Google “ the big short” I (Lee) urge readers to review all search results, and note Bernie Sanders is using THE BIG SHORT to win the Democratic Primary(s) in the US and the Breton Bunch could runads reffering to Tower Road radio ads dissing Wall, google “” and this Alexa 41 Web site ,

such as post $680M RISK TRANSFER.

Watch THE BIG SHORT, it is the true story of the odious, evil, malovent, arrogant, US official elite useing a house mortgage scam to steal Billions, of taxpayer money leaveing millions homeless and causeing the collapse of American and world economy, Wall and Billy Boyd is them writ tiny.

Brad Wall and Bill Boyd are pulling the same “Big Short” scam here in Saskatchewan. Google: “global transportation hub land deal a big problem for brad walls government as saskatchewan election nears mandryk”, and “mandryk: ndp’s weak response to sask party problems”.

Google “businessmen made millions on regina land that wound up in taxpayers hands leo cbc” and “global transportation hub land probe sought” and “minister bill boyd threatens cbc legal action graney” and “bill boyd sueing cbc over land deal reporting polischuk”, readers are asked to review all search results and note below:

Review LADY’S LETTERS AND A SLAPP, and google “summary 31940” and note that Billy Boyd is using the same sleazy SLAPP legal stunt the RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, used on me (Lee), Boyd has launched a SLAPP action against CBC, SLAPP’s are illegal in half of the US States, Ontario and Quebec.

Google “wall orders auditor general inquiry into regina bypass land deal”, & “trust saskatchewan auditor judy ferguson to provide answers on controversial global transportation hub land deal mandryk”, Murray is always right, and I (Lee) was shocked to find out Barclay is a honest man and reached the same conclusion I did regarding Eberle, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE, God willing Judy will follow in Barclays foot steps, $680M RISK TRANSFER.

Note that in countdown to the general Election Wall appears to have thrown Billy Boyd under the bus, but a confidant pointed out to me (Lee) that is a political ploy, Boyd is jumping under the Bus in a desperate attempt to take the heat for Wall in the countdown to the Election, which may give Wall and the Sask Party four more years to shovel another several Billion dollars of taxpayer money into their offshore bank accounts, but it will not work, voting taxpayers are not stupid.

Readers are asked to again review posts $680M RISK TRANSFER and RACHEL IN OZ, note I (Lee) made the same claim as CBC in this Alexa 41 ranked Web site yet Boyd’s lawyers did not sue me for libel, WHY?, readers may believe their reason is that I have no money to pay the libel award if they win, but google “dollar value of domain names ranked in top alexa 100” Boyd’s lawyers know that any domain name Alex ranked in the top Alexa 100 has dollar value of $4M- $8M.

It is true that the only value of this site to me (Lee) is to use it as fulcrum and lever to obtain approval for Earle and Sharie Argues $30M residential development without bribing Donna Strudwick, but the fact remains that the sites domain name has estimated dollar value of $4M – $8M US, my lack of assets is not Boyds lawyers problem, what are they edgy about?, note below:

Again review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK and google “summary 31940”, Boyds lawyers know I (Lee) am not a lawyer and can not be disbarred and would fight their libel action as a layman to the Supreme Court, publishing all Court documents in this Web site, and Boyds lawyers fear what Lady Bev might tell them SO I repeat the question: if Boyd sues CBC for libel why not sue me for making identical claim?

I (Lee) am a stupid sitting duck, google “lee stupidest man in canada” acting in my own defence while the taxpayers are paying Boyds lawyers $400.00 a hour, and Chief Judge Richards has set precedent in Saskatchewan to turn libel on its head, so CBC must take Boyd seriously.

Google “ truth never libel in law” and “richards rules lee guilty of libel of strudwick even if he is right”, CBC Chief’s must note Chief Judge Richards odious ruling was aimed at destroying me (Lee) to satisfy the Strudwick., BUT Richard’s precedent is now law and can be used against the CBC, as it was used against me, note below:

I (Lee) repeat, the CBC Chiefs must note Chief Judge Richards set legal precedent with his odious, legal contradiction in finding me (Lee) guilty of libel of the Strudwick even if my claim is right, CBC Chiefs should review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “summary 31940”, the CBC brought this on their own head.

