Click on; https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org/, some ask; without AI (artificial intelligence), how can the Assessor Web site http://webstatsdomain.com know this Web site is in the top 33 (three dozen) of most watched Web sites in the 30M World Web domain sites, it is in the top .0001%, and Transparency International uses the site to help rank Canada’s bribe control worst in the G-20.

Housekeeping: Google “wall reverses law allowing saskatchewan liquor and gaming to license strip clubs” and “ queens bench judge janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier”, which is worse?, Premier Wall stopping women stripping in bars for tip money to feed their children when the lack of economic development causes their husbands and boy friends to lose their jobs, or Wall allowing the women of the Rural Municipal Administration Association (RMAA), such as Strudwick, to demand bribes to approve developments leading to jobs so that women do not have to work in strip clubs. Google “scc 31940”,

More Housekeeping: Further to this Web site’s stats, there are 3B computers and 30M Web sites on line world wide, a Billion is a Thousand Million so there is 3000M computers with 30M Websites serving them, one Web site for each 3M computers and this Web site is assessed in the top 33 most visited Web sites in the 30M World Web site domains and Saskatchewan, at 1M pop. is home to this Web site, which is published by me (Lee), why does Premier Brad Walls Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, claim I am the stupidest man in Canada?

Google “election is all about harpers base mandryk” and “scc 31940” and ”harper uses strudwick farm to boast of wheat board destruction” Murray sets out the insane ratio of RM population to RM administration officials as in LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, & SARM LEADER LIES and the headline in Murray’s article spells out why the Strudwick has been able to demand bribes to approve the Argues $30M residential development, and why the Sherwood Elite, Eberle and Probe, believed they could pull a $2B Sherwood Development fraud. Google “corruption in american politics and life”, review results, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that this Web site has provided G-20 leaders with a paper trail of Saskatchewan Ruling Elite corruption and any University Economic Prof will explain why repugnance, scorn and disdain for Saskatchewan’s official Elite bribe demands is having massive economic cost just as it does in the US.

Google “wall orders rcmp to investigate eberle sherwood development fraud” and review ASSESSOR SITE RURAL ZONING and note G-20 leaders expect the RCMP to cover up the Eberle fraud, just as the RCMP covered up the Strudwick bribe demand, leading to disdain, scorn and repugnance, Google “chinese police run secret operation in b.c.” Premier Wall could try to end the disdain, scorn and repugnance China has for Canada by doing a deal with China: Instead of the RCMP, Chinese Criminal investigators investigate Eberle $2B Sherwood fraud, prepare and publish a report for our media and Justice, and in return Premier Wall allows China’s Criminal investigators to scour Saskatchewan for their Chinese White collar thugs and missing money.

Google: “ugly budget isn’t slowing wall’s hype mandryk” and “2015 budget holds tax line mandryk” and “wall lets a crises go to waste johnstone”, Bruce raises a good point so I (Lee) ask why Wall does not use our economic crises as a spring board to end RM corruption? As example, the RM of Sherwood ratepayers are libel for their +/- $2M legal costs, plus Provincial costs for the Barclay Inquiry and the contingency fee from a tiny +/- $2M class action law suit against Olive et al, would not interest Tony Merchant, but if asked Tony may offer pro-bono public service opinion as to the question, to wit: given the Judicial corruption, as set out in BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, would a Court certify such class action?, or should the Law Society insurance fund cover it, or should SARM’s $.5B taxpayer slush fund pay for the Sherwood ratepayer costs?

Eberle and Probe both have paper trails of sleaze; Google “eberle v boxall 2006 skpc 93”, Eberle testifies that he “can’t remember” and “his wife picks up the mail”, to answer questions. Lawyer’s will advise that anyone who uses these phrases to testify in Court is a stupid, sleazy, arrogant, asshole. That is why in my (Lee)s alleged libel of the Strudwick the Court buried the trial transcript, post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, the Strudwick’s lawyer, Dowling claimed, on the public record, that I was not a lawyer and was too stupid to understand the implications of my action regarding Strudwick; Dowling, acting for Strudwick, is a officer of the Court; the Court did not want Dowlings words on the public record.

