Click on ask; without AI (artificial intelligence), how can the Assessor Web site know this Web site is in the top +/- 30 of the most watched Web sites in the 30M World Web sites, in the top .0001% of World sites. Note that Transparency International uses this site to help rank Canada’s bribe control worst in the G-20.

Housekeeping: Google “double gold for mcmorris at x games leader post”,the Wall Brain Trust should note that McMorris no longer has to have that corrupt, the Strudwick, running his campaign to win in Edenwold and be sure of his riding, all he has to do is have his hero son knock on doors, now note below:

Google: “john ivison: $26B shock-canada’s largest ever defence procurement handed off in sole-source contract ivison” and “pamela porter court documents allege fraud, use of shell companies mckenna cbc” and “foreign bribery cases are focus of new rcmp crackdown dyer cbc”, note the RCMP take action to end off shore bribes, but here in Canada, Google “ rcmp destroy affidavit evidence of strudwick demand for bribes” & “scc 31940”, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the RCMP cover up the Strudwick bribe demands flows from the top Elite, Google “lady janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier”, UDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN, for over a decade both the NDP and Sask Party Political Elite have ordered the RCMP to cover up the Strudwick’s demand for bribes.

Google “mandryk: a very lean christmas for brad cat mandryk”, Web readers are asked to review Murray’s now famous Christmas satire based on CCF Tommy Douglas’s mouse land fable, BUT Web readers are also asked to Google “tommy douglas new york bank interest fraud”, review search results, note that this is not a fable, it was a real 1950’s CCF Douglas scam, review the historical evidence that mouse land, under CCF Douglas, had the same policy as the ISIS thugs of today who spare Christians and Jews who pay them enough money.

Google “reporter jurgen todinhofer was imbedded with islamic state, he came back alive elgot huff post”, review the Huff Post article and note ISIS will spare Christians and Jews if money is paid, which policy is identical to that of CCF Tommy Douglas who was a Christian and allowed Liberal (white) cats and Conservative (black) cats to survive if they allowed the Douglas CCF to scam taxpayer interest money from New York Banks, but those days are long gone.

This Web site, deemed by the Minister Responsible, Reiter, to be a stupid joke, published by me (Lee) the stupidest man in Canada, site is ranked in the top +/- 30 most watched Web site in 30 million world Web sites may help to end the Strudwick corrupt horror. The Strudwick must be in a fury and may question how this can be?, well maybe a Angel, Google “lee has a angel watching his back rural zoning” and Angel doubters note below:

Go to the post mast head, click on the first line for the Assessor site, scroll to the Social Monitoring section of the site, note the face book share statistics, the share circle often shows a face book share of 97.2%; Google “the value of a face book share: what does it mean? intelligence r29”; The Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development and my (Lee)s refusal to pay the Strudwick her bribes has intrigued the Worlds taxpaying voters, and I remind both the Edenwold Council and Premier Wall of my standing offer, Google “lee offers to use sask water to settle strudwick bribe demand at no taxpayer cost”.

Review ONE GOOD MAN and Google “ west meadows raceway-regina sk local business”, a few may ask, why did SLGA secretly pay off the West Meadow Raceway people with $6M taxpayer money, why not leave them alone, saving taxpayers $6M?, the SLGA official action is insane, BUT apparent official insanity always involves taxpayer money, FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING , the Wall Brain Trust wanted all telebetting money in Saskatoon, giving them (Wall Brain Trust) a handy pool of taxpayer money to “disappear”.

David MacKays brilliant “fairness” resolution of the $6M West Meadows Raceway v. SLGA tele-betting issue based on legal need for “fairness” has set a precedent for me (Lee), to use the “fairness” common law precedent to resolve the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve development, WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE. Google “rm of sherwood report done lypny” and note that it will be many weeks before Reiter releases the Barclay report and I am able to prepare a draft Statement of Claim against Edenwold, based on David’s “fairness”, precedent, draft post title, ASSESSOR SITE & CAUSE OF ACTION.

