Google “mandryk: pity anyone assessing economic platforms of federal parties mandryk” and “mandryk: sask party bypasses due diligence mandryk” and “mandryk: wall should listen as he did on flood mandryk”, and “ tories ndp bashing not that simple mandryk” Readers are asked to review Murray’s articles, then review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, and think about the economic effect of P3’s, google “mandryk: doherty’s fiscal forgetfullness mandryk”, Wall’s Finance Minister “forget” he had borrowed $750K on the open market, REALLY, google “jesus wept”, and note below:

Google “mps: how did canada get into this mess? ,gormley”, even John Gormley deep defender of Harper has questions. Gormley knows the Saskatchewan taxpayers owe another $1B, yes Virginia, that is a Billion with a B and that does not include the Regina by pass $1.88B fraud, google “heppner-graham $1.88B regina by pass fraud”. Doherty is worse then even that effing Lane who disappeared his first $1.3B, as Devine Finance Minister, review LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP, scroll to near post end, can a Tom Mulcair Fed end the massive Saskatchewan official fraud?, note below:

Google “ndp in reach of majority new poll suggests woods” and “conservatives ‘just not ready’ attack ads resonating with public new poll suggests herhalt” Forum Research has two polls out, the first has NDP at 40%, Libs 30% and Harper 23%, the second, NDP 36% Libs 32% Harper 24%. Google “johnstone: trudeau’s plan bold but will it work?, johstone”. Readers are asked to review Bruce’s article on the political purpose of Kenyanism economics, which Canada must use to survive economically after the Harper corruption driven recession, google “southern ontario ‘the new rust belt’ the economist declares tencer”.

Some voters, such as I (Lee), will vote for the certainty of Mulcair ending Harper -Strudwick corruption, google “scc 31940”, review HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123, while others will vote for the Liberal infrastructure plan allowing Strudwick to demand bribes to approve infrastructure projects, google “facilitation, baby bribe payment” BUT will end corruption of Harpers massive P3 frauds, google “strudwick wanted a $200K bribe” but the Heppner-Graham Regina By-pass fraud is for a massive $1.88B, COOKED COCKROACHS RURAL ZONING.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that polls show Mulcair or Trudeau, alone or together, will end the massive Harper frauds, such as, Google “rural zoning harper regina $1.88 by pass fraud”, note reference to Harper’s P3 Regina By-Pass fraud,in google “a growing caution regarding p3s clarke”. This Web site, in the main, has focused on the bribe demands of Administrator of the RM of Edemwold, the Strudwick, to approve Argues $30M development, google “harper uses strudwick farm to boast of the destruction of the wheat board”, but there are other official Ruling Elite economic horrors.

This Web site, to a lesser degree has tried to address overall corruption in the Administration of the 300 Rural Municipalities and has provided considerable and conclusive evidence that RM administrative corruption costs taxpayers $165M each and every year, review LADY LORI AND THE $165M DEFICIT, but RM corruption is not the only, or even the worst, Saskatchewan corruption evil, as in Quebec, the worst is Bid rigging in Highway Contracting, note below:

Review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, there is considerable and conclusive evidence Walls Minister Responsible, Nancy Heppner, conspired to defraud Saskatchewan Taxpayers of at least +/- $1B on that Regina P3 By-pass fraud by inking a non tendered contract with Graham, but that is a one time fraud, and Bid Rigging on Saskatchewan Highway Contracts goes on and on and on, year in and year out forever, costing the taxpayers+/- $200M a year, the Regina by pass $1.88B fraud is a one shot, one time, $1B fraud equivalent to just five years of Highway Contract Bid-Rigging fraud which goes on forever.

