Click on ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.orgsome ask, without true, real, artificial intelligence (AI) how can the assessor site webstatsdomain.com know this site is # 27 in 30M World Web sites?, top .0001% of World sites, value $7,638,983,154 usd; answer; Google “probability theory wiki” note Transparency International uses this site to rank Canadian control of official bribe demand as the worst in G-7.

First some housekeeping. This Web site, ranked at # 27 out of 30M, means this site is in the top 27 most visited Web sites in the World. Google “definition of anti-corruption web site”, in the post masthead above, this Web site, published in po-dunk Saskatchewan, by me (Lee), who Walls Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, deems to be the stupidest man in Canada, and this Web site to be a stupid joke, is ranked in the top 27 (twenty seven) (two dozen) out of 30M, ask why is Reiter lying to the voters regarding this Web site’s domain status?

Google “webstatsdomain ranking”, the Assessor site that ranked this Web site as the 27th most visited Web site in the 30M World Web sites, is itself ranked at 2871287, ( 2.8)M out of 30M, in the top 10%, as ranked by Alexa, note the ancient question, Google “who will watch the watchers”, does GM watch Ford?, does Case-IH watch John Deere?, does Cat watch Terex, YES? , so WHY is the media and NDP official opposition covering up the Strudwick proven official demand for bribes, Google “scc 31940”. Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note CBC Chief, Kyle, advised Earle the mainstream media agreed to not publish the Strudwick bribe demands, BUT it gets worse, much, much worse, note below:

Under our Constitutional Monarchy democracy, the NDP, as Official Opposition have a constitutional duty to be watching corrupt Official sluts such as the Strudwick, yet have refused to raise her bribe demands in Leg Question period; Google “ndp must do better post session mandryk”, all the NDP have to do is follow this Web site, it is ranked as the 27 most watched out of 30M World sites and contains documented official corruption material the NDP could use to form Government note the last few paragraphs in ASSESSOR SITE RUAL ZONING.

Google “canadian wheat board prepares for corporate take over cbc” and “mulroney on corp board looting wheat board assets” and “cwb still haunts tories johnstone” and “tsx down 329 points as oil slumps to new multiyear low evans cbc” and “up to pipeline firms, not ottawa, to make gateway, transmountain work, industry minister says, hall cbc.” and “bank of america see $50 oil as opec dies evans-pritchard” and “shale oil profitable at $43.00 a barrel”.

I (Lee) believe that with oil headed to $43 a barrel, Harper knows the Canadian economy is doomed and wants to lose to Trudeau, Google “pm-appointed gov’t employee remained on payroll despite links to illegal fund raising ctv staff”, that is just more hard evidence of the Harper ties to SNC-Lavalin and as example of the Strudwick level of official corruption in the Harper Fed, Google “feds pay $35M to end relocation contract dispute”, more odd bit of housekeeping below:

Google: “corruption must be punished, discipline must be strictly upheld: peoples daily zhang ijanfeng”, if the Communist Party running China ends official corruption, the Wall must end the Strudwick corruption, and Google “judge orders ezra lavant to pay saskatchewan lawyer $80,000.00 in defamation suit c.p.”, study the CP article on Ezra Levant, note the Judge came down on Ezra like a ton of bricks for making his claims with no supporting evidence and
there can be no doubt whatsoever but that a journalist of Ezra’s experience (he wrote “W” speech’s) should not have made that mistake note below:

Review FRANK AND THE LADY, the Supreme Court has ruled all Media and Web site statements must be documented by hard evidence, which Supreme Court of Canada rule, I (Lee) follow to the letter, though I am deemed by the Walls Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, to be the stupidest man in Canada, Google “rural zoning saskatchewan web site claims well documented”.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to Google “scc 31940”, the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement confirming the Strudwick demand for bribes, to wit: “flowers chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue $30M development, and Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption” it is contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to the Strudwick, note the Summary Statement was written by Canada’s Chief Judge, Lady Beverley McLachlin, review post FRANK AND THE LADY.

