A more fitting title for this post would be WEIR ENDS WALL MARIT, but first google “johnstone: harpers fiscal policy falling apart johnstone”, I (Lee) ask all readers to review Bruce’s profound article and note there can be only one reason for the sudden fiscal collapse of a country as wealthy as Canada and that is massive corruption. For example, google “ r. owen mitchell obituary”, review the search result, note Mitchell “passed away suddenly” in his own home,

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI and note Mitchell laundered money for a Serbian woman, and her Russian Mafia backed “Just Energy” ponzi operation, Mitchell was deemed to be “the smartest guy in the room” and note that back in the day the Enron dudes were the smartest guys in the room, google “enron guys smartest in the room”, review their paper trail, many ended up in prison, Google, “jack wolfe mla suicide” and “owen mitchell rural zoning”, review the search results and note below:

Take special note of post UBAVKA’S PONZI, scroll to near post end, note the WordPress graph, note that on one day alone there was 12 Web visits from Russia, the Russian Mafia, could soon figure out from this Web site, who has stolen, or lost on the stock market, what the Russians consider to be their money. Google “just energy board controlled by harper senate” and the only surprising part of Mitchells sudden death is that he was the only one to “die suddenly in his own home” given the visit numbers of this Web site, note below:

A few readers may question my (Lee) using Mitchell’s sudden death to make the Harper/Wall corruption point in my attempt to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, but google “canada most bribery prone country in the g-7” and “owen mitchell historic ties to russian mafia” which surfaced during the longest investigation ever conducted by the Ontario Securities Commission, and Mitchells sudden death is fact and I did promise the Argues to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain approval for their development without bribing the Strudwick, note below:

Review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, and google “senate abolition call?, ivison and hensley”, and note Harper and Wall made a joint call to abolish the Senate, but readers are asked to review post ABOLITION OF RMS and note that it would save more taxpayer money to abolish the RMs then the Senate which does do use-full committee work. Google “saskatchewan premier brad wall sells hard for stephen harper and the oil industry warren bell”, I (Lee) urge readers to review the Bell article which sets out the close personal ties between Harper and Wall, but note major contradiction below:

There is a major contradiction, ie: google “harper refuses to meet premiers”, but Harper chats on his cell phone with Wall while Wall, like any husband, push’s his wife, Tami’s, rolling grocery basket around Safeway, BUT these are not two regular backyard guys. I (Lee) ask readers to note the backyard barbecue, backslapping, good old boys bit is bullshit, Harper refuses to meet the Premiers as a group, but he and Wall cell phone relationship has resulted in the Harper Fed support of the corruption of Wall’s base, the Strudwick, google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to premier” and “strudwick serves as deputy premier mcmorris campaign manager”, and note below:

Review post SHORT CLAUSE, for the complete Harper/Wall/Strudwick paper trail, that has cost the Edenwold ratepayers $6M to date and some backyard barbecue wisdom for Wall, polls showing the Mulcair NDP with a 10 point lead three months before a General Fed Election means abolishing the Senate is the least of the Harper-Wall concerns, google “robert mcguarve: harper better beware of the rachel notley effect the province”, more Senate stuff below:

I (Lee) ask readers to google “harper announces his refusal to appoint any more senators”, review all search results, note that under the Constitution Harper must appoint Senators so Harper is manufacturing a Constitutional Crises to give him a excuse to pull a Devine, DEJA VU DEVINE, remember Devine postponed a general election for a year, which I predict Harper will do giving his girl genius Jenni time to organize a miracle, but it will not work, the voters have had it and Harper/Wall SARM corruption is well publicized, and a year from now Harper will be lucky to get the two riding’s Mulroney/Campbell got, note below:

Review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, PROBES LOST LOVE and EBERLE & THE BROS. PROBE. Wall is trapped between the Harper backed Strudwick corruption and this Web site, the 39th most visited Web site in the 30M Web site domains World wide, published monthly on SARM bribery and fraud. Sooner or later Wall must charge, or not charge Eberle, with fraud, which may lead to charges of bribery against the Strudwick, google “scc 31940” and “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption” and google “lee promised the argues to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick”,

Google “scc 31940”, note all search results in that Supreme Court site reference Web posts reffering to SARM corruption; Wall can continue to ignore the Strudwick bribe demand and Eberle fraud or order his AG to lay criminal charges as I (Lee) suggest, SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE and the Barclay ordered, PROBES LOST LOVE, with this Web site reminding voters of facts.