Google “ the brothers grimm fictional con men”, compare the fictional con-artist brothers Grimm to Tim and Wade Probe; PROBES LOST LOVE, the first few house keeping paragraphs just below the masthead, then Google “sherwood ratepayers question inquiry, bypass lypny” and “sherwood ratepayers question bypass inquiry ctv”, note the arrogant, Google “enron smartest guys in the room”, attitude of Reeve Eberle and his Deputy, Tim Probe, now note below:

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and BEHOLD A PALE HORSE , note that I (Lee) used this Web site, ranked in the top 33 of the 30M world wide Web site domains, to pry the lid off the Sherwood Corruption, review the first House keeping paragraphs below the masthead in PROBES LOVE LOST and note the Wall Administration’s Queens Bench Barclay has set out that the Administration of the RM of Sherwood Council, lead by Eberle and Probe, tried to defraud as much as $2B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, note below:

Review again SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, note that I (Lee) calculated the Eberle Wascana Village fraud at $200M, using standard Developer projections BUT Google,”reeve of rm of sherwood tossed from office over land deal conflict feb 5 the 2015 cbc” and I urge all Web readers to review the search result and note Queens Bench Barclay calculated that Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s Wascana Village development potentially is a $2B fraud; a Billion dollars is a thousand million, two thousand million divided among 6 council members, Reeve Eberle, the Administrator and Wil Olive, ten of the corrupt arrogant assholes and if my math is right, $200M each, that is Wall Street Banker level money, note below:

Wiki states Sherwood’s population is 1075, Google “robin hood complex”, and “Yes Virginia” if you were a Sherwood ratepayer and if Barclay was as corrupt as I believed him to be, BARCLAY’S CONFLICT and if this Web site did not exist, and was not advertised on Access TV, and if it was not ranked in the top 33 most visited Web sites in the world, Eberle would have pulled off his $2B development fraud, and if Reeve Eberle had a Robin Hood complex and if pigs had wings, and if the dog had not stopped to pee, “Yes Virginia”, you as a Sherwood ratepayer, might have won a two million dollar lottery, note below:

Any Web reader who believes it is impossible for a hand full of white collar thugs to scam a Billion Bucks from the Saskatchewan taxpayers should review post FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, note that Drummond and two Sask Energy official thugs did it and Google “ devine gang disappeared a billion dollars a year for ten years rural zoning” review the search results. UBAVKA’S PONZI, sets out Premier Wall bought Drummonds useless Ethanol Plant from his Serbian woman, and Queens Bench Barclay sets out the Sherwood Reeve and Council, were on track to scam $2B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money.

Notwithstanding Barclay’s damming Eberle corruption report, the arrogant assholes, Reeve Eberle and Deputy Reeve Probe, are front row center at a ratepayers meeting called to try to get answers. Under Criminal investigation, Eberle has the Mafia God Father level arrogance to sit front row center in the audience while his Google “mafia capo”, Probe, chairing the meeting, makes the point that any Sherwood ratepayer who does not like the $2B fraud he and Reeve Eberle tried to pull can vote them out of office at the next election.

Andrew Coyne puts it best, Google “ presumption of innocence does not require us to believe in fairy tales coyne” and consider the following; Google “probe brothers regina” note Tim and Wade Probe run two Regina operations that would fit perfectly into Eberle’s $2B Wascana Village fraud. The Brothers Probe run a investment operation targeting aging widows, called “PR investments Inc.” and a second operation called “2nd home suites”, review the search results, the BBB refuses to approve either the Probe money laundering operation or their short term suite rental operation, WHY? note below:

Any operation the size of the Probe Brothers normally has a lawyer advising and I (Lee) wondered if Olive et al was acting for the Brothers Probe along with the RM of Sherwood and Reeve Eberle, which would be a conflict of interest, so I went to “Corporate Registry Saskatchewan” only to find out that Justice has moved Corporate Registry to ISC, and a ISC clerk told me that the name of the lawyer registering the Probe companies is confidential so that is a dead end for me. but the ISC Clerks have ties to Olive et al, post TO KILL A KING, but the Great Google did add relevant Brothers Probe legal information , note below:

Google “pr investments inc v. the queen tcc 686”, note that when the Brothers Probe tried to cheat on their company tax payable the Feds took them to Court and the Lawyer accepting instruction from the Brothers Probe was Greg Swanson and as far as I (Lee) can unearth, Swanson has no ties, then or now, to Wil Olive, BUT Swanson lost the Brothers Probe Tax case so the Brothers Probe may have changed lawyers to Olive et al., review ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN, which, I believe, would be a conflict of interest, BUT note below:

Review ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN, note that even if I (Lee) could prove Olive et al is acting for the Brothers Probe along with the RM of Sherwood and Reeve Eberle. all that could be done is file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Law Society as I did when the Strudwicks two bit-shyster, Glen Dowling, instructed the RCMP to destroy the affidavit evidence of the Strudwick’s criminal actions, BUT the Law Society laughed at me and told me to Google “fuddle-duddel” myself, UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY, but there is a bright spot:

