Herein lies moronic monetary madness: review posts AN EXCELLENT ASK & $680M RISK TRANSFER including copy of MP picture post card with message to all NDP MP’s to support my (Lee)s ask of NDP Leader, the Hon Tom Muclair, to raise questions in the House in my decade long attempt to obtain approval for a $30M residential development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, google “scc 31940” who was part and parcel of the Harper Fed economic horror, google “ ritz uses strudwick farm yard to announce destruction of wheat board” note below:.

Epitome of moronic madness: review my (Lee)s e-mail to Erin Weir, MP for Regina – Lewvan, below and note the Harper Fed was much, much more corrupt then the Canadian voters imagined, the Russian Mafia was advising Joe Oliver, Harpers Finance Minister, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that this is moronic madness, Weir e-mail retype below:

Dear Erin : Regarding my ask letter to your leader cc: you , the picture postcard to all NDP MP’s, posts AN EXCELLENT ASK and $680 RISK TRANSFER and within that context please note the epitome of odious arrogant corruption and google “why is joe oliver seeking advice frrom a scandal plagued corporate honcho?, livesely” Harper allowing the corrupt, controlling minds of Just Energy, Mitic, Mitchell and the Russian Mafia,to work with Joe Oliver on Canada’s economic plan goes well beyond scandal.

Harper allowing “Just Energy” to borrow money from the Canada Pension Plan goes beyond scandal even more so and for the Wall Sask Party administration to provide the base for “Just Energy”to continue to function is an extension of the Devine corruption and warrants a special corner of Political Hell. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that a public inquiry is required……yours truly……E.R.Lee.

Readers are asked to now google ”why is joe oliver seeking economic advice from a scandal plagued corporate honcho?, livesey”, at the end of the article click on the author’s name, Bruce Livesey. I (Lee) urge all readers to review the author, Bruce Livesey. bio and note that if Trudeau wants candidates for Senate appointments Bruce should head the list.

Google “senate controversy casts shadow on saskatchewan mandryk”, and “just enegy fraud” Murray does his usual great job BUT fails to mention the Senators on the Just Energy Board of Directors, note below:

The Speech from the Throne sets the stage and the real work of this Parliament is trying to end the economic devastation visited on the Canadian taxpayers by the corruption of the Harper Conservatives will continue in January of 2016. The House has risen until late January when there is still faint hope the Hon Tom may honor my (Lee)s ask for questions in the House review AN EXCELLENT ASK and note below:

It was my (Lee)s belief that the Hon Tom, in effort to elect the Breton Bunch in April of 2016, may raise questions in the House regarding Sask Party rural development corruption, BUT the Hon Tom must ascribe to NDP Len Taylor dictum that my only option to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development was, google “ndp minister responsible taylor rules lees only option to obtain development approval for argue is to carry strudwick ‘flowers chocolates and perfume’” and “scc 31940”, this is sick enough, but the Just Energy Ponzi is much, much, worse.

Beyond the above, a couple of my (Lee)s confidants ran the Just Energy moronic monetary madness by their colleagues and the view is that the entire Just Energy Ponzi, ie: Wall Sask Party support of Just Energy. and Mitic and her Russian Mafia, advising Finance Minister Joe Oliver is so criminally, insanely, stupidly irresponsible, that if the voters could be apprised of the economic effect of Mitic’s Ponzi, a third party lead by a Gengis Khan descendant could sweep the next Saskatchewan Election.

Google “saskatchewan ndp need new strategy to tackle brad wall mandryk”, well I (Lee) have a suggestion for the Breton Bunch, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, taking special note that a Market Watch group used this Web site to save their investors millions of dollars by using this Web site as hard evidence to advise selling of Just Energy stock, and the Breton NDP could do the same thing, to wit: quote this Web post MITIC, MITCHELL AND THE MAFIA, in their Political ads from now until April 2016 advising voters to dump Wall, it should finish him, note below:

There was every reason for the market watch group to advise selling Just Energy stock, the corrupt bastards should have been de-listed long ago,

just like the Devine PC’s were de-listed in Saskatchewan, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the odious arrogant assholes are far beyond the pale, the point of my (Lee)s e-mail to Erin Weir above, now note below:

Web Readers are asked to consider that Trudeau appointed Goodale his Minister controlling the RCMP, and that under the deal with Harpers MP, Tom Lukiwski, Goodale’s Saskatchewan Provincial Liberal cohorts made up a third of the Wall Sask Party Cabinet using Taxpayer money to support the Just Energy Ponzi, again review UBAVKA;S PONZI, and note below:

Note Just Energy had several Harper Senators on its Board of Directors and that Just Energy has been charged with fraud in several US States, Ontario and Alberta, while at the same time Just Energy’s controlling minds, Ubavka Mitic, Own Mitchell, (who recently died suddenly in his own home), and the Russian Mafia. were advising Harper’s Finance Minister, Joe Oliver. and note below:


and given the fact Just Energy was charged with fraud in several US States and that 20% of visits to this Alexa 31 ranked Web are from the US the entire corrupt economic horror, as set out in this Web site post, could serve as a episode plot for CBS hit TV drama “Madam Secretary” , but the hard fact is that it was simply business as usual in Canada. Google “canada most bribery prone country in g7”, and note below:

Because the :Just Energy” Board of Directors included many Harper Senators it took considerable and conclusive evidence to convince investors that “Just Energy” is a Ponzi. but this Web site clearly provided that evidence because after the stock watch group used this site Just Energy share price dropped a third in one year, maybe that was why, google “owen mitchell sudden death in his own home”, note below:

Russian Mafia members are not known for their patience, BUT there is also Canadian precedent for guys like Mitchell to be slaughtered by their Canadian political masters. google “on the take stevie cameron” and note that a half a dozen of Prime Minister Mulroney bagmen died in suspicious circumstance and google “jack wolfe mla suicide”, and note below”

Google “forget mike duffy the senate is the scandal milewski” and note that first NDP Premier Calvert, and now Sask Party Wall, refusal to approve the Argue $30M residential Development until Strudwick was paid her bribes, google “scc 31940” note that Harpers Conservative Senators were on the Just Energy Board when the $77M of taxpayer money, the Harper Fed Ethanol subsidy, went in to the Belle Plaine Ethanol Plant that Drummond put into Just Energy and note below:

Note that $77M ofr taxpayer money would have been enough money for Mitic to pay for her Toronto and warm climate mansions, and her private jet, and fuel and pilot for her private jet, and bribes of a million dollars each to the Harper Senators on the Just Energy Board, and Queens Bench Judge Lady Janet McMurtry, and the Appeal Judges, and the Strudwick, and the Goodale Liberals that made up a third of Wall’s Sask Party Cabinet and note below:

Google “ just energy wikipedeia” and note that the $115M the Canada Pension Plan put into Just Energy will have been enough to keep the Just Energy Ponzi subsidiaries from collapse BUT the really frightening aspect of Mitic and her Russian Mafia Ponzi is, google “rural zoning forces cancellation of harper ethanol subsidy” review search results, the Harper Fed Ethanol subsidy cancellation caused the market watch group to use this Web site to advise selling Just Energy shares and Just Energy shares dropped a third in less than a year, AND to solve Mitics Just Energy share collapse leading to Ponzi collapse, Wall doubled down

Google “ lee did not come to clean any augean stables”, review search results, note that I (Lee) made it clear from the get go, first to NDP Calvert, then to Sask Party Wall, that my only interest in their Just Energy Ponzi was to use it as fulcrum and lever in this Web site to obtain approval for Argues $30M residential development without bribing the Strudwick, but instead of accepting the hard evidence of what this Alexa 31 ranked Web site could accomplish and ending the Strudwick bribe demand to approve Argues $30M residential development, Wall doubled down on pandering to Mitic, Mitchell, the Russian Mafia, and Strudwick.