Web readers are asked to note that notwithstanding Lady Bev’s wonder-full Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940” proving the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development, NDP Premier Calvert refused to overrule the Strudwick and grant the Argues approval for their development which, with the NDP on the edge of the abyss, “probably” cost NDP Calvert the November 2007 Election, SOME STUPID- SOME JOKE, but NDP Premier Clavert ignored Lady Bev’s Summary Statement and after the change in Government in November 2007 the Wall was as obdurate as NDP Calvert.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasis, that from July 2007, following the publication of the Supreme Court Summary Statement by the Chief Judge of Canada, Lady Beverley Mclachlin, Google “scc 31940” and my establishing this Web site, and the 1800 Web site visits from July 2007 to the General Election of November 2007, Premier Calvert ignored Lady Bev’s Summary Statement and after the change in Government, the Strudwick, and her new boss, the Wall, Google “lady janet mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier” in effect told the Chief Judge of Canada, Lady Beverley McLachlin, to Google “fuddel-duddel” herself, review FRANK AND THE LADY, but note below:

This Web site did have a cheering effect on the Argues from July to November 2007, Google “sask party mla’s promise argues sask party will approve their development when sask party forms government”, again review search results until satisfied that the Sask Party MLA’s promises were made, BUT after the November 2007 Election, the Strudwick, and the Wall, despite his MLA’s many promises to the Argues, stabbed the Argues in the back, and refused the Argues development approval until the Strudwick got her effing “flowers”.

All taxpaying, voting, Web readers are asked to note that the Strudwick, and the Wall, snickered and sneered at the Argues, and like NDP Calvert before him, the Wall told the Argues, and in effect, Canada’s Chief Judge, to Google “fuddel-duddel” themselves, TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLDEE & ASSESSOR SITE, RURAL ZONING, a Assessor web site, used by World Bank to reference official corruption, establishes that this Web site is ranked in the top 27 out of 30M, BUT my (Lee)s stupidity means this Web site astonishing stats must result from acts by, maybe a Angel, Google “images of emma thomson angels in america”

Review posts BARCLAYS CONFLICT, REITER–BARCLAY TWO STEP, WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, CROCODILES DO CRY and ASSESSOR SITE RURAL ZONING and note rumor is rife that Edenwold is ready to grant the Argue’s approval for their $30M development without the Argues, having to bribe their former Administrator, that evil, lying, corrupt, slut, the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940” on the condition I (Lee) get nothing, after a decade, a bit of progress.

A oblique variation of this rumor has surfaced before, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30, note that the RM of Lumsden Reeve, Jim Hipkin, sent message that Lane and Strudwick were colleagues/cohorts and that I must be care full. When Jim Hipkin issued that warning, or threat, whichever it was, I (Lee) went to my PC contacts and found Hipkins warning/threat to be fact.

The information was that Lane and Strudwick have buried a lot of bodies together since Lane had won his first election as a Liberal, so I warned the Argues of the Lane-Strudwick relationship and of Lanes determination to destroy me LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: which the Argues were well aware of, they were sent to me because I survived that effing Lane’s attempt as Devine’s AG to incarcerate me for threatening him by stating that he “should be shot”, last ¼ of LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP.

The Argues were brought to me (Lee) because I was the only man in Canada stupid enough to try to get approval for their $30M development, without bribing the Strudwick but if the Edenwold Council want do a deal with the Argues to give them their $30M development on the basis that I, their representative, get nothing, then that is exactly what the Argues will try to do, but note below:

My (Lee)s confidants view this rumor as ground gained and my mind went back over the years to a discussion with the then Mayor of White City in the Hotel Sask Bar, the Strudwick’s two bit shyster, Dowling, had just launched her (Strudwick’s) SLAPP libel action against me, Earle had gotten the Mayor and I together in the Sask Hotel bar; as usual, the Mayor and I talked of the nonsense that “men who could be friends” talk of in bars, to wit: “shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and Kings”, finally we got to the point, note below:

The point was the evil, lying, corrupt, slut, the Strudwick, and the fact the White City Council is made up of Strudwick’s relatives, the Mayor knew Strudwick hated the Argues, so the Mayor was as delighted then, as my confidants are now, to wit: the White City Mayor was convinced that the Strudwicks arrogant, obdurate, determination to finish me off with that arrogant SLAPP libel action Google “scc 31940” would take her down and it does appear, God willing, with the help of Angels, Lady Beverley, Assessor Web sites, when pigs and penguins fly, and it the creek don’t rise, the White City Mayor might be right.

Back in that day in the bar, the Mayor was laughing at the fact that if Strudwick was as smart as she thought she was she would have ignored me (Lee) and sat back demanding bribes for development approval in the RM of Edenwold until St. Swithin day, but the Mayor predicted that her brazen, corrupt, arrogance would do her in; she (Strudwick) was determined to destroy me for annoying her and the Mayor, who believes Google “each one of us weaves the rope that hangs us high”, was certain that her brazen, corrupt, arrogance would do her in.

I (Lee), colored by my Western Earth Moving experience, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5. did not see how I could win given the absolute corruption of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges,BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and told the White City Mayor of that fear, but the Mayor was adamant that the publicity would finish Strudwick, well, we are going to find out who is right, the Mayor or the four Regina lawyers, Google “four regina lawyers advise the argues its impossible to obtain zoning approval without bribing strudwick”.

After thinking about that bar meeting with the White City Mayor back in the day the thought occurred to me that the Strudwick relatives on White City Council are blocking my ask that the Strudwick bribery debacle be resolved through use of my SASK WATER plan, Google “lee offers to resolve strudwick bribery demand debacle using sask water”, to give the Strudwick time to have the RM of Edenwold expropriate the Argue development for her, note below:

Review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and scroll down to the Sherwood/Edenwold joined map and review script around that map, note that the Strudwick’s relatives on the White City Council blocked the Argue gift of 90% of the Argue 350 gpm spring so that the Strudwick can blackmail or bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Court into allowing the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring and give it to her (the Strudwick), review BARCLAYS CONFLICT, so that the Strudwick and her corrupt ilk, can use the Argue 350 gpm spring to scam $230M, review CROCODILES DO CRY.

As the great Sherlock said Google“when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, is the answer” BUT at the end of the day, all that matters is that I (Lee) have not yet accomplished the impossible and won approval for the Argue $30M development without bribing the Strudwick; If I do prevail for Earle and Sharie and their heirs, I will adopt the motto of the American Armed Forces, Google “the difficult we do immediately the impossible takes a little longer”. The Hon Jim Reiter says I am too stupid to have done it, the only explanation is a Angel did it for me, but so what?, I would take a Angel having my back over being as shyster smart as Reiter any day of the week.

Google “ polling shows that more u s citizens believe in angels than believe in god”, strange, because perceived wisdom in all Religions is that the Angels run errands for God. Note that in the Strudwick corruption, Google “four regina lawyers advise the argues it is impossible to gain approval for their development without bribing strudwick”, and no less than the current Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, claims that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for believing that I can get approval for the Argue development without bribing the Strudwick and this Web site is a stupid joke, hence, a Angel did it for me.

I (Lee) repeat, the Strudwicks friend, the Walls Minister Responsible, Reiter, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, deems me (Lee) to be the stupidest man in Canada so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is impossible that any accomplishment for the Argues resulted from me, conversely rumor is rife that Edenwold Council will grant the Argues Development approval without their having to bribe the Strudwick, on the condition I get nothing, so as Sherlock says: Google “when you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however improbable, has got to be the answer” to wit: a Angel did it for me.

