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January 25, 2016

HOUSE KEEPING: Google “lane hates merchant rural zoning” note the search results showing that effing Lane blocked Tony Merhant’s residential school legal fees for years, now google
“ regina lawyer tony merchant calls muilt-million dollar win ‘wonderful’ leader post” what is truly “wonderful” is that, that effing Lane finally lost a battle, now google “lane drummonf law partners rural zoning” note that the Russian Mafia’s Just Energy ponzi was based on Drummond’s original household energy fraud, FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, and note below:

Review post MITIC, MITCHELL AND THE MAFIA and review my (Lee)s plan to e-mail Canada’s CTV Don Martin’s Power Play and United States CBS regarding the hard evidence of the Just Energy Ponzi in this Alexa 43 ranked Web site, to wit: the Russian Mafia and a Serbian woman named Ubavka Mitic are advising Canada’s Finance Minister, and Just Energy is listed on both the TSX and NYSE, and is defrauding households on Energy supply in both Canada and the US. note below; (more…)