I (Lee) urge Wall to google “mandryk: harper labors while wall learns” and

“’honeymoon is over’ for saskatchewan party as support dips warwick” and “no spring budget?, how it could impact next sask election mckinnion” Premier Wall is clearly covering up a fiscal hole . Google “mandryk: second term bug ready to bite wall mandryk”. Murray’s column focuses on Walls Regina City bypass P3 fraud and google“privatization drive accelerates under sask party says report lypny”, more below:

Of equal importance, google “sherwood councillors legal fees not to be paid for by rm fraser” and “rm of sherwood tables decision to appeal queens bench ruling liewicki” and “ rm of sherwood’s probe ‘shocked’ bylaw quashed by court fraser” Review PROBES LOST LOVE, note Probe is “shocked” that Lady Ellen stopped him from stealing $50K of Sherwood ratepayer money, Probe can appeal to the Appeal Bench and then Lady Bev’s at the Supreme Court of Canada, BUT there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Paul Malone has won a crucial victory, implications for Eberle and Wil Olive are profound, review ANOTHER GOOD MAN.

Music for my (Lee)s soul, google “ rural zoning believe’s sherwood ratepayers have cause of action against wil olive et al”, and note that Paul’s legal work is based on a suggestion in this Web site and has lead to lawyer Wil Olive, who used his corrupt power in the NDP to block the Argue development, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Olive’s ties to the Eberle fraud may lead to Olive being too busy to block Argues $30M development without bribing the odious, corrupt, slut, Strudwick, google “scc 31940”.

I (Lee) was sure the odious SARM Elite would bully Lady Ellen into submission, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, they probably tried, but I was as wrong about Lady Ellen as I was about Ron Barclay being as corrupt as Lane and Lady Janet McMurtry . Assuming Premier Wall now follows Ron Barclay’s legal study and charges Sherwood Reeve Eberle with fraud, EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE, as advised by this Web site, that may cause the Regina Lawyers to rethink their advice Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid to obtain approval for Argue’s $30M development,

review LONG CAUSE and note a lawyer may now accept my offer of 50% contingency fee to take action against the Edenwold RM.

My (Lee)s only personal use for $1M would be to re-establish Western Earth Moving, BUT my flat refusal to bribe the odious Highway Engineers puts paid to that dream, review BIDRIGGERS & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: and note that Queens Bench Judge, “Sandy “ MacPherson worked with that effing, Lane, to destroy me because of my flat refusal to bribe Government Engineers administering my Highway construction contracts, as set out following.

Again review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the PDF of my (Lee)s MLA appeal, note “Sandy” Macpherson Judgment Appendix 7 where he agrees with my claim of Highway Engineers Engineering error and Breach of Contract BUT rules that the Engineers are “only human”, so are not responsible, odious corrupt Queens Bench nonsense. Google “lee asks to be allowed to hire his own engineers to administer his contracts” review search results, my ask, if honored, would end the Highway Engineer bribe problem, but the Premiers refused, so note below:

Review LONG CAUSE should any lawyer finally agree to take action against Edenwold RM on 50% contingency, any money a lawyer wins for me out of legal action against Edenwold will come out of SARM’s $.5B slush fund the odious SARM Elite took from the tax payers in the first place, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENET doc 4. and note bank interest on $1M would be enough funds to establish a Foundation to publish, maintain and advertise this Web site on Access TV in perpetuity .

I (Lee) believe there would be no more fitting solution to this SARM horror than to use the odious SARM Ruling Elite’s stolen taxpayer funds against them until a Premier, Wall or Breton, grants the Argues, or descendants, approval for their $30M development without bribing RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick and the fall of the Harper Fed will help that effort.

Google, Liberals 54%, Conservative 29%, % NDP 13 %, seats Liberals 184, Conservatives 99, NDP 44. the polling people have their mojo back and as polls predicted the Harper is gone, Trudeau formed the Canadian Fed with a majority, one sickening unto death fact remains. 29% of Canadians supported the Harper Fed corruption, google” transparency international study shows canada most bribery prone country in g-7 ” note that 29% nearly third of Canadians support the principal of paying bribes to officials such as the odious slut RMAA, Donna Strudwick, to approve economic development, Strudwick had high level protection, but that is gone.

Google “harper promised his base he would destroy the wheat board” and

“harper used the strudwick farm to boast of destroying the wheat board” review the search results and note that the Strudwick allowed Harper/Ritz to use her farm to boast of destroying the Wheat Board in exchange for Harper allowing her (Strudwick) to demand bribes to approve the Argues development, google “scc 31940”.