Wall and his Goodale crony Liberal Cabinet saved Just Energy from bankruptcy and being struck from the TSE by using $100M of Saskatchewan taxpayer money to buy and then moth ball the now useless (no Fed subsidy) Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine and the Harper Fed loaned Just Energy, controlled by Mitic and the Russian Mafia , $115M of tax payer dollars out of Canada’s Pension Plan, this is sicker then google ”lane has swiss bank couriers move brief cases of taxpayer cash to switzerland” ,review search results,think about it, and note below:

Google “brad wall’s success not just down to good luck mandryk” review Murray’s,referral to Walls common sense, then note with Harper gone Wall has no chance whatsoever of being Canada’s Ambassador to the US, BUT has a chance at replacing Harper as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada but to do that Wall has got to deal with the Just Energy Ponzi, the Regina P3 $1.88B by-pass fraud, the Sherwood Reeve Eberle $2B development fraud, the Strudwick bribe demands to approve the Argue development, and one more item, the Strudwick as Chair of Deputy Premier McMorris campaign , BUT I can help Wall with all problems.

Wall could solve all of his official corruption problems in one long day, as Premier, he could call for Just Energy to be struck from the TSX , shut down construction on the Regina P3 $1.88B By-pass, charge Sherwood Reeve Eberle with fraud, grant Earle Argue his development without bribes to the Strudwick and fire Strudwick as McMorris Campaign Manager.

Wall, once high in the polls, is sliding, BUT he could still pull it off, if he follows what I (Lee) set out in the preceding paragraph, the Senate is fighting for its very survival and too busy to save Just Energy, Harper is gone so that effing Lane and Richards are powerless, Goodale has hidden in the shadows for thirty years, and will stay there , so Wall should review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, pick one of my three offers, first to Calvert, now to Wall, to bypass the Strudwick and grant Earle approval for his $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, this could be done at no taxpayer cost, note below:

Earle, long ago, approved all three of my solutions set out in VENAL AND VISCIOUS OFFICIALS so Wall could do a deal with my principal, Earle Argue, Wall could show the good sense Murray credits him with and instruct one of his Executive Council members to end Earle’s decade long nightmare and give Earle a $10M Christmas gift, his development profit, and Walls Strudwick bribery demand problem would go away, note below:

One sure thing is that both Walls odious, arrogant, asshole , officials and I (Lee) are guilty of the ancient crime of Hubris, Review HYENAS WITH HUBRIS and note that in the Greek City States, at the dawn of democracy, anyone who became too sure of themselves, was executed for Hubris. I am well aware that Wall could instruct his Attorney General to charge me with the Criminal Code offense of Blackmail for offering the preceding Argue settlement deal BUT a Jury would laugh at them, note below:

In interest of full disclosure, note that I (Lee) am sickened unto death at knowing I breath the same air as Wall’s odious arrogant asshole officials BUT note the hard fact is that I may be guilty of Hubris for the following reason. Back in my day, all Highway Contractors paid 2% of contract value as a legal political donation to the Saskatchewan Liberal Party for Premier Thatcher to protect them (Contractors) from the corrupt Highway Engineers demanding bribes. I never grew careless, I was always paranoid and ever watch full, but I did became arrogant, ie: hubristic.

Liberal Premier Ross Thatcher designed a perfect solution to fight official corruption, he protected the Highway Contractors from the corrupt Highway Engineers demand for bribes in exchange for a then legal donation of 2% of contract value to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan, and when Thatcher fell to Blakney my Lawyers warned me BUT I had the hubris to believe I could overcome Saskatchewan’s massive official and Judicial corruption and refused to accept legal advice that official bribes have got to be paid to run any Saskatchewan business, note below:

It was not just the Lawyers who warned me (Lee), review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, the Hon John Crosbie warned me of the official and Judicial corruption and to prove it Crosbie sent me (Lee) copy of report “Masters In Their Own House” BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, BUT after trips to Osgoode Hall for long talks with the co-author of the report on Judicial corruption, Dr. Carl Baar, I decided to use publicity to try to overcome the massive official and Judicial corruption in Saskatchewan, and that decision cost my wife Lorna dearly, note below:

My (Lee)s wife Lorna, half owner of our Highway Contracting company, had a degree in Pharmacy, that was how we saved money to start Western Earth Moving. Lorna had been in University with the Highway Engineers and partied with the odious arrogant assholes and when the Highway Engineers began bragging in public about deliberately destroying me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay their bribes, my wife Lorna suffered such deep despair and depression from the Highway Engineers boasts and death threats, she died young of breast cancer, Lorna paid a high price for my, her husbands, hubris..

