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April 29, 2015

Click on;, some ask; without AI (artificial intelligence), how can the Assessor Web site know this Web site is in the top 32 (three dozen) of most watched domains in the 30M World Web sites, ie: the top .0001% of World sites. Transparency International uses this site to help rank Canada’s bribe control worst in the G-7.

Web readers are asked to review the last few paragraphs of WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE for my (Lee)s plan of a legal action against the RM of Edenwold to obtain funds to run enhanced Access ads for this Web site in an attempt to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without carrying “flowers, chocolates, perfume”, to the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940” The action will be succinct and follow John Diefenbaker in not requiring witnesses. (more…)