Please bear with me (Lee) while I review facts of the Strudwick’s bribe demand and her control of the Harper Fed and Calvert and Wall Provincial Administrations. Readers will be familiar with hard evidence of the Strudwick bribe demand so proofs will not be set out, but know this: I can prove the Argues received approval from all Provincial Departments, and Edenwold Council for their $30M residential development, serviced by their own 350 gpm spring water flow, BUT google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning control” and the Strudwick refused approval.

Four Regina lawyers advised the Argues it was impossible to obtain approval for their development without bribing the Strudwick so the Argues came to me (Lee) to serve as their representative. Earle and Sharie Argue had no idea of Saskatchewan’s massive, complete and utter official and Judicial corruption until my briefing but I agreed to try to help the Argues get by Strudwick without bribes, I went to Minister Responsible, the Hon Jack Hillson, who amended the Urban Act to allow a Village to annex the Argue development out of the RM of Edenwold, the Village of Wood Mountain agreed to annex Argue Development out of Edwnwold RM.

The Strudwick had the power to block the Wood Mountain annexation until SARM blackmailed Roy (Romanow) into resignation, Roys NDP successor, Lorne Calvert, ordered his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, to make a ruling on the Argue-Strudwick development issue and Taylor ruled Wood Mountain Village should not be allowed to exist and could not annex the Argue development and my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick, BUT I (Lee), in law, could not obey that Ministerial order to carry effing flowers, or anything else, to the Strudwick, note below:

Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption”, it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor, lawyers tell me that if I (Lee) had been stupid enough to use a penny match to light the odious corrupt slut, Strudwick’s, cigarette for her, I could have been incarcerated so I filed a written complaint with Premier Calvert, LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP so Strudwick sued me for libel, I acted in my own defense and was found guilty of libel of Strudwick at Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Courts.

I (Lee) took the Queens/Appeal Bench ruling that I libeled the odious corrupt, slut, Strudwick, to the Supreme Court, where the Supreme’s turned that Queens/Appeal ruling around, google “ scc 31940”, which Summary Statement I then used as the legal base for this Web site which has a Alexa 34 ranking, but accomplished nothing, Strudwick sits to this day smirking, snickering, sneering and demanding her bribes.

Premier Calvert actions were bad, but Premier Wall is worse. The Argue $30M development and its 350 gpm spring water flow is in the Provincial riding of Wascana Plains represented by Christine Tell a Redimix daughter and Christine’s father assured Earle that he would get his development approval if the Sask Party formed Government and Earle, in return, assured Christine’s father that he (Earle) would use only Redimix concrete for basements, slabs and driveways in his development.

Earle also made friends with four other Sask Party MLA’s who all told Earle the same thing, to wit: if the Sask Party formed Government they would overrule the Strudwick, and grant his development, without bribes, all five MLAs were appointed to the Wall Cabinet, BUT google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to the premier” and “strudwick deputy premier mcmorris campaign chair” and the Strudwick has the corrupt power to tell all Wall Cabinet Ministers to “screw a moose,” and she sits to this day, smirking, snickering, sneering. and demanding her bribes.

The Strudwick’s corrupt power may flow from the fact she and that effing Lane are using blackmail of Queens/Appeal Judges, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30., others think she shares her bribes with the Edenwold Council, google “strudwick shares her bribes with edenwold council” BUT whatever the reason for Strudwick’s corrupt power, the hard, cold, fact is that despite all of the Wall Cabinet Ministers promises and this Web site Alexa 34 rank the Strudwick has the corrupt power to demand bribes to approve the Argue’s $30M development, note below:

Google “ calvert’s minister responsible, len taylor, ruling lee’s only option to obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential development was to carry strudwick “flowers chocolates and perfume”, google “scc 31940”, BUT I (Lee) will not carry effing flowers, or anything else, to the odious, slut, the Strudwick, and believe that it is simple garden variety insanity that the Strudwick, and her ilk, with the help of the Court officials are allowed to dictate Judgments to the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges,

Review post FACTS: EDEWNWOLD EVIL paragraph 11, note conclusive evidence Court Officials Wyona Roy and Nancy Drew, now a Judge, worked with Strudwick blocking Argue development until Strudwick’s bribes were paid; Judicial corruption, review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “cba official susan mcgrath claims federal judges take bribes”

Readers are asked to note there is a solution to the Strudwick Elite official control of the Judiciary, review LADY LORI A BEACON, scroll down to the documents, note doc 3, the Feds tried to end Provincial official control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judgments but the Elite Provincial officials fought that Fed plan like a pack of Hyena’s until the Feds gave up.

