HOUSE KEEPING: Google “lane hates merchant rural zoning” note the search results showing that effing Lane blocked Tony Merhant’s residential school legal fees for years, now google
“ regina lawyer tony merchant calls muilt-million dollar win ‘wonderful’ leader post” what is truly “wonderful” is that, that effing Lane finally lost a battle, now google “lane drummonf law partners rural zoning” note that the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy ponzi was based on Drummond’s original household energy fraud, FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, and note below:

Review post MITIC, MITCHELL AND THE MAFIA and review my (Lee)s plan to e-mail Canada’s CTV Don Martin’s Power Play and United States CBS regarding the hard evidence of the Just Energy Ponzi in this Alexa 43 ranked Web site, to wit: the Russian Mafia and a Serbian woman named Ubavka Mitic are advising Canada’s Finance Minister, and Just Energy is listed on both the TSX and NYSE, and is defrauding households on Energy supply in both Canada and the US. note below;

Note that Just Energy, cotrolled by the Russian Mafia, had Harper appointed Canadian Senators on its Board of Directors, and has been systematically defrauding US and Canadian householders, everyone I talk to agrees the Russian Mafia control of Just Energy and the Canadian Finance Minister should be just a sick effing official joke but its no joke, note below:

It is still my (Lee)s bad, a sane man would have long ago concluded that Canada’s Political Elite, Liberal, Conservative and NDP and the big three networks, CBC, CTV and Global are all covering up Just Energy official Ponzi fraud for the Serbian Woman and her Russian Mafia, and sending anything to any of our Elite on Just Energy Ponzi fraud is a waste of time, but I want the fact that I tried to get the Russian Mafia Just Energy ponzi fraud beyond this Web site and on the Canadian public record so I am e-mailing CTVs W-5 the considerable and conclusive evidence, of Just Energy Russian Mafia Ponzi fraud,

Domain name https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com has Alexa rank of 43 with 97% of visits through Facebook. Please google “just energy us fraud” and “just energy ponzi rural zoning” and review post MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA and consider a documentary on the Just Energy ponzi on Canadian and US householders.

Should you do a documentary, you may have exclusive Canadian coverage. Please review post BLOOD ON THE WALL and LADY JANET AND THE CJC. David Kyle, former Saskatchewan head of CBC, advised my principal, Earle Argue, the issue is a “minor municipal zoning dispute” not worthy of CBC TV time. Global tracks CBC in ignoring official fraud so you have a free hand.

Global fired award winning Bruce Livesey over his documentary on Koch Brothers in the Oil Sands, notwithstanding the fact Global’s libel lawyer and executive producer had both signed off on Bruce’s documentary so Global will likely not cover Russian mafia control of Just Energy ponzi fraud. You should have exclusive in Canada.

I do intend to e-mail similar ask to CBS Chicago which has been doing Just Energy fraud in the US and bring the following to CBS’s attention: Google “mitic chair of cp governance committee” review results and note the Serbian woman, Ubavka Mitic, the controlling mind of Just Energy with Canadian Senators on the Board of Directors and Russian Mafia advisers who defrauded US citizens in many US States, is the same Serbian woman who is the Board Chair of Canada’s CP Rail Governance Committee.

I will remind CBS Chicago that Canada’s CP Rail made a takeover bid of one of the US’s historic Rail Lines, Norfolk–Southern, and the fact of Russian Mafia operating out of Canada, protected by the Government of Canada, control the Just Energy fraud in the US and possibly the attempted takeover of the iconic Norfolk-Southern railway. That may cause the US State Department officials to go to the Canadian Fed asking what is going on.

Dr. Carl Baar of York University, Toronto, advised turning over rocks to end official bribes. Review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON. If US Secretary of State officials question our Canadian Fed my hope is our Feds bypass Goodale-Wall and use CFPOA to charge Just Energy with fraud leading to Wall granting Argue development without Strudwick’s bribes.

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI and FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, note the Serbian woman and her Russian Mafia have used Gary Drummond and his original Saskatchewan fraud as a base to run their Just Energy ponzi operation here and in the US for two decades… E.R.Lee.

Now review my (Lee)s e-mail to CBS Chicago Dave Savini:

Dear Dave, CBS Chicago: CBS has done a lot on Just Energy fraud so this may interest you. It is fact that Global fired my main source, the award winning Bruce Livesey, over his documentary on the Koch Brothers in the Oil Sands. Global fired Bruce after their libel lawyer and executive producer had signed off on Bruce’s documentary.