Again Google “sherwood ratepayers question inquiry bypass lypny” review the article and note that one Sherwood ratepayer, a unnamed woman, questioned the Sherwood Council refusal to approve her development plans yet approved Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s development, the woman’s public complaint delighted me (Lee) because that is exactly the question I intend to pose for the Court if the Harper Fed falls in October 2015, Google “lee believes he has cause of action against rm of edenwold” review the search results and note below:

Google “men are most narcissistic of us all: study”, men are more corrupt then women, with exception of the RM Administrators, post THE FIFTH HORSEMAN ELITE BRIBERY and the Serb woman, UBAVKA’S PONZI, but after a decade I (Lee) am sick unto death of thinking about the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve Argues $30M Development, so the Sherwood corruption is a Godsend.

Review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, note the arrogant assholes, Reiter, Eberle, Probe and Olive, remind me of the arrogant Highway Professional Civil Engineers, Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson and Lane, back in the day destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, but with one difference between the two groups of arrogant assholes, claim of my insanity by the first group and claim of my stupidity by the second.

The difference is that effing Lane, as the Devine Attorney General, made public claim that I (Lee) was insane for refusing to pay bribes to Highway Engineers, Google “lane claims lee insane rural zoning”, while today, the Hon Jim Reiter, makes public claim that I am stupid to refuse to pay bribes to the Strudwick to approve the Argue $30M Development, Google “reiter claims lee stupidest man in canada” so I am as delighted as a aging war horse smelling battle on familiar ground against familiar enemies with the familiar stench of corruption on them.

The brilliant nonsense of a aging war horse smelling corruption is taken from a Le Care type spy novel and if it sounds like condescension remember the corrupt, arrogant, assholes, back in the day, deemed me (Lee) to be insane for refusing to pay the Highway Engineers bribes, and now deem me to be stupid for refusing to pay the Strudwick bribes, and the arrogant assholes make their claims in the face of this Web site assessed to be in the top 33 most visited in the 30M Web site domains in the world, note its true Wall did order a Criminal investigation into the Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s $2B fraud, BUT note below:

Google “rcmp coverup strudwick corruption rural zoning” review the search results, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the RCMP covered up the Strudwick bribe demands so will “probably” cover up the Eberle corruption, BUT I (Lee) am told by experts that the BBB refusal to approve the Brothers Probe money laundering operation, “PR investments Inc”, coupled with the Brother Probes proven tax evasion, and Deputy Reeve Probe’s involvement with Reeve Eberle’s proven $2B development fraud, established by Barclay, gives Premier Wall reason to pull “PR Investment Inc”. license to launder money.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Brothers Probe paper trail is the point of Andrew Coyne’s reference, again Google “presumption of innocence does not mean we have to believe in fairy tales coyne” and experts tell me (Lee) there is plenty of hard evidence to justify Premier Wall instructing Google “saskatchewan securities commission” to cancel the Brother Probes license to launder, which will slow down the Eberle $2B Sherwood fraud, and this Web site may create enough publicity to force the RCMP and Justice to order, that Criminal Charges be laid against Eberle, leaving it to Eberle to bribe a Queens Judge to throw it out of Court, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

If Saskatchewan is going to survive the looming economic debacle, Wall has got to put a end to the massive RM Corruption. As this post is written and read, the Canadian and Saskatchewan economy is collapsing around our ears, Google “alberta loses 14,000 jobs in february: statistics canada” and “sudden layoffs for 1,000 oilsands construction workers a ‘tough thing’ says union official howell” and “unsold condo’s in toronto at 21 year high tencer huff post” and “opp union brass investigated over fraud allegations mendelson gilles” and “saskatchewan job market takes dive along with oil revenue calvin to”, and “ mandryk: holly wood trip allows ndp to roar mandryk” and “ budget solutions the problem mandryk”, and “eductaion tax hike after budget? Mandryk” and note below:

Google “deveraux development fraud rural zoning” and “mla’s ask questions about deveraux contract graney” review the search results and Emma’s article, I (Lee) repeat, Premier Wall must end Development frauds and the RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve Argues $30M development. DA Mackenzie Q.C., had a few axioms, one was “there are none so blind as those who will not see” and I am delighted that DA’s axiom is now carved in stone in the Criminal Code of Canada, Google “wilfull blindness criminal code of canada wiki” and note below:

I (Lee) believe Premier Wall and his Brain Trust are “wilfully blind” regarding the Strudwick’s demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues $30M residential development Google “scc 31940”. During my (Lee)s life sentence in Canada, this most bribery prone Country in the G20, Liberal Ross Thatcher was our only perfect Premier, while NDP Blakeney and PC Devine were both evil, corrupt, horror’s. BUT Roy Romanow did try to deal with SARM.