Saskatchewan Web readers may be interested in the following; Google “even loyalty no guarantee against putin meyers and becker” then Google “lane destroys lee after lee organized pc win in 4 out of 5 seats in red square” review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: and note this was done after I (Lee) had organized a PC win for Devine and Lane in 4 out of 5 seats in “red square” and brought enough donations into PC head office to keep the lights on until Pioneer Trust gave the PC’s $350K, DEJA VU EDENWOLD, or just ask Kathy, she was there as a older teenage girl literally counting nickels and dimes trying to find money for stamps, it is insane but is well established facts, note below:

There is no difference whatsoever between the ISIS thugs, the Russian Leader Putin, and Strudwick’s friend, that effing Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30 and note the NDP and Sask Party Ruling Elite function as one Political Party regarding the Strudwick’s bribe demands, first the NDP with the Sask Party in Opposition, then the Sask Party with the NDP in opposition, covered up the Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve the Argues $30M development, Google “scc 31940”, and review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE .

Google “fwd: the same internet search yields two different results-12/18/14”. Web readers should review the article. I (Lee) believe AI (artificial intelligence) is here now but experts are divided, Google “google : your computer is stupid”, and “stephen hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind ross collier”. The concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence), as we think about it, has been around since WWII, Google “al turing wiki ” and see “The Imitation Game”.

Google “andrew: what would a responsible party do in wildroses place except give up?, coyne” and “den tandt: alberta premier’s coup will come at a cost den tandt”, and “preston manning apologizes for role in wild rose defections cbc”, and I (Lee) urge Web readers to review the Coyne, Den Tandt and CBC articles preceding, AND note that here in Saskatchewan, the Official Opposition makes sure Corrupt Government officials, such as that lying corrupt , the Strudwick, are able to use their power to demand bribes, Google “scc 31940”, note below:

Google “maher: to get rid of stephen harper opposition needs to convince canadians he’s incompetent maher”. God willing the Harper Fed will end in 2015 ending the Strudwick corruption, Google “this year, trudeau finally faces the skywalker test den tandt”, history buff’s know Michael’s great article has plenty of classic folklore to support his “Luke Skywalker” theory. To make his “Justin” point; Michael Den Tandt compares Harper to Darth Vader, the corrupt, evil, presence that Luke Skywalker fought in George Lucas’s cult classic movie, “Star Wars ”; Harper could end up with two seats, like Mulroney, Google “mulroney ends up with two seats”, note more media below:

Web readers are asked to review the following media, Google “nato gen. philip breedlove echoes justin trudeau on ‘root causes’ of radicalism huff post” and “lana payne: harper needs a bogeyman for 2015 lana payne” and “blatchford: georger strathy an example of how harper-named judges have been seen to stick it to the pm blatchford”, Christie’s article is great, but note the danger the Canadian women journalist’s maternal instincts could result in pity for Harper.

More media on Harper: “den tandt: ‘big issues’ left on the table as canada’s major political parties focus on winning votes den tandt” and “den tandt: harper positions himself as pillar of safety as economy lurches in crises den tandt” and “face it, canada’s housing market could fall like oil: pittis” and “fears grow over possible job losses in sask. Oil patch cbc news”, and “concern about falling oil prices higher in prairie provinces: poll ctv staff” and note below:

Google “former top cop fantino now a political problem lee berthiaume postmedia news” Google “fantino, mchale, caledonia couple”, search results are posts of this Web site of how Fantino used his power as Police Commissioner to try to destroy Gary McHale for his efforts on behalf of the Caledonia Couple, this is akin to the Strudwick attempt to destroy me (Lee), Google “scc 31940”.

