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September 29, 2015

Google “mandryk: pity anyone assessing economic platforms of federal parties mandryk” and “mandryk: sask party bypasses due diligence mandryk” and “mandryk: wall should listen as he did on flood mandryk”, and “ tories ndp bashing not that simple mandryk” Readers are asked to review Murray’s articles, then review COOKED COCKROACHES RURAL ZONING, and think about the economic effect of P3’s, google “mandryk: doherty’s fiscal forgetfullness mandryk”, Wall’s Finance Minister “forget” he had borrowed $750K on the open market, REALLY, google “jesus wept”, and note below:

Google “mps: how did canada get into this mess? ,gormley”, even John Gormley deep defender of Harper has questions. Gormley knows the Saskatchewan taxpayers owe another $1B, yes Virginia, that is a Billion with a B and that does not include the Regina by pass $1.88B fraud, google “heppner-graham $1.88B regina by pass fraud”. Doherty is worse then even that effing Lane who disappeared his first $1.3B, as Devine Finance Minister, review LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP, scroll to near post end, can a Tom Mulcair Fed end the massive Saskatchewan official fraud?, note below: (more…)