Review CROWN COCKROACHES, I (Lee) morphed that post title from a US Web site “corporate cockroaches” and now into post title above. Google “wright redacted email” and “wright admitted to making a ‘not bad misrepresentation’ to voters” and “wright-novak black berried messages during wright testimony”, more on the stupidity of the Harper officials below, but first review the following:

Google”mandryk: infrastructure must be done properley” and “’sober second look’ needed for regina by-pass: ndp graney” and “ they just don’t care lypny”. Cam Breton is right, google “images of regina by-pass” the top row of maps, far right; to end all Regina #1 east traffic problems build the Clover leaf interchange at Balgonie, then build the by-pass following the wide dotted heavy line to the south of Balgonie, there will be a concrete overpass needed over Highway # 48 and the railway track, but that route will solve the “just don’t care” problem by following a existing east-west road right of way three miles south of White City west to the south west corner of Regina eliminating all Regina east #1 traffic problems, the point and purpose of all by-passes.

Google “ cost to build a concrete clover leaf interchange” review search results, note Wikipedia on clover leaf history and note BC’s handbook in PDF scroll down to page 11, note bid prices for rural cloverleafs range from $4M to $8M and Urban clover leafs range from $27M – $35M, I (Lee) estimate a sane Highway contract cost, even at today’s bid prices, to four lane, grade and pave, the highway for the 25 miles from Balgonie along the heavy wide dotted line south of Balgonie running south of #1 east and White City to the south west corner of Regina would be +/- $20M, including a simple #48/railway overpass.

Add the estimated road cost of $20M to the $35M for the clover leaf at Balgonie for a total of $55M to solve the Regina East traffic problem, but in the Harper P3 deal Heppner inked with Graham add another $35M for each extra clover leaf, three more clover leafs, another $100M, for a total of $160M and compare that to $1.88B, yes Virginia that is a Billion, with a B, note I (Lee) talk to taxpayers who believe Walls Minister Responsible, Heppner, should be charged with fraud for inking that $1.88B by-pass deal with Graham, note below

Supporters of the Harper-Wall Regina P3 By-Pass plan will point out that under P3 Graham will have to pay the Contractors and then get the $1.88 Billion over the next few years, pick a number, any sane number, say a payout of $1.88B to Graham over 50 years, remember a Billion dollars is one thousand million, ask your computer for the product of dividing 50 into 2 Billion, or note below.

Take a legal size envelope, and write $2000,000,000,000 on the back of it and divide that by 50 (years), note the product is $40,000,000,000 ($40M) a year,

Now review the two preceding paragraphs, Graham will have to pay out the Contractors their $160M and he (Graham) will need interest on that $160M payout, so add on a annual %5, for 4 years, another $20M for a total of $180M payout by Graham to the Contractor(s) THEN for the next 46 years Graham will gather in $40M a year every year, even if annual maintenance is a couple million, that level of corruption is “unfathomable” in any rule of law Country ask any Law Professor from any University, more on Harpers Elite officials below:

Back to Wright, Novak and Woodcock, who now administers CMHC, do taxpayers want a guy who foes not read his boss’s e-mails administering their housing corporation?, surely a Mulcair Fed will fire his ass, google “liberals request rcmp retrieve the wright- novak texted messages” and “experts advise that computer technicians can retrieve those messages” and “nigel wright smartest guy in the room”, well Wright, Novak, Woodcock, are “cooked cockroach”, google “ben perrin testimony”, and review search results.

Note that, Harpers former personal in house lawyer, Perrin, testified that Harper knew that Wright had paid the $90K to bail out Duffy, hard evidence that Harper is lying to the Canadian people. Google “ctv poll: 13% believe harper didn’t know about $90K bailout for mike duffy janus”, to wit: 87% of voters believe Harper is lying, BUT note that 15% of voters do not care if Harper is lying, note the NDP is at 35%, Harper at 29% and Liberals at 26%, and note below:

Readers are asked to google “what did harper know about the duffy bailout” review all search results and note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that there has been Breach of Trust, review post HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123, leading to google “mulcair asks rcmp to reopen wright criminal investigation” and “liberals request rcmp retrieve the wright- novak texted messages” and created a campaign climate where voters believe Harper lied in the House, and is lying on the campaign trail about the Duffy cover-up, and note below:

Harper should have instructed his then Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright, to watch CSI re-runs before planning the cover up of the Duffy fraud. My (Lee)s advise about watching CSI reruns is sound, Gomery is blunter, google “gomery advised scrapping the pmo”, Harper should have read Gomery, BUT if Wright had watched CSI reruns he would know e-mails stay in hard drives and haunt you just as the Strudwick is haunting Wall, google “scc 31940” and note below:

Wright could also have studied post REGARDING PARANOIA and followed Merv Ozirny’s advice. Google “nigel wright smartest guy in the room” and “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, Reiter will use my (Lee)s advise that Harper’s Chief of Staff should watch CSI reruns before planning fraud as proof that I am the stupidest man in canada, BUT my advice is sound, google “fbi uses dashiell hammetts detective stories as training tools”, and “thai pm tells cops investigating bombing to watch blue bloods ries” note below:

Review ANOTHER GOOD MAN RURAL ZONING, and UBAVKA’S PONZI,those posts refer to a guy named Owen Mitchell who was working for a Serbian woman and her Russian Mafia laundering money in “Just Energy” controlled by a Board of Directors including Harpers Senators. Google “owen mitchell smartest guy in the room” and “enron group ‘smartest guys in the room’”, the Enron guys are in prison, and Mitchell “died suddenly in his own home” while the Mitchell obituary depicted him as “the smartest guy in the room”, REALLY?

I (Lee) always try to watch CTV Don Martin or CBC Rosie’s afternoon Political talk show’s and watched the +/- two weeks of Wright. I watched Duffy’s lawyer, Don Bayne, force Wright, in cross examination, to shrivel from “the smartest guy in the room” with his arrogant, sneering, smirk, to a shrunken shell, google “wright admits to making a ‘not bad misrepresentation’ to voters” considerable and conclusive evidence of Breach of Trust, review HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123, and google “scc 31940”, for the Supreme Court proof of Strudwick’s bribe demand to approve the Argue $30M residential development, note below:

Readers are asked to note that the Ruling Elite never change. Google “senator dave tkachuk to testify” review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and CROWN COCKROACHES, in that post scroll to the Word press graph and review script. Note during the google “grant devine decade of disaster” Tkachuk, as the Devine Chief of Staff, quarter backed a plan to destroy me (Lee), when I refused to pay bribes, note below:

Google “duffy trial to resume in mid november”, Senator Tkachuk may testify, I (Lee) will e-mail Donald Bayne myself, with a heads up regarding Tkachuk’s propensity to lie, Donald Baynes e-mail is and I ask readers who are sick of the Harper corruption to e-mail Don Bayne asking him to review this post and remind him that under cross examination by Melville lawyer, Merv Ozirny, Dave Tkachuk changed his testimony from examination in chief, testifying that “I would shoot Lane” to “ Lane should be shot” in effect Tkachuk admitted to lying in his original testimony regarding a crucial difference in Criminal Law, and my jury then found me “not guilty”, note below:

But Harper was right on one point, google “sask. premier should worry about ndp not equalization: stephen harper cbc”, that is the purpose of this Web site,

Google Wall and his Brain Trust should note this Web site has a Alex 38 ranking, it is in the top 38 most watched Web sites in the 30 million World wide Web site domains, and it was narrative Web sites such as this site calling for a end to official corruption that got a black guy elected US President, note below:

Now note a fitting title to this post would be “suck it up buttercup”, the White City Mayor’s sneering remark to taxpayers regarding the Harper-Wall P3 Regina by-pass fraud, google “regina bypass to cost one third more then estimate”, and “mandryk: regina bypass a costly diversion mandryk”, review Murray on the Harper-Wall Regina P3 bypass fraud, and google “snc-lavalin shortlisted for regina by-pass rural zoning”. All P3 projects are frauds on the taxpayer, as example, google “regina city dumps raw sewage in wascana creek” this is the result of Regina’s P3 sewage treatment plant, and note below:

Readers are asked to note this Web site pried the lid off the Harper-Wall P3 by-pass fraud as part of the Sherwood Reeve Eberle fraud, EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE, the facts on the Harper Regina City by-pass fraud set out in this Web site posts were based on my (Lee)s concern SNC-Lavalin was on the short list to build it, but taxpayers would have been better served by the gang of international thugs running SNC-Lavalin, who watched by the World Bank, would not have the balls to inflate the original idiotic cost estimate by five times, but Graham sure has big enough balls to do that, note below:

It should be noted that Graham leaders have always had balls of brass, Ron Graham, the descendant of the founder, had the balls to carry on a affair with Devine Cabinet Minister, Colin Thatcher’s, wife, Jo-Ann, google “ron grahams affair with colin thatchers wife jo-ann”. Remember, Jo-Ann was shot at point blank range in the head in her garage on Albert street, Regina, just across from the Legislative Building, with a .45 caliber pistol, some believed it was because of Graham, but Thatcher’s trial heard evidence she was slaughtered over the Thatcher land and money, not for google “fuddel-duddeling” Graham.

