Click on; https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org/, some ask; without AI (artificial intelligence), how can the Assessor Web site http://webstatsdomain.com know this Web site is in the top 32 (three dozen) of most watched domains in the 30M World Web sites, ie: the top .0001% of World sites. Transparency International uses this site to help rank Canada’s bribe control worst in the G-7.

Web readers are asked to review the last few paragraphs of WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE for my (Lee)s plan of a legal action against the RM of Edenwold to obtain funds to run enhanced Access ads for this Web site in an attempt to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without carrying “flowers, chocolates, perfume”, to the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940” The action will be succinct and follow John Diefenbaker in not requiring witnesses.

Review PROBE’S LOST LOVE and THE BROS. PROBE, review the first few housekeeping paragraphs following the masthead and note that except for fraud charges being laid against Eberle all hard evidence is now in place to prepare my (Lee)s action against the RM of Edenwold, which will be based on the “unfairness” precedent established by Regina Lawyer David MacKay in Harness race v. SGLA , review ONE GOOD MAN, the following is now in place:

** the Supreme Court Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”.

** the Saskatchewan Municipal Board report, MUNICIPAL BOARD BOUNDARY APPLICATION 0001/2004 and TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER.

** Supreme Court Leave Book, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK.

** Google “west meadow raceway-regina sk-local business”, SLGA settled David MacKays $6M “fairness” action albeit with all involved sworn to secrecy.

Review LADY LORI AND SARM MOTION, scroll down to my (Lee)s draft of a legal response to then rumored action by SARM to ask the Court to shut down this Web site; there is no way to know if my draft response caused SARM to abort their planned action BUT they did not launch action against this Web site,

note below my (Lee)s Draft Statement of Claim against RM of Edenwold #158. STYLE OF CAUSE TO REFLECT LEE (Plaintiff) v RM of EDENWOLD # 158 (Defendant) (draft)

This action is based on the fact that a Judge of this Honorable Court ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere unless the situation descends to farce but Judges of this Honorable Court still did allow the Defendant’s Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to take libel action against the Plaintiff as Representative of the Argues, hereinafter the Developer, and the Developers creature, Spring Meadow Estates, during the Plaintiffs Political effort to obtain approval for the Developers $30M development without carrying flowers, chocolates and perfume to the Defendant Administrator.

The Plaintiff respectfully asks this Honorable Court to take Judicial notice of the fact of the Harper Federal Legislation, Bill C-51, allowing Canadian Citizens to be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for publishing Website statements deemed to support terrorism, in effect, Canadian Law, allows use of Websites, such as https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com, which Website is based on Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case 31940, and assessors deem to be in the top +/- 35 most watched Web sites in the 30M World Web site domains, to provide evidence supporting the Plaintiff claim against the Defendant by referring this Honorable Court to Website statements.

1.THAT the Plaintiff seeks monetary damages for the Defendant’s refusal to accept Plaintiff’s request through Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com which Web site is published to gain approval for the Developer and their Corporate creature, Spring Meadow Estates, thirty million dollar ($30M) residential development without carrying “flowers chocolates and perfume” to Defendant Administrator Donna Strudwick (hereinafter the Strudwick) as ruled by a Minister of the Crown was Plaintiffs only option.

Supreme Court Summary Statement Case 31940

2. THAT the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled all zoning issues are political and the Court should not interfere unless the situation descends to farce.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15.

3, THAT the Developer had already received approval for his development from the Defendant Council and the Plaintiff asked Regina Architect Joe Pettick to ensure the Developer received approval from all Provincial Departments.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 1.- 6.

4. THAT part of the proof in paragraph 3. preceding was a favorable ruling by the Saskatchewan Municipal Board which Board ruling has the same weight in Saskatchewan law as a Queens Bench Ruling.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER all documents

5. THAT notwithstanding Provincial Department approval, the Strudwick, who reports to the Premier and Minister, refused to grant Development approval whereupon the Developer, after a failed legal attempt, asked the Plaintiff to serve as his Representative to obtain Development approval, without carrying flowers, chocolates and perfume to Defendants Administrator, the Strudwick.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 7. – 18.

6. THAT the Plaintiff, serving as the Developer Representative, performed the political work requested by the Developer and as required by Judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, paragraph 2. preceding.

Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement Google “scc 31940”

7. THAT the Plaintiff obtained political resolution when the Minister in the 1999 NDP/Liberal coalition, the Hon Jack Hillson, amended the Urban Act, allowing a Village to annex a development out of a RM, but the Strudwick demanded the next Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, over rule the first Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson, and rule that the Village of Wood Mountain should not be allowed to exist and the only option the Plaintiff had to obtain approval for the Developer was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to the Strudwick.

Post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para19- 22, Google “scc 31940”

8. THAT contradiction in the ruling of the two Ministers Responsible, Hillson and Taylor, in paragraph 7. preceding, is “breach of implied contract” which breach was effected by the Defendants Administrator, the Strudwick, for personal gain.

Google “breach of implied contract”

9. THAT the Criminal Code of Canada Section 123 (1) (2) (3) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION states that it is a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada to carry anything to a Municipal official to curry favor thereby rendering it impossible for the Plaintiff to full fill the Strudwick’s demand for flowers.


THAT the Defendants Administrator, the Strudwick’s, requirement, leading to breach of implied contract, paragraph 8. preceding, may be compared to implied contracts between John Deere and General Motors, and Farmers using John Deere tractors controlled by computer codes owned by John Deere and operating General Motors vehicles controlled by computer codes owned by General Motors, all of which operate under implied contract.

Google “we can’t let john deere destroy the very idea of ownership wired”

THAT the Farmers, by Provincial law make up all RM Councils and the Defendant Council operate John Deere tractors and General Motors cars and trucks under a implied contract with John Deere and GM, the Council members, either are familiar with, or should be familiar with, implied contracts.

Google “we can’t let john deere destroy the very idea of ownership wired”

THAT notwithstanding that the Defendant Council Administrator, the Strudwick, reports to the Premier and Provincial Ministers, the Defendant Council, knew, or ought to have know, they had a implied contract with their ratepayers to cause their Administrator, the Strudwick, to approve the Developers development without being carried flowers chocolates and perfume.

Paragraph 5. preceding. Google “criminal code of canada section 467.11.

13. THAT Regina lawyer David McKay accepted instruction from West Meadow Raceway Association to launch legal action for “unfair” treatment and through secret agreement with SLGA established precedent that a creature of the Provincial Government, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA), must treat West Meadows Raceway, fairly, thereby forcing SLGA to settle the $6M lawsuit, albeit with all involved sworn to secrecy.

Google“west meadows raceway-regina sk local business”


14. THAT the Plaintiff claims the Defendant Council, a creature of the Provincial Government, contravened the West Meadows Raceway legal precedent, paragraph 13. preceding, requiring fair treatment of citizens, thereby breaching a implied contract to treat Developers and ratepayers with fairness.

PARAGRAPH 10. to 12. preceding

15. THAT the Defendant’s unfair treatment prevented the Plaintiff from obtaining Development approval for the Developer, which Development CIBC Bank experts projected would earn $10M (ten million) pretax profit for the Developer and the Plaintiff, based on normal business development success fees of 10% (ten percent) claims restitution of $1M (one million) plus costs for Defendant Councils unfair treatment of the Plaintiff as the Developer Representative.

SHERWOOD $200M REEVE Google “business success fee”

16. THAT this Honorable Court is asked to take Judicial notice that all funds this Honorable Court awards the Plaintiff against the Defendant Council will be used for enhanced TV ads for this Web site in Saskatchewan and Ottawa, as required by Judges of this Honorable Court, paragraph 2 preceding, to try to obtain POLITICAL approval for the Developers Development without carrying flowers chocolates and perfume to Defendant Administrator, the Strudwick.


This Honorable Court is respectfully asked to review the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940 and note that when the Defendant complained to the Premier that his Minister ruled that the Plaintiff’s only option to obtain approval for a $30M residential development, was to carry the Strudwick “flowers chocolates and perfume” the Plaintiff was found guilty of libel of the Defendants Administrator, the Strudwick, who was awarded $10,000.00 plus costs, following the Supreme Court Summary Statement, the award was put on hold, but the Plaintiff’s libel guilt stands in Court records to this day.