This post provides detail of Bid rigging in Saskatchewan Highway Construction, worse than even Quebec, Highway bid rigging in Saskatchewan costs the taxpayer double the cost of RM Corruption. Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, note that I (Lee) was destroyed by Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson when it was established that I refused to pay bribes to Government Engineers, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and note below:

Now for lead in, a reprint from COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING for lead in: google “mandryk: sask gov’t owes us an explanation for late highway contracts mandryk” review Murrays article and Google “ outsourcing doubles engineering costs on sask highways contractors say leo cbc news” & “don’t eat that elmer that’s horse shit”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the above claim by the Highway Contractors is “horseshit”; only in Saskatchewan would one segment of private business, the Highway Contractors, lodge complaint about Government use of another segment of private business, the Private Consulting Engineers, to provide service, note below:

The only reason the Highway Contractors are whining about the fact Wall is using Private Consulting Engineers to administer Highway Construction Contracts is that Private Civil Engineers can not be bribed whereas Government Civil Engineers are bribed as a matter of course on every Highway construction contract they administer, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and note below:

The difference in corruption between Private and Government Civil Engineers is, Google “provincial officials have the constitutional right to control federal judges” in effect, giving Government Engineers the ability to demand bribes from Contractors BUT NOTE Private Civil Engineers are subject to sanction by the Association of Professional Engineers, (APEGS) while the Minister of Highways must grant permission for the APEGS to accept a complaint about Government Engineers, contact the APEGS at 306-525 9547, or e-mail

Review LADY LORI-NEMISES scroll down to the many media references to the massive corruption in the Quebec Construction inquiry and note the Quebec Construction Corruption Inquiry has already concluded that corruption in Quebec Highway Contracting adds one third to the bid prices, BUT I (Lee) provide considerable evidence below that corruption in the Saskatchewan Highway Construction contract bids results in bid prices that are double a sane bid price,…………………… END REPRINT and note below:

Web readers are asked to review the following example of a recent Highway grading tender call and results, ie low bid was $4,229,075.00. note page 1 below. The contract is for a section of Highway #27, from Prud’homme to Vonda north east of Saskatoon. The Contract is in dark brown soil note pages 3 and 4, copy of pages from Dr. Howard Richards 1971 Saskatchewan Atlas showing the type of earth material in that area, showing the area as hilly with dark brown soil, google “boulder clay” is a mixture of different types of soil that was all mixed up by the Glaciers and it is near perfect earth material to build roads with.

My (Lee)s company Western Earth Moving, first with Matheson and later alone, completed a dozen Highway contracts in Saskatchewan. As example, Highway #3, north of Birch Hills from the South Saskatchewan River to Prince Albert, the flood plain between the Rivers, note it was sand, easy to work with; Western also completed a contract on Highway #4 from Rosetown north through the Eagle Creek Valley and another contract on Highway # 14 on the east side of Biggar, note the perfect soil types and those contracts went like a dream.

I (Lee) always made use of the Richards Atlas to decide what contracts to bid, but the Contractor must still walk the contract from one end to the other before entering a bid, but that Richards Atlas was a handy tool to start. Most of the references used are common sense but Web readers who are not familiar with Highway Construction contracts will need to know the meaning of a couple of the highway contracting terms, ie: m3 means cubic meters of earth material used to build the highway and is reference to the distance in hectometers each m3 of earth material must be hauled to build the road, remember that a hectometer is 328 feet, and note below:

Google “contractors bid estimator” for any Web reader who wants a idea of how a “bid estimator” does his job, now study pages 1 – 4 below for the documents used, page I…. contract bid record, page 2…. graph of Terex TS 24C motor scraper production, pages 3 and 4…. Richards Atlas soil conditions.





Review page 1 above, the bid call was for a contract of 400,000 m3 excavation of earth material with haul of that earth material of 3,250,000 The haul distance is a important number, its used to show how far the earth material has to be moved (hauled) from the borrow pit or ditch to its place to build the road. To do that divide the 400,000 into the 3,250,000 for a factor of 8.1, note one hectometer is 328 feet so multiply 8.1 times 328 feet for a haul distance of 2665 feet, the tender call is in metric and the charts are British, so charts show both.