The CBC Chiefs should review BLOOD ON THE WALL and google “lamont alberta administrator demands bribes to approve development” and compare CBC’s excellent work on the Lamont Alberta Administrator bribe demand to CBC Saskatchewan Chief, David Kyle, related to Queens Bench Judge Larry Kyle, telling Earle Argue to google “fuddel-duddel” himself, allowing Wall to run the Argues ragged, note below:

A few readers may believe that I (Lee) have gone insane, BUT two examples, 1) review post WALL OF UNFARINESS, note Wall gave, literally, gave, Developer Deveraux two million dollars of taxpayer money to color up a fairy tale while “thumping” on the Argues, and 2) again review $680M RISK TRANSFER, note Wall literally gave $680M of taxpayer money to Graham to color up a another fairy tale BUT will Graham keep that massive amount of taxpayer money, ($680M) or is it part of Grahams contract that he use it to pay official bribes to Strudwick and her ilk?

CBC may be trying to do a make good with Boyd and they do have much to answer for, google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to the premier” and note the Argues lost $10M in profit so taxpayers lost +/- $2M tax on Argues lost profit and they (taxpayers) have lost $800K annually in lost school and property tax from the Argue development, another $10M to date because CBC said nothing when Strudwicks demand for “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue development was proven at the Supreme Court, google “summary 31940”, note below:

CBC is doing a great make good, they have done outstanding work on Billy Boyd, the articles Boyd bases his legal action on are a straightforward factual depiction’s of a typical Wall, Billy Boyd, Sask Party, sucker punch on the taxpayers, review LADY LORI AND THE CABAL and $680M RISK TRANSFER, but this could have been prevented.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 20 -21 and note Wall could carry the Legislation I (Lee) advised Premier Roy to carry, to wit: replace the four RMs around each Saskatchewan City with a corruption free development area controlled by Municipal Affairs, but its too late, that legislation today would solve nothing for Wall, all it would do is annoy SARM and Strudwick, dooming Wall.

Google “sarm blackmailed romanow” Roy is a honest man so SARM finished him as Premier and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that even if Wall was honest SARM would finish him if he carried my (Lee)s suggested legislation.

Wall has 16 Cities so would have to legislate control of 64 RMs by Municipal Affairs, leaving 234 penny less RMs for SARM to loot; google “mandryk: waugh win troubles the tories mandryk”. SARM already has a $.5B slush fund of taxpayer money and the only RMs with enough money for SARM to bother looting are RMs around the Cities so SARM will take revenge on Wall by voting NDP, as Alberta voted NDP for revenge on Prentice for musing about tax and oil royalty hikes to fill Alberat’s $6B deficit hole.

I (Lee) say again, SARM finished Roy, and will finish Wall if he stops pandering to them, it is true Wall will have millions of taxpayer money in off shore accounts, BUT Wall will never be US Ambassador or replace Harper, note below:

Google “canadian dollar forecast to fall to 59 cents u.s. as economic clouds darken huffpost” and “the saskatchewan economy is key to re-election of premier brad wall mandryk” and

“poll caution warranted mandryk”, and “premier brad wall must address failing economy before saskastchewan election on april 4th, leader post”.

Murray is right, economics is the election issue but this is “sun rises in the east” stuff, Murray is quoting Bill Clintons pit bull, James Carville, statement ”its the economy stupid” but taxpayers have a problem of survival beyond a 59 cent dollar and dog food for breakfast, note below:

Google “mandryk: boundary dam a challenge for the wall government” and “brad wall’s prison food comment was a politically selfish quip designed to benefit no one but wall and his party”, a 59 cent Canadian dollar means lettuce will cost $10 a head with the real problem being that only Wall, Billy Boyd and their Elite officials, such as the Strudwick, will have enough money to buy dog food for breakfast let alone lettuce for lunch.

Note the $1.5B of taxpayer money Billy Boyd

smoked out of the carbon capture scam, google

“bill boyd carbon capture scam”, review search

results and $680M RISK TRANSFER, Wall’s

Devine Gang level “disapperance” of taxpayer money leads to Saskatchewan taxpayers going deeper in debt while the Strudwick, as Deputy Premier McMorris campaign manager, smirks, snickers, sneers and refuses to grant the Argues development approval until she is carried “flowers, choclates and perfume” and note below:

Google “summary 31940” and “strudwick claims argues ‘are less then honest’”. Review all search results, note that as set out in the Supreme Court summary I (Lee) warned time and time again and provided hard evidence that Strudwick was lying about the Argues being crooks, with no evidence whatsoever to support her malevolent claim which is classic Animus, google “animus definition”.