Premier Roy did his best to solve the SARM corruption problem but SARM Leaders lied to him and blackmailed him, review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, Premier Calvert did pretend to try by advising me (Lee) the Argues must sue the Province for breach of implied contract regarding the Strudwick bribery debacle. NDP Premier Calverts advice was nonsense given the control of the Queens/Appeal Courts by the Strudwick, and her ilk, BLACKMAILED, BULLED OR BRIBED?, but Premier Calvert did take a interest in the Strudwick’s bribery demands to the point of advising a solution, albeit legal nonsense.

Premier Brad Wall owes his electoral soul to SARM/RMAA and effing thugs such as Strudwick, Eberle and Probe, and so panders to them by ignoring the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development Google “scc 31940”. I (Lee) ask Web readers to go to post PROBE’S LOST LOVE, review the housekeeping paragraphs following the masthead and note that the massive corruption of Sherwood Reeve Eberle has caused the SARM/RMAA corruption chickens to come home to roost and God willing fall out from the Sherwood Reeve Eberle massive ($2B) development fraud may be enough to force solution to the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “scc 31940”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Premier’s Calvert and Wall have supported the Strudwick bribes, which has NOT served the Argues, or the taxpayers, well, Google “scc 31940” & “corruption economies are doomed” & “lady janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to the premier”. The SARM Leaders created the Strudwick horror, first by lying to Premier Roy, then by blackmailing him (Roy), so Premier Roy should not accept responsibility for Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve developments, but note below:

None of the Premiers could be expected to know that the Strudwick, supported by that effing Lane, is the most brazen and arrogantly corrupt Rural official in Christendom, BUT one thing that I (Lee) will never understand is WHY, once I had proven to two good men, Calvert and Wall, as Premiers, note the Supreme Court proof of Strudwicks brazen corruption, Google “scc 31940”, they (Calvert and Wall) stayed on their knees in front of the Strudwick, but note below: The Premiers could not have known that I (Lee) do not care if I live or die, with a trick memory that forgets nothing, ever, and they could not have known that I am, Google “brave as a honey badger” which has lead to this Strudwick bribery Web site assessed in the top 33 most watched Web sites out of 30M in the World Web domain sites. BUT with or without this Web site, even in Canada, the most bribery prone Country in the G20, it is insane for any Premier to have accepted the Strudwick should have the power to demand “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues $30M development, Google “scc 31940”.

I (Lee) again ask how the Strudwick did it?, the woman would not have lasted a week in a Thatcher Administration after the Supreme Court Summary was published Google “scc 31940”. Review post PROBE’S LOST LOVE and note my ask that Premier Wall carry Legislation giving the Senate control over the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges, and if done I (Lee) will publish the facts under Web post title ONE GOOD PREMIER and use this Web site, and its astonishing stats, to enhance Premier Walls already Google “wall hero premier” status in a run at being US Ambassador; it is a good plan and Premier Wall should try it.

If Premier Wall changes his mind about being US Ambassador, BUT wants a solution to end the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve developments, note that the Premiers and the taxpayers, should have never been subjected to the Strudwick bribe demand to approve the Argue $30M economic development in the first place, again Google “scc 31940” and “manitoba health minister pours water on backroom deal rumor in selinger win cbc” read the search results, note the length corrupt Officials will go to achieve self regulating status, note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 117., note that if Premier Roy, had not bowed to the Strudwick, and eliminated the position of RM Secretaries, then licensed by the Board of Examiners (Rural), administered by Hawes/Lazer, and if Premier Roy had not carried Legislation, ie: the RMAA Act, giving the RMAA self regulation and the Strudwick a license to steal, the Board of Examiners (Rural) would have taken a hour with this Web site paper trail to end Strudwick’s demand for bribes from the Argues to approve their development.