The “haul distance” for the earth is crucial because that is what the Contractor uses to calculate how long it will take his motor scrapers to haul earth from the borrow pits, ditches and hills to build the road, look at page 2, the graph shows that at a haul of 2600 feet a Terex TS24C will produce, push loaded, 260 m3 per hour worked. There are other charts to show per hour production working the motor scrapers in the twin hitch, configuration and many road Contractors are operating their scrapers using that method, it saves cost of a pusher Cat but push/pull operation is hard on the scrapers goose necks and require operators to be saints and push loading with a large pusher is more productive so in my (Lee)s day that is the method used, note below:

Web readers are asked to look again at the graph on page 2 and note that, push loaded, the Terex 24C will produce about 260 m3 per hour, but that is for a brand new, state of the art, Terex TS 24 “C” which is rated at 740 horsepower, to my knowledge there are no Terex TS 24C’s in Saskatchewan, and I (Lee) do not have production charts for any thing other than the 24C’s, so must prorate it, note that the older 43 lot Terex 24s, more common in Saskatchewan and the northern US, have a horsepower rating of 610 hp, so prorate that 260 m3 per hour using a Terex 24C down to 214 m3 per hour using the older 43 lot TS 24.

Western averaged 80% availability over its life time so decrease the 214 by another 20% to give a expected production of 170 m3 per hour and assume the 170 m3 per hour per scraper, divide the 170 m3 by the scraper size, 26 m3, for a factor of 6.5, divide that into a 60 minute hour, for a 9. 2 minutes cycle time, with 4 scrapers that is a scraper needing a push every 2 and a half minutes. It usually takes a minute for a large pusher crawler tractor to load a 24 yard twin engine scraper but there is maneuver time so the push cat operator would be a very busy boy, in my (Lee)s day, I would have had two D9 level push cats in place, one with a ripper, but note below:.

In theory it would be doable with one pusher, so that is what we will base the calculation on so plan for 4 scrapers and one pusher. Assume 4 scrapers, 4 x 170 is 680 m3, divide that 680 into 400,000 for 588 hours, or three months including moving in and out, perfect for timing, now note the following costs:

First hourly fuel and wages: SCRAPERS… TS 24s use 17 gallons a hour diesel, assume $5.00 per gallon for a total of $85.00 per hour, assume $50.00 per hour for the operators for a total of $135.00 per hour x 4 is $540.00 fuel and wages per hour for the scrapers.

PUSHER/GRADER/PACKERS/CULVERTS/CLEAN UP…..pusher, 10 gallons per hour, $50.00 plus operator for total $100.00, grader packers, we would need one big grader and one packer for every two scrapers, assume 4 gallons per hour each, 4 times 4 is 16 gallons per hour times $5.00 is $80.00 plus $200.00 for the four operators cost is $280.00. culvert,clean up, assume four labor guys and a small bulldozer, fuel virtually nothing at about $40.00 for $160.00.

TOTAL fuel/operators 540 + 100 + 280 + 160 =$1080 x 588 hrs = $635,040.00

REPAIRS…. The next big cost of a road building operation is repairs, Western averaged a repair cost of of about 10% of gross, that is why our availability was high at 80%, so say 10% of gross for mechanics, parts, shop space and so on, say the bid price, at the end of the day, for this contract ends up at two million dollars, 10% of that is $200,000.00, a realistic estimate for repairs.

We are now down to the small stuff, camp costs, say $1000.00 per month for 12 guys, $12,000.00 per month for three months, a total of $36,000.00, plus a foreman’s annual wage, say $80,000.00, plus fuel for three or four pickup trucks, say another $10,000.00 plus 5% for office, insurance, bonding cost, travel and bar bills, another $120,000.00 for a grand total of small stuff of $250,000.00.

The total cost is fuel and operators, $635,040.00, repairs $200,000.00, small stuff $250,000.00 for a total estimated contractor cost of +/- $1,000,000.00. to complete this particular Highway grading contract. The Contractor will now have to add what he needs to pay bonus’s and wants for a profit margin, keep in mind that a Highway Contractor must have a perfect personal reputation, no fraud, bankruptcy, or pregnant secretarys, that effing Lane, or Nigel Wright, or Baracks Wall Street Bank bastards, could not get bonded to build a child’s sand box, and the Contractor must have a net worth of the amount of performance Bonds, Highway contracts are bonded at 50% of the contract value.