I (Lee) am just a soldier following orders ie: Dr Baar’s “only hope” advise on behalf of the Argues, BUT I have a Angel watching my back. The fact is that in both World War I and II, a few Allied Soldiers were given medals for surviving a run on a German machine gun nest and getting close enough to lob in a couple of hand grenades taking out the German machine gun nest, but the fact is that, while the corrupt slut of the Strudwick is a German, raised as a German, in the German Village of Edenwold, the soldiers who made the WW I and II run against the German machine guns are honored while I am dissed for stupidity.

I (Lee) have been told by Edenwold ratepayers that Strudwicks obdurate German hatred of Earle and Sharie Argue, who are Irish and Scottish respectively, is the root problem and the ratepayers, usually add that to this day Strudwick dismisses me as nothing, a stupid Englishman, and this Web site as a stupid joke, BUT again Google “scc 31940”, I have proven the problem is my refusal to carry the Strudwick her effing flowers, chocolates and perfume.

Notwithstanding the current rumors of my (Lee)s pending success for the Argues, if not for myself, and the 55,000 Web visits to date, and the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940” and post FRANK AND THE LADY and the Assessor site stats, review ASSESSOR SITE RURAL ZONING note that I have still not actually accomplished anything, the Wall and the Strudwick are still snickering and sneering at the Argues, BUT my Angel hangs in, scroll back to the Angel reference in this post and note below:

Angels have wings and perceived wisdom is that time means nothing to Angels, so “hanging in” is no hard ship for them, but it appears Angels can feel neglected and become restless,; in the movie “Angels in America”, title role played by Emma Thompson, she comes to get a guy who is dying of Aids, she zapped a hole in his roof to get in at him, he said his landlord would not approve, but she complained it was always a struggle to get her wings through earth doors, whereby he (the dying guy) said she was early, the Doctors had told him he had several months to live, but her response was that she knew she was early, but that she had not had any sex in 4 or 5 thousand years and she wanted him to correct that for her, he reminded her he was dying of Aids, she snorts, points out she is a Angel and Aids means nothing to her, note below:

The point of Emma’s Angel movie is that IF Angels can become impatient, and take direct action to solve their problems, a good Mennonite boy such as the Wall, must be familiar with, Google “genesis sodom and gomorrah”, and the Wall may recall that God can become impatient with corruption; Google “you need evil to bring out the good maher”, note below:

Maher is a great journalist, the Lane/Strudwick/Barclay/ Richards evil is bringing out the good in one Regina lawyer, ONE GOOD MAN, Google “west meadows raceway-regina sk-local business”, note David McKay forced SLGA to their knees before his Harness Race Clients to settle their $6M claim, SLGA agreed on the condition it is kept secret; maybe the Wall would end the Strudwick bribe demands and grant the Argues approval for their $30M development on the condition the Argues keep it a secret.

Google “mandryk: summary budget masking problems mandryk” and “sask. Premier says falling oil prices will tighten next years budget clancy c.p.” and “oil’s toll: folks in alberta, saskatchewan, newfoundland will be poorer bahadl” and “plunging oil prices could hurt incomes in saskatchewan: report ctv..There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Harper Fed and Wall Administrations, must end the massive official corruption if Canada and Saskatchewan are to survive economically; its simple enough to end official corruption, note below:

There is no new official fraud in Canada, as example Google “ ndp and liberals blast government over off shore pension revelations dubinsky and cashmore cbc”, post EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY, the Revenue Canada officials have a blueprint from the 1950’s by Quebec Duplessis and Tommy Douglas’s Clarence Fines. Review EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY, note the fact that Saskatchewan’s very own Clarence Fines, and Morris Schumiatcher, during the Douglas CCF Administration’s used a Duplessis Quebec New York Bank interest fraud as a blueprint to launder the interest from taxpayer money placed in a New York Bank into their personal accounts.

Google “probability theory”, note the precedent of the Duplessis and Fines paper trail from the 1950’s, indicates the “probability” the Harper Fed Revenue Canada Luxembourg scam, uncovered by CBC’s Dubinsky and Cashmore, will show that the profit Harpers Revenue Canada officials accrued from their Luxembourg housing shenanigans, will have ended up in a personal account rather than a taxpayer account, exactly as the interest money Fines and Schumiatcher scammed out of the New York Banks ended up in their personal accounts, rather than the Saskatchewan taxpayer account, note below.