The Strudwick snickers and sneers and demands flowers to approve development while her boss does nothing, google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to premier” the voters have been sucker punched twice by the same odious official Elite, in one generation, consider this:

Google “devine decade of disaster” review all search results, note that the Devine Gang, lead by Bernsten and that effing Lane, smoked $1B a year out of the Saskatchewan taxpayers for a total of $10B over the Devine decade of disaster, this fact is high lighted by, google “ lane, as devine finance minister, had swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of taxpayer cash from the leg buliding to switzerland”, Bank Mangers know, note below:

Google “sask party ruled by devine holdovers rural zoning”, review all search results and note the hard evidence the Devine Gang moved on to form the Sask Party with the help of the Goodale Liberals, and review “wall sask party has put saskatchewan $5B further in debt”, review all search results and note below:

Review RACHEL IN OZ, note last few paragraphs, my (Lee)s confidant is right, the Saskatchewan taxpayers have been sucker punched twice and review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, note that Premier Roy believed the Evil could be ended by eliminating the RMs and forming Counties.

Review post FLOWERS CHOCLATES AND PRFUME, and note that I (Lee) added to Roys plan by suggesting that all rural zoning decisions be controlled by panels of Village Mayors, BUT I was living in my usual dream world, the Village Mayors will be overuled by the official Elite, the odious arrogant assholes, such as the Strudwick, who will blackmail the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to overturn any development ruling by the Village Mayors, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and

google “ summary 31940” and note below:

A few rural readers may say “nonsense” BUT review post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 11., note the Provincial Municipal Affairs officials accepted my (Lee)s considerable and conclusive evidence that Court officials, Wyona Roy and Nancy Drew worked with the Strudwick to block the Argue $30M Development, note below:

Review post BLACKMAILED. BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note there is considerable and conclusive evidence that control of the Queens/ Appeal Courts by odious arrogant asshole officials such as the Highway Engineers and the Strudwick is unique to Saskatchewan, note below:

There is a scintilla of evidence of similar Judicial corruption in Alberta, google “denis as alberta ag tells battered wife she has to take it because he controls the courts”, review all search results then google “courts rule lamont alberta town administrator demand bribes from developer”, note that while Denis, as Alberta AG, may have blackmailed the Court into dismissing his wife beating charges, the Alberta Courts do not bow to Rural Administrators demand for bribes to approve developments, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Bribery/Blackmail of Quens/Appeal Bench Judges is unique to Saskatchewan. There is massive evidence the Official Elite, the Highway Engineers and Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Highway Engineers, note below:

Review post GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note that Provincial Court Judge Kim Young has knowledge of a deal between that effing Lane, as Devine Attorney General, and Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macperson to destroy me (Lee), review BIDRIGGERS and note below:

The Trudeau Fed is promoting a pile of horseshit called “sunny ways”, BUT the hard fact is that the world turns on hate, as example, google “gop hates obama because he is black” and “gop views blacks as 3/5 human”, review post BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, I (Lee) am so caucasian there was a Lee at the signing of the magna-carta yet the Saskatchewan official Elite hate me because of my flat refusdal to pay them their bribes.

Google “the world turns on hate john 15:18”, I (Lee) refuse to pay the Ruling Elite official bribes so the Ruling Elite hate me and in return I (Lee) am far beyond hate, I consider the odious arrogant asshole Ruling Elite, the Highway Engineers, that effing Lane, Strudwick, Judge’s “Sandy” MacPherson, Lady Janet McMurtry and Chief Judge Richards, as being less then human, less then Hyenas and norway rats, note below:

Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson ruled the Highway Emgineers proven “breach of contract, engineering error and negligence” meant nothing because they were “only human” the Cat salesman, Bob Cojocar, advised, “dont worry Bob. D A will have no trouble proving the bastards are not human”, everyone agrees with Bob yet Highway Engineers corruption is now worse, BIDRIGGERS.

I (Lee) was promoted to a Senior administrater in the road building industry very young BUT when I worked on the Government side I refused to take bribes from the Contractors so my colleagues hated me, and when I was contracting Highway construction I refused to bribe the Government Engineers controlling the contracts, so I was hated even more, now note below:

Google “erin weir mp raises questions in the house regarding gth land deal”, review all search results, note that in response Wall smirks and points to the Ferguson inquiry, why in the name of God does the NDP not follow my (Lee)s ask in AN EXCELLENT ASK where the Supreme Court has ruled the Strudwick demands “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve developments.