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and again google “cba official susan macgrath states federal judges take bribes” & “jonathon denis tells his beaten wife he controls the courts rural zoning”, ending Judicial corruption will end the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argues $30M development, BUT any Fed has many a mile to go to end official and Judicial corruption because it requires Constitutional change.

In the meantime the Argues do not have approval for their $30M residential development and the taxpayers do not have the annual several hundred thousand dollars tax revenue from the Argue development, however I (Lee) have a most excellent ask , review post ANOTHER GOOD MAN and BIDRIGGERS and scroll to those post ends for a summary of my planned ask using a Whistle blower fee for enhanced Access TV ads BUT have now changed that to a ask for “Questions in the House” note below:

The Hon Thomas Mulcair

Leader of the Federal NDP

House of Commons

Parliament Buildings

Ottawa, Ontario


K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Mulcair, Regarding Supreme Court Case 31940

Please google “scc 31940” the Supreme Court Summary Statement, and “” which has a Alexa 34 rank providing proof SARM blackmailed Roy Romanow into resigning when he asked his Cabinet to eliminate the RM’s, and the Strudwick then demanded “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve a development, Premier’s Calvert and Wall both got the SARM message and supported Strudwick’s demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve a $30M development.

Google “criminal code of canada section123 (1) (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption” states that it is a contravention of the code to carry anything to a municipal official to curry favor, Donna Strudwick is a Municipal Official, hence any one carrying her anything would be incarcerated for 5 years, despite this fact the Saskatchewan Liberals demanded the bribes be paid, google “goodale liberals support strudwick bribe demand”.

I respectfully remind you that you campaigned on the Harper corruption causing Canada’s recession, this Web site made the same claim three years ago. Official corruption is all consuming, four Regina lawyers advised the Argues it was impossible to get by Strudwick and obtain development approval without bribes, the Argues will not pay official bribes so asked me to serve as their Representative, I complained to NDP Premier Calvert and was sued for libel, but as a layman acting for myself, took the case to the Supreme Court of Canada, google “scc 31940”.

I used the Supreme Court Summary Statement as legal protection for this Web site, which has now reached Alexa 34 rank but Premier Walls Sask Party continues support for Strudwick’s demand for “flowers….” to approve the Argue $30M development, hence I now appeal to you.

Please note this Web site has a most excellent track record, review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, note reference to post cards to MPs raising question of Harpers Ethanol subsidy were a great success, google “rural zoning ends harper ethanol subsidy”, saving taxpayers a annual $77M taxpayer subsidy for each Ethanol plant, a huge taxpayer saving.

Please review BIDRIGGERS, note this Web site may help end the Harper Fed P3 Regina By-pass $1.88B fraud. Please review UBAVKA’S PONZI, and note this Web site was used by a market watch group to warn investors of the Harper Senate Just Energy Ponzi, saving investors God alone knows how much money, but the Argues still do not have development approval.

Please google “mandryk: second term bug ready to bite wall” Wall recalled the Legislature to legislate a end to the Sherwood Reeve Eberle fraud, but google “ lady janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier” and “strudwick is deputy premier mcmorris campaign chair” hence Premier Wall may legislate Strudwick’s right to demand bribes to approve economic development making my ask for questions in the House necessary if taxpayers are to have a chance at economic justice.

The Trudeau Liberal Fed have a majority but must answer questions in the House giving us some hope should you honor my ask for questions in the house and following are suggested questions for Prime Minister Trudeau regarding the bribe policy of Saskatchewan’s Rural officials.

“Are you aware that Supreme Court Summary Statement for case 31940 states that a Saskatchewan Developer must carry “flowers chocolates and perfume” to Saskatchewan RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to be granted approval for a $30M residential development?”

“ Are you aware that Sections123 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, Municipal Corruption, states it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to a Municipal official to obtain development approval?”

“Are you aware that RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis signed a letter, on RCMP letter head, stating he destroyed affidavit evidence of Donna Strudwick’s activity blocking the Developers residential development?” “Canada’s Foreign Anti-Bribery Act ended bribery of Foreign Officials, why are Saskatchewan Rural Officials allowed to demand bribes to approve economic development?

“Are you aware that former Harper Federal Minister Responsible, Gerry Ritz, used RM Administrator Donna Strudwick’s farmyard to make public, announcement of the destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board?”