The voters, the Saskatchewan taxpayers who follow this Web site are the only people who can decide who is more guilty of Hubris, Walls Provincial Government Officials and his Queens/Appeal Bench Judges who destroyed me (Lee) for refusal to pay official bribes OR my ignoring the Hon John Crosbie and all Senior Saskatchewn lawyers were warning me of Saskatchewan’s complete official and Judicial corruption and my belief that I could over come the official and Judicial corruption is hard evidence of my hubris, BUT please consider the following:

Even if readers deem me (Lee) to be to be hubristic, google “four regina lawyers advise the argues it is impossible to obtain approval for their development with out bribing strudwick” well good readers, maybe only a hubristic individual with no fear of death could accomplish the impossible for Earle Argue. Note that a tiny, gentle creature, one of natures true little gentlemen, the Bumblebee, has the hubris to fly despite official’s ruling its “impossible for Bumblebees to fly”, google “bumblebee argument”. I urge readers to google “johnstone: is saskatchewan becoming a lone wolf province?, johnstone” and start thinking about the April 2016 election,

Again google “ lee organized ‘red square’ for the pcs” and posts LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: note that despite my (Lee)s accomplishment for Devine and despite the odious arrogant assholes swearing to do a honest job of serving as Ministers of the Crown, the Devine Gang went on to steal $10B of taxpayer money, google “devine decade of disaster” and I (Lee) was destroyed because of my flat refusal to bribe Government Engineers and now destroyed again for my flat refusal to bribe the Strudwick, google “scc 31940”,note below:

In my (Lee)s defense regarding my political work in red square, ever the good soldier, I did what my company lawyer, D A Mackenzie Q.C., told me to do, organize red square for the Devine PC;s. No one expected Devine to win, BUT review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, review the1984 MLA Appeal in PDF. note letters from DM Tom Gentles and Conciliator Larry Lashyn, proving criminal activity by Blakney’s Highway Engineers and note below:

My (Lee)s company lawyer, D.A. Mackenzie Q.C. wanted the PC’s in strong opposition, owing me for organizing “red square” for them, so he could get them (PC’s) to wave Lashyn and Gentles letters around the Leg during question period and God willing force Blakney to do a deal with him , but D. A’s plan had a fatal flaw, Devine won 55 out of 64 seats and that effing Lane, instantly took control and started stealing everything not nailed down and guarded by Rotweillers , google “devine decade of disaster”, & “ brad wall worked for devine”, and note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NDP is the lessor of political evils, they have no history of killing taxpayers who refuse to pay official bribes, review the first paragraphs of $680M RISK TRANSFER,, note Gormley is a front for the Wall Administration and has no qualms about shooting Syrian refugees who annoy Wall and note below:

Google “u of s law professors call john gormley twitter comment offensive degrading cbc”. Where have the Law Profs been, Gormley’s statement is deadly serious, review FRANK AND THE LADY , the U of S Law College used this Web site as a teaching tool and the Law Profs have got to know Gormley and his ilk view this Web site as a stupid joke and no danger to their official theft of millions of dollars of Saskatchewan Taxpayer money , note below:

The odious arrogant assholes really do kill anyone who gets between them and the taxpayers money, Gormley’s threat to shoot Syrian’s is proof of what the Sask Party Elite are capable of doing to keep stealing millions of taxpayer dollars. Readers who think my (Lee)s claim over the top, should google “lee threatened by highway engineers rcmp refuse to lay criminal charges” review search results, the RCMP had used wire taps to obtain hard evidence of threats on my life by the Highway Engineers.