Should you decide my use of Bruce’s work on the Canadian Government protection of Mitic and her Russian Mafia controlling Just Energy fraud of US householders is credible and should you use it, then consider passing it on to CBS’s “Madam Secretary” producers. They may be intrigued.

It is not threat of nuclear war, but, the “Madam Secretary” producers may be intrigued with the real life facts of Just Energy’s Mitic and her Russian Mafia advising the Canadian Finance Minister while they defraud the US householders. The Producers are welcome to use this site material for domain name screen credit.

Now, please google this Alexa ranked 43 Web site domain name
https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com and note the site has 20% of visits from the US through 97% face book share . google “just energy us fraud” and MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, the post is self- explanatory. The Just Energy fraud on US household energy bills is bad, but, was just the start for Just Energy.

Google “mitic chair of cp governance committe” review search results, note that the same Serbian woman, Ubavka Mitic, and her Russian Mafia cohorts, with Canadian Senators on her Board of Directors, is the controlling mind of Just Energy, which Ponzi has defrauded many US citizens in several US States, and Mitic is the Board Chair of Canada’s CP Rail Governance Committee.

Please recall Canada’s CP Rail attempted takeover of one of America’s historic railway lines, Norfolk – Southern and the fact Russian Mafia working out of Canada, protected by the Government of Canada, could have been the controlling mind of Norfolk-Southern. US voters may be concerned enough that the US Secretary of State officials ask questions of Canada’s Political Ruling Elite…… E.R.Lee

My (Lee)s message to Dave Savini was many months late, google “cbs chicago, just energy controlled by russian mafia” CBS Chicago published in August of 2015 that Just Energy was controlled by the Russian Mafia, so Harper, Goodale and Wall, all knew in August of last year that Just Energy was a front for the Russian Mafia, note below:

I (Lee) have asked the CBS North Dakota affiliate KXJB, to review this Post, and the Dave Savini e-mail above. KXJB, now KX4, broadcasts into Saskatchewan, and Just Energy is currently in North Dakota defrauding their viewers. Google https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org and note the Alexa rank of 43 Website is fact and that my offer to end the Strudwick bribe demand issue at no taxpayer cost stands for Brad Wall now and for Wall or Breton after April 4th 2016.

I (Lee) suggest that both Wall and Breton google the published paper trail of CBS Chicago and KXJB North Dakota media work on the Just Energy Ponzi frauds in the US and think long and hard about the consequence if enough US citizens come to know of Canadian Senators and Finance Minister protecting the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy Ponzi fraud of US citizens, how long will Trudeau’s “sunny ways” last under pressure from the US Secretary of State?, will Trudeau turn his lovely First Nation Lady Attorney General loose in the land?, Trudeau’s Lady AG is truly a lovely woman, and Wall and Breton both note below:

A recent Longmire show, “Bad Medicine”, has the lalonic Wyoming Sheriff working to solve the murder of a local Doctor by one knife strike to his kidney, the investigation leads Longmire to a First Nations Beauty Queen contest where the young women contestants first have to be judged to be beauties, then demonstrate they can skin a deer in 20 minutes, and then for the First Nations beauties last test note below:

The aspiring beauty queens then must prove they know the best place to kill a man with one kmife strike, even Walt Longmire, a graduate of the John Wayne acting school, appears shaken, BUT Vic, his lady Deputy Sheriff, approves this last beauty queen requirement and I suggest that Wall and Breton watch Longmire segment “Bad Medicine”, think about it and note below:

Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”. Note my (Lee)s use of the Wall – Goodale – Russian Mafia- Just Energy Ponzi fraud is as a Web site lever and fulcrum to try to force the Wall Administration to grant the Argues development approval without bribing Wall’s official, Donna Strudwick, google “ summary 31940” and note below:

I (Lee) have accomplished nothing for the Argues, after a decade the Strudwick serves as camapign Chair for Walls Deputy Premier, Don McMorris and she, Strudwick, sits snickering, sneering, demanding bribes to approve the Argue $30M residential development, again google “ summary 31940”.