Again review EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY and note that back in the day the Thatcher Administration tried very, very, hard to prove Fines and Schumiatcher’s New York Bank interest accounting trick was fraud, Fines and his Quebec French Secretary were long gone to Florida but when the CCF fell and the Ross Thatcher Liberals came to power Schumiatcher had the balls to refuse to hide in the Florida swamps and stood his corrupt ground, note below:

As soon as Ross Thatcher was sworn in he (Ross) incarcerated Schumiatcher, and placed him under house arrest until the University level legal experts of the day advised that since the taxpayers had lost no money on Fines interest scam, it was not fraud; that was when Schumiatcher came to fame for being deemed to be, unlike the Enron guys, literally, Google “the smartest guy in the room” and that designation stood until that effing Lane came into his own as Devine AG.

Review DEJA VU DEVINE, note that as Finance Minister in the Devine Administration that effing Lane out did Fines slick, shyster, New York interest scam, and he (Lane) took a short cut, no complicated New York Bank interest scam for that effing Lane, he instructed Swiss Bank Couriers to simply fly brief cases of taxpayer cash out of the Leg Building to the Swiss Banks.

Google “lane had swiss bank couriers fly brief cases of taxpayer cash out of the leg building to swiss banks”, review all search results, note that too many Bank Mangers know about Lane, brief cases of taxpayer cash and the Swiss Bank couriers too keep it covered up, but my (Lee)s point is that the Saskatchewan taxpayer is still paying interest on the $10B dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money that effing Lane and his cohorts stole during the Google “devine decade of disaster” and with Oil prices headed to $43.00 a barrel the Wall has no choice but to stop Lanes friend, the Strudwick, and her ilk, from stealing another $230M, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30, and CROCODILES DO CRY.

I (Lee) am proud of my efforts as the Argue representative, my only failure was when I wanted to run Access “rural zoning in Saskatchewan” ads on a Ottawa sister station to Access and needed more money to do that, and asked for donations, review MONEY-MONEY-MONEY RURAL ZONING and note that my ask failed, which surprised me, Google “probability theory wiki” I have used the reliability of the Google “probability theory wiki” all my working life and know it to be as reliable as night follows day, yet this time it failed.

Any Web reader who is not familiar with the practical effect of “ probability theory wiki”, in horse racing any horse who has won the last several races will “probably” win the next race, in horse racing, the bookies, using the “probability theory” set odds for the bettors, so note more practicable examples below:.

In any Mafia show, a Mafia wife is going to complain that she wants some furniture in her house that had not “fallen off the back of a truck”, to wit: stolen, she can not prove her husband stole it, but based on the “probability theory”, she knows, as every cop in Christendom knows, it was “probably” stolen and here in Saskatchewan, during the Google “devine decade of disaster”, if money was missing out of a Government account, we all knew that it was not lost, or moved to another account, or spent on some other project, every one knew, based on the Google “ probability theory” that effing Lane “probably” stole it.

Other than the failure of my (Lee) ask for donations to pay for Access type ads on a Access sister station in Ottawa, again review MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, my effort to obtain approval for the Argue $30M development with out bribing the Strudwick has gone very well, the site has already accomplished a lot, and saved the taxpayers a lot of money, if not the main goal, note highlights below:

A) Google “think tank names supreme court of canada ‘policy maker of the year fine” & “scc 31940” note that Canada’s Chief Judge, the Honorable Lady Beverley McLachlin, wrote the Summary Statement that proves the Strudwick demands “flowers chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to approve developments.

B) Following the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement, A) preceding, I (Lee) established this Web site, Google “rural zoning in saskatchewan” which site is now over 55,000 visits projected to be at 80,000 visits by April of 2016.