Google “corruption worsens in turkey, china, transparency international gulf news” and “global corruption index: australia drops out of top 10 countries and britain is ‘not good enough’ dearden”, if the official Ruling Elite in those offshore Countries steal enough of their taxpayer money, fast enough, Canada may someday lose its Transparency International ranking as the most bribery prone country in the G-7, but there is many a long mile to go, note below:

The Ukraine is not in the G-7, and Saskatchewan alone in Canada is more corrupt than the Ukraine Google “saskatchewan more corrupt than the ukraine rural zoning”, review search results until satisfied as to fact and Google “project prophecy”, review this article regarding a CIA study and prediction of the US economic collapse, then Google “saskatchewan’s merchandise trade with the world” study the graphs and note that over 80% of Saskatchewan GDP results from trade with the US and note below:

I (Lee) urge Saskatchewan Citizens to ask:, with CIA study showing the US economy is doomed, should the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters continue to accept that both of their Political Elite, the NDP and Sask Party, allow corrupt RM Administrators, such as the corrupt , the Strudwick, to demand bribes to approve economic developments, Google “scc 31940”, now note below:

QUEENS BENCH BARCLAY SHERWOOD CORRUPTION REPORT: Google “ rm of sherwood report done lypny”, and “rm says it didn’t grasp legal advice chabun” and “sherwood turns down reeve’s resignation graney” The Barclay Sherwood corruption report was completed by December 31, 2014, but has not been released to the public and I (Lee) believe the report will not be released until Justice redacts anything leading to the Strudwick’s bribe demand to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 11, and note that Court Registrar Wyona Roy and Justice lawyer Nancy Drew, now a Queens Bench, covered up the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M development. Google “is the saskatchewan law society a branch of saskatchewan justice?” review search results, then go to post UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN, note the hard evidence the Law Society, in effect, Saskatchewan Justice, covered up the fact that the Strudwick lawyer, Glen Dowling, paid by the taxpayers, ordered the RCMP to destroy affidavit evidence of Strudwick contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, compare the Mike Duffy charges for the contravention of the Criminal Code to the contravention of the Criminal Code by the Sherwood Ruling Elite and I (Lee) repeat, Justice will redact anything out of the Barclay report leading to the Strudwick demand for bribes but note Justice redacting anything from Barclay is hard evidence of “unfairness”, and supports my plan, review last few paragraphs of WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE.

The Sherwood Ruling Elite claim they “did not grasp the legal advice they had been given”, the Sherwood Elite could have just reviewed this Web sites posts SHEROOD’S $200M REEVE, and BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, and scroll back to the post masthead, note this Web site is ranked in the top +/-30 out of 30 million most read Web sites in the world and every Ruling Elite in the G-20 Countries understands the meaning of the term “conflict of interest” and the Chabun article refers to “one of the top law firms in Saskatchewan” and note below:

Google “does olive waller zinkhan advise the rm of sherwood” note the internet paper trail and I (Lee) am told the Olive legal firm has advised the RM of Sherwood for years, and Google “regina lawyer wil olive trys to use lees argue plan to develop the old fort san property” review all search results, and note the paper trail is rock solid, NDP Lawyer Wil Olive, tried to use my Argue plan to acquire the Old Fort San property as a Development and note below:

Google “ wil olive used department of public works officials to pull his old fort san development scam” and note that Wil Olive boasted of his Old Fort San plan to the media so I (Lee) used Olive’s media boasts to support my Web site effort for the Argue Development approval until NDP Calvert shut down Olive’s Old Fort San development scam; note Wall later axed the Department of Public works.

Review TO KILL A KING; the officials running ISC are the same Officials Olive used to try to pull his Old Fort San scam and now block my (Lee)s ask for tax deductible donation status. Google “wil olive one of the ten most influential men in saskatchewan”, who are the other nine?, Strudwick, Dowling, Richards, Reiter, Barclay, Link, Eberle, Marit, and Lane have all blocked approval for the Argues $30M development until Strudwick’s bribes are paid, again review the Supreme Court Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940” and note below:

This Web site is in the top +/- 30 most watched Web sites out of 30M World Web sites and is effective. As example, to make the point, I (Lee) used this Web site to: Google 1) “rural zoning website forces harper fed to end ethanol/bio-diesiel subsidy” and 2) “rural zoning website causes two-third drop in just energy share price” and 3) “rural zoning website predicts crude oil price of $43.00 a barrel” and note the probability of a fourth Web site accomplishment below:

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and Google “probability theory” note it is “probable” this Web site blocked Eberle from scamming a $200M development, but notwithstanding the hard evidence of this Web site effectiveness, the officials listed in the preceding paragraphs blocked my (Lee)s ask to overcome the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “lee offers to use sask water to resolve argue/ strudwick bribe debacle at no taxpayer cost”, but I have been ignored.

