicks demand for a bribe to approve Argues development the Strudwick would bribe or blackmail Chief Judge Richards to rule the Province does not have the power to overrule the Strudwick on RM zoning questions.

Web readers are reminded that Chief Judge Richards ruled I (Lee) libeled Strudwick, google “richards ruled lee libeled strudwick even if he is right” BUT note that
if I had a Regina lawyer on retainer, with a couple hundred thousand dollars in his/her trust fund ready to go to the Supreme Court against RM Administrator Strudwick it may solve the problem, note below:

As result of the preceding paragraph, draft title for the May post, following Wall April 4th election, is THE HANGED MAN, google “the hanged man” the twelfth card from the Tarot deck, the title of post of my (Lee)s ask of the Provincial Ruling Elite, Wall or Breton, to deal with the Strudwick’s demand for a bribe to approve the Argues $30M development and note below:

Following THE HANGED MAN offer to the Provincial Elite, ODIOUS RULING ELITE will go in-site in June with the ODIOUS—–line of posts asking the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan from Canada.


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