C) Google “https://ruralzoning.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org/” and review the Assessor site stats for this site, a rating of being in the top 27, not the bottom 27, but the top 27, out of the 30 million Web sites world wide, in the top .0001%, a 5 out of 5 rating, valued at $7,638,983,154 USD.

D) Google “rural zoning in saskatchewan web site forces harper fed to cancel ethanol bio-diesel subsidy” thus saving taxpayers hundred of millions of dollars.

E) Review post UBAVKA’S PONZI, note that a BC market watch operation used posts of this Web site as a base to issue “sell” advisory on “Just Energy” forcing a drop in share price of Just Energy of over two thirds in one year BUT saving small investors millions of dollars in future lost investment dollars.

F) review Web site post BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? ,and note the publication of the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters in Their Own House”, which public knowledge of the corruption of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges being blackmailed or bribed by Senior Government Officials, such as the Strudwick, has forced the Ruling Elite to treat taxpayers honestly.

G) I (Lee) believe this Web site has forced the Ruling Elite to settle for dollar amounts so high the Ruling Elite demand sworn secrecy of settlement, and
examples of secret deals to settle major dollar claim disputes is,(i) Regina City Plaza dispute with its Architects, $600K, settled and (ii) Regina Harness Race Association $6M dispute with Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming settled.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that whether or not it achieves its mission, to wit: obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the Strudwick, the site has accomplished a lot, BUT despite this sites astonishing ranking in the World wide Web, ASSESSOR SITE RURAL ZONING, review CROCODILES DO CRY, and note that at the end of the day, there is nothing this Website can do to stop Queens Bench Barclay from green lighting the Strudwick and Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development scam.

Review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, note the Sherwood Reeve has got to have water, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, the City of Regina refuses Sherwood water and Google “condie aquifer dry” BUT there is a 350 gpm spring owned by the Argues, and part of Queens Bench Barclay’s mandate was to find out where the water for the Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development was to come from, but I (Lee) believe Barclay will ignore the water issue and the RM of Edenwold Council will then expropriate the Argues Development and 350 gpm spring, and allow the Strudwick to pipe the Argues 350 gpm spring water to Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and scroll down to the joint Sherwood/Edenwold map and adjacent script, but note below:

I (Lee) believe I have the Argues covered, review ASSESSOR SITE RURAL ZONING, note the RM of Edenwold using expropriation to take the Argues 350 gpm spring would be so corrupt that even that two bit shyster, Chief Judge Richards, would order that if the RM of Edenwold wants to expropriate the Argues $30M development and 350 gpm spring, then they must compensate the Argues with the value of their development and 350 gpm spring ie: $30M.

I (Lee) also believe that if Richards refuses to protect the Argues, they are still covered; if Richards signs off on the expropriation fraud against the Argues without the Argues being compensated $30M, the Argues would have good Google “cause of action” and any decent Liberal lawyer could take the Argues $30M case to the Supreme Court and after the usual 33% contingency fee’s the Argues would “probably” end up with two thirds the value of their development, ie: $20M, not $30M, but $20M, which is still a lot of money, note below:

BUT now there is another rabbit running; the rumor that the Edenwold Council is prepared to allow the Argues to go ahead with their Development on the condition I (Lee) get no compensation for accomplishing the impossible for the Argues; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that I might be wrong about how Queens Bench Barclay is going to rule and Edenwold Council may have a “heads up” on Barclay’s report and maybe the reason for the rumor is that Edenwold Council may know the content of Queens Bench Barclay’s report.

If my (Lee)s Google “probability theory” prediction is wrong, and if Queens Bench Barclay writes a honest report and tells the Sherwood Reeve to Google “fuddel-duddel” himself, the situation changes dramatically because without the Sherwood Reeves $200M development to pipe the Argues 350gpm spring water to the RM of Edenwold Council may decide to end the political nightmare they created pandering to the Strudwick and use the Argue water in their own RM by granting the Argues development approval on the condition they (the Argues) give them 90% of the water and destroy me, their (Argues) Representative.