Notwithstanding the facts set out preceding the RCMP refused to lay criminal charges for threatening against the Highway Engineers , google “rcmp job is to cover up official corruption”. The RCMP report should be available in their Yorkton office and if not, every senior member of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association knows of the Engineers death threats against me (Lee) and cover up of those theats by the RCMP, note below:

Any reader who needs more hard evidence regarding the Canadian Ruling Elite slaughter of anyone who might endanger official bribes should again google “on the take stevie cameron” note that several of Mulroneys bagmen died under mysterious circumstance and google “jack wolfe mla suicide” and note that half of the voters in South Saskatchewan believe the Devine Gang “suiccided” MLA Jack Wolfe because he knew what off shore banks the Saskatchewan taxpayer’s $10B is in, note below:

Again review post UBAVKA’S PONZI, given the fact the Goodale Liberals in the Wall Cabinet approved Wall Sask Party Administration disappearance of millions of taxpayer dollars into Just Energy, if I (Lee) keep raising the issue I may be mistaken for a 6′ 4” white haired, aging, Syrian, refugee and shot down in the Regina streets by Gormley and Goodale, as the Fed Minister controlling the RCMP. would order a RCMP cover up, again this is why I view the NDP as the lessor of Political evils, note below:

I, (Lee) promised the Argue family I would go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain their $30M development for them without bribing the Strudwick I intend to keep that promise and the only thing that would stop me is being mistaken for a Sryian and shot dead in a Regina street or like Own Mitchell, die suddenly alone in my own home, note below:

Review post BLOOD ON THE WALL, note the Saskatchewan mainstream media, lead by CBC, considers the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M development a “minor municipal zoning dispute” not worthy of their important TV time, so a couple of my confidants advise a e-mail to CTV Power Play’s, Don Martin,who may do a segment on it leading to the main CTV nightly national news and a spot on Bob Fife’s question period, and note below:

Google “cbs articles on just energy fraud” CBS, one of the big three US media, is already beating the Just Energy fraud drum and given the fact Just Energy was charged with fraud in several US States and with 20% of visits to this Web site from the US, coupled with the fact the Russian Mafia was advising Harpers Canadian Finance Minister, Joe Oliver, and the fact many of Harpers Canadian Senators sat on the Just Energy Board while Just Energy was perpetrating fraud on US citizens may ensure CBS continues the articles and CBS North Dakota affiliate, KXJB, which broadcasts into Saskatchewan, is a US State where Just Energy operates may carry the message easy enough to e-mail all of them.

Readers who support the Argue Development will ask what the Just Energy Ponzi has to do with the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development are rteminded that Wall and his Goodale crony Liberal Cabinet saved Just Energy from bankruptcy and being struck from the TSX by using $100M of Saskatchewan taxpayer money to buy and moth ball the now useless (no Fed subsidy) Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine and the Harper Fed loaned Just Energy, controlled by Mitic and the Russian Mafia , $115M of tax payer dollars out of Canada’s Pension Plan,

Readers should remember that Harper had several of his Senators and other Conservative heavy hitters, such as Roy McMurtry, on the “Just Energty” Board and Just Energy had to use the Strudwick and her RMAA ilk controlling Rural Zoning to make use of Drummond’s Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine to receive Harpers $77M Fed Ethanol subsidy, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, paragraphs 12, 17 and 19 and note that Lady Justice Janet McMurtry is the daughter of Roy McMurtry one of Harpers Just Energy Board Members, note below:

There is published e-mail address’s for CTV’s Don Martin and CBS News and CBS North Dakota affiliate KXJB and if Don and CBS were to do segments on the fact Harper Senators were on the Just Energy Board of Directors when fraud charges were laid against Just Energy in the US and Canada, including the fact the Russian Mafia was advising Canada’s Finance Minister, Joe Oliver, the publicity may lead to Trudeau and Wall being forced to clean out Saskatcfhewan’s corrupt officials leading to the Strudwick no longer free to demand bribes to approve Argues $30M residential Development, at least that is my (Lee)s hope, note below:

A Don Martin Power Play segment alone may do it, Bob Fife might use it in his Question Period, and if CBS carried a news segment Donald Trump may campaign on the US cutting all economic ties with Canada until the Russian Mafia stop advising the Canadian Finance Minister. Some readers will say, “ lee’s dreaming” BUT note that the fact Canadian Senators were on the Board of Directors of a company, “Just Energy” listed on the TSX and NYSE, was found guilty of defrauding many US Citizens, has got to be big three US media newsworthy, also note below:

Many US voters are intrigued with the Trudeau’s great “’hand on wife’s rump ‘ vouge cover picture”, which some will equate to the JFK Camelot horseshit, BUT many more Americans will equate with JFK and mob boss, Sam Giancana, fuddel-duddeling the same actress, Maryiln Munroe, at the same time, and JFKs brother, US Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy, ordering Matyiln’s slaughter to save the Kenndy Presidency. Google “ jfk, bobby kennedy, mob boss and maryilin’s death”, and note below:.

The US voters who have knowledge of the Kennedy/Trudeau Camelot horseshit are the same US Voters who will ask if, in view of Just Energy continuing Ponzi and fraud in the US States, are the Canadian Senators still on the Just Energy Board?, and is the Russian Mafia still advising Canada’s Finance Minister?, the CBS hit drama “Madam Secretary” could use this post as a real life base for a segment on “Canada the Good”/

The Russian Mafia controlled the Just Energy operation while Canadian Senators served on the Just Energy Board of Directors, and when Just Energy was charged with fraud in many US States the Russian Mafia was advising the Canadian Finance Minister, Joe Oliver and my (Lee)s hope is that a “Madam Secretary” segment, may attract the attention of the Hon Tom and Trudeau, who may then take action to force Wall to grant the Argues $30M residential development approval without carrying flowers to the Strudwick, google “scc 31940”.Note Parliament resumes in late January, and the following post card script will go to the NDP MP’s.

Dear MP: Goodale controls RCMP and his cohorts were a third of the Wall Sask Party Cabinet supporting Just Energy which has been charged with \fraud in the US, Ontario and Alberta, while at the same time Just Energy honchos were advising Harper Finance Minister, Joe Oliver and Mitchell dies suddenly, post MITIC, MITCHELL & THE MAFIA and AN EXCELLENT ASK, public inquiry is required…………E.R. Lee

Google “rachel notley assassination chatter ‘needs to stop’ wildrose leader says as bill 6 anger mounts cbc”, Harpers WCC and Reform political base published plan for Rachels throat to be torn out with pitchforks s the Highway Engineer telephone death threats against me (Lee) as recorded by the Yorkton RCMP, surreal, scroll back in this post.

I (Lee) had listened to the Highway Engineers telephone death threats first hand, BUT listening to the RCMP taped telephone calls of the Highway Engineers threatening my life while at the same time the RCMP stood there telling me they ( the RCMP) refused to lay threatening charges against the Government Engineers was surreal. Now google “rcmp destroy affidavit evidence of strudwick criminality” review search result, I did not then, and do not now care if I live or die, so death threats mean nothing to me BUT the Sryina refugees and Rachel Notley have something to live for.

A Sryian fleeing from ISIS Thugs wants to live and it must be disturbing to arrive in Canada to face threat of being shot by Wall front, talk show host John Gormley. BUT most of my feeling is for Rachel, who has a lot to live for but faces public threats of having her throat torn out with pitchforks by Harpers Political base, WCC and Reform, google “levant and rachel” protected by the Goodale controlled RCMP, review all search results.

Standing behind her on the stage, Rachels husband looks big enough to guard PEI all by himself and I respectfully urge Rachel to give her husband a carry permit for a uzi in a brief case like the US secret service, he could guard her against WCC-Reform carrying pitchforks until she can remove the Goodale controlled RCMP and establish the APP (Alberta Provincial Police), note it would take any high school kid ten minutes to trace the on line threats to remove Rachel’s throat with pitchforks

Draft title of the February post is RACHEL IN OZ, Merry Christmas/


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