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July 30, 2015

A more fitting title for this post would be WEIR ENDS WALL MARIT, but first google “johnstone: harpers fiscal policy falling apart johnstone”, I (Lee) ask all readers to review Bruce’s profound article and note there can be only one reason for the sudden fiscal collapse of a country as wealthy as Canada and that is massive corruption. For example, google “ r. owen mitchell obituary”, review the search result, note Mitchell “passed away suddenly” in his own home,

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI and note Mitchell laundered money for a Serbian woman, and her Russian Mafia backed “Just Energy” ponzi operation, Mitchell was deemed to be “the smartest guy in the room” and note that back in the day the Enron dudes were the smartest guys in the room, google “enron guys smartest in the room”, review their paper trail, many ended up in prison, Google, “jack wolfe mla suicide” and “owen mitchell rural zoning”, review the search results and note below: (more…)