Many Web readers will not accept that a RM Council of farmers, would be that mean; Well the fact is the evil, lying, corrupt bastards, by nature, are as mean as a sewage lagoon full of Wolverines, review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, but pure meanness is not the reason they will insist on my (Lee)s destruction, they think of Alberta and worry about their survival as a RM.

Review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll to document 4, my affidavit to keep this Web site and Access Ads up as long as funds accruing to me (Lee) last, and review UBAVKA’S PONZI and note my belief that it would be a crime against humanity to shut down this Web site; scroll back to the post masthead, and after the astonishing Assessor ranking for this Web site I am even more certain than ever of the value of this Web site to the Argues and all Saskatchewan taxpayers.

That effing Lane’s only interest was/is to fill a couple of Swiss Banks to the rafters with money, while I (Lee) want to honor my dead wife Lorna (Latta) and I day dream of a Foundation named the Lorna Foundation dedicated to three goals, a) allow Highway Contractors to hire Private Engineers to administer their Highway Construction Contracts, and b) remove RMs from the face of Saskatchewan and replace them with Counties, and c) change Fed law to ensure Queens/Appeal Judges are controlled by Senate.

My (Lee)s enemies, of which there are one or two, even a few, will claim my day dreams are conclusive evidence that I, as the Hon Jim Reiter claims,am the stupidest man in Canada, BUT note that a) is already half done, Google “outsourcing doubles engineering costs on sask highway contractors say leo cbc news”, note the Highway Contractors are bitching about the Wall’s decision because private Engineers are honest men and can not be bribed.

My (Lee) second day dream, b), the removal of the RMs to be replaced by Counties, was done in Alberta by Ralph Klein, literally overnight, when he got sick of the 3Cs, cost, corruption and complaints, of the Alberta RMs and a Wall insider advised the Wall will deal with the RMs after the April 2016 Election.

The third item, c), moving control of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges from corrupt sluts such as the Strudwick to the Senate, has been one of my (Lee) daydreams for 30 years Google “lee advises dr carl baar to use senate to control judges”, BUT I am not alone in that daydream the Feds have been having the same daydream for over a hundred years, and have failed to take control of the Courts away from corrupt sluts such as the Strudwick since confederation, review post LADY LORI, A BEACON, scroll down to document 3, lawyers advise that it may take a Constitutional change, but that will not stop me trying until my death.

The Edenwold Council know, that whatever money I (Lee) accrue will be used to run this Web site as advertised on Access here in Saskatchewan, and if funds permit extend the ad to a Ottawa cable station, and they know that should I die with meaningfull capital, say $1M, 5% interest on that amount would fund a foundation to run this Web site and Access ads long after my death, and the Edenwold Council deal with the Argues to destroy me (Lee), if real, will provide good Google “cause of action” for my effort for the Argues, note below:

I (Lee) can not expect any lawyer to fight a action to the Supreme Court with only a 15% chance the Court will hear the case for a contingency fee of ($80K), 1/3 of a quarter of a million dollars, but I can conduct my own legal action against the RM of Edenwold, Google “rights & remedies august 2009”, review Shannon’s run down on acting for yourself, but there is nothing in Law to prevent acting for yourself and and if Edenwold and the Argues do a deal to give me nothing, I sure as hell would have Google “cause of action”, for $236,000.00, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraphs 35. and 67 e), that even a non-lawyer as stupid as I could carry, note below:

Should the rumor of a deal between Edenwold Council and the Argues not be fact and the Edenwold Council continues to stand firm against the Argue development again review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 35, note that paragraph could be the basis for my (Lee)s Statement of Claim against Edenwold Council, which Council will bribe the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Judges to rule against me, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, but review FRANK AND THE LADY, at the end of the day, what will Lady Beverley do?

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, if my (Lee)s $236,000.00 action against the RM of Edenwold is a success, that amount of money plus