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November 30, 2015


Special note: Google: “ quebec’s charbonneau commission finds corruption ‘widespread’ cbc” & “saskatchewan official corruption as bad as quebec rural zoning” readers are asked to review search results and note that because of the record number of Devine Ministers incarcerated,

Saskatchewan officials are as corrupt as Quebec officials, note Wall worked for Devine. Google “brad wall worked in devine administrtion”.

2nd special note: Google: “2 petitions call for saskatchewan radio host john gormley to resign cbc” & “lee charged for stating lane should be shot” Gormley is a former Conservative MP and Wall frontman so Wall has a double standard for “threatening” charges, the fact my (Lee)s jury agreed with my statement that lane “should be shot” finding me not guilty does not change the fact Gormely should be charged for threatening to shoot Syrian refuges, Gormely supporters need not worry, he will go Judge alone and bribe the Judge, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? (more…)