The Contractor may decide to add anywhere from a third to double the estimated cost to complete this contract and bid two million dollars, meaning that he would have to have a net worth of one million dollars. Now look at page 1, note what the actual bid prices were, low bid was a bit over $4,200,000.00 over double what I (Lee) estimate would be a sane bid for that contract in that area of the Province, providing hard evidence that there is no doubt whatsoever but that there is bid rigging in Saskatchewan Highway contracts, note below:

There is a simple way to cross check costs with hourly rates, note that Department of Highways 2012 hourly rental rates for the the 24 yard (18 meter) twin engine scrapers, the 24s and 637’s is $403.14 plus operator of $50.00 for a total of $450.00 per hour for 4 of them is $1800.00 per hour for the scrapers and

add $250.00 per hour plus operator for $300.00 per hour for a large pusher.

The big, (Class 5), graders are $170.00 plus $50.00 for the operator for $220.00, it is usual for one grader to blade the earth material spread on the road surface by two scrapers so add $440.00, plus say another $400.00 for a couple of packers for a total of $840.00 per hour for grader and packers and if that contract was all done on hourly rates there would be another $400.00 per hour for bush clearing/culvert/cleanup labor, a small bulldozer and backhoe.

The per hour grand total is $1800.00 + 300.00 + 840.00 + 400 = $3340.00 per hour for 588 hours for a total of $1,963,920.00. It must be noted that highway hourly rates are based on the equipment’s full hourly depreciation rates based on current prices, as example, one million dollars for a new Terex TS 24C, or Cat 637, and note the Highway hourly rates include a built in 20% profit margin.

Web readers are reminded that doing the contract by highway hourly rates the Contractor runs no risk whatsoever and does not have to provide a performance bond. Note my (Lee)s long-hand cost calculation ended up at $1,000,000.00 cost and our mythical contractor decided to double his costs to two million dollars for the bid price, and the cost to complete the contract using highway hourly rates was very close, ie: $1,963, 920.00, a close cross check on a very sane bid with a 100% profit margin, yet Web readers are reminded the low bid was over four million dollars over double a rational bid or using Highway hourly rate cost, hard evidence of Quebec type bid rigging in Saskatchewan.

As yet another more oblique cross check on the above work regarding the cost of moving a cubic yard (meter) of earth material in the road building business, note the following. In 1967, Westerns first season, in 1500 hours, with a 80% availability, actually 1200 working hours, with 2 TS24’s and one Cat D9 crawler tractor we grossed $200,000.00 and paid out the $90,000.00 in equipment cost with one years profit, showing a near 50% cash flow profit, a difficult but not impossible accomplishment, remember that the Hon Jim Reiter deems me (Lee) to be the stupidest man in Canada and I did it back in the day, so it is doable.

Now google “$dollar times” and note in the US, the change in purchasing power of the dollar was that in 1967 15 cents had the same purchasing power as one dollar has today; therefore prorated Westerns 1967 gross income today would be $1,333,333.00 over 1200 hours or $1111.11 per hour income on highway hourly rates, for the two Terex TS24 scrapers and one Cat D9 pusher.

Web readers are asked to now scroll back a bit in this segment, note that based on to-days highway hourly rates Western would have been paid $450.00 per hour for each scraper and $300.00 per hour for the pusher would total $1200.00 per hour, close to what it would have been prorating from 1967 to today and calculating out to a $1111.00 hourly rate, hard evidence that nothing has changed in road building economics for decades, note that in 1967 Western was paying 50 cents a gallon for diesel fuel and $3.50 a hour for wages, prorate that to today based on the 1967 dollar, we would be paying $5.00 a gallon for diesel and $35.00 a hour for operators, as a comparison, its uncanny note below:

During the same time the major US interstate Highway Contractors were completing contracts they developed a simple way to make sure that a road contract was keeping on economic schedule and at the end of the day would show a profit, note the interstate Contractors set up a Job accountant with a bank account right on the job to look after paying fuel and wages and the Job Superintendent kept track of the monthly fuel and wage cost and compared that to the monthly progress payments; as long as the fuel and wage cost was a third of the progress payments the Job Superintendent knew that the Contractor’s estimator had done his job right and the contract would show a profit.