“Are you aware that Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judge, Janice McMurtry ruled Donna Strudwick reports to the Saskatchewan Premier?”

“do you believe it is a conflict of interest for this same Donna Strudwick to be the Political Campaign Chair for Walls Deputy Premier Don McMorris?”

“Are you aware that four Regina Lawyers advised the Developer it was impossible to get by RM Administrator Donna Strudwick?’

“Are you aware that a international think tank, Transparency International. ranks Canada as the most bribery prone country in the G-7?”

“Are you aware that Canadian Bar Association official, Susan McGrath, made public announcement that Federal Judges might take bribes?”

“Members of the Judiciary and RCMP supporting Strudwick’s demand for flowers to approve development are Federal officials, will you undertake to protect the Saskatchewan tax payers and Developers from the Federal officials protecting the corrupt, Saskatchewan Rural Officials?”

“Go into site post ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY the site is in the top 34 of the 30M Web sites around the world, Canadian officials and Judges are now a international joke, will you follow your predecessor, Paul Martin, regarding Adscam, and order a public inquiry into the administrative practices of Saskatchewan’s Rural officials”.

Thank you for your consideration, ”E. R. Lee”

cc: Erin Weir, MP Regina-Lewvan

Premier Wall is asked to google “mandryk: liberal win reverses sask fortune mandryk” and while it will take Trudeau a few weeks to recall the House, his Cabinet is to be announced November 4th, Premier Wall should note that after a along hard fight Economist NDP Erin Weir won Regina-Lewvan and remember the third Party has three questions daily:

Will Economist Erin ensure Tom honors my ask?, will Tom enjoy running Trudeau ragged in the house on Strudwick bribe demand? , are Cam’s guys among the1000 monthly visits to this Web site? , will Cam lobby Tom to respond to my ask?, does the mainstream media report PM questions?, is Cam waiting?, does water run to the sea?, do bears poop in the woods?, is there a Saskatchewan General Election in April 2016?

Review post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 90. – 91., Sharie Argues English Beer Brewing family were ready to come to Saskatchewan and establish a Brewery employing fifty people, I (Lee) obtained approval from SLGA for the Argues and it is insanity the Argue 350 gpm spring water flow, enough water to service a urban center with 7500 people, and provide fifty high paying beer brewing jobs is going to run to Wascana Creek, then the Qu’Appelle River and into the Red River and on to Hudson Bay until the Strudwick’s bribes are paid, google “scc 31940”.

I (Lee) urge Wall and his Brain Trusts to google “only one of three south regina by-pass bids beat provinces estimate chabun”, note the Regina Leader Post Editorial Board did the interview and Walls Minister Responsible states “its no bodies business what the contractors profit margins are” that, of course, is the reason for Wall’s closed tenders AND alternatively open, public tenders, stop fraud and bidrigging.

Review BIDRIGGERS, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the odious arrogant assholes, the Highway Engineers, are up to their eyebrows advising Wall’s Ministers on the closed by-pass tenders, note this Web site is claiming by-pass fraud is perpetrated on the taxpayer. review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and note that Lane and MacPherson had no choice but to destroy me to implement Devine Gang fraud.

The taxpaying voters should know I (Lee) was not destroyed because I am too tall, the Devine Gang, controlled by Lane and Bersten, gained power for the sole purpose of stealing as much tax payer money as they could before getting booted by voters, google “devine decade of disaster” the taxpayers are still paying interest on taxpayer money stolen, and Lane knew that if they were going to use Highways they had to destroy me. Highways, a big expenditure department, was part of the Devine plan and Lane knew that to do it using Highways he had to destroy me (Lee), review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: Saskatchewan taxpayers have a right to the hard evidence the Saskatchewan Highway Engineers are as corrupt as the Quebec Highway Engineers, google “saskatchewan highway engineers as corrupt as quebec highway engineers” review search results and implications.

Review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING & BIDRIGGERS, have a Engineering Prof or even a fourth year student, at any University, review my (Lee)s detail work in those two posts, note it is impossible to ignore BC bid prices for the most elaborate cloverleafs in Christendom are in the $30M range, four of them would cost +/- $120M, the cost to build a mile of four lane highway is nailed down at +/- $1M, 25 miles would cost $25M, and the cost at normal bid prices is $150M, concrete becomes stronger as it ages so structural maintenance is not a issue, snow is the only issue.

