Click on; some ask; without AI (artificial intelligence), how can the Assessor Web site know this Web site is in the top 32 (three dozen) of most watched Web sites in the 30M World Web domains, the top .0001% of World sites. Transparency International uses this site to help rank Canada’s bribe control worst in the G-7.

Housekeeping: Google “sherwood reeve removed after inquiry finds $57-million deal conflict of interest leader post” and “saskatchewan reeve in conflict of interest on land deal that could have made him $57M, probe finds post media” and “sherwood reeve removed after inquiry finds $57 million deal conflict of interest/video lypny” and “implications of the sherwood inquiry/video graney” and “interm sherwood reeve ‘pleased’ with meeting lypny” and “rm report sparks privacy law amendment lypny”, review more housekeeping below:

More Housekeeping: Google “rm to consider code of conduct, increased disclosure lypny” I (Lee) ask all Web readers to review Natascia’s article, all of her writing is great, but this article is special, her quotes from the arrogant Rural Elite, Sherwood’s Deputy Reeve,Tim Probe, on “love lost” are perfect, Probe states he “can no longer feel the love”, REALLY, I wonder why?

Premier Wall owes his political soul to SARM, so they believe he owes them “love” as well, BUT Deputy Reeve Probe can not feel that love, WHY? Divorce Courts are busy because “wilfull blindness” can end, Google “criminal code of canada wilful blindness wiki”, note Premier Wall has been “blind” for over seven years to the Strudwick demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argues $30M development Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

I (Lee) will try to make my point in terms Deputy Reeve Probe may understand, Probe should Google “abused wife syndrome” review the search results. Note the abuser believes he has the God given right to abuse his victim, who for several years lay there wondering what color to paint the ceiling until the abuser rolls off, BUT when the abuser starts “fuddel-duddeling” the daughter, that is Google “a bridge too far”, ending “wilfull blindness”, and divorce. note below:

The abused wife example tries to make the point that SARM abused the Premiers until Eberle’s intent to scam $100M went “a bridge too far” and ended Wall’s “love” for Eberle, Probe et al. RM Administrator, the Strudwick, is corrupt to her rotten core, Google “scc 31940” and “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”. Reeve Eberle concluded that if the Strudwick, as Administrator, could get away with her bribe demands, he (Eberle), as Reeve could pull his $100M scam, but that is Feudal Lord of the Fiefdom thinking, akin to Google “fuddel-duddeling” a daughter and went, Google “a bridge too far”.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 17, note the Strudwick wanted a bribe of only $200K from the Argues to approve their $30M development, so NDP Calvert and Sask Party Wall, remained “blind” to Strudwick bribe demands, “yea even unto this Web site visit numbers putting this site in the top 32 of 30M World Web domains”, BUT I (Lee) repeat, Eberle, went, Google “ a bridge too far” with his $100M scam, and SARM future fury notwithstanding, Premier Wall had no choice but to take Eberle down, good news for the Argues, note below:

The good news for the Argues is that Reeve Eberle is so insanely, arrogantly, corrupt, that Wall has no choice, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, Barclay confirmed my (Lee)s claim so Wall ordered a RCMP criminal investigation and now Sherwood Deputy Reeve Probe complains he can no longer “feel the love”, Google “corruption economies are doomed” Premier Wall had to end Eberle’s corruption even if it has doomed the “love”, and God willing the fallout from the Sherwood Reeve Eberle fraud may result in collateral damage to the Strudwick.

Google “where to now for the rm of sherwood?/video lypny, graney”, and “sherwood inquiry cost gov’t $900K lypny” and “interm sherwood reeve looking forward to ‘challenge’ lypny” and “’helter-skelter’ development in sask leading to municipal woes marcoutte cbc”, Joe Garcia has spoken. Review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, and Google “section 121 criminal code of canada”, note my (Lee)s reference to Eberle in contravention of Section 121 of the Criminal Code BUT Olive et al told Eberle all he had to do was recuse himself from the vote.

I (Lee) repeat, Olive et al, advised Eberle that all he had to do to stay out of prison for his $100M scam was recuse himself from the Council vote approving his development and Eberle was so arrogant he accepted the Olive et al advise despite my warning in SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE of Section 121, Google “reeve of rm of sherwood tossed from office over land deal conflicts cbc news”, note that the CBC article contains the 150 plus page Barclay corruption report.

