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June 25, 2015

35th most visited Web site in the World

Housekeeping: Google “conservative government illegally pushed for speedy destruction of long-gun registry court documents allege c.p.”, review the search reference, Harpers destroyed his administration by pandering to his base, and google “exclusive: breakdown of sums that 30 senators are alleged to owe zillo”, and “sask senators expenses flagged in auditor general report fraser”, Harper again pandering to his base regarding Senate elimination, note below:




June 2, 2015

Housekeeping: Review EBERLE & BROS. PROBE and note that Eberle has not been charged under the criminal code, then Google “ former chief judge john klebuc retires polischuk” review the search result, note former Chief Judge Klebuc ensured that the Saskatchewan Queens and Appeal Bench Courts were integrated into using the internet to conduct Court cases, which supports my (Lee)s attempt to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, note the Web site address masthead above, then scroll down to first paragraph in “draft of cause” for ramifications, first note below:

Google “chris hedges says america on road to revolution even in baltimore the current”, its audio but I (Lee) urge all readers listen to the 24 minute rundown by this Pulitzer prize winning Journalist and Author where he sets out why the American people have been forced to the edge of revolution. Note that here in Canada, officials such as the Strudwick are sanctioned by the Judiciary to demand bribes to approve economic development, google “scc 31940”. (more…)