Snow removal on cloverleafs is difficult, ask any Highways Maintenance Crew Chief how much the annual cost is to maintain a mile of Highway and 4 overpasses, he will know the cost by heart, multiply that by 30 years. Any independent Engineering study will show my (Lee)s study, and the Regina City Engineers work is accurate, the most the by-pass cost could possibly cost is the original Regina City Engineer’s $400M estimate.

I (Lee) believe Regina City Engineers are not part of the Highway Engineers bidrigging fraud, the Regina City Engineers did their job and arrived at $400M cost for their City Hall Elite, now with the Regina City by-pass final bid at $1.88B, five times the original cost estimate of $400M, Walls Minister Responsible is weaseling to the Leader Post Editorial Board, blaming his Engineers, and note below;

The Leader Post Board accepted the Ministers nonsense, google “editorial: conservative best choice for sask”, BUT also google “ the tories deserve another mandate-stephen harper does’ent editorial” and “from coast to coast the anger at harpers distinctive brand of governance is palpable ivison”. Canada’s two big daily’s, and their Editorial Boards want Harper gone, but google “andrew coyne resigns as national post comment editor after paper rejects column cbc”, it is to the Leader Post Editors credit that despite their personal acceptance of the Harper corruption, they have given Murray Mandryk his head to diss Harper and all his works.

This Website is Alexa ranked as the 34th most watched Web site out of 30M Websites world wide yet Walls Minister Responsible sits in front of the Leader Post Editorial Board refusing to admit to the obvious fact of Highway Contract Bid rigging akin to Quebec Highway Contract Bidrigging, BIDRIGGERS, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: Walls Minister Responsible, google “knew or ought to have known” about his Engineers bidrigging and note that all this flows from Harpers P3 Regina By-pass fraud, supported by the Devine Gang leftovers in the Wall Administration, but the Leader Post Editors overview notwithstanding, I (Lee) believe the day is over that the odious arrogant assholes such as Lane. Strudwick, SARM, the RMAA, the Highway Engineers and their corrupt Judiciary protecting them, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, can keep on stealing massive amounts of taxpayer money.

Google “p3s have majority support in saskatchewan: poll graney”, please review the search results, I (Lee) refuse to accept that any Saskatchewan taxpayer would knowingly vote for Nancy Heppner and the Graham outfit to “disappear” $1B of taxpayer, a continuation of the google “devine decade of disaster” which destroyed the PC Party of Saskatchewan, and if I can obtain funding for Access to advertise this Web site, remember it is the 34th most watched in the world, the Leader Post Editors support of the massive official fraud notwithstanding, this Web site may help to end Saskatchewan’s massive official fraud of the taxpayers.

Harpers P3 frauds are corrupt but the facts below prove the Harper Neo-Con Fed was truly odious, google “odious definition”. Google “since 2011 only two young muslim women asked to wear face covering during official ceromony”, Canada’s vaunted spy catcher’s, CSIS, if they can burn down Quebec barns, can trace two young women to see if their familys have terrorists ties, yet Harper spent millions of taxpayers dollars on legal fees to block wearing of the nijab by two women, that is odious idiocy.

The Harper Fed spends millions of taxpayer dollars on lawyers to block the wearing of the nijab by two Muslim women, BUT also note the Harper Fed allows odious, corrupt, caucasian, sluts, Strudwick, and her judicial ilk, Wyona Roy, Lady Nancy Drew, and Lady Janet McMurtry, do not wear face coverings, to demand bribes to approve economic development. THE FIFTH HORESMAN ELITE BRIBERY,

Under Harper Saskatchewan’s official corruption was so all consuming that a RMAA woman administrator, Donna strudwick, with no face coverings, demanded “ flowers chocolates and perfume” from the business community to approve economic development, but google, “lady justice janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to the premier” is Premier Brad forcing Strudwick to share her effing flowers?

The foregoing subjection of the RMAA women by forcing them to share their flowers notwithstanding Harper made public claim that his expenditure of millions of taxpayers money on legal fees to force two young Muslim women to remove their face coverings is to stop subjection of women, more Harper odious idiocy, BUT with Harper gone and this Web site Alexa rank of 34, I will keep on until my death trying to obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing Donna Strudwick.

A confidant, intrigued with this Web site and Alexa rank of 34 took Web site to experts and I (Lee) suggest a member of Wall’s Brain Trust make the same study. Note the value of this site is deemed to be $672,724,414.00 US, and google” website value calculator and domain name value calculator” scroll down to near post end and note examples, a Web site with Alexa rank of +/-150,000 is valued at $50,000.00, so a good question is: what is a Web site with a Alexa ranking of 34, worth in real dollars?