If Justice uses Section 121 of the Criminal Code to charge Eberle, I (Lee) ask Web readers to e-mail the Hon Jim Reiter asking that he ensure that one of our Universities grants me a Honorary Doctorate of Law, now back to the real world, Google “sherwood reeve removed after inquiry finds $57 million deal conflict of interest/ video lypny”, the Sherwood Council claims it is going ahead with Reeve Eberle’s development even with no water source; for a summary on the Eberle corruption review Leader Post Political columnist, Murray Mandryk, note below:

Google “damning report a worry for rm’s mandryk” I (Lee) ask taxpaying, voting Web readers, to study Murrays summary, then review Web post SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, and WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE, and Google “rcmp cover up strudwick bribe demands” and Premier Wall, with Barclays corruption report as a base, Murray’s summary as guide, and Reeve Eberle as example, could end the Strudwick problem by charging her under Section 123 (1) of the Criminal Code, Google “scc 31940”, note below.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 17. – 18. and 30. the Strudwick, advised by that effing Lane, kept her bribe demand from the Argues down to 2% of the Argue cash flow profit, ie: pre-tax profit of $10M, to wit: $200K. As note of interest the Sherwood inquiry has cost $900K, over 4 times Strudwick bribe demand of the Argues, both are chump change compared to Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s development corruption of a “surreal” +/- $100M. Also note Eberle and Olive’s boasts to the media, as the Enron guys did, that they are the Google “smartest guys in the room”, like Enron, their arrogance has destroyed them.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that arrogance and lousy legal advice, caused Reeve Eberle, a arrogant white collar thug, to go Google “ a bridge too far”. Eberle is advised by Olive et al, Lawyers of influence with a history of Development sleaze, who can not resist bragging to the media, FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING and ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN, whereas, Strudwick is advised by that effing Lane who is too smart to brag to anyone.

Note the comparison between the two RM official white collar thugs, Eberle and Strudwick, preceding; Eberle is investigated by the RCMP, and Strudwick isn’t, with the internet proving RCMP cover up of Strudwick’s bribe demands, Google “rcmp cover up strudwick bribe demands”, review the search results, note the difference is Lane protecting Strudwick, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30.

More Housekeeping: Google “den tandt: john bairds exit leaves a big tory vacum in ontario den tandt”, and “mike duffy’s lawyer says no deal as trial preparation begins barton thbedau cbc”. Most pundits believe that Baird’s resignation has harmed Harper and the Duffy trial will be the last nail in Harpers coffin, review FRANK AND THE LADY, note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, with Harper gone from the Hill, Strudwick will no longer be able to demand flowers and chocolates to approve the Argues development, Google “scc 31940”.

Google “mandryk: wall must be clear on revenues mandryk”, and “wall says saskatchewan faces up to an $80 million shortfall due to oil prices c.p. And “mandryk: premier wall should face up to his budget mess mandryk” and “scc 31940” and “’panic’ setting in as alberta saskatchewan lead canada in existing home sales drop reuters” ending the Strudwick and her RMAA ilk’s demand for bribes to approve developments will add to the tax base and increase tax revenues helping to offset the drop in oil, home sales, more horror below:

Google “editorial: essentially a big defeat for government lp editors” and “a loss that wall should take seriously mandryk”, I (Lee) urge all taxpaying voters to review the Leader Post Editorial, and Murrays take, make special note of the Wall Administration pandering to its right wing base regarding unions and essential services; Premier Wall dismisses the Supreme Court ruling as a joke involving the Rough Riders being a essential services, now note below:

Premier Wall is aware that taxpaying, voters, may not find it as funny as he does when snowplow operators go on strike during the next snowstorm, Google “brad wall open to using ‘notwithstanding clause’ over labour ruling cbc”, note the Premier’s musing and note that his (Wall’s) only other out is to privatize Highway maintenance as has been done in Alberta, now note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the taxpayers are suffering from another form of Union, to wit: SARM/RMAA, Google “scc 31940”, the Supreme Court Summary Statement confirming that the NDP Political Elite ruled that the Strudwick’s bribes must be paid for her to approve developments, and both Premiers NDP Calvert and Sask Party Wall adopted a policy of ignoring the Supreme Court regarding the Strudwick’s bribe demand, leading to this Web site and its astonishing stats, review the masthead and the five house keeping paragraphs just below the masthead, it’s insane for the Saskatchewan Political Ruling Elite, NDP and Sask Party, to ignore this Web site, note below:

Review SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, note Saskatchewan Provincial leaders of the 1930’s tried to end the RM Leaders Afghanistan war lord control of rural Saskatchewan, review LADY LORI A BEACON, and note that the last time anyone tried was in the 1950’s when Meyer Brownstone failed to end RMs corrupt control of Rural Saskatchewan, now Google “magna carta provides a historical anchor for our rights allemang globe and mail, note below:

Scroll back to the first few paragraphs below the masthead in this post, then review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE scroll down to the picture of me (Lee) at the site of the signing of the Magna Carta. I proud that this Web site is ranked in the top 32 (three dozen) of 30 million world wide Web domain sites, proving that I am doing my part to end the horror of the absolute corruption of SARM/RMAA.

Google “lee asks sask water be used to grant approval for argues development without bribing the strudwick at no taxpayer cost” so why in the name of God would Wall insist Strudwick’s bribes be paid?, now note below:

Google “snc lavalin short listed to build regina by-pass” and “snc-lavalin subsidiaries charged with corruption, fraud in lybian business probe cbc” and “isis controls libya” and “snc- lavalin bribery case threatens billions in federal contracts cbc” and “school boards critical of snc-lavalin in p-3 projects”. I (Lee) predict that SNC- Lavalin will be de-listed from the stock exchange; Web readers are asked to e-mail Premier Wall asking him if he is sure he wants SNC LAVALIN involved in the Regina by-pass, note one reason below:

Google “arthur porter in panama prision”, and note that the effing thug, Arthur Porter, who Harper appointed to head the “Security Intelligence Review Committee” the watchdog agency, who watch’s corrupt thugs such as SNC-Lavalin working with corrupt Muslin Thugs, ISIS, in corrupt counties such as Lybia. Arthur Porter, Harpers head of SIRC, is so corrupt that Panama, ranked at 76th most corrupt country in the world, has incarcerated Porter for fraud.

Google “exclusive: u.s. says canada offered to help in iraq-not the other way around global” and “harper lied about u.s. requesting canada’s military help in iraq madona” and “questions in house as to why canadian soldiers are the only troops painting targets”, why would Harper lie about this?, the answer; we are months from a general election and Harper is desperate to divert taxpaying voters from the collapsing Canadian economy, note below.

The G-7 leaders are terrified of media of body bags off loaded at airports so they were eager to take Harper’s offer to have the Canadians do the dangerous front line work “painting” the air strike targets and Harper is desperate too divert the voters attention from Canada’s economic collapse, so Harper offers to send Canadian troops to Iraq front lines to “paint” targets for air strikes, note below:

Google “directing air strikes most dangerous combat work”, and Google “harper states in the house that if isis shoots at us we will shoot back and kill them”, review the search results, and Google “ jordan denies that king abdullah will personally fly jets vs, isis gmn news” note Harper’s emphatic “we”, will kill them, BUT Google “when shooting starts on hill harper hides in closet”, note below:

Review post FRANK AND THE LADY, note cartoon of Harper flying a jet going after a “soft” target. Lady Bev, who has no ground to air missiles, compared to Jordan’s King Abdullah. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Harper is a sick joke, he (Harper) can not square his cowards circle anymore than he can stop the drop in oil prices, or the downgrading of Canadian Banks, or stop the Strudwick from demanding bribes to approve developments, Google “scc 31940”, or stop US Central Bank corruption, or save the Canadian economy.