Scroll back to where I (Lee) show the calculation that ends up at $635,040.00 for fuel and wages, now multiply that by three, the product is $1,905,120.00 note what the mythical contractor bid price was $2,000,000.00, but he had to double his cost to get to that price. Now note what the cost would be at highway hourly rates, $1,963,920.00, a very close comparison to the short hand method US Highway interstate Contractor’s had of tracking cost versus revenue, three times the cost of fuel and wages, ie: on this contract $1,905,120.00.

Web readers are asked to note that all three methods track and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that on that particular contract, page 1 in documents above, the bid should have been somewhere around two million dollars BUT the bid price ended up at over four million two hundred thousand dollars, over double what the cost should have been; hard evidence of Quebec style bid rigging and any interested Web reader should ask why the Ruling Elite destroyed me (Lee), a honest Highway Contractor, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

Readers could ask any of the +/- 300 RM Road Foreman in Saskatchewan or a experienced scraper operator, for a opinion on my detailed estimating work in this post; or if a Web reader knows a Private Practice, Consulting Civil Engineer, ask his/her opinion of my work, Again review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, my (Lee)s deliberate destruction because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Highway Engineers controlling all Highway Construction Contracts in Saskatchewan and google “update: regina bypass cost rise to $1.88 billion”

My (Lee)s confidants advised they, and many of their friends, have always been interested in the economic nuts and bolts of getting a road built, everyone has driven by the monster motor scrapers hauling dirt and the packers and graders leveling the dirt into a usable road and my confidant advised that a second review may be of interest to readers, note below:

I (Lee) have thought over the years the elevating motor scrapers may well be a more efficient scraper than a conventional standard motor scraper and a push cat for loading and a good way to do that is to study the economics of moving the dirt using Wabco 222G’s, a common elevating motor scraper, as compared to Terex TS 24s push loaded by D9’s, that I used back in the day, note below:

Review the above and do a recalculation using Wabco 222G’s, again, time is all that matters, note that the haul distance is 2600 feet, Wabco’s top travel speed is 30 mph, use 50% of that, 15 mph, or 1320 feet per minute for 2.0 M travel time, now go through the numbers again load, 1.0 M, turn .5M, travel time 2.0M, dump and turn 1.0M, return 2.0M, and turn .5M for a total of 7.0M (minutes) cycle time for a total of 8 trips per hour.

We had a 80% availability with the Terex scrapers so multiply .8 times 8 trips for 6.5 trips per hour, now multiply 6 by 17 for 100 m3 per hour, remember to achieve the amount of dirt moved per hour with the 4 Terex scrapers, ie: 680 m3 per hour, we will need 6.8, round up to 7 222G’s to do the same amount of dirt in the same time, ie: 588 hours, remember we do not need a push cat, note below:

The Wabco 222G uses a 8-V71 Detroit Diesel motor which uses about 5 gph fuel, there are 7 scrapers, ie: 35 gph at $5.00 per gallon is $175.00 per hour fuel, 7 operators at $50.00 per hour is $350.00, ie: fuel plus operators is $525.00, per hour. Now for the Graders and packers; we will need 2 graders and 2 packers, less fuel used so estimate the same cost for operators and half the fuel as the scrapers, $200.00 per hour operators, $50.00 fuel, total of $250.00 total of $775.00 per hour, fuel and operators for scrapers, graders and packers.