Google “saskatchewan ndp ads lack mass appeal as april 4th provincial election approaches mandryk”, again review AN EXCELLENT ASK, if the Hon Tom, or Erin Weir, refuse to ask questions in the house the Breton Bunch could follow my (Lee)s plan in FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, and Premier Wall should be doomed.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15, note that in Saskatchewan law all zoning issues are political and as required by law I (Lee) am using politics to try to obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing the Strudwick, review AN EXCELLENT ASK, if that ask was honored every day until April 4th it should result in enough media to destroy Wall just as Adscam took down the Martin Liberal Fed.

Review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION and note the Breton Bunch have good reason to hate me (Lee) as much as the Department of Highway Engineers hate me, and that effing Lane hates Tony Merchant and the Strudwick hates the Argues, BUT I remind Breton and his Brain Trust that they want to form Government and I want the Argues granted approval for their $30M residential development without bribing the Strudwick, and both can be accomplished without Breton or his Brain Trust speaking one word to me, holding one meeting, sending/receiving one letter, or e-mail, just follow my paint by number plan set out below:

I (Lee) suggest that Breton and his Brain Trust review post FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, note the plan I set out for the NDP to keep Government against the Sask Party was approved by the NDP backroom boys of the day BUT they were overruled by the NDP Ruling Elite, LADY LORI AND THE CABAL, but note below;

My (Lee)s plan would work for the April 2016 election just as well and I urge Breton and his Brain Trust to set aside their hatred of me for one long day and ask opinion of Kim Trew, Clay Serby, Louise Simard, Janice Mackinnon and Roy Romanow, Wall would end up with 3000 votes, the ten Reeves, Council and Administrators of each of the 300 RMs in Saskatchewan, note below:

I (Lee) remind readers of the history of the Argue development, it is simple, the RM of Edenwold Council opened the Argue area of the RM to development and advised Earle and Sharie Argue of their quarter section development potential because it had a 350 gpm spring, enough water to service a population of a City of 7500 people, so the Argues went ahead with a development plan.

The Argues were not aware of the odious and massive official corruption of the Rural Ruling Elite protected by the odious Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, how many taxpayers were aware of official Saskatchewan corruption, until my (Lee)s publication of

What is set out preceding, ie: my (Lee)s plan for the Breton Bunch as set out in post FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME would probably work, BUT would solve nothing for the Argues, the Strudwick has absolute, blackmail power over the Saskatchewan Judges, note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30, note that I (Lee) can prove the fact of Judges-cocaine -high school girl parties, BUT what if Strudwick has pictures of middle aged Judges and cocaine fueled high school girls?, the girls would now be women with teenage daughters, but as blackmail it could still work for Strudwick, would today’s Judges cover for past Judges faults?, do bears poop in the woods?, does the sun rise in the east?

What if the girls were of age of consent and had not been raped?, ask any high school teacher, man or woman, what would happen if a group of grade twelve high school girls were given cocaine, the girls would prefer their high school boyfriends, BUT if the only males available were aging Judges the hormone driven girls would pounce on them like lionesses on gazelle’s.

I (Lee) have concluded that it does not matter a tinkers dam if Wall or Breton form Government on April 4th, the Strudwick will continue to smirk, sneer, snicker and blackmail Judges to rule that she must be carried flowers chocolates and perfume to approve the Argue $30M residential developmemt, again google “summary 31940”.

It is true there are two possibilities, other than Strudwick’s insatiable greed, for the Argues being denied approval for their $30M development, Strudwick may be driven by Animus but there is another explanation, I (Lee) can not prove fact of a deal between Link and the Sask Party Elite, but review LADY LORI AND THE CABAL, note below:

Was I (Lee) played for a fool by a pair of political geniuses, Link and Billy Boyd? Note that Regina Architect Joe Pettick obtained all Provincial Department approval for the Argue development and it is insanity for Wall to refuse to grant Argues development approval when Wall could have bought Strudwick off with a Deputy Minister appointment and as a DM she could demand more bribes and kickbacks then she ever dreamed of as a RM Administrator, note below:

Again review LADY LORI AND THE CABAL note the very real possibility of a deal between Boyd and Link, for Link to destroy the NDP in exchange for Link pumping royalty free oil out of the lake of taxpayer oil Links forty sections of land floats on and when Link left his Ministery for Nexen his last instruction to me (Lee) was to stay away from the Argues, but note below:

I (Lee) defied Link and went straight to the Minister then Responsible, the Hon Jack Hillson, google “lee goes to jack hillson to solve argue development problem” I openly defied Link and any of Links ex-wiveswould tell you Link is the most vindictive Elite in Christendom, so it begs the question: was part of Boyds end of the deal to deep six the Argue development?, note below:

It matters not if the Argues problem flows from either of Strudwcks motives, greed for flowers, or her Animus to the Argues, or from odious political games played by Link, Billy Boyd and Wall for Billions of dollars of taxpayer money, the only solution is to eliminate Saskatchewan from the Dominion of Canada, note below:

Review last paragraphs in RACHEL IN OZ, note that official Saskatchewan corruption of the Highway Enginners, review BIDRIGGERS, the RM Elite, “summary 31940” and the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, review BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBES? is so odious it can be ended only by eliminating Saskatchewan from Canada by splitting it between Manitoba and Alberta.