Review posts AN EXCELLENT ASK and $680M RISK TRANSFER, note my (Lee)s ask for NDP third party questions in Partliament that the Argues be granted approval for their $30M residential development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick has been ignored, notwithstanding the fact my ask is supported by this Alex 43 ranked Web site, note below:

In addition to the clear agreement among the Elite of Canada’s three Poltical parties regarding the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy Ponzi, there is considerable and conclusive evidence of agreement among the Big three of Canada’s political parties, Liberal, Conservative and NDP that the Strudwick has got to be paid bribes to approve the Argue $30M development, Remember Sherlock, google “once you have eliminated the impossible, the only explanation left, however improbable, is the answer”.

Harper Conservatives will clearly not raise question as official opposition but the only explanation for the fact the other two, Liberal and NDP, are not using the Harper corruption, ie: the Rissian Mafia Just Energ ponzi and Strudwick’s bribe demands for political gain against Conservatives, and instead allowing Just Energy to operate and agree that Strudwicks bribes have got to be paid to approve economic development proves Canada is in the same economic situation as the EU, note below:

Google “eu countries fear economic collapse if they end official corruption”, as sickening as it is that is the only possible explantion for the continuing insistence by the Ruling Elite of all three of Canada’s Political Parties that the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy ponzi continue to function and the Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid to approve economic development, again google “ summary 31940” is fear of economic collapse if Official corruption is ended, note below:

Google “canada most bribery prone in g-7” remember the G-7 is made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, England and the US, note the cross over, a couple are in the EU and it is a surprise to me (Lee) that a country as rich as Canada is so near economic collapse that it tracks EU Countries to the point it fears economic collapse if it ends official Strudwick level of corruption BUT note the hard economic facts below:

The Canadian dollar is at 70 cents US and is predicted by experts to drop to 59 cents US and with the US Fed putting money out at 2% interest Canada has reached a economic point where the Bank of Canada has to bring in a ”negative interest rate”, to wit: the Banks will not pay any interest on deposits and instead charge taxpayers to keep money in the bank, this is effecting Saskatchewan taxpayers, one “sickening unto death:\” example is set out below:

Review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, scroll down to my (Lee)s three no taxpayer cost offers to Wall to bypass the Strudwick bribe demands to approve the Argue development, note the Argue development has a 350 gpm spring water flow, enough water for a City of 7500 people and note my third offer to Wall was to give 90% of the Argue spring Water flow to SASK WATER in exchange for granting the Argues development approval without Strudwicks being carried flowers, chocolates and perfume” google “summary 31940” and note below:

Note that Wall stands firm, the Strudwick has got to be carried her effing flowers before the Argues receive approval for their $30M development, again google “summary 31940” and npte the sickening fact, google “ sask water security agency borrows millions for infrastructure renewal graney”, note the sick economic insanity of Wall borrowing millions to provide water to taxpayers while refusing my (Lee)s offer to give 90% of the Argue’s 350 gpm spring water flow, to SASK WATER, enough water for a city of 7500 people, note below:

Google “ wall survives a difficult fall to land on his feet mandryk” as usual Murray has it exactly right and this was the Provincial NDP’s last chance to nail Wall before his General Election in Aprl. Review posts AN EXCELLENT ASK, $680M RISK TRANSFER and MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, and note the Hon Tom ignored my (Lee)s ask. Google “why is joe oliver seeking economic advise from a scandal plagued corporate honcho livesey” and “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, BUT even I (Lee) would not be stupid enough tp loan the Russian Mafia money out of the CPP, note below:

Web readers are asked to note that this horror started when Tom Lukiwski talked the Goodale Liberals into stabbing then Liberal Leader Lynda Haverstock, in the back and going to the Devine PC’s to form the Sask Party, review UBAVKA’S POMZI, note the Hon Tom Mulcair refuses to pry the lid off the Wall – Goodale support of Russian Mafia Just Energy Ponzi fraud, when questions in the House from now until April 4th 2016 would elect the Breton Bunch on April 4th, note below:.

By Wall’s General election in April this Web site will have been up for nine years, asking first Calvert, then Wall, to grant the Argues approval for their $30M development without bribing the Strudwick. This Web site is Alexa ranked as the 43rd most visited Web site out of 30M Web site domain sites world wide, yet Wall accepts his Minister Responsible, Reiter’s assurance, google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada and his website is a stupid joke”, REALLY, well, google “jesus wept”.