As set out above, Premier Roy is not at fault, SARM tricked and blackmailed him (Premier Roy). Note that following Devine/Lane, the Province was $10B in debt and on the edge of bankruptcy, so Premier Roy, to save taxpayer money by RM amalgamation, Google “romanow tries to do a deal with sarm” that if he, ( Roy) eliminated the Board of Examiners (Rural) and established the RMAA, giving the RM Administrators, the power to demand bribes to approve economic developments, SARM agreed to self organized RM amalgamation, BUT after Roy did his part of the deal, SARM reneged, Google “sarm blackmailed roy romanow” or ask Jack Hillson, Clay Serby, or Lloyd Smith.

Once Roy carried Legislation to end Provincial control of licensing of the RM Secretaries and carried the RMAA Act, SARM stabbed Roy in the back and refused RM amalgamation, Google “sarm refuses to agree to rm amalgamation” note the first search results are all posts of this Web site but scroll down to media references that track the RM amalgamation battle and I believe that if Hawes and Lazar had remained licensing the RM Secretaries, the lying corrupt RM official, the Strudwick, bribe demands of the Argues to approve their $30M development, would not/could not, have happened.

Premier Wall should Google “who pays price for low oil prices? Johnstone” and “mandryk: oil drop may cost premier wall good will mandryk” and “falling oil prices could hurt saskatchewan economy: experts cbc” and “wall can’t offload woes on cities mandryk” and “pressure prompted a hasty goodbye to lean consultant french” and “mandryk: wall must avoid another lean mess mandryk” and “mandryk: lean brews micro-management mess mandryk”, and “spending cuts are ugly but possible mandryk”, and “sask.economy should remain strong mandryk”, and “mandryk: explanation for lean costs ridiculous” and “lean discredits austerity budget mandryk” and” case new holland lays off 443 employee’s in saskatoon larson”, now note below:

Saskatchewan Union pressure forced Premier Wall, to cancel Black’s “lean” contract giving Black, Google “cause of action”, for a few million dollar breach of contract. Black was selling common sense, Google “perceived wisdom to use toyota assembly line design to guide efficiency” but Wall’s Brain Trust bought it and the Premier caved to Saskatchewan union pressure regarding the facts of Black’s “lean” advice which is simply perceived wisdom, now note below:

Again, Google “lady janet mcmurty rules strudwick reports to the premier”, note that in Saskatchewan law, the evil, lying, corrupt, official, the Strudwick, reports to Wall as Premier and her (Strudwick)s refusal to approve the Argue $30M Development until she is carried her effing flowers, Google “scc 31940” is costing the Saskatchewan taxpayer “significant” tax revenue, Google “saskatchewan municipal board ruling on argue development rural zoning”, yet Wall ignores this Web site, ranked in the top 33 Web sites in 30 million World domain sites, ie: Strudwicks demands bribes to approve development, WHY?

Google “’canada is in serious trouble as debt, house prices’ climb, deutsche bank declares- huff post”. Note an off shore Bank is adding to the Canadian Bank warnings and Premier Wall must respond, yet continues to ignore this Web site, with 60,000 visits, often with a 95% face book share and a average 35% face book share, ranked in the top 33 (three dozen) out of 30 million Web domains regarding the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “lee asks that sask water be used to resolve strudwick bribe demand at no taxpayer cost”.

My (Lee)s ask for simple solution to the Strudwick bribe demand could be accomplished by re-institution of the Board of Examiners (Rural) re-establishing a RM Secretary licensing policy; If the Premier carried Legislation eliminating the RMAA and reinstated the Board of Examiners (Rural) it would take a lawyer a hour with that Board of Examiners (Rural) and a computer connected to the internet and this Web site, in the top 32 most watched Web sites out of 30 million Web domains in the World, to provide the Board of Examiners with the hard (Supreme Court) evidence proving the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

The Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development is not equitable and if Wall carried the Legislation I (Lee) ask for, given the original Provincial Department approval of the Argues development, as established in this Web site, any RM Secretary must grant Argues development approval or risk losing license to serve as a RM Secretary, not a RM Administrator, but a RM Secretary, a Liberal lawyer could “probably” obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential development in about a hour working with a new Board of Examiners (Rural), I am “probably” right, but if not, note below:

If I (Lee) am wrong about a Board of Examiners (Rural), I plan to use the SLGA “fairness” precedent, as Google “cause of action” against the RM of Edenwold for funds to run Website ads on Access here in Saskatchewan and on a Ottawa cable station. Review WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE, note near post end, my belief that given the fact Regina Lawyer, David MacKay, obtained precedent of a need for “fairness” by SLGA, a “creature of the Province”, note below:

Google “creature of the province”, RM’s are such a “creature” which opens a Google “cause of action” path for me (Lee) to request legal fairness, again review, PROBE’S LOST LOVE, note the first few house keeping paragraphs in that post and note that the fact the Sherwood Reeve has been removed as Reeve and subjected to a criminal investigation, note Queen Bench Barclay’s Sherwood Corruption report is added to the CBC media and that report is what I (Lee) need to go ahead with a “unfairness” action against the RM of Edenwold.