Note above the cost per hour for fuel and labor to run the Wabco 222G, is $75.00 for each 222G, we need 7 scrapers so that is total cost per hour fuel and

labor of $525.00 per hour for 588 hours is $308,600.00, now note the cost above for the 4 Terex TS24’s and a push cat is $640.00 per hour for 588 hours is a total of $376,320.00, a saving of +/- $70,000.00 note there appears to be a saving of +/- 20% Fuel and Labor using Wabco 222Gs over Terex TS 24’s, and a push cat, hence elevating scrapers are more efficient, note below:

Scroll back to to the documents, note the Terex production graph, colored soil and terrain maps, and bid records for the Contract studied in that post, now look at a second contract, Google “sask dept of highways tender results”, note, -choose a tender- ,click on line “2013-2014”, scroll down watching the left hand side for H13162, it’s for a grading contract, central, Saskatchewan, note below:

The contract is described as being at the junction of Highway #51 and #21, in the Kerrobert area of the Province, very easy ground to build roads with, note the colored maps, on the left side, note Kindersley, and note Kerrobert is just north of Kindersley in the sandy soil near RM of Tramping Lake #380, Town of Scott, where Western built 20 miles of Grid Road and it was ideal soil conditions, very easy work, went like a dream, made a ton of money, note below:

Now go back to the designation H13162, at the far left, click on Tender details and note that you will see in the search result the low bidder was $2,430,660.00 and the number of cubic meters to be moved is 215,000 m3, and the haul distance is 1,120,000 hm, remember one hectometer is 328 feet, scroll down to what the Engineers call “Bidding History” for comparative bids, note below:

For this review of the corrupt Bastards Bid rigging on Highways Grading Contracts, instead of using Terex production Charts above we will go through the calculation the old fashioned way, BUT first Google “r. g. le tourneau wiki” & “le tourneau scrapers heavy bombers second world war airports” & “the wabco 222-contrafed publishing co. ltd.” for a bit of history regarding motor scrapers.

Note that R. G. Le Tourneau, and his scrapers, came into their own during WW II building runways to support the heavy four engine bombers that bombed Germany to rubble, then bombed the rubble to cinders, needed special runways. The fighter planes of the day and even the famous DC3 Transport planes, (airforce C-47), could use grass fields but the Lancaster four motor bombers loaded with bombs were so heavy they had to have a very hard base to be able to take off with a load of bombs and 4 feet of earth placed and packed in 1 – 2 inch layers did the job and that is the requirement to this day for building a road.

Google “henry ford wiki” note that just as Henry Ford, literally, invented, designed and mass produced the car as we use it today, Le Touneau literally designed, invented and mass produced the motor scrapers that build the roads that the cars, originally, Ford, GM, Dodge, now Nissan, Lexus and Mercedes drive on, one would not be of any use without the other, we know cars/roads, so Web readers may be interested in R.G. LeTourneau and his motor scrapers.

I (Lee) did not own any of the original Le Tourneau or more recent Wabco scrapers, only Terex and Cat, but there were a few around Saskatchewan back in the day, and any time I went on a job where they worked they were always running, of course Le Tourneau used the ever reliable 71 series Detroit Diesel motor and Allison automatic transmission, just as, Euclid, renamed Terex, as a note of interest Cat soon copied the Wabco 222G, Google “cat 623e images”.

In this run down on Bid Rigging I (Lee) will go through the old fashioned way I, and my colleagues, used to calculate the cost of getting a piece of road built, but first again Google “the wabco 222-contrafed publishing co. ltd”, Web readers who do not want to bother with the history lesson, scroll through to the end, note the specifications, note the scrapers top speed is 32 MPH, and it hauls 22 yds3 or 17 m3, we will use those numbers below in the long hand cost calculation.

As usual the main consideration is time, ie: the haul distance, note that the top speed of the Wabco 222 G is 32 MPH, but that is use full only on long hauls, up to a mile; grid road work, ie: hauls of 500 to 1000 feet, use little more than double walking speed, ie: 5 -7 miles a hour, but as with all contracts, we have the design haul distance nailed down above, the haul preceding was 2600 feet, but on this contract it is 1700 feet, so use 1/3 of top speed to calculate haul/return, total time per cycle (trip), use average speed of 10 MPH.

Any one who walks for exercise knows that one mile per hour is 88 feet per minute, so 10 MPH is 880 feet per minute, or on this contract two minutes haul time, so go from there, ie: load — 1.0M, turn out of borrow pit,–.5 M, travel to dump area on road,– 2.0 M, dump and turn, dumping is simple, reverse elevator

–1.0 ,return to pit area– 2.0 M, turn off road — .5M, total cycle time 7 minutes.