It is true that if criminal charges are laid against Eberle, SARM will use their $.5B slush fund of taxpayer money to bribe the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges to dismiss the charges, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, but that changes nothing for SARM, Wall, Strudwick and Eberle. Reeve Eberle’s only interest is his development, SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, but he does not have water and his only option for water is the 350 gpm spring fed by the Weyburn aquifer surfacing on the Argue development, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and note below:

The only way Eberle can get to the Argue 350 gpm spring is do a deal with the Strudwick, who controls the RM of Edenwold and will bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to allow the RM to expropriate Argue’s development/350 gpm spring, and give it to the Strudwick, BUT with Harper Fed doomed that plan will be a problem for the Strudwick. The Strudwick expropriation of the Argue 350 gpm spring will have to be accomplished with the Harper Fed gone and the Mulcair NDP Fed in power, with this Web site’s drum beat and NDP Erin Weir the MP in Regina-Lewvan and five other Saskatchewan NDP MPs elected and the Breton NDP looking for a way to get back in power, note below:

Which ever way Wall goes this Web site will publish it BUT Wall now has a even bigger political problem than the Strudwick and Reeve Eberle, to wit: the recession caused by the bribery and corruption of Walls officials such as the Strudwick, google “johnstone: so canada’s in recession, now what?, johnstone”. With house’s overpriced by 33% and still rising and dogs of my aquaintence still needing appointments to get their nails clipped at the dog spa’s, I (Lee) thought Canada’s recession may have been spin by the Banks investment branch’s to short sell, but Bruce says Canada is in recession, so Canada is in recession.

Google “canada’s economic gloom hits consumer confidence: ruling conservatives fear jolt in polls kumar” and “canada most bribery prone country in g-7” and “economists claim corruption economies die”. The Harper Fed will deny their policy of official bribery, such as the Strudwick bribe demands, google “scc 31940”, caused the recession BUT there are many examples of Harper’s official corruption, google “closing our eyes to corruption”, caused Canada’s recession, and the Harper Fed bribery and corruption evil can be ended by only one thing, review Edmund Burke, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing, edmund burke”, and note below:

Google “mama devine raised no stupid kids”, reprint in STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, the skit, (one act play) is not Shakespeare but I (Lee) have been told by people I trust that playing my skit on rainy days at the lake to audiences of Judges has resulted in Judges rolling on beach cottage floors with laughter, then review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: arrogant assholes such as Lane, Harper, Richards, and officials such as the Strudwick, have God complexes which annoys real God’s, Wall should worry about that, note below:

Readers are asked to review post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, note that I (Lee) made a no tax payer cost offer, first to NDP Premier Calvert and his Cabinet, and after the change in Government, made the same offer to Sask Party Premier Wall and his Cabinet, offering a choice of three different no taxpayer cost methods to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing RM Administrator, Strudwick, google “scc 31940”, BUT note below:

The Premiers, first NDP Calvert, then Sask Party Wall, and their Cabinets, laughed at me, telling me to go fuddel-duddel myself, they repeated Strudwicks bribes had to be paid, and Walls Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, added insult to injury by making public claim in Outlook, that I am the stupidest man in Canada if I think I can get approval for Argues development without bribing Strudwick, review post STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER.

Google “the growing trend of ‘anticipatory bribery’ reich”, I (Lee) ask readers to review the search results, and note this is the trend in the US, but not in Saskatchewan, google “scc 31940” note where a corrupt, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, demanded “ flowers, chocolates and perfume” in advance to grant the Argues development approval, Strudwick did not grant Argues approval expecting flowers later, she demanded “flowers” up front, note below:

BUT the Strudwicks RM corruption chickens are coming home to roost, google “sherwood ratepayers take legal action mceachern and fraser”. Regina lawyer Paul Malone had the courage to accept instruction from 13 Sherwood ratepayers to try to recover the +/-$.5M of ratepayer money in legal fees the Sherwood Reeve Eberle paid Olive et al, to advise on his vulnerability to fraud charges, EBERLE AND THE BROS. PROBE, why not end Strudwick’s bribes?