Again note that David MacKay’s SGLA “fairness” precedent is my Google “cause of action” to base action to obtain restitution from the RM of Edenwold, enough money to advertise this Web site on Access TV here and a Ottawa cable Channel, supported by robo-calls, through 4 elections, which could result in enough visits to raise this Web site to the most watched Web site in the 30M world wide Web sites but review post REGARDING PARANOIA, I (Lee) am aware that, notwithstanding the Sherwood Reeve’s failure to pull off his $2B scam, Premier Wall may still stand firm on the Strudwick’s right to demand bribes, to approve the Argue Development Google “scc 31940”, note below:

I (Lee) know there may never be approval of the Argue development without bribing the Strudwick; I know that the Argues, even with a net worth of over $2M dollars, without the value of their Spring Meadow Estate Development quarter, will never give Strudwick the $200K bribe she demands, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 17, it will never, ever, happen, and review the last paragraphs of PROBES LOST LOVE and note that I (Lee) know the Strudwick will snicker and sneer at my offer to carry her (the Strudwick) “flowers, chocolates and perfume” as deemed by the Supreme Court is my only option.

Google “scc 31940”, and note I (Lee) know my effort for the Argues may be doomed, BUT Google “minister responsible len taylor in contravention of section 464 of the criminal code” and “scc 31940” and “section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION criminal code of canada” and “section 464 criminal code of canada”, review the search results, Taylors Ministerial ruling that my only option to obtain approval for the Argue $30M development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to the Strudwick, stuff taxpayers need to know.

I (Lee) am well aware that the SARM/RMAA leaders are so effing arrogant that the Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s being caught in a $2B development fraud by this Web site will change nothing, SARM Leaders will assume that Reeve Eberle will blackmail or bribe the Courts to dismiss charges, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and that his lawyers Olive et al, will never be dragged in front of the Law Society for advising Eberle how to get away with the $2B Development and Strudwick must be paid bribes to approve the Argues Development, I know that at the end of the day the SARM/RMAA assholes will prevail, note below:

BUT at the end of the day I (Lee) will be easy in my mind that I have gone the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain approval for the Argues without bribing the Strudwick Google “scc 31940”, and I may get a bonus review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, note two thirds of Saskatchewan taxpayers believe their Political Ruling Elite is corrupt and this Web site is in the top 33 (three dozen) most visited Web sites of 30M world wide Web domain sites and at the end of the day this Web site may result in 100% of the taxpaying voters realizing that the Saskatchewan Ruling Official Political Elite are all corrupt to the core.

Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT & FRANK AND THE LADY, the Chief Judge of Canada is determined to end Harper Fed corruption, its a long, hard road for that great Lady, but democracy may prevail, Google “ekos poll shows support for tories drops in saskatchewan lett” and “michael sona guilty in robo-call election fraud oliveira”, and “ saskatoon, regina federal seats still up for grabs prof says warick” and “minister diane finley violates conflict of interest rules”.

Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, note Harper’s robo-call Saskatchewan connection to SARM President Dave Marit and note that with Harpers robo-call chickens coming home to roost the robo-call fraud means SARM President Marit may not win Wood River for the Sask Party and review REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP, and note that I (Lee) asked that a three person panel of Saskatchewan’s sitting Senators conduct the Sherwood Wascana Village corruption inquiry instead of Queens Bench Barclay, BUT I was wrong about Barclay note below:

Review the first few housekeeping paragraphs in PROBES LOST LOVE and note that I (Lee) was wrong about Barclay corruption and I owe him (Barclay) a apology, BUT my bad is understandable, review REGARDING PARANOIA and note that aside from advice from Melville lawyer Merv Ozirny, one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Western Canada, one of Barclays early Queens Bench Judgments is the base for Saskatchewan Rural development corruption , TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph 15. , note below:

This Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com , is ranked as being in the top 33 Web site visit numbers in the 30M World wide Website domains and the site has established the fact of Saskatchewan’s Queens/Appeal Bench massive corruption pandering to the bribe demands of Rural Provincial Elite officials such as the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, and notwithstanding this Web sites stats and the comparisons with the attitude to official corruption in Alberta, Premier Wall is still “wilfully blind” to the Strudwick bribe demands, note below:

As example, Google “alberta premier dave hancock asking rcmp to investigate alison redfords use of aircraft, kleiss braid ellward” & “’culture of fear’ created conditions for abuse, government insiders say kleiss” & “alison redford not charged for spending while alberta premier: rcmp c.p”. Redford walked BUT Premier Wall is “wilfully blind” to the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue Development Google “scc 31940” note below the cost to taxpayers of the Strudwick corruption compared to cost of the Redford corruption.