The NDP/Sask Party have ignored my (Lee)s ask for seven years, BUT notwithstanding Sherwood deputy Reeve’s steady media whine, Queens Bench Barclay Sherwood corruption report is encouraging, to wit: the Sherwood Ruling Elite admits water is a problem for the Sherwood Reeves Wascana Village development, but now except for the Strudwick’s greed, jealousy and demand for bribes, a water deal can now be done, note below:

Regina lawyer Wil Olive, acting for Sherwood, hates the Argues because he (Olive) knows the Argues, have more money than he does, so he (Olive) Google “fuddel-duddel” the Argues instead of supporting their development, review the last half of FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, note that Sherwood could solve that problem by firing Wil Olive as their lawyer, BUT the real problem is the Strudwick demand for bribes, which the Argues will never pay, only there now is a solution to that seemingly impossible to solve problem.

Joe Pettick advised that the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow is enough water for a community of 7500 people and the Argues need only 3% of that water flow for their development as approved by the Provincial departments. The Argues could provide the Sherwood Reeve with half of the water he needs, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to the map, remember the Sherwood Reeve plan includes a water recycling plant so the Argue excess water could start the cycle and the Reeve’s planned recycling plant may solve the other half of his water problem.

Review WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE and note that my (Lee)s mind is at ease regarding the danger of the RM of Edenwold expropriating the Argue 350 gpm spring to give to the Sherwood Reeve; one of my (Lee)s confidants noted that if Queens Bench Barclay had allowed the Sherwood Reeve to go ahead with his scam, SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE and BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, the Sherwood ruling Elite, the Deputy Reeve, would have been bragging to the media, not whining, so ground has been gained on Strudwick’s bribe demand.

One of my (Lee)s confidants likened the official, sleaze, bribery, and corruption surrounding the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow to the official, sleaze, bribery, and corruption in the Jack Nicholson cult classic movie “Chinatown” and as in Chinatown, at the end of the day, it comes back to WATER where will the Sherwood Reeve get the water he has to have for his $200M Development?

Web readers are asked to note that part of Queens Bench Barclay’s inquiry mandate was to set out where the Sherwood Reeve intended to get water to service his development; review this sites post, WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE setting out my (Lee) fear that the RM of Edenwold will expropriate the Argues development quarter and 350 gpm spring to allow the Strudwick to provide the Sherwood Reeve with water, note below:

My (Lee) confidants now believe my fear of the RM of Edenwold expropriating the Argue 350 gpm spring to give to the Sherwood Reeve, results from my paranoia, REGARDING PARANOIA RURAL ZONING. My confidants believe that if Premier Wall had intended to allow the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argue 350 gpm spring, he (Wall) would have not ordered Queens Bench Barclay RM of Sherwood corruption inquiry, and Premier Wall is a Mennonite, and my Dad, familiar with the Minnesota Mennonites, said that all Mennonite’s are reasonable men, Google “ reasonable man legal definition” and note below:

My(Lee)s first responsibility is to the Argues so suggest the Premier Google “lee offers to use sask water to resolve strudwick/argue bribe debacle at no taxpayer cost” BUT note that once the Harper Fed falls, the Strudwick’s legal protection, that effing Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30, should be gone from the Court, at which time, as set out in WALL AND THE ASSESSOR SITE, I (Lee) will start my legal action against the RM of Edenwold, note below:

I (Lee) urge the Premier Google “time for more considered approach mandryk” and as suggested by Murray, think about the Strudwick demand for bribes and the fact that when the Harper Fed falls in October 2015, I will start legal action against the RM of Edenwold to obtain funds to pay for enhanced Web site ads on Access in Saskatchewan, a Ottawa Cable Channel, and a robo-call program promoting the ads, note below the implication for the Wall administration:

This Web site achieved its astounding stats advertised only on Access here in Saskatchewan for the last seven years and I (Lee) suggest Premier Wall and his Brain Trust, consider what the visit count for this Web site will be at if I am able to run Web site ads on both Access and a Ottawa Cable Channel, aided by robo calls for +/- 15 years, 4 elections or until my death, the only limitation is my courage, and I am as stupidly brave as a honey badger, Google “ lee lead survey crew to face down shotguns and pitchforks” and note below:

Premier Wall’s Minister Responsible, Reiter, deems me (Lee) to be the stupidest man in Canada, BUT Google “trudeau won’t ‘second-guess’ harper for ducking into closet during the shooting on the hill maloney huff-post”. Note that today’s leader’s are a sick joke, when the shooting started on the Hill, Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, hides in a closet, and Google “harper fed uses strudwick farm to boast of wheat board destruction” which lead to the Harper Fed refusing to face down the lying, corrupt , the Strudwick’s, demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M development, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

I (Lee) am the same good soldier, who, back in the day, defied farmers shotguns and pitchforks to lead a survey crew to get a road staked to be built and now am deemed by the Elite to be stupid to attempt to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick. In today’s world, not caring if you live or die, is a must to defy bribe demands of officials such as the corrupt Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”. I am no braver than the next man BUT my only interest in life was building roads, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: until my flat refusal to pay bribes to Government Engineers ended that dream.

Google “the most dangerous man is one who has nothing to lose” and I am Google “sickened unto death”, of that effing Lane, his corrupt , the Strudwick, his corrupt Government Engineers and his corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges. Google “betrayal, people take that personally: backlash and a $7B hole in the budget-holiday over in alberta politics gerson”, note political betrayal is the same here in Saskatchewan, Google “lee organized win for devine pc’s in 4 out of 5 seats in red square rural zoning”, review the search results, that effing Lane stabbed me (Lee) in the back but Lane’s betrayal may now help the Argues.

I (Lee) repeat, my only interest in life was building roads, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: note Lane did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy me. The Lee males are long lived and to kill time until my death I decided to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick and that means keeping this Web site up and running until my death and I will keep that promise notwithstanding the fact four Regina Lawyers, all good men, advised the Argues, and I, that it is impossible to obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick.

I (Lee) was destroyed for refusing to pay bribes to Government Engineers BUT I started with nothing and built a Highway Contracting Company that completed many miles of Highway Contracts, hard evidence of my ability; no one would imagine that the ability to develop a major Highway Contracting company would be the same as the ability to build a Web site ranking in the top 30 out of 30M World wide Web sites but review the post masthead and note below:

It is “probable” my ability has resulted in the astounding stats for this Web site, review masthead, note the site current estimated net worth is +/- $800M, some say that Web site value is nonsense, but the value of this Web site is no more nonsensical than the assessed value of any RM, the landowners own the land, not the RM. Google “rm of edenwold assessment”, note Edenwold assessment is $287M; and one of my (Lee)s confidants, a comic, remarked the solution to the problem of the Strudwick’s refusal to approve the Argue development until her bribes are paid, Google “scc 31940”, sell this Web site, buy Edenwold RM and give Argues their development, good plan, but there is a problem.

The RM of Edenwold is too big to be a insane asylum and too small to be a County, Google “old testament leaders tore down buildings, spread the stones, plowed and salted the earth of defeated enemies” not possible today, but something has to be done to end the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “scc 31940”, that has resulted in a decade of the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow running into Wascana Creek, Qu’Appelle, Assiniboine and Red to Hudson Bay.

I (Lee) suggest Premier Wall Google “mandryk: report could have wider consequences” and “lee offers to use sask water to resolve strudwick argue bribery debacle”. I suggest the Premier, appoint a panel of 3 (three) MLA’s to bring SASK WATER officials, the Sherwood Reeve, whose development needs water, and the Argues, have three items to bring to the table 1) the rule of law, ie: Strudwick bribe demand, Google “scc 31940”; 2) a Provincially approved Development; and 3) a 350 gpm spring water flow, to seek solution, the plan has one major flaw, the Argues have a lousy track record with lawyers, note below:

Glen Dowling acted for the Argues until he switched sides to the Strudwick taking his intimate knowledge of the Argues personal financial situation and “psyche” with him, next the Argues went to NDP lawyers Ron Gates and Barry Nychuk, which was even more of a disaster, Goggle “gates and nychuk stabbed the argues in the back”, note search results and as the Argue Representative, I (Lee) ask that the Wall administration agree to a lawyer of my choice to accept instruction on behalf of the Argues, at taxpayer expense; note there is precedent for granting such ask, Google “taxpayers paid alex chapman lawyer rocco galati in lady lori douglas inquiry”, now note below:

Assuming my (Lee)s fear of the RM of Edenwold expropriating the Argue 350 gpm spring water flow to allow the Strudwick to do a “cozy crony” with the Sherwood Reeve was paranoia, REGARDING PARANOIA, there is a solution; review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to the map, it is five miles from the Argue development to White City where SASK WATER owns the water plant, Google “regina City piping water to white city” and note simple solution below:

Google “argue 350 gpm spring water flow valued at $85,000.00 a year” review the search results and note that if SASK WATER accepted responsibility, the excess water from the Argues 350 gpm spring could be piped the five miles to the SASK WATER plant at White City, and the City of Regina could send that much less water to White City and sell it to the Sherwood Reeve for $85K, each year. I (Lee) try to never use that dumb “win-win” axiom but it fits here except for the Strudwick who ends up without her bribes, Google “scc 31940”, note below:

Strudwick will have to forget her dream of ending up with the Argue Spring and SASK WATER will insulate the Argues from the thug, Eberle, and his Influential Lawyer, Wil Olive, Google “regina ndp lawyer wil olive a influential man” and “wil olive, ndp politics and legal ethics rural zoning”, note influential NDP lawyer Wil Olive, has a long history of NDP Political involvement, Google “influential ndp lawyer wil olive and the thousand forged memberships” review search results and note backroom political geniuses, such as Wil Olive, spend their days coloring up fairy tales, it is rare for anyone to be incarcerated, but note below:

Google “harper guelph robo call scandal”, review the search results and note that a Harper Fed guy ended up in prison and Google “ernest morin serves prison time for forged ndp membership”, review the search results, Morin took the fall for Olive’s forged native membership plan BUT coloring up political fairy tales works, the Harper fed won Guelph and Wil Olive’s forged membership’s worked, Link won the NDP leadership, not that it did Wil Olive any good, review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE and note below:

It is a sick joke that a thug such as the Sherwood Reeve, Eberle, and his “influential” lawyer, Wil Olive, will benefit by $200M from Eberle’s massive conflict of interest, but Reeve Eberle’s development will not be any competition to the Argues high end, walled, gated, plus 50 development, named “Spring Meadow Estates” review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents, note Architect Joe Petticks Argue plan, wide roads and huge lots, compared to Reeve Eberle’s Wascana Village, note below:

Google “wascana village design uses walkways and bike paths” a much cheaper design to build, BUT Google “inside the grande borne: a lawless concrete labrinth where paris terrorist amedy coulibraly grew up leichester associated press”. I (Lee) urge Web readers to read the AP article carefully, note that Paris development is impossible to police, the Cops can not get their cars down the walk and bike paths so for the Paris cops its “no go” after dark.

Google “paris police known for training, ability and courage” but note that even these guys will not go in the “grande borne” walking and bike path development after dark. Google “probability theory” and note that it is “probable” that the

Regina South taxpayers will not like having Sherwood Reeve Eberle’s Wascana Village development in their midst and the Argues do not like facilitating the Sherwood Reeve’s corruption, but something has got to be done, note below:

The Strudwick will not back off until something, somebody, somehow, pounds into her obdurate German brain that the Argues 350 gpm spring is beyond even her bottomless greed and corrupt power. The Argues are sick of seeing their 350 gpm spring water flow running into Hudson Bay, but refuse to pay the Strudwick her bribes, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 17. , and note below:

Google “scc 31940” and note that I (Lee) as the Argue representative, will not carry a wilted dandelion to the evil, lying, corrupt, the Strudwick, to approve the Argue development, but again, something has to be done to resolve the problem of the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argues $30M development and more of my thoughts on how to end the Strudwick corruption will be set out in the March post, draft title ONE STUPID MAN.


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