The Plaintiff respectfully submits to this Honorable Court that the Supreme Court Summary proving the Strudwick demand for flowers chocolates and perfume to approve the Argues $30M residential development is causing lost tax revenue and Web site https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com advertised on TV in Ottawa and Saskatchewan, is a cost effective way to inform taxpayers of the tax loss.


Readers are reminded that my (Lee)s above draft action against the RM of Edenwold is draft and subject to change if criminal charges are filed against Sherwood Reeve Eberle, I will write demand letter and file the formal action in the Queens Bench Court after the expected fall of Harper Fed in October 2015.

Review last few paragraphs of WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE, note my (Lee)s day dream of filing a succinct “Lady Bev has spoken” type action against Edenwold, the above draft is a 16 paragraph, 3 page Statement of Claim supported by formal, official, documents with a “no witnesses” design, that legendary lawyer and Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, became famous for, Google “john diefenbaker rarely used witnesses in court cases”, note below:

Readers familiar with this Web site know there is a massive amount of hard evidence, “yea even unto the Supreme Court” that the Argues had been granted all RM Council and Provincial Department development approval except that of the Strudwick, Google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning approval”, and the RM of Edenwold Administrator, Strudwick, demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, to grant that approval Google “scc 31940”, which demand is impossible to pander to, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption” note it is a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada to carry anything to the Strudwick.

At my (Lee)s request, as the Argue Representative, Regina Architect Joe Pettick obtained all Provincial approvals for the Argues $30M development except from the Strudwick, who refused approval until I had carried her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940”, but I repeat, it is contravention of Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of the Criminal Code of Canada to carry anything to the Strudwick to curry favor and in a rule of law democracy that fact should be Google “cause of action”, but remember the Strudwick, note below:

Google “four regina lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick”,The lawyers were right, I (Lee) could not obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, but was able to defend myself against the SLAPP libel action the Strudwick launched for complaining about her bribe demand to NDP Premier Calvert, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, which libel action, if a success, would have ended chance for a Argue development.

Note that my (Lee)s success was against Strudwick’s two bit shyster, Glen Dowling, conducting a Google “slapp” against me which actions are illegal in half the US States and two Provinces. Dowling had acted for the Argues for years but switched sides and acted for the Strudwick to use that idiotic SLAPP action to sue me, the Argue Representative, for libel for my complaint to NDP Premier Calvert about the Strudwicks demand for effing flowers to approve the Argue Development Google “scc 31940” which I prevailed against, but note below:

Attacking is much harder and I (Lee) fear may be beyond me and so would be easier in my mind if a lawyer accepted instruction on “contingency”. Google “contingency fee”, is not a problem in a rule of law Country with good cause of action, documented evidence, and deep pocket Defendants such as the RM of Edenwold, insured by SARM, who controls a $.5B taxpayer insurance slush fund, BUT again, this is the Strudwick I am asking lawyers to deal with.

Lawyers would normally consider a contingency fee, usually 50% of award in anything other than personal injury cases against insurance companies which are less, usually 33%, and with the Strudwick bribe demand debacle the lawyer carrying the action could use all documented detail in this Web site and my (Lee)s DRAFT OF CAUSE, 16 paragraph, 3 page, no witness plan, or draft a Statement of Claim with a potential of earning $.5M, fair fee for fair service.

Review ASSESSOR SITE, note the Supreme Court ruling regarding the RM of Brittania #502, and review the last paragraphs of PROBES LOST LOVE, and in a sane world the Edenwold Council may be rattled into approving the Argues development which includes granting me (Lee), the Argue Representative, a 40 acre block in the Argue 160 acre Development, enabling me to pay the lawyers $.5M fee. The Argues would, in effect, be paying the $.5M fee, some readers will say this is sane while others will say its insane, but it would get the job done.