A sixty minute hour would mean 9 trips a hour but Western averaged 80% availability over its lifetime so prorate that 9 trips a hour to 7 trips a hour, or 7 x 17 = 120 m3 per hour, per scraper, we should plan to use 4 scrapers for a total of 480 m3 per hour production on this contract, cost for fuel and labor to move the dirt, as follows……We have 215,000 m3 to move at 480 ms per hour, divide 480 into 215,000 m3 for a total of 448 hours, basically two months and a bit, half the summer, dandy timing, now calculate the cost for fuel and labor, note below:

The Wabco 222G has a 8-V71 Detroit Diesel motor which uses about 5 gph fuel, there are 4 scrapers, ie: 20 gph at $5.00 per gallon is $100.00 per hour fuel, 4 operators at $50.00 per hour is $200.00, ie: fuel plus operators is $300.00, now for the Graders and packers; we will need 2 graders and 2 packers, less fuel used so estimate the same cost for operators and half the fuel as the scrapers, $200.00 per hour operators, $50.00 fuel, total of $250.00 total of $550.00 per hour, fuel and operators for scrapers, graders and packers.

There will also be a small cost for two labor guys at $40.00 a hour each and a backhoe or small bulldozer to install culverts and do final clean up, another $40.00 for $120.00 for total of $670.00 x 448 hours = $300,160.00 for fuel and labor to move and pack the dirt and do clean up. Scroll back and note reference to the method used by the US interstate Contractors back in the day, ie: the cross check, ie: contract revenue should equal three times the cost of fuel and labor, hence a safe bid price should be +/- one million dollars, but note above, low bid was over $2.4M.

Now the miscellaneous costs, camp cost 10 guys at $1000.00 per month each, ie: $10,000.00 per month, for two months, total of $20,000.00; insurance/, bonding would be $10,000.00; repairs, 7% of bid price of one million dollars, ie: $70,000.00, Foreman $80,000.00 annually; the total cost to complete this contract using Wabco 222G scrapers is a total of $480,160.00, a total of $300,160.00 fuel and labor plus $180,606.00 miscellaneous, $480,160.00 total.

Note the Contractor now must decide what he wants to pay bonuses to Foreman and crew and what he wants for a profit margin, I (Lee) suggested that he double his costs on that Contract, now scroll back and note the low bid is $2,430,660.00 so the mythical Contractor here using Wabco 222G’s has plenty of room to double costs, a 100% profit margin, and still be half of low bid, more hard evidence that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the corrupt bastards have got to be involved in Quebec type bid rigging fraud, note below:

The corrupt bastards are getting more brazen every year, my detail work is based on contracts from one-two years ago and my work above establishes that the Contractor from two years ago could multiply his cost by a factor of 4 and still be low bid, whereas this calculation using Wabco 222G’s, based on a contract entered into in April 2014 shows that the Contractor could multiply his fuel and labor costs by 5.0 and still be low bid, hard evidence there is increasing arrogance in Bid Rigging corruption in Highway Grading Contracts, leading to a bid price of five times cost, a 500% profit margin, but note below:

Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note that is easily confirmed,(or denied), by the Hon Kim Young that I (Lee) was destroyed because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers, SO part of that obscene Contractor bid rigging profit will go for bribes to the Highway Engineers BUT Bid Rigging in Saskatchewan Highway Construction contracts has been a fact for over thirty years since the Devine Gang, and the cost to taxpayers is beyond comprehension, note below:

Readers may check it out with google, but the Saskatchewan taxpayer has spent a average of +/- $400M annually on Highway Contracts for the last thirty years, and if a Consulting Engineer confirms my (Lee) claim above, those insane bid prices have doubled Highway contracting construction cost, hard evidence of bid rigging fraud costing +/-$200M a year for thirty years for a total of a +/ $6B Bid rigging loss on Highway Construction contracts, note below:

The long term Saskatchewan Highway Contract Bid rigging fraud is akin to the Quebec Highway Construction contract frauds and should be subject to the same level of Judicial inquiry as Quebec corruption and the Liberal Adscam, it highlights the Heppner/Graham +/-$1.88B Regina By-pass fraud and puts the Senate scandal in perspective, to wit: Duffy and Wallin fraud is akin to raiding the Senate stamp box for money to pay their bar bills, ABOLITION OF RMS.