As example, Google “republicans gutting dodd-frank as wall street goes subprime again macdonald cbc” I (Lee) urge all Web readers to review Neils great article, note that the US Banks, the same guys that took the World economy to bankruptcy with sub prime house mortgages are doing a rerun with sub prime car financing packages, think about the implication’s for the world economy, including Canada, and note below Harper’s inability to stop it:

Google: “barclay downgrades 4 canadian banks bmo, laurentien, rbc, td cbc” review the search result and Google “analysis/ the spreading alchemy of central banks money-printing macdonald cbc”, I (Lee) urge web readers to study Neil’s great article, Google “alchemy definition” and think long and hard about the insanity of first the NDP, and now the Sask Party, allowing the Strudwick to demand bribes to approve economic developments, Google “scc 31940”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it was, and is, insane to allow the Strudwick to demand bribes to approve developments, Google “all corruption economies are doomed”. Now Google “lamont corruption rural zoning” and review the search results, note documented paper trail of zoning, development corruption in Lamont Alberta, by the Lamont Administrator, scroll back to the first five housekeeping paragraphs in this post, Sherwood Reeve Eberle Corruption, and again Google “scc 31940” for the Strudwick corruption, and note below:

Goggle “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (2) and (3) municipal corruption”, the Strudwick is a Municipal Official and it is a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada to carry Strudwick anything to curry favor. Now Google “former alberta town official arrested in corruption case rusnell, russel cbc”, and the RCMP criminal investigation of the Sherwood Reeve development scam and note the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters deserve to know why the Strudwick actions, confirmed by the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940” have not lead to criminal investigation of her (strudwick)s bribe demands, note below:

Google “ inquiry cost sherwood $425K lypny” review the search result and note that the Sherwood Ruling Elite claimed that nothing in the Queens Bench Barclay report stops them from going ahead with Reeve Eberle’s $200M development, so I (Lee) designed a plan to accommodate Sherwood’ Council claim that their Reeve’s development was good to go, but now we find out that was a flat effing lie, their Reeve is under RCMP criminal investigation.

Review ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN RURAL ZONING, note NDP Olive “et al” failed in a attempt to pull off a development scam involving the Old Fort San, review FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, note that NDP Olives scam was so brazen that NDP Premier Calvert shut it down and note that the Olive “et al” has advised the Sherwood Reeve on his development since the get-go. Scroll back to the first five housekeeping paragraphs regarding the Sherwood Reeve Development and Google “cause of action” do the RM of Sherwood ratepayers have “cause of action” for the legal advise “Olive et al” provided their Reeve?

Again review ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN RURAL ZONING note my (Lee)s ask that the Premier appoint a panel of 3 MLA’s to find a way to square the circle of Sherwood’s claim that Queens Bench Barclay approved Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development with no water and the RM of Edenwold refusal to approve Argues Development with its 350 gpm spring until the Strudwick’s bribes are paid, Google “scc 31940”. Now review the first five housekeeping paragraphs in this post, note that notwithstanding the Sherwood Council claim of “good to go” Premier Wall put paid to their plan, so back to the drawing board:

Again Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”, then review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, note that both Premiers, Clavert and Wall, ignored the Strudwick bribe demands for over seven years; my (Lee)s plan to have 3 MLA’s do a study was one answer, but a more effective answer would be to just charge the Strudwick under the Criminal Code of Canada just as the Lamont Alberta Administrator has been charged, and the Sherwood Reeve is investigated under the Criminal Code and may be charged.

Google “minister responsible reiter rules lee stupidest man in canada and his web site a stupid joke”. Review the search results, note the Hon Jim Reiter’s Ministerial edict may be proven through the Outlook Community leaders, AND again note that the Strudwick blocking of the Argue development until her (Strudwick)s bribes are paid has been established by the Supreme Court of Canada Google “scc 31940”, this is Google “daylight madness definition”.

The Ruling Elite’s “daylight madness” regarding Strudwick bribe demands set out above, costs the taxpayer “significant” amount of money in lost tax revenue. Review the post masthead and note there is serious question regarding how this Website could end up ranked in the top 32 (three dozen) out of 30 million Web site domains world wide, IF I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, and this Web site is a stupid joke, as decreed by the Hon Jim Reiter, now note below:

Google “baycrest brain ad video” scroll down search results to “baycrest-rethinking brain health and aging-you tube” click on the video and watch the Baycrest depiction of how our brains work, the gears spinning as they mesh and un-mesh, the bolts of spark between contact points, small wheels turning in big wheels turning, the same depiction of moving parts is used in the trailer to hit TV show Elementary, it appears to me (Lee) that Elementary and Baycrest ads are borrowed from the love song lyrics, Google “in the windmills of your mind lyrics”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that good legal brains in Regina have one wheel engraved “ strudwick’s bribes must be paid for development approval”, ie: Google “four regina lawyers advised strudwick must be bribed to approve the argue development” , review the search results, talk to lawyers, Google “perceived wisdom”, and note the “perceived wisdom” is the Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid for the Argues development to be approved.