Reiters claim regarding my (Lee)s stupidity is just Walls odious arrogance, BUT stupid or not this Web site is fact and I was certain that Wall would heed Harpers last words of warning. Google “mandryk: harper bets that cynicism works mandryk”, well it didn’t , but review Murray, he quotes a right wing journalist stating that he can not force himself to vote Harper

.I (Lee) know how the Journalist feels google “lee organizes win for pc’s in four out of five ridings in red square”, yet the Devine Gang destroyed me because I refused to pay bribes to the odious Highway Engineersand I am “sickened unto death” to be of the same species as the odious arrogant assholes, Harper, Devine, Lane, Wall, Reiter, the Highway Engineers, Strudwick and their ilk, note below:

The following is extraneous, but I (Lee) watched on TV while the Trudeau Fed Cabinet was sworn in and thought “what a great group of elite”, and despite the horror of dealing with evil, lying, corrupt, odious arrogant women Elite such as the Strudwick, Lady Justice Janice McMurtry, Wyona Roy, Nancy Drew and their corrupt ilk, I still believe in Cabinet gender parity, BUT then I remembered watching the Devine Gang being sworn in.

My (Lee)s mind drifted off to what a sick effing joke the Political swearing in of Crown Ministers is, the Devine Gang, Devine, Lane, Berenstein, wife killer Thatcher, were all Liberals. Goodale, was part of that group protecting Strudwick and is now a Trudeau Fed Liberal Minister; any reader who believes Goodale is a honest man should ask Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant or his wife, Senator Pana Merchant, but I digress, note that following Rachel’s Alberta win I had a fantasy.

My (Lee)s fantasy was that the turning point on ending official and Judicial corruption in Saskatchewan was the election of Rachel Notley in Alberta, which gave voters the courage to boot Harper and I had the fantasy of Wall waking up at four in the morning screaming with Tami needing ear plugs. Note that normal sights and sounds can cause terror in the bravest of men, as example: google “the clatter of tumbrils on the cobble stones” the sound of the French two wheel farm work carts on Paris cobble stone streets had French Elite waking up screaming at four in the morning during the French Revolution.

The French are truly efficient, the French Revolution leader’s used Tumbrils because they could be unhooked from the horse and tipped up like the dump truck’s of today. The Tumbrils were used to transport the French Elite from prison to the guillotine located in the City Center square, and the same Tumbrils were then used to transport the head less corpses, and heads, to the nearest field where they were dumped for the coyotes and crows to pick over, very efficient, the French Trains run on time.

I (Lee) had the fantasy that the sight and sound of a woman’s red high heel shoes clicking on concrete sidewalk, or the tile floor in a store, office or the Leg, would cause Premier Brad Wall to wake up screaming at four in the morning. with Kathy, Terri and Tami all wearing flats, note below:
Google “the allegory in ‘the wizard of oz’ sahalle” , review the search result, and google “simons: courage brains and heart give alberta a new chapter simons” and using Simon’s article I (Lee) have borrowed that powerfull political allegory from back in the day and use it today as it relates to Alberta and Rachel’s red high heel shoes, google “images of rachel notley’s red shoes” and “the wizard of oz”, and note below:

Back in the day, in Kansas, L. Frank Baum wrote the fairy tale, based on politics, about a little girl named Dorothy’s magical red shoes and the Kansas wind carrying her to a strange land called Oz, and readers are asked to note that Dorothy had a great adventure in the land of Oz where she encountered and resolved impossible problems, she gave the Lion courage, Tin Man a heart and Scarecrow a brain, just as the pundits of long ago wanted done, and a journalist of today sets out Rachel has done for the Alberta taxpayers, and note below:

I (Lee) had the fantasy that the land of Oz was a precursor for Alberta where Rachel’s red high heels carried her to the Premier’s chair in the Oz world of Alberta Politics where she uses magic to resolve problems as impossible as Dorothy resolved in Oz, Rachel must provide heart, courage and brains to the Alberta people after the Harper Fed fall on October 19th, the Trudeau Fed, with the Hon Tom as the only opposition, must provide heart, courage and brains to the Canadian people to make it through, AND with the Harper Fed gone I had the fantasy that Wall has a problem, review AN EXCELLENT ASK.