Google “scc 31940”, Strudwick blocking the Argue’s $30M development until her bribes are paid is costing the Saskatchewan taxpayer +/- $600K a year in lost tax revenue; compare our taxpayer $600K annual loss to Redford’s light plane cost, Google “cost per hour to fly a light twin $300.00 per hour” at most 1000 hours a year, so $300K cost for a light twin to fly Redford’s daughter around Alberta, the cost of the Redford corruption is half the cost of the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “some rm’s in increasing conflict mandryk”, note below:

I (Lee), have been publishing Web site, https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com monthly since July 2007, in a effort to obtain approval for the Argue’s $30M development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, review the first post in this Website ‘ZONING PROBLEMS WITH AN RM?, but review ‘BLOOD ON THE WALL’ and note that Saskatchewan’s main stream media, lead by taxpayer funded CBC, refuse to raise issues relating to the Strudwick demand for bribes.

The Strudwick bribe demand is ignored by the media notwithstanding the fact the Rt. Hon. Lady Beverley McLachlin, PC, Chief Judge of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada, confirmed in Summary Statement that, the Hon Len Taylor, NDP Minister Responsible, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Earle Argue family of Regina $30M residential development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes), to the Rural Administrator, Donna Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

Google “the hon lady justice janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to the premier” the Strudwick reported to Calvert, and after change in Government in 2007, Premier Brad Wall assumed responsibility for the Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve development BUT Wall followed the NDP edict demanding payment of the Strudwick bribes to approve the Argue development, review SCC Summary Statement. Google “scc 31940” and the Criminal Code of Canada, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”.

This Web site, at 60,000 visits, is so politically/legally/economically relevant that STOCKHOUSE, a BC market watch group, Google “just energy group inc sept 2, 2013” used this Web site to advise selling “just energy”, leading to a Just Energy share drop of 66% in one year, note this Web site accomplished that with the “Just Energy” Board controlled by Harpers Senators, post UBAVKA’S PONZI, yet Premier Wall ignores the Strudwick bribe demands, note below:

Review last paragraphs of PROBES LOST LOVE, note my (Lee)s offer to SARM to settle the Strudwick bribe demand at no taxpayer cost and as part of the offer I would hire, and pay, Professional Civil Engineers to administer Highway Contracts my company undertakes for the Province and once the Argues have approval for their $30M development, I could use this Web site domain, and Access Ads, to advertise a re-established Highway Contracting company instead of lobbying for argue development approval without bribing Strudwick.

Google “alberta government minister accused of offering $10,000.00 bribe should ‘step aside’ ndp leader says kleiss” If Premier Wall wants the Strudwick to have her $200K bribe to approve the Argues $30M development, he (Wall) could do as his Alberta colleagues do and pay the woman her bribes out of Sask Party campaign funds and make use of my (Lee)s good faith, no taxpayer cost offer, to save taxpayers millions could be put to effect, as example, the cost for Engineering on the Construction phase of Highway contracts is 4%, note below:

Western Earth Moving was grossing $1.5M when I (Lee) was destroyed for refusing to pay bribes, Google “inflation calculator bank of canada” based on change in the dollar, Western would today gross $5M and in one year save Engineering cost of the $200K of taxpayer money Wall uses to bribe the Strudwick, Google “harper cuts his losses with wallin mandryk” and “scc 31940”, and “cbc asks: many canadians distrustfull of federal politics poll indicates cbc”.

Review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll down to document 4, Editorial, “farce or force”, the Yorkton Editorial reflected local opinion regarding the Highway Engineers boasts of destroying me (Lee) for refusing to pay bribes; Google “do newspapers reflect their readers opinion?”, something has got to be done to stop SARM stealing taxpayer money, Google “9 countries where people have more spending cash than canadians tencer” review the Huff Post article, note Australia was founded by British convicts and their Ruling Elite leave taxpayers with one third more cash to spend than Canadian Ruling Elite leave theirs.