Conversely, it follows as night follows day, there must be one wheel somewhere in the windmills of my (Lee)s mind engraved “ you will not carry the Strudwick a wilted dandelion”, To the Hon Jim Reiter that wheel means I am the stupidest man in Canada, BUT many believe that one wheel means nothing and believe that anyone publishing a Web site ranked in the top 32 (three dozen) out of 30 million Web site domains around the world could not be stupid, but that is a University debate for others, for another day, note the real world set out below:

Google “western earth moving thrived donating 2% of highway contract value to the thatcher liberal party of saskatchewan” review the search results, note that in return Thatcher protected honest Highway contractors from corrupt Highway Engineers, this worked beautifully until the Chretien Fed changed the law making it a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada for a Corporation to donate anything to a political party and limiting personal donations to $1000.00.

The Chretien Fed change in law, coupled with the absolute corruption of the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, opened the door to the massive corruption of the Professional Civil Engineers controlling the Highway Construction Contracts in Saskatchewan, and lead to my (Lee)s personal destruction by Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: and has lead to Highway bids double sanity, post planned for fall of 2015, draft title BID RIGGING BASTARDS, now back to the Strudwick bribe demands, and note below:

Scroll back to the first five house keeping paragraphs in this post, note that in the world Eberle and I (Lee) live in, the reality for Eberle is the Criminal Code of Canada Section 121, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE; My world revolves around Section 123, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (2) and (3) municipal corruption”, the Strudwick is a Municipal Official and any one who gives anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor ends up in prison for 5 years.

The only way a Developer can stay out of prison for bribing the Strudwick, is to bribe the RCMP, the Justice Officials and a Queens Bench Judge, which is Eberle’s only hope, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, but there is no free lunches and money the Developers pay out in bribes to Government officials, RCMP and Judges has to come from somewhere and the end result is that house prices in Canada end up a third more than the actual value of the house, Google “canadian houses overvalued by one third”, note below:

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, review that Web post and note that Dr. Carl Baar advised me (Lee), that Canada has the most corrupt administration of Justice in the Commonwealth, and Saskatchewan has the most corrupt administration of Justice in Canada, and Dr. Baar advised the only hope a honest Saskatchewan man has to obtain justice is publicity, but review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note the media, lead by CBC, will not touch the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve development, Google “scc 31940” with a 100 foot pole, as a result I established this Web site, note below:

The Mainstream media has refused to report on the Strudwick bribe demands to approve the Argue $30M Development, which lead to this Web site, used in my (Lee)s effort to obtain approval for the Argues Development without bribing the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”. My suggestion to Wall is set out at the end of ONE INFLUENTIAL MAN RURAL ZONING, accomplished nothing, note below:

Review ONE GOOD MAN and the last few paragraphs of WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE, note my (Lee)s plan to use Queens Bench Barclay’s Sherwood corruption inquiry report and David (Mackay)s SLGA “fairness” precedent in a action against the RM of Edenwold for their Administrator, the Strudwick, refusal to approve the Argue $30M development until she has been carried her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940”, note below:

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? I (Lee) will lose at Queens/ Appeal, but may not lose at the Supreme Court and I suggest Premier Wall review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, document 4, my affidavit to use all funds accruing to me to produce, publish, and advertise this Web site; review WALL AND ASSESSOR SITE, note that if funds are available it is my intent to run ads for this Web site on Access here in Saskatchewan and on a Access sister cable station in Ottawa, and use robo-calls to promote the ads, and note below:

If I (Lee) can accomplish what is set out in the preceding paragraph, it will end Premier Walls day dream of being appointed Canadian Ambassador to the US, Google “premier brad wall plans to be appointed canadian ambassador to the us”. Review the search results, Wall has already spent millions of dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money lobbying to be named US Ambassador, which will be wasted unless he becomes Ambassador to the US, note below:

I (Lee) suggest Premier Wall scroll to the post masthead, click on the first red lined line, it should go to the Assessor site, if not just Google it in the normal way and scroll through the Assessor site, note 23% of Web visits are US, note this Web site is ranked in the top 32 most watched Web sites in the 30 million Web site domains World wide and with this Web site up and running, supported by ads on both Access TV here in Saskatchewan and on a Ottawa cable Channel, aided by robo-calls, Wall could NOT be named Ambassador to Lower Slobbovia, Google “lower slobbovia wiki”, let alone the US, note below:

Premier Wall is caught in a perfect storm between his dream of being US Ambassador, and the corruption of his creature, the Strudwick. Google “lady janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier” the Premier is between the Strudwick, the most corrupt, obdurate, Rural official in Christendom, and this Web site ranked as being in the top 32 most visited Web sites out of 30 million world wide Web domain sites. Now Google “lee always glad to help”, former Manitoba Premier Gary Doer has made a fine US Ambassador, and I (Lee) believe that Premier Wall would do as well, and if that is what he wants, this Web site could help with his dream of being US Ambassador, note how below:

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, scroll to the PDF of one chapter of “Masters In Their Own House”, copy right held by the Judicial Council of Canada, review that report and note that corrupt Provincial Officials, such as the Strudwick, control Judicial decisions, and again Google “lady janet rules strudwick reports to premier”, and take particular note that in common law, the official demanding bribes, the Strudwick, is the Premier’s creature, note below:

The Strudwick and her corrupt ilk, control the lives of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, ie: Provincial Officials control Judges work activity and by covert means track Judicial B’s, booze, babes and bribes, with the officials tracking Judges private lives and blackmail to control Judgments. Lady Lori is a example, review LADY LORI RURAL ZONING review search results and FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 11 and 30, note two Court Officials, Nancy Drew and Wyona Roy, and a Appeal Judge, that effing Lane, worked with the Strudwick to block Argue development until the Strudwicks bribes were paid, Google “scc 31940”.

BUT I (Lee) have a solution to end the Judicial corruption, a solution the Feds tried to accomplish, but Provincial Officials blocked, review LADY LORI A BEACON, scroll down to document 3, and note that the best solution for a equitable Provincial economy is to remove day to day control of the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges working lives from the Provincial officials, such as the corrupt official, the Strudwick, and place that day to day control of the Judges under the only truly independent body in Canada, the Senate:

The Senate members rustled a few ponies in their day, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that they (Senate) are being hung by the real Canadian horse thieves, the Provincial Officials, such as the Strudwick, and I (Lee) suggest the Premier carry Legislation during his 2015 Leg sitting that the Saskatchewan Federally appointed Queens and Appeal Bench Judges day to day working lives, salary, travel expenses, mileage allowance, office lighting, office and window size, secretaries computer skills, breast and rump size, will be controlled by the Senate instead of Provincial Officials, such as the Strudwick.

I (Lee) suggest the Premier could gain more popularity then he has by ending the Strudwick ability to demand bribes to approve economic development by carrying Saskatchewan Legislation to create Senate control of the Queens/ Appeal Bench Courts, which Legislation may serve as a beacon for the other Provinces, thereby saving the taxpayers billions of dollars in bribes paid to the Provincial Officials, such as the Strudwick, paving the way for our hero Premier to be appointed US Ambassador, even by a Trudeau Fed, AND note below:

Should the Premier follow the plan I (Lee) designed for him preceding, ie: Senate control of the Queens/Appeal Courts it may work to make him US Ambassador, BUT he may not have to do that to solve the Strudwick bribery demand problem; the release of Queens Bench Barclay’s RM of Sherwood corruption report, has caused acting SARM President, Ray Orb’s, wise words, the RM of Edenwold Council may conclude it is in their ratepayers best interest to do a deal; ie: denying the Argue development has cost Edenwold ratepayers $600K annually in school/property tax, $6M, to date, and note below:

Google “legislative implication of the sherwood inquiry graney”, note acting SARM President, Ray Orb, advised that the RM Councils should take the Barclay Sherwood corruption report seriously, so I (Lee) suggest the Edenwold Council Google “scc 31940”, think about their Administrator, the Strudwick, demand for flowers, chocolates and perfume, Ray Orb’s advise, and note below:

Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”; review search results and the public advise of acting SARM President, Ray Orb, on the Sherwood Reeve Eberle corruption and in keeping with Orb’s advice. I (Lee) will cause a bonded courier to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, to the Strudwick, as stated by the Supreme Court of Canada is my only option to obtain approval for Earle and Sharie Argue’s $30M Development, and will provide Courier affidavits to the Edenwold Council proving delivery of “flowers chocolates and perfume” to the Strudwick if the Edenwold Council agrees to carry motions below:

A: Council motion confirming their original approval of Argue’s development, Spring Meadow Estates, as detailed by the documents in post TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, based on Regina Architect Joe Pettick plan of the Argue Development quarter, NE ¼ of 3-17-17-2, document 1 and:

B: Council motion requiring the Argues to deed me (E. R. Lee), the Argue Representative, and author of Web site http:/ , a 40 acre block of land in their (Argues) development quarter, a area 660 feet by 2640 feet along the east side of the quarter parallel to the road allowance, including the Edenbridge pipeline in the north east corner of the development south to, and including, what Architect Pettick designated “light industrial”, and register the 40 acres to the Argue Representative, E. R. Lee, at ISC, and:

C: Council Motion asking the Wall Attorney General to provide the Argue Representative a letter on Attorney General letterhead, signed by the AG , that I (Lee) will not be prosecuted under Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION, or any Section of the Criminal Code, for carrying Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, and that I will not be prosecuted under Section 346, BLACKMAIL or EXTORTION, of the Criminal Code, for offering SARM a deal, and:

D: Council motion asking any University to grant, me (Lee), the Argue Representative, a Honorary Doctorate of Law, for accomplishing the impossible by obtaining development approval for Argues without bribing Strudwick, and:

E: Council motion granting the Argues Spring Meadow Estate development free property taxes for ten years, which tracks the New York State 10 year free tax business incentive, a State where the Strudwick lectured New York State Municipal officials, review REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP, and:

F: Council motion instructing Edenwold legal Counsel to co-operate with legal Counsel instructed by Argue Representative, me (Lee), to finalize development agreement between Edenwold RM and the Argues/Spring Meadow Estates.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SARM: I (Lee) suggest the SARM Leaders scroll back to the post masthead and review it. SARM Leaders, may or may not, be concerned about this Web site, ranked in the top 32 most visited site in the 30M World Web site domains, but if the SARM Leaders are concerned this Web site and its astonishing states, could force Premier Wall to put a end to their 300 fiefdoms I will go beyond my ask as set out in points A: – F: preceding and try to help SARM solve their problem, Google “lee always glad to help”.

My (Lee)s first duty is to the Argues to use this Web site to obtain approval for Argues development without bribing Strudwick, BUT If points A: – F: preceding are agreed, SARM could lobby Wall to honor my (Lee)s ask to hire, and pay, Civil Engineers to administer Highway Construction contracts my companies entered in with the Province and if that ask was honored, I would do as below:

Ask the site Webmaster to use this Web site domain and the Access contract to promote a re-established Western Earth Moving. Review posts DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and note that my (Lee)s original ask of Devine to be allowed to hire and pay for the Private Civil Engineers to Administer any Highway contracts my company entered in with the Province, was denied by that effing Lane, note Lanes reasons below:

Lane, as Attorney General, refused my (Lee)s ask, claiming it would be a license for me to print money and Lane was serious, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note Lane was so serious about blocking me that he did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me, note below:

I (Lee) believe the 40 acres I (Lee) ask for, point B: preceding would provide a funding base, and if I was allowed to hire and pay my own Professional Civil Engineers to administer my Highway contracts Western would thrive as it did during the Ross Thatcher Administration. Lorna and I started with $30K in 1967, bought two Terex TS24s and one Cat D9 for $90K, grossed $200K the first year and paid for the equipment in one year, a unprecedented 45% annual profit.

All the preceding is proven by hard (documented) facts BUT Reiter ascribes to the Enron axiom, Google “enron – smartest guys in the room” and insists I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for my refusal to carry the Strudwick her effing “flowers, chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940”, GO FIGURE:.


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