Google “rural saskatchewan under the microscope in new report ckrm” and note this Web site has a Alexa 38 ranking, adding to the study of development in Rural Saskatchewan BUT If I (Lee) live to be one hundred years old I will never understand why two good men, not Gabriel, but good men, as us mortal men go, first Premier Calvert, now Premier Wall, went to their knee’s before that evil, lying, corrupt slut, Donna Strudwick and refused to grant the Argues approval for their $30M development until the Strudwick had been carried “flowers chocolates and perfume”, google “scc 31940”, and now note below:

Strangers stop me (Lee) on the street, some ask if I am sure of my P3 By-pass work in COOKED COCKROAES, I suggest they have a Private Consulting Civil Engineer go over my work, others, with more faith, ask how in the name of God Heppner and Graham thought they were going to get away with a $1.88B Regina By-pass fraud, I tell them to google “lane had swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash straight from the leg building to the swiss banks”. Review post HYENAS WITH HUBRIS and note Heppner believes she has the same Ruling Elite God given right as that effing Lane to steal the same massive amounts of taxpayer money as the Devine Gang and that effing Lane stole.

Again google “mandryk: doherty’s fiscal forgetfullness mandryk”, ask how in the name of God Walls Finance Minister, Doherty, could “forget” he had borrowed $750K on the open market?, well the lenders sure as hell will not forget, and voters should remember this means the Saskatchewan taxpayers owe another $1B, yes Virginia that is a Billion with a B, and that does not include the Regina by pass $1.88B fraud, google “heppner-graham $1.88B regina by pass fraud”, I (Lee) say again, maybe a Mulcair Fed can end the massive official corruption.

Google “cbc poll tracker” note no Federal Party can form a majority on October 19th, meaning that the NDP and Liberals will take down Harper. Review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING for preview of my (Lee)s ask, polls do show the Libs are ahead in Andrews riding of Eglinton-Lawrence but if Andrew does win I (Lee) will change my ask to be of Andrew instead of Erin, but if Andrew loses the ask will be of Erin, a recognized economist, google “corruption economies are doomed” a Economist axiom.

Andrew Thompson was in the Romanow Caucus and Calvert Cabinet when the Strudwick forced Roy to resign and Calvert to his knees before her, google “scc 31940”, Andrew and his Calvert Cabinet colleagues bowed to the Strudwick’s corrupt evil and God willing he may feel a touch of guilt, but some will say that if the Trudeau Liberal’s have the most Fed seats it will be impossible for me (Lee) to overcome the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M Development, google “ goodale liberals support strudwick bribe demands rural zoning” review search results BUT note faint hope below:

There is faint hope. The Trudeau Liberals would have to have Tom Mulcair;s NDP support in taking down Harper, and Tom Mulcair left Quebec Liberals because of official corruption. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Tom Mulcair is a good man and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Canada’s massive official corruption has got to be ended if Canada is going to survive as a Country, as example google “ cabinet ministers met publickly with kpmg while firms tax ‘sham’ under cra probe cbc” review search result AND note below:

The Harper KPMG Tax fraud must be the subject of a Gomery level Adscam inquiry, BUT his Web site has a Alexa rank of 38 with documentation proving official and Judicial corruption stretching from that effing Lanes anus sitting in his office in the Court house on Victoria Avenue right to that slut of a Strudwick’s anus sitting in her office down #1 east in Balgonie, note Saskatchewan is the home of the CCF/NDP and is a good place for Tom Mulcair to start trying to end Canada;s massive official and Judicial corruption.

The wording of my (Lee)s ask of Andrew or Erin will depend if Mulcairs NDP or Trudeau Liberals have the most seats on October 19th, draft title for this Web sites November post following October 19th Election is A EXCELLENT ASK.


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