Consider this: The Argues would get approval for their $30M development and gain their $10M pretax profit without paying the Strudwick her $200K bribes. The fact it cost $500K for the lawyer, which is $300K more than Strudwick’s $200M bribe demand in the first place, may give taxpayers pause, BUT since Earle will never in a million years pay the Strudwick one red cent in bribes the Argues would be receiving fair value by obtaining approval for their development without shrinking their souls to the size of a chickpea bribing the Strudwick BUT while Earles ethics and honor is great and good, a few lawyers will correctly worry that my (Lee)s ask of them is dangerous nonsense, note below:

Lawyers may agree that in any rule of law Democracy, with this Web site ranked in the top 35 most visited Web sites out of the 30M World Web sites, any RM except Edenwold would settle, Google “scc rm of brittania # 502”, is a warning shot but lawyers know sanity is not the hall mark of Edenwold/Strudwick, Google “four regina lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick”. Strudwick controls the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? The lawyers can go to the Supreme Court, as I (Lee) did, Google “scc 31940”, BUT note below:

Worse than control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, the Strudwick controls the Saskatchewan Law Society and any lawyer that took action against the RM of Edenwold is, in effect, taking action against the Strudwick and runs risk of being disbarred, UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN note the Law Society rules that Strudwick and Edenwold interests are identical, BUT it gets much, much, much worse, note below:

Google “strudwick destroys hubbard” review the search results, note the Strudwick had the power to destroy Larry Hubbard, a “good” RM Administrator who was also serving as Justice of the Peace (JP) in Outlook, and Strudwick has the power to destroy a JP by ordering a RM Council to claim that Hubbard was suffering mental problems, BUT there appears to be a alternate universe, and the question is, which universe are honest people living in?, the Strudwick/ Marit, SARM/RMAA Universe or the rule of law universe as noted below.

Review ONE GOOD MAN, in the alternate universe, Regina lawyer David McKay resolved the Regina Harness Race $6M dispute with SLGA when the white collar thugs running SLGA settled David’s $6M Harness Race claim within hours of David filing, albeit with all sworn to secrecy. Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, note this Web site, ranked as being in the top 35 most visited Web sites of the 30M world Web sites, pried the lid off the Sherwood Reeve Eberle fraud, leading to the Hon Ron Barclay ending Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s $2B Development fraud, review PROBES LOST LOVE, note more below:

Review HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123 note I (Lee) predicted Duffy would be charged under Section 121, now Google “duffy charged under section 121”, why has Strudwick not been charged under Section 123? Now Google “scc and the rm of britannia #502”, note the Supreme Court is running Britannia ragged over their endless corruption, now Google “sarm president marit uses saskatchewan robo call operation for harper”, review search results, the robo call operation Marit used was originally set up by Alberta Minister of Justice Jonathon Denis and is now managed by his Mother, now Google “tory justice minister jonathan denis resigns wood” note that Denis, a Senior Alberta Minister, is under criminal code sanction during the Alberta Election campaign, note below:

This Web site is ranked in the top 35 most visited out of the 30M world web sites and Edenwold ratepayers may ask why it has taken me (Lee) a decade to get to this point BUT I ask why have the Edenwold ratepayers put up with Strudwick’s bribe demands to approve developments for three decades, where loss of the Argue development alone has cost the RM of Edenwold ratepayers tax revenue of $10M to date, Google “edenwold council make public statement they do not need or want tax revenue from the argue development” note below:

Google “ the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing burke” and Pogo’s famous axiom, Google “ we have seen the enemy and he is us” and “each one of us weaves the rope that hangs us high”. Google “theory of probability” and “perfect storm develops over saskatchewan rm corruption”, review the search results, and note below:

I (Lee) believe that given the fact Regina Lawyer David McKay forced SLGA to sanity, albeit secret sanity, and the perfect storm that has developed over Saskatchewan RM corruption, the Strudwick bribery debacle could now be ended by a lawyers demand letter, ie: threat of legal action, forcing Edenwold’s corrupt clown Council to cave and approve the Argues $30M development.

It is true the Edenwold Council will have to use Edenwold ratepayers money to bribe the Strudwick to keep quiet for the next fifty years about how she apportioned out the Developer’s bribe money, but since I (Lee) will have gone the last inch on the last foot of the last mile as the Argues asked, the Argues development tax revenue will provide enough tax revenue to the Edenwold ratepayers, to benefit in the long run by this Web site up and advertised on Access TV until my death, providing information on official Edenwold and Rural Saskatchewan corruption to all rural ratepayers and other taxpayers.