The Wall Brain Trust should review MONEY-MONEY-MONEY RURAL ZONING, and note that I (Lee) have failed in my search for funding for enhanced advertising of this site on Access TV of the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M development, review my ask of Tom for “questions in the house” set out preceding, BUT google “goodale liberals support strudwick demand for bribes”, Ralph will try to kibosh ending the Strudwick’s bribe demand, so Justin will have a tough call.

Again, please review the assessor site, webstatsdomain,org, address above, scroll to near end, note world map showing Countries where this Web site receives the most visits, every computer owner in those Countries is intrigued with the corruption of Canadian Government Officials BUT this site domain name could sell widgets, I (Lee) have no interest in selling widgets, so all that need be sold is the domain name.

Google “scc 31940” the Supreme Court Summary Statement remains in place until end of days and would support a new site, as it has this site, it would take a Webmaster a hour to create a new domain name using the Supreme Court Summary as legal base and Access could design a new ad, I (Lee) picture something subtle but catchy, “CURSE OF SARM ” with Ghost Riders in the Sky theme music and a strong male voice over, such as Sam Elliot, the Dodge truck guy, stating “economists state corruption economies die” could be effective with money to pay for the new Access ads coming from the sale of the existing domain name.

My (Lee)s confidants warn me of hubris but google “probability theory”, they agree this Web site will “probably” prevail for the Argues, or their descendants, and obtain approval for their $30M development without bribing Strudwick. If this Web site, with a Alexa rank of 34, goes into 80K homes three times a hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 20 years, this site “probably” will eventually corner SARM like a wire haired Terrier corners Norway Rats, which is a fine thing and a long time coming:

Google “saskatchewan provincial leaders have been trying to remove sarm since the 1930’s” SARM leaders blackmailed Roy into resigning and then bragged about it, and my confidants are full of praise for this Web site, google “never underestimate the enemy”, note the odious, arrogant, assholes (SARM Leaders) made a mistake, they underestimated me (Lee), SARM bought into the Hon Jim Reiter, google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada and his website is a stupid joke”, BUT the Hon Jim was wrong, google “ed stelmach is the stupidest man in canada”.

To me (Lee), a prairie farm boy, a Web site domain name having any dollar value is unreal, BUT it is true that when a company is sold, there is often “goodwill” value as part of the company name and part of the sale price, so I will ask my bank computer expert confidant for opinion on the real value of this Web site domain name BUT we will soon know if my ask of Tom for questions in the house solves the Strudwick bribe demand, I may not need extra funds to pay for enhanced Access ads for this Web site.

My (Lee)s first duty is to Earle and Sharie so if the domain name has any real dollar value, and is my only option to obtain funds for Access TV Ads, I will sell it (domain name), but am reluctant, I day dream of obtaining approval for the Argues $30M residential Development with out bribing the Strudwick and having funds accruing to me for accomplishing the impossible for Earle and Sharie, note below:

I (Lee) ask readers to review my (Lee)s ask of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair above, note reference to the fact this Web site, with a Alexa 34 rank, going into the g-7 Countries has caused Saskatchewan Official corruption to become a g-7 joke, and warrants a public inquiry, similar to the Gomery Inquiry into Adscam, or the David Milgaard inquiry, both Fed inquiries.

The Liberal Fed will now rule Canada for a few decades, so I (Lee) hope to publish this Web site with the current domain name on the internet in the G-7 nations, advising of Canada’s official corruption, giving any Fed Opposition leader, official or third party, good grounds to demand a public inquiry into corruption in Rural Saskatchewan, Premier Brad Wall should think about it and review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS.

I (Lee) offered Premiers Calvert and Wall three no taxpayer cost methods to by pass Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M residential development, Calvert laughed at me and had Strudwick sue me for libel, BUT thanks to Lady Bev that did not work out well for them, review FRANK AND THE LADY, with Harper now gone so is Strudwick’s protection and the Argue development could now be completed using any one of the three options in VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS.

Earle and Sharie prefer the Village option: I (Lee) was overly generous with the Argue water to the Province with my plan for the SASK WATER option, BUT the Argues approved all three options, yet Premiers Calvert and Wall refused to grant the Argues their development approval until Strudwick’s gets her flowers, but with the Harper Fed gone I have renewed hope

Readers are asked to note the draft title of the December post is RACHEL IN OZ, the start of the count down to Premier Walls April 2016 election.


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