Again google “mandryk: regina bypass a costly diversion mandryk”, Murray makes the point the cost is five times the original estimate and there is no doubt whatsoever but that Harper-Wall pulled a classic google “bait and switch fraud” with the Regina by-pass, a follow up to Highway bid rigging fraud, the Harper-Wall massive P3 Regina by-pass fraud project perfectly from the massive bid rigging in Highway Contracting that I (Lee) detail in the October post, draft title BID RIGGING & BY-PASSES’S note below:

The detail work in the October post BID RIGGING & BY-PASSES’S provides considerable and conclusive evidence that Highway contract bids are double a sane bid price but Wall’s Minister Responsible, Nancy Heppner, worked on the Harper Hill for a few years and apparently has no concern of legal action to stop the Harper Regina by- pass P3 $1.88B fraud from going ahead, note below:

Heppners arrogance rivals that of the Strudwick, google “scc 31940”. Wall’s Minister Responsible, Heppner, believes that if challenged, Graham could now sue for his Billion dollars in lost profit, and Heppner’s arrogance parallels the White City Mayor’s who told taxpayers, google “white city mayor states ‘suck it up buttercup’”, regarding that Billion taxpayer dollars. The White City Mayor’s public statement is a echo of Marie Antoinette’s arrogance when told the french peasants had no bread, Marie replied” let them eat cake” , Maries arrogance lead to the French Revolution and history may repeat itself here, note below:

I (Lee) believe the Strudwick is quarter backing this arrogant P3 Regina by-pass fraud, google “scc 31940” and “donna strudwick relatives control white city council” and “lady janet mcmurty rules strudwick reports to the premier and minister” and “donna strudwick is deputy premier mcmorris campaign chair” and “harper uses donna strudwick farm to boast of destroying the wheat board”, or go to the list of the Strudwick’s well documented arrogant economic horrors and bribe demands, review SHORT CAUSE paragraphs. 1.- 10., and note below:

Any reader who believes that I (Lee) see the Strudwick as being responsible for all official economic horror in the Regina area would be right, I do see the

Strudwick as quarter backing it, under Lanes direction, review FACTS : EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. Google “images of regina by-pass” note the maps with a variety of proposals, note the map in the top row, the far right, note the wide dotted line, leading south from Balgonie for a few miles to the Argue development, then 90% turn to the west to tie into the by pass route to the south west of Regina, taking traffic away from the City, which is the whole point.

The best route was abandoned leaving White City as the center of the Regina east universe. That is why the White City Mayor is so stupidly ecstatic he stated “suck it up buttercup”, a remark that arrogant asshole may regret. Look again at the map on the far right of the top row of maps, note the wide dotted line is a few miles to the south of White City, bypassing White City and # 1 east, note honest Civil Engineers always have a problem with the Political Elite, Engineers try to keep by passes away from City’s to allow for population growth, note below:

The Politicians and their official Elite, such as the Strudwick, only interest is the here and now ability to force more bribe money out of the Developers and business, with occasional ulterior motive, such as Strudwick’s. Google “regina by pass may benefit argue development rural zoning”, please review what ever search results needed to recognize that the alternate, heavy,wide, dotted line route going south from Balgonie to the Argue development then turning west to Regina would benefit the Argue development and note below:

Review post “Update with letter from Law Society of Saskatchewan” This Web site has blocked the Strudwick from getting control of the Argue development quarter and crucial 350 gpm spring, enough water to service a Urban center with a population of 7500, and Strudwick, a German from Edenwold Village, will make sure the Argues do not benefit. Now google “rm of sherwood’s wascana village project inching ahead fraser”, review post SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, PROBES LOST LOVE and EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE, readers should ask why Wall has not charged Eberle with Breach of Trust and again where is the water going to come from, note below:

P3’s are part of Harper’s corrupt political agenda which polls show will end on October 19th by electing Mulcair. Harper reads the same polls and is desperate, google “harper home renovation tax deduction as October 2015 platform plank”, Harper is so desperate he is using a failed Devine plank, google “grant devine hot tub home renovation program” and “sask. premier should worry about ndp not equalization: stephen harper cbc”, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if Wall legislates a end to the Regina by-pass P3 fraud Graham will sue for the loss of a Billion dollars profit and bribe the Queens/Appeal Judges, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and BLACK MAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, but polls show Harper Fed will fall and Lady Bev is waiting in Ottawa, only a few hundred feet from the Hill, for the corrupt bastards, FRANK AND THE LADY RURAL ZONING and Lady Bev will put paid to Harpers massive P3 Regina by-pass fraud, note below:

Google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada” and “rural zoning claims that Harper corruption caused recession” review search results, note that I (Lee) raised the fact “Harper corruption caused recession” in this Web site six years ago, now google “ mulcair campaigns on claim that harper corruption caused recession” even if I am the stupidest man in Canada the Mulcair NDP Fed has borrowed my “Harper corruption caused recession” theory, note below:

Google “alberta appeal judge russell brown named to supreme court of canada c.p.”and “prof slams ‘political’ supreme court appointment charleton”, review ANOTHER GOOD MAN, my (Lee)s fear of the massive cost to the taxpayer of bribes paid to Elite Officials if Chief Judge Richards was appointed to the Supreme Court did not occur, BUT former Justice Deputy Minister, Brent Cotter, now a U of S Law Professor, complained about Harper appointing Brown instead of Richards, why is Cotter whining?, note below:

Google “ w. brent cotter q.c. david milgaard” review search results, note Cotter involvement in the Judicial cover up of the twenty two year false incarceration of Milgaard and it amazes me (Lee) that the arrogant assholes openly gather like Norway Rats in a open pit garbage dump to feed on corruption and squeak when thwarted, Cotter wants Richards and Cotter was involved as Deputy Minister of Justice during cover up of the fact of the Courts deliberate, false incarceration of David Milgaard, google “ david milgaard judicial inquiry”.

Gengis Khan would serve Canadians better on the Supreme Court than Richards, google “truth is never libel” and note that Richards stated that I (Lee) libeled the Strudwick by telling Premier Calvert the truth about Strudwick’s bribe demand and there should be a public inquiry into the fact Richards knowingly and falsely in law ruled that I had libeled the Strudwick. Richards did this to ensure the Strudwick, was paid her bribes to approve the Argue $30M development, google “scc 31940”, review ANOTHER GOOD MAN, note below:

I (Lee) am proud that this Web site ended the Harper Fed subsidy of Ethanol Plants, google “rural zoning forces end of Harper fed ethanol subsidy” and has blocked that effing Lane going to Chief Judge, and blocked Richards appointment to the Supreme Court, google “rural zoning blocks lanes appointment as saskatchewan chief judge” and “rural zoning blocks richards appointment to the supreme court”. Now that Lane and Richards are closer to their end then their beginning, do they ask themselves, was the bribe money the Strudwick, the Contractors and Engineers paid them worth it?

Google “lane has swiss bank couriers carry brief cases of cash from leg building”, again review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, this Web site cost Lane and probably Richards, their appointments to top Judicial positions in Canadian Justice and I (Lee) wonder if the arrogant asshole’s ever ask was it worth Judicial fraud to make sure the Argues bribe the Strudwick to be granted approval for their $30M development?, how much money did the Strudwick and her ilk pay them in bribes?,as Dirty Harry asked, well punk (s), was it worth it?, note below:

Readers are asked to review again post ANOTHER GOOD MAN, and note where I (Lee) predicted that Harper was going to create a constitutional crises regarding the Senate and use that to pull a grant Devine and postpone the Fed General election for a year, BUT my bad, experts said Harper was going to call the election early to use up his stockpiled cash, google “ canada election 2015: tories have edge over rivals local war chests, analysis shows bryden- press” and “federal election 2015: how a long campaign will benefit the cash rich tories cbc” and “canada election 2015: stephen harper confirms start of 11-week federal campaign cbc”, I was wrong, Harper went early instead of late, note below:

I (Lee) failed on the Harper election call but my other predictions were dead on, google” rural zoning predicts $43 barrel oil”, oil is at $42 a barrel and going down. Google “rural zoning predicts mulcair will win next fed election”, review search results, I predicted a Mulcair win three years ago, and the Mulcair NDP Fed is now topping the Fed polls, not bad for the stupidest man in Canada, google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada”, but Reiter was lying when he made that claim, google “ed stelmach stupidest man in canada”, note below:

Alberta Premier Stelmach was deemed to be “stupidest man in canada” for musing, as Alberta Premier, that Oil royalties and Corporate tax rate might have to go up to fill the $8B (Billion) hole in the Alberta budget shortfall, exactly what NDP Rachel Notley is doing today, review ANOTHER GOOD MAN, REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP, SHEAF OP-ED ASK, and FRANK AND THE LADY, and note Harpers effort to destroy the Chief Justice of Canada because of her attempt to end his (Harper) corruption in governance and note below:

This Web site has, in the main, focused on the bribe demands of the Strudwick. the Rural Administrator of the RM of Edenwold, to approve the Argues $30M development, and to a lesser degree on overall corruption in the Administration of Saskatchewan’s 300 Rural Municipalities and has provided considerable and conclusive evidence that RM administrative corruption causes taxpayers a loss of $165M each and every year, review LADY LORI AND THE $165M DEFICIT, but SARM/RMAA are not the only, or worst, official corruption evil, note below:

This post leads into another area of Saskatchewan corruption with detail of Bid rigging in Saskatchewan Highway Construction, worse than Quebec, there has been Highway bid rigging in Saskatchewan that costs the taxpayer double the cost of RM Corruption. Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, note that I (Lee) was destroyed by Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson when it was established that I refused to pay bribes to Government Engineers, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and note below:

Now Google “mandryk: sask gov’t owes us an explanation for late highway contracts mandryk” review Murrays article and Google “ outsourcing doubles engineering costs on sask highways contractors say leo cbc news” & “don’t eat that elmer that’s horse shit”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the above claim by the Highway Contractors is “horseshit”; only in Saskatchewan would one segment of private business, the Highway Contractors, lodge complaint about Government use of another segment of private business, the Private Consulting Engineers, to provide service, note below:

The only reason the Highway Contractors are whining about the fact Wall is using Private Consulting Engineers to administer Highway Construction Contracts is that Private Civil Engineers can not be bribed whereas Government Civil Engineers are bribed as a matter of course on every Highway construction contract they administer, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and note below:

The difference in corruption between Private and Government Civil Engineers is, Google “provincial officials have the constitutional right to control federal judges” in effect, giving Government Engineers the ability to demand bribes from Contractors BUT NOTE Private Civil Engineers are subject to sanction by the Association of Professional Engineers, (APEGS) while the Minister of Highways must grant permission for the APEGS to accept a complaint about Government Engineers, contact the APEGS at 306-525 9547, or e-mail

Review LADY LORI-NEMISES scroll down to the many media references to the massive corruption in the Quebec Construction inquiry and note the Quebec Construction Corruption Inquiry has already concluded that corruption in Quebec Highway Contracting adds one third to the bid prices, BUT I (Lee) will provide hard evidence in the October post BIDRIGGING & BYPASSES’S that corruption in the Saskatchewan Highway Construction contract bids result in bid prices that are double a sane bid price, note below:

I (Lee) provide considerable and conclusive evidence in the October post BIDRIGGING & BY-PASSES’S that today’s Highway Contract bid prices are more fraudulent then even in Quebec, google “quebec corruption inquiry: suspects donate $2 million to federal parties c.p,” review search result, and google “corruption not confined to quebec ndp leader mulcair suggests barry”.

Google “action promised on highway construction contracts cbc news”, and note

the Ruling Elite are pretending to be upset that the work is not done, not concern at the bid price. Google “sask upset about ont que contracts favoring local firms-saskatchewan-cbc news” & “mandryk: local tendering is no simple issue mandryk”, Murray is right and Web readers, especially the Sask Party supporters, are asked to google “saskies growth plan adrift johnstone”, but Bruce does not call for the only possible solution to economic disaster in Saskatchewan, end corruption of the official Crown Cockroaches, note below:

The Leader Post Lawyers, due to fear of corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, being BLACKMAILED, BULLED OR BRIBED?, to finding libel of Government officials by naming any official demanding bribes, will not allow publishing the bribe demands of the Government officials, notwithstanding the fact that I (Lee), a non-lawyer, went to the Supreme Court (SCC) and obtained a Summary Statement proving that “flowers, chocolates and perfume” had to be carried to Strudwick for the Argues to obtain development approval, Google “scc 31940”.

To make the point for the Argues effort to obtain approval for their $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, I (Lee) established that official corruption and bribery is common practice with Saskatchewan Officials, I provided hard evidence that my Contracting company. Western Earth Moving, was destroyed by a deal between Lane, as Devine Attorney General and a Queens Bench Judge, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, because of my refusal to pay bribes to Saskatchewan Government Engineers, note below:

Google “economists claim that corruption economies die”, yet the Harper Feds have a policy of Ruling Elite corruption, Google “harper has little to brag about johnstone” & “michael applebaum corruption allegations run deep ctv news” & “corruption not confined to quebec ndp leader mulcair suggests barry” & “quebecs construction inquiry zeroes in on man tied to harper pmo c.p., banerjee” & “senator leo housakas rips cbc, ndp wants fund raising probe mesley, noicol noel cbc”, more media below:

Google “police raid home of man pmo endorsed to head montreal port leblanc”, & “money talks at quebec inquiry: witness hands $720,000.00 to corruption probe cp” & “reports for years showed montrealers were getting hosed on construction: probe cp” considerable and conclusive evidence of Harper ties to Quebec Highway Construction corruption, and note below:

Google “saskatchewans highway budget”, note the 2015 budget is $800M, and the Quebec corruption inquiry found that Highway Contracting corruption in Quebec has resulted in cost increases for the Quebec taxpayer of a third and I (Lee) have prepared a study showing that cost of Highway Construction in Saskatchewan is double sane bid prices, note details are set out in the October post BIDRIGGING & BYPASSE’S, note below:

Review again LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note that because of my (Lee) refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers, then Devine Attorney General, Lane, did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge years ago to destroy my Highway Contracting Company to pander to the Government Engineers while prices today on Saskatchewan Highway Tenders are double anything sane, review October post, BID RIGGING & BYPASSES, when it goes in-site, now note below :

The Nestor Mryglod group and the NDP Opposition, refuse to believe the cost to build the Regina By-Pass could increase by five times in one year BUT it has, again Google “mandryk: regina bypass a costly diversion mandryk” but there has got to be a solution, bid rigging in Saskatchewan Highway contracting has lead to the cost of the Harper P3 Regina by-pass at nearly five times the original insane cost estimate of $400M, now note below:

My (Lee)s detail work in the October post BIDRIGGING & BYPASSE’S will provide considerable and conclusive evidence that originally, Highway contract construction costs, in the main, fuel, labor and repairs, plus office extras, were 50% of bid prices, with Contractors doubling their costs to establish a bid price giving a 100% profit margin and my claim of bid rigging is based on today’s Contractors multiplying their cost by four to five times cost to establish a bid price and that the Highway Engineers are bribed to award contracts at double sane bid prices, but the Harper P3 $1.88B by-pass fraud went far beyond that.

Scroll back to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraph’s in this post, it is impossible to understand how the original cost estimate for the Regina by pass could have been $400M. Based on BC bid prices, bid prices for each Urban clover leaf would, at most, be $35M, and with the Cadillac by pass plan with four separate clover leafs at, Balgonie, White City, Tower Road and adding to the overpass now built at the south west corner of Regina, $140M for the clover leafs, add another $20M for four lane grading and paving, for a total of $160M, google “economics of regina p3 school” note the economic ratio for the Regina by-pass is much, much worse then the schools, to the point of insanity, note below:

It is “unfathomable” how the Regina City Engineers allowed that original $400M estimate to be given to Regina Council, three times sanity, and how that insane original estimate could have been multiplied five times for Heppners signature as Walls Minister Responsible giving Graham $1.88B. Review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, to post end and as Wall confidant, Kory Teneycke, would say, a $400M estimate morphing into Wall’s Minister Responsible Heppner inking a $1.88B contract with Graham is “unfathomable”.

The NDP could ask a honest Civil Engineer, such as Torchinsky Engineering, to follow the same paper trail I (Lee) did and prepare a report the NDP could use to ask the voters in the April 2016 Election if they want Harpers Regina By-Pass P3 $1.88B fraud or call for tenders on each section giving each Contractor a 100% profit on each section for taxpayer cost of +/- $160M, nothing to Graham.

Google “’sober second look’ needed for regina by-pass: ndp graney”, and scroll back to the second, third, fourth, and fifth paragraphs in this post, and google note the site Alexa ranking of 38, that hard fact proves the taxpayers, like Howard Beale, playing the news anchor in the cult classic movie Network, “are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore”, and ask why in the name of God Premiers, Calvert and Wall, have gone to their knees before that evil, lying, corrupt, slut, Donna Strudwick, allowing her to demand “ flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues $30M development, google “scc 31940”.

The October post draft title, going in-site in the last days of September is BIDRIGGERS & BY-PASSE’S, the November post draft title is BOB’S EXCELLENT ASK, and the post for the start of the count down to Walls General election in April 2016, the December post draft title, is RACHEL IN OZ.


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