I (Lee) believed Wall knows he need not feel shame at waking up screaming at the thought of annoying the Strudwick, all brave men turn white and head for the barn at the thought of annoying the Strudwick by approving the Argue’s $30M development without bribing her, Wall is Premier and knows, as the Argues know, all lawyers know, and I (Lee) know, the Strudwick is a Germany from the German Village of Edenwold and Premier Wall can not hide,he knows she will find him so he wakes up screaming at four in the morning, note below:

Readers are asked to google “four lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing donna strudwick”, BUT I (Lee) had the fantasy that with Harper gone and this site with Alexa rank of 43 and with the Breton Bunch waiting in the wings, Wall would cave and grant the Argue development with out the Strudwick getting her bribes, BUT I was wrong, drop dead wrong, maybe Reiter is right, maybe I am the stupidest man in Canada, Wall has no more fear of Rachel Notley than I have, note below:

Review the last couple paragraphs of MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA, note that Wall appears to know that Harpers Alberta base, the WCC and Reform,\ are committed to tearing Rachel”s throat out with pitchforks and the RCMP, controlled by Goodale, do nothing to stop it, now google “mandryk: premier brad wall takes saskatchewan party to right ahead of election mandryk”, Wall is laughing at the taxpayers, note below:
I (Lee) may owe readers an apology, there are many references in this Web site to Pogo’s famous line “we have seen the enemy and he is us”, Pogo was referring to the fact the swamp critters keep voting for a Senator named J. Malarkey, a takeoff on Joe McCarthy, J. Malkarky stole everything not nailed down and I stated that we had done Devine and Wall to ourselves BUT a confidant brought to my attention we have been sucker punched twice, google “sucker punched definition ” and note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Devine was a spellbinding orator, I (Lee) have listened to him and have talked with Ag graduates who had him as a Professor and they all told me Devine was the best Prof they ever had, but once Devine had bullshitted the PC’s into power in Saskatchewan he turned the Administration over to Bernsten and that effing Lane to steal anything not nailed down and guarded by Rotweillers,

During the Devine decade of disaster the Provincial Budget was +/- $5B, and that Budget, controlled by Bernsten and that effing Lane, resulted in 20% of that money, $1B, a year of taxpayer money “dissappearing” for ten years, a total of $10B, google “devine decade of disaster” and we are still paying interest on the $10B Lane “disappeared”, we were sucker punched and within a generation the taxpayers were sucker punched again by the same arrogant odious, asshole Elite, note below:

Goodale, as Saskatchewan Liberal Leader, won his own seat but never got over 8% of the popular vote and when Goodale went Federal Lynda Haverstock took over the Saskatchewan Liberal Leadership. Lynda is as lovely and charismatic a woman as any top rank Hollywood actress and under her leadership the Liberals went to 24% of the popular vote, elected a dozen MLA’s and forming official opposition BUT note below:

Lynda’s MLA’s got excited about forming Government next election and started planning and gossiping what offshore banks to put their bribe money in when Lynda informed the lot of them (her MLA’s) that under her Premiership there would be no cozy crony contracts, Lynda’s MLA’s started sulking, the word of Lynda’s decree of no “cozy crony contracts” spread like a Saskatchewan forest fire and note below:

Google “tom lukiwski talked lynda’s mla’s into leaving the liberals to help the devine pc’s form the sask party” , who has brought Saskatchewan to the point where the budget shows Wall and Billy Boyd have “disappeared”, another $5B of Taxpayers money, review post $680M RISK TRANSFER, the Saskatchewan taxpayer has been sucker punched again, twice in one generation by the same arrogant odious asshole Elite.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the only hope for the taxpayers is to go back to the original plan for the west, no Saskatchewan. Review post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, scroll to near post end and note copys of original maps to divide up Western Canada, note there was no Saskatchewan planned until Dewdney used his Saskatchewan plan to steal a fortune in taxpayer money and note below:

The only way to end Bidrigging in Saskatchewan Highway Contractibg, Rural Development corruption, the Just Energy Ponzi fraud and the Queens/Appeal Judges is to eliminate Saskatchewan by dividing it in two at the third Meridian which runs North – South at 106 degrees near Moose Jaw and Prince Albert, east of the 3rd would go into Manitoba, and west of the 3rd into Alberta,and note below:

The Argues may be able to get development approval without paying bribes to the Manitoba officials AND the Manitoba and Alberta Elite could not possibly be any more corrupt then the Saskatchewan Elite. We have only two worth while institutions, in Saskatchewan, the U of S and Access Communications. both are well respected and well established and able to function as stand alone entities, note Access reports to the CRTC.

I (Lee) do not know what to do with the Saskatchewan Leg Building, maybe give it to the Feds to house the Senate, review post ABOLITION OF RMS.The March post draft title is SUCKER PUNCHED—TWICE


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