I (Lee) originally asked; Google “lee asks strudwick bribe demand be resolved by incorporating the argue development quarter as a village rural zoning”. At the time Sask Party MLA’s advised Earle that it was impossible to incorporate the Argue Development quarter as a Village to solve the Strudwick bribery demand, but I (Lee) believe Sherwood Reeve Eberle proven $2B development fraud has placed Wall and SARM between a rock and a concrete wall where the Argues do not have to run the risk of dealing with a corrupt Edenwold Council, or the corrupt Highway Engineers running Sask Water, so I (Lee) can go back to my original ask, ie: the Argue development quarter be incorporated as a Village.

Google “mandryk: budget see’s wall outrun the ndp mandryk”, and “sask. Govt. can’t rely on oil to pay bills mandryk” and “saskie’s falling into stelmach’s trap johnstone” and “potash corp. profit to take a $100 million hit this year after saskatchewan tax rule changes koven” and “mandryk: borrowing is bad long term plan mandryk”and I (Lee) urge readers to review articles, Saskatchewan has got to have economic development to survive and I believe that Premier Wall must end the Strudwick and her Rural Administrator ilk’s, official Ruling Elite right to demand bribes to approve that development, Google “scc 31940”.

Google “reiter claims lee is the stupidest man in canada for his refusal to bribe the strudwick”, note that following publication of posts, PROBES LOST LOVE, insiders tell me debate is continuing within the Wall Brain Trust as to if they can continue to ignore this Web site given its astonishing stats, to wit: top 33 most watched Web site in the Worlds 30M Web site domains, or risk losing the next election if they end the Strudwick, and her corrupt ilk, right to demand bribes to approve development, note below:

Google “lloyd smith advises lee wall will end rm corruption after next provincial election”, review all search results, note that Lloyd has long advised that is the Wall plan and it makes sense to me (Lee) but it does not begin to answer the Wall Minister Responsible, Reiters, today, on the ground now, insistence that I am the stupidest man in Canada for my refusal to bribe the Strudwick to approve the Argue Development, Google “scc 31940”, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, at the end of the day, IF the Argues are granted development approval without bribing the Strudwick, then assuming I (Lee) the Argue Representative, are credited with getting it done the arrogant assholes will claim that I “got lucky”, note below:

Review post STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, Ottawa Architect Lester Johnson’s wonder full cartoon of me (Lee) standing knee deep in a sewage lagoon, stirring in that lagoon for a decade, until a couple of arrogant assholes, namely, Eberle and Probe, forced the Wall Brain Trust to take action to end RM corruption because the two arrogant assholes, Eberle and Probe, went a bridge too far and tried to defraud the Saskatchewan taxpayer of $2B in the RM of Sherwood Wascna Village development scam, review PROBE’S LOST LOVE, and note the question below:

My (Lee)s point is that; EVEN assuming I, the Argue Representative, at the end of the day, do obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential Development without bribing the Strudwick to grant that approval, Google “scc 31940”, the question remains, is Reiter right to insist that I am the stupidest man in Canada for standing knee deep in a sewage lagoon for a decade, stirring in that sewage fishing out bits of scum and piling it on the bank, until I obtained approval for the Argue development without bribing the corrupt, slut ,Strudwick, now note below:

Review PROBES LOST LOVE, assume I (Lee) “got lucky” with my effort for the Argues when a couple of corrupt, arrogant, assholes, Eberle and Probe, went a bridge too far and tried to defraud the Saskatchewan taxpayers of $2B in their RM of Sherwood Wascana Village development scam, forcing the Wall Brain Trust to deal with RM development corruption, why should the Saskatchewan taxpayers have to rely on luck to obtain economic development, consider the following:

Google “what every investor should know about schwab’s ‘free’ new advice service salisbury” readers should review the search result and note that this Web site is ranked in the top 33 of the most visited Web site of the 30M world wide Web sites, and this Web site knows everything that is possible to know about the Argue $30M residential Development and the Strudwicks refusal to grant development approval without getting her bribes, so note below”

Schwab provides a free AI (Artificial Intelligence) service to their investors, note that unlike the John Black Lean stuff, the Schwab advise is free, so why not urge the Wall Brain Trust to just ask the Schwab AI to talk to this Web site for the 30 seconds it would take, him/her, to decide if it makes economic sense to have Edenwold RM approve the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, but note that allowing honorable AI’s to make economic decisions may be a slippery slope, note current geniuses are already raising concerns, Google “apple co-founder: will ai turn us into ‘family pets.?


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