The Election post, published in late March, draft title, ODIOUS RULING ELITE, subtitle, FROM DEWDNEY TO DONNA, lists a few Saskatchewan official corruption examples from its creation in 1905 until now, and my plan is to build from that post to eliminate Saskatchewan, google “trudeau pitches canada to investors at davos”, note below:

The Trudeau Fed is pandering to world CEO’s to sucker them into invest in Canada, BUT with this Web site’s Alexa rank of 41, to wit: the 41st most watched Website in the 30M World Web sites, coupled with the fact all world CEO’s are aware of Canadian Ruling Elite massive corruption, google “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal” and note that the incarceration of Devine Ministers for fraud set a Commonwealth record and with the World economy collapsing around their ears, World CEO’s may ask if they need Canada’s level of official bribe demands, but note below:

A confidant recently suggested a brilliant and elegant solution to Strudwick’s bribe demands,

review, VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, my (Lee)s solution involving SASK WATER taking over the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring water flow with a lease back deal for the Argues and my confidant suggeted that instead of using SASK WATER use PFRA as a agency to facilitate that solution, a good plan, BUT given Strudwick’s corrupt control of Saskatchewan’s elected Elite and Judiciary, it is waste of time to go to Saskatchewan’s PFRA, but why not appeal to Alberta’s PFRA?, note below:

The Hon Oneil Carlier

Dear Minister: For the last decade I have used website here in Saskatchewan trying to obtain approval for a $30M residential development that has a spring water flow of 350 gpm, enough water to service a city of 7500 people, only to be blocked at every turn by RM Administrator. Donna Strudwick, demanding “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to grant approval, google “summary 31940”, note that four respected Regina lawyers advised it is impossible to get by the terrible woman.

This Web site has achieved Alexa rank of 41, yet Saskatchewan’s elected Provincial Elite refuse to overrule Donna Strudwick who currently serves as campaign manager for Premier Wall’s Deputy Premier, Don McMorris and is out of control.

Please review post SUCKER PUNCHED—TWICE, note my plan to solve the Strudwick bribery problem by appeal to the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan from the Dominion of Canada. but more is needed, please review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and note my offer to Premier Wall to use SASK WATER to bypass the Strudwick bribe demand was lauhed at.

BUT if PFRA, who is in the water business, could substitute for SASK WATER for the development to go ahead the water that is now flowing into the Qu’Appelle river and to Hudson Bay, could provide water to 7500 people, in the same way as the pipeline PFRA operates carrying water to Villages from Outlook to Rosetown here in Saskatchewan.

Please note that given Strudwick’s corrupt control of Saskatchewan’s Elected Elite and Courts it would be pointless to appeal to a PFRA office here in Saskatchewan, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT RURAL ZONING, document 4 and if you use your Alberta PFRA as I ask it will result in my having enhanced funding for Access TV ads, and maybe I could afford to have a book ghosted WHY SASKATCHEWAN EXISTS? leading to Alberta gaining the west half of Saskatchewan,… E.R.Lee

If the Alberta PFRA took control of the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring water flow, it may demonstrate to the world CEO’s they (Trudeau Fed) are prepared to end official bribes demands such as the Strudwick, which may help convince world CEO’s to invest in Canada.

If the Trudeau Fed refuses to allow the Alberta PFRA to take action such as the use of PFRA to solve the Strudwick bribe demand, the world CEO’s will know the Canadian official’s, such as Strudwick’s, bribe demands are here to stay and my (Lee)s theory is the hard facts of Canada’s official corruption, as detailed in this Alexa 41st ranked Website, may eventually force the Trudeau Fed to eliminate Saskatchewan to prove to World CEO’s, he will end corruption in Canada, google “transparency international states canada most bribery prone country in the g-7”.

Draft title for Walls April Election post is ODIOUS RULING ELITE, subtitle FROM DEWDNEY TO DONNA.



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    Please give me a shout back – have some information about Chief Justice Richards.

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