The Lawyers should be advised that one of their own, Louise Simard, one very smart lady, tried to protect NDP Premier Lorne Calvert by designing a method to deal with the Strudwick bribes without going within a country mile of the Strudwick. Google “louise simard advise the argues sue the province for breach of implied contract”, Google “breach of implied contract” and note below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK , paragraphs 19.- 23., and Google “scc 31940”, note that in the Strudwick/Argue bribe debacle, at my (Lee)s request, a Minister in the 1999 NDP-Liberal coalition, Liberal Jack Hillson, amended the Urban Act and used the amended act to solve the Strudwick bribe demand by advising me to find a Village to annex the Argue Development out of Edenwold and Wood Mountain Village agreed with my ask.

After Wood Mountain agreed to my (Lee)s annexation ask, the Strudwick then ordered NDP Minister, Len Taylor, to rule that Wood Mountain Village should not be allowed to exist, and that my only option to obtain approval for the Argue Development was to carry the Strudwick “flowers chocolates and perfume”, Google “scc 31940”, leading to Louise advising me that Provincial Ministers, Hillson-Taylor, contradictory ruling was “breach of implied contract”, note below:

A confidant was intrigued with the following, Google “we can’t let john deere destroy the very idea of ownership wired”, review the article, both John Deere and General Motors own the computer code’s that control the Farmers John Deere tractors, GM pickup trucks and their wives Buick’s. John Deere and GM have a ‘implied contract” with the farmers to allow them to use the computer controlled equipment and I (Lee) could not resist making the argument that the Corrupt Clowns that make up the Edenwold Council are framers so must relate to a “implied contract”, note paragraph 11. above, but note below:

If a lawyer decides that using Louise’s “ breach of implied contract” theory that Premiers Calvert and Wall and the Province of Saskatchewan, had a “implied” contract with the Argues to use the original “annexation by a Village plan” as designed by Minister Responsible Jack Hillson to circumvent the Strudwick demanding “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue $30M Development, Google “scc 31940”, and wants to use that as “cause for action” to solve the Strudwick problem, that would be fine, good and wonderful.

Review post ONE GOOD MAN, note that when Regina Lawyer David McKay went after Wall’s creature, SLGA, they caved in over night, albeit secretly, BUT David’s clients, the Harness Race people are so hurt, betrayed and angry they went to social media despite their being sworn to secrecy. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Louise’s plan was designed to solve a political problem for NDP Calvert to use taxpayer money to bribe the Argues to leave the Strudwick alone, go away and promise to never again try to do another development, BUT the Argues, to their everlasting credit, refused, note below:

Unlike David’s Harness Race Group who took the SLGA $6M, actually the taxpayers $6M, then started bitching to social media, BUT the Argues had a dream of doing a development and refused to give up their dream. It should be noted that I (Lee) did the legal research on Louise’s “breach of implied contract” and her “breach of implied contract” theory is sound and may be a option for a lawyer if they will “accept instruction” on 50% contingency but do not like my Edenwold Council as defendant plan as set out in “draft of cause”, note below:

Again Google “four saskatchewan lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain development approval without bribing strudwick” and “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing burke” and “dr carl baar advises publicity only means for honest men to obtain justice”, review the search results and the masthead of this post and note this Web site is ranked as the 35th most visited Web site in 30M world web sites, note below:

I (Lee) have so far done my job for the Argues and if no lawyer will go ahead on 50% contingency I will proceed as set out in the “Draft of Cause” to file Statement of Claim against the RM of Edenwold when Harper falls in October. Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK. Note myy “Draft of Cause” is simple and I should be able to take it through to a Supreme Court Leave ask and if accepted, a lawyer might agree to conduct the Supreme Court hearing. Wall insiders assure me the Premier has no choice but to sooner or later end the Strudwick bribe demands, I do know my own often repeated axiom, Google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horse shit”, but Google “hope springs eternal”.

Google “cracks seen in canada’s economy as joe oliver delivers budget ormiston cbc” and “mandryk: religion, law, politics, a potent mix mandryk” and “federal budget a worry for wall mandryk” and “liberal’s score highest on nanos index as west drives negative trend for tories nanos ctv”, note the Nanos poll, the Harper Fed is doomed. The next post will be in-site in June, working title is BID RIGGING BASTARDS, regarding bid rigging in Highway Contracting by the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Engineers.


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