Review ONE GOOD MAN, note the courage of David McKay and the Harness Race group, the courage of the Hon Ron Barclay, the Sherwood ratepayers and Paul Malone, are now all well established, BUT where are the Edenwold ratepayers and a lawyer with the balls to accept instruction to benefit the Edenwold ratepayers by more than $.5M each and every year through tax paid by the Argue development by ending the Strudwick bribe demand?, the Edenwold ratepayers lost $6M (six million) of tax revenue to date from the Argue development by the Strudwick bribe demand, google “scc 31940”.

Strudwick, Eberle and the Brothers Probes are Regina Elite, the SLGA Officials have license control over every hotel, liquor off sale and bar in Saskatchewan, despite this, Barclay and lawyers David McKay and Paul Malone, had the balls to defy Eberle, Probe and the SLGA Officials, so why do the Provincial Ruling Elite turn white and head for the barn at the thought of defying the Strudwick’s bribe demands of the Argues?, google “scc 31940”, WHY?

Review SHORT CAUSE, documented facts regarding the Strudwick bribe demand, and google “lee stupidest man in canada”, and note my (Lee)s WW I analogy, to wit: I was stupid enough to charge a German Machine gun nest and lob in a hand grenade, again google “scc 31940” to wit: I acted for myself in defense against the Strudwick’s google “slapp” action and proved in Supreme Court the fact of Strudwick demand for bribes, BUT google “ four regina lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick”, and Strudwick’s bribe demand remains, note below:

Notwithstanding the Hon Jim Reiter’s claim of my (Lee)s stupidity I am not a complete idiot and did not expect any lawyer to accept instruction regarding the Edenwold Council, review SHORT CAUSE, or plan to try myself, as a layman, until my list of happenings were in place as follows, a): Lady Ellen rules in favor of Paul Malone’s Sherwood ratepayers, and b): the RCMP advise Eberle be charged, and c): Wall’s Attorney General actually charges Eberle, and d): Harper appoints Lady Georgina to the Supreme Court instead of Richards, and e): Harper Fed falls to either the NDP or the Liberals on October 19th, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that even if my (Lee)s wish list a) –

e) preceding paragraph is filled it would be as suicidal for either the lawyers, or I, to defy the Strudwick’s bribe demands in Court as a WW I soldier charging a German machine gun nest, which I did by defying Strudwicks SLAPP action and lucked out at the Supreme Court, google “scc 31940” and “saskatchewan chief judge put strudwick’s libel award on hold”, which must annoy the Strudwick.

Lawyers advise that despite Lady Bev’s Supreme Court Summary Statement, goggle “scc 31940”, proving that I (Lee) was right in my claim Strudwick demanded a bribe to approve the Argue development, Richards, now the Chief Judge for Saskatchewan, but then a Appeal Court Judge, anticipated the Supreme Court ruling and tried to preempt the Supreme Court ruling by his Appeal ruling that even if I was right I had libeled the Strudwick, BUT then Chief Judge John Klebuc put that “hold” order on my $10K libel debt to the Strudwick. Chief Judge Klebuc had a reputation as a good, decent man, but Judge Klebuc retired and Harper appointed Richards as Chief Judge, more horror below:

Harper appointed Richards as Saskatchewan Chief Judge, review WITCHS OF EDENWOLD documents and note Richards Appeal Judgment ruling that, even if I (Lee) was right in my claim about the Strudwick bribe demands, I had libeled her is nonsense in law, google “truth is never libel”, Richards Appeal Judgment that even if I was right I had libeled the Strudwick should be subject to a public inquiry similar to the Courts deliberate destruction of David Milgaard, google “milgaard inquiry”, but the Judicial corruption gets worse, note below:

The Norway Rat arrogance of the Ruling Elite shocks even me (Lee), the arrogance of Lane, the Strudwick, Eberle, the Probes and Chief Judge Richard’s, is exceeded only by their mindless corruption, post SHORT CAUSE, paragraphs 4.-7., for Strudwick’s control of the Ruling Elite and note, google “lane as finance minister ordered swiss bank couriers to fly brief cases of cash from the leg building to the swiss banks” and “lady janet rules strudwick reports to the premier” and “richards ruled lee libeled strudwick even if he is right”, our official Ruling Elite’s mindless, arrogant, brazen, corruption must end.

The paper trail of documents set out in WITCHS OF EDENWOLD contains hard evidence the Court Registrar had destroyed the transcript of my (Lee)s libel trial BUT that Court Registrar was promoted to be a Queens Bench Judge. The Judicial corruption never stops and the mainstream media adds to the Judicial corruption, review post BLOOD ON THE WALL, note the mainstream media, including CBC, refuse to report on Strudwick’s demand for bribes, but it gets worse, much worse, google “its saskatchewan’s turn to send a judge to supreme court simpson”, review the search result, and note below:

Readers are asked to review the Jeff Simpson article regarding Richards in the preceding paragraph, note that senior journalist, Jeff Simpson, beats a drum for the appointment of Chief Judge Richards to the Supreme Court, now scroll back a couple of paragraphs, note reference to post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD and Richards Appeal Judgment ruling I (Lee) libeled the Strudwick by complaining to NDP Premier Calvert that she (Strudwick) demanded a bribe to approve the Argue development, google “scc 31940”, review BLACKM AILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, google “susan mcgrath, cba, states some judges demand bribes”.

Chief Judge Richards, as Court of Appeal Judge Richards, in appeal Judgment, WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, tried to ensure that official’s such as the Strudwick are free to demand bribes to approve developments, despite this Jeff Simpson wants to see Richards on the Supreme Court. Google “canada in recession”, and “ all economist’s state corruption economies are doomed” and “canada the most bribery prone of all g-7 countries”, and note that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Canada’s economic horror stems from Judges such as Chief Judge Richards ruling the Elite Officials, such as the Strudwick, have the right to demand bribes to approve developments and note below:

Google “paul watson says he quit toronto star over refusal to publish story lum”, I (Lee) urge readers to review the article, note that Harper controlled that story to the point that award winning Journalist Paul Watson resigned in protest, and I ask the question, to wit: was Journalist Jeff Simpson ordered by Harper to write the article beating the drum for Richards to be appointed to the Supreme Court, to ensure that Harpers base, the Strudwick and her RMAA ilk, get their bribes to approve economic developments?, google “scc 31940”, note below:

Google “jackson and richards in line for supreme court appointment”, note that both Saskatchewan Judges, Jackson and Richards, are in line, so why is Simpson pushing Richards? I (Lee) do not know if Judges such as Richards cause Canada more economic horror as Provincial Chief Judges, or on the Supreme Court, but the lawyers tell me Lady Georgina is a decent human being, so why did Harper order Simpson to beat the drum for Richards, instead of for Lady Georgina, to go to the Supreme Court?, is Harper’s base terrified at the thought of having two Lady Bev’s on the Supreme Court, note below:

The fact is that even if Harper instructed Jeff Simpson to write that article beating the “Richards to Supreme Court” drum, Simpson did me a favor and I should be grateful to him (Simpson), for forcing me back to reality, review posts DRAFT OF CAUSE, LONG CAUSE and SHORT CAUSE, and note that I was daydreaming about a lawyer, or myself, as a layman, going into Court against the Strudwick, google “lee stupides’t man in canada”, Reiter is right, note below:

I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that going into Court against the Strudwick would be the stupidest thing that could have been done and thank God the lawyers are all too smart to respond to my ask, the Strudwick would bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to rule that her bribes have got to be paid and SARM has a slush fund of $.5B, (half a Billion dollars) of taxpayer money to pay the Queens/Appeal Judges their bribes, and there is only a 15% chance the Supreme Court will hear the case, but the really stupid thing is that I know better, note below:

I (Lee) was fully briefed by both the Hon John Crosbie and Dr. Carl Baar on the horror of Canadian Judicial Corruption, review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “susan mcgrath cba states that judges take bribes”, established Judicial corruption is the base for this Web site, ranked as the 39th most visited Web site out of 30M Web site domains world wide, and I was still so stupid as to plan using the Courts notwithstanding that Dr. Carl Baar told me that a honest man does not have a snowballs chance in hell in Queens/Appeal Bench Court against the Ruling official Elite, such as the Strudwick, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Web sites such as this are the only hope a honest man has, and out of 30M Websites World wide, this Web site is the 39th most visited Web sites in the world, so why in the name of God was I (Lee) so stupid as to plan to go back in to Court for any reason? Review SHORT CAUSE, and note that I was daydreaming about going into Court to try to obtain funding for enhanced Web site ads on Access TV after failing a alternate ask, ie: tax deductible donations, MONEY-MONEY-MONEY RURAL ZONING.

I (Lee) tried to obtain the right for taxpayers to make tax deductible donations to a fund to pay for enhanced Access TV ads for this Web site, google “paypal”. my system was in place to accept donations and CRA could easily track the public Paypal site and ask Access TV to report payments to them from that Paypal site and if the two did not match, ie; if I (Lee) was not sending the tax deductible donation money to Access TV to pay for Web site ads, the Elite could charge me with perjury, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, doc. 4, but CRA refused to grant right to tax deductible donations, now note below:

Google “linda merk whistle blower” and “cra whistle blower reward program 15% of tax revenue”, if Tom Mulcair and the NDP form the Canadian Fed on October 19th, then, based on the CRA whistle blower program, and the Saskatchewan precedent of the Linda Merk $200K whistle blower award, I (Lee) will ask the Mulcair NDP Fed to instruct CRA to grant me whistle blower funds to pay Access TV to run ads for this Web site, google “cibc bank development experts predict argue development will show $10 million pretax profit”, note below:

With Canada’s Corporate tax rate at 15% the Argues would pay $1.5M in tax, on their $10M pretax profit predicted by the CIBC development experts so my (Lee)s whistle blower fee,15% of $1.5M is $225K. Readers are reminded the $1.5M tax referred to preceding is the Argue one time tax on profit and does not include $.6M Education and property tax the Argue Development would pay Edenwold RM ratepayers annually, so the taxpayer benefit would be more than Argues $1.5 corporation tax and if the Mulcair NDP forms Canada’s Fed after October 19th there may be a excellent NDP MP, Erin Weir, for me (Lee) to ask for support for whistle blower funds to pay Access TV for Web site ads, note below:

Google “erin weir ndp candidate regina-lewvan” review all search results, note if Regina-Lewvan had existed in the last Election the NDP would have won the riding, now google “dave marit robocall gerrymandering” review search results and note that SARM’s Dave Marit used robocalls and gerrymandering attempt to try to block creation of Regina-Lewvan but failed, even when quarter backed by Harpers girl friday genius, Jenni Bryne, Marit’s robocall attempt failed and the new Fed constituency’s were formed, Regina-Lewvan was one of the new constituencies and Erin Weir is the NDP Candidate in Regina-Lewvan, with a 87% chance of winning Regina-Lewvan, note below:

Google “ federal poll and riding projection”, note Harper is projected to lose half of his Saskatchewan riding’s, scroll down to the Saskatchewan section, note that 308. com project that the NDP will take six Saskatchewan riding, with chances ranging from a low of 61% to a high of 94% in one of the Saskatoon riding’s, note Goodale has a 98% chance of keeping his riding, and Erin Weir has a 87% chance in Regina-Lewvan, do the math, a 77% chance that Harper will lose 7 out of 14 seats, half of his Saskatchewan seats, note below:

Erin is a Saskatchewan boy, with a history in Saskatchewan politics, and is a trained economist. Review SARM LEADERS LIE where I (Lee) set out a theory the reason North Dakota’s per capita GDP is 25% more than Saskatchewan’s is because of the corruption of SARM/RMAA. Google “economists did not recognize official corruption as reason for economic collapse until the 1980’s”, and google “15% of sask pop uses 44% of the tax revenue rural zoning”, was first raised in this Web site,, note below:

Google: scroll down the to the section “similar websites” and note sites around the world are linking to this site BUT one of the sites is, google “”, and note that this Web site is the 39th most visited Web site in the 30M world wide Web site domains. This site is dedicated to obtaining approval for the Argue $30M residential development without bribing the Strudwick and one of my (Lee)s attempts involved use of the fact the unfairness of Walls Sask Party tax regime results in 15% of Saskatchewan population using 44% of the tax revenue.

Review post FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME and note that my (Lee)s plan for the Calvert NDP to correct that tax unfairness by replacing the Saskatchewan 300 RMs with Counties with borders overlaying the school and health districts and panels of Village Mayors ruling on economic development instead of individual RM Administrators, google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning control” would help eliminate the 25% per capita gap in gdp between North Dakota and Saskatchewan, note below:

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC , complaint 5: note that in the 1980’s Lane did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Highway Engineers and ending Highway bid rigging in contracting corruption will help to close the 25% per capita gdp gap between North Dakota and us. Erin Weir was a boy during the 1980’s when Lane destroyed me because of my refusal to pay official bribes, but now as a economist, Erin Weir may consider my official corruption theory.

Now that official corruption is deemed by economists to cause the economic collapse of a Country and a Mulcair NDP Fed may use this Web site as hard evidence of Harpers policy of official bribery and corruption causing Canada’s recession, scroll back to the first paragraphs in this post and google “ukraine corruption” and “harper does free trade deal with ukraine” and review WALL OF UNFAIRNESS and note that despite Ukraine’s massive official corruption, Saskatchewan officials, such as the Strudwick, disappear more taxpayer money on a per capita basis than even the Ukraine officials.

Readers are asked to review post SHORT CAUSE, paragraphs 1.- 10. and ask how a lying, corrupt, official, such as the Strudwick, could obtain and hold, political control of, first the Calvert NDP, and now Wall’s Sask Party, which is a equal mix of hard right Harper Conservative’s and Goodale Liberals who had destroyed Linda Haverstock, google “goodale liberals destroy haverstock”, note search result, google “scc 31940”, and readers are asked to think about the clear fact that the Strudwick obtained, and has kept, political control of all three political parties in the face of this Web site in the top 39 most visited Web sites in the 30M Web site domains world wide, how did the Strudwick do that?

It is true that Strudwicks friend, Walls Minister Responsible, Reiter, review “STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER” made a public claim, google “lee is the stupidest man in canada and his web site is a stupid joke” BUT Reiter was lying about me (Lee) being the stupidest man in Canada. Google “ ed stelmach stupidest man in canada”, note that when Reiter made that public claim about me being the stupidest man in Canada, Alberta Premier, Ed Stelmach, had already been deemed to be the stupidest man in Canada for stating that Alberta’s Oil royalties and Corporation taxes had to be raised to fill Alberta’s $8B budget hole, what NDP Rachel Notely is doing as this post is written and read. Review WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, note the EU Political leaders fear ending official corruption may cause collapse of their Country’s economy, but that fear does not track with Canadian reality, Harper supports official bribes and Canada is in recession, google “canada most bribery prone of all g-7 countries” and “canada in recession”, the Harper policy of official bribery and corruption, such as Strudwick’s google “scc 31940” has clearly forced Canada into recession.

The polls all show that Tom Mulcair and the NDP will form the Canadian Fed and will now have to carry the can for the Harper policy of official bribes and corruption, and this Web site, ranked in the top 39 most watched Web site in the 30M world Web sites domain’s, may serve as a base to end official corruption, and readers are asked to note that if Erin and the Mulcair NDP Fed are worried I (Lee) might spend the $225K whistle blower money on the 3Bs, booze, babes and Bentley’s, instead of sending it to Access TV for Web site Ads, a Mulcair Fed could send my CRA Whistle blower fee straight to Access Communications specifying that it is to pay for ads for Web site

In the preceding paragraphs, based on CRA requirements, my (Lee)s whistle blower fee regarding the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30B development is $225K, which whistle blower fee will go straight to Access TV for Web site ads which, based on Access fee structure, is enough money for Web site ads on two Access Channels for a decade, two election cycles, in my effort to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing the Strudwick, which Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, claims is stupid.

Review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, Reiter, a former RMAA official, believes my (Lee)s refusal to bribe the Strudwick is stupid, BUT note the Strudwick demand for “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue development, google “scc 31940” and note the Criminal Code of Canada google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption” states it is contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor, but Reiter insists Strudwick’s bribes be paid, note below:

The Hon Jim Reiter may believe that even with this Web site as the 39th most watched Web site in the world the Strudwick is safe because the NDP Elite have ruled the Strudwick had to be bribed to approve the Argue development, google “ndp minister responsible len taylor ruled lee’s only option to obtain argue development approval is to carry strudwick flowers, chocolates perfume”, and Reiter may believe, and readers may assume, the NDP Elite must stand behind their ruling that the Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid, well maybe, note below:

The NDP Fed Leader, Tom Mulcair, grew up in Quebec Justice fighting corruption, he left the Quebec Liberals over development corruption and if he becomes Prime Minister of Canada, he will be saddled with a collapsing economy, google “canada in recession” and “canada most bribery prone of all g-7 countries” and “corruption economies are doomed”, and Mulcair, as Prime Minister, may try to end official corruption such as the Strudwick, google “scc 31940”, demanding bribes to approve the Argue development, note below:

Saskatchewan is the spiritual home of the CCF/NDP and this Web site, the 39th most watched Web site in the world’s 30M Web site domains providing documented corruption of the Strudwick corruption is a good place for a honest NDP Fed to start to try to end official corruption; Google “mandryk: notley has sask ndp hoping mandryk” and “ mandryk: neither wall nor broten looked great mandryk” and “mandryk: ugly session leaves both sides bruised mandryk”, Murray’s point is the Political leaders just sniped at each other and if Breton wants to form a NDP Government he has got to do more than nitpick about Black, google “mandryk: convention shows ndp have a ways to go mandryk”

The Saskatchewan NDP have always had a political corruption issue on the table that may help them form Government in Saskatchewan in April 2016. Roy tried to solve Rural Administration corruption by eliminating RMs and forming Counties and I (Lee) will set that issue out in detail in the October post, the Fed Election post, draft title RACHEL IN OZ, and if the Harper Fed falls in October, a November post, draft title BOB’S MOST EXCELLENT ASK will be submitted to the Mulcair Fed for Whistle blower funds to pay Access TV for enhanced TV ads for this Web site, note below:

My (Lee) goal remains unchanged, to wit: to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to try to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing the Strudwick. It is, or was, true that the SARM leaders have, or had, the NDP terrified, google “roy romanow tries to eliminate rms from saskatchewan” and “sarm blackmails roy romanow into resignation”. SARM Leaders deep sixed Roy and Lorne Calvert on the SARM/RMAA corruption issue, but that was then and this is now, where this Web site is ranked in the top 39 most visited Web sites of the 30M world wide web site domains, note below:

Review post “Update with letter from Law Society of Saskatchewan rural zoning” note the RCMP destroyed affidavit evidence of Strudwick corruption and review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and google “susan mcgrath cba state judges might take bribes” note the RCMP destroyed and the Queens and Appeal Courts ignored affidavit evidence of Strudwick corruption , google “scc 31940” BUT note the Supreme Court of Canada Web site showing that 43,000 Web visitors are aware of Supreme Court of Canada evidence of the Strudwick’s bribe demands to approve developments, note below:

The voting public is well aware of the Strudwick and Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s corruption, again google “scc 31940” and review PROBE’S LOST LOVE and EBERLE & THE BROS. PROBE and DRAFT OF CAUSE and LONG CAUSE and SHORT CAUSE and note that retired Queens Bench, the Hon Ron Barclay ruled Sherwood Reeve Eberle tried to defraud the taxpayers of $2B, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, and BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note below:

This Web site, ranked as the 39th most visited Web site in the world has the message of massive SARM corruption before the Saskatchewan voter, but Wall is also well liked as Premier, which is a contradiction. Scroll back in this post to where I (Lee) predict that Harper will use a manufactured constitutional crises on Senate abolition to stall a Fed election for a year and I advise Wall that he

stall a Provincial General Election for a year for the following reason:

Legislate combining the two trouble RMs, the RM of Edenwold with the RM of Sherwood, which is already under Provincial Administration, which would satisfy this Web site ask by eliminating Strudwick and solve the Argues development problem, then see if combining the two trouble RMs for a year under Provincial Administration, solves any corruption problems and include a referendum in the Provincial General Election for the voters to decide what they want the Province to do with the RMs, leave them in place or end them and create Counties.

Readers are asked to note September draft title is BID RIGGING BASTARDS, a review of the corruption of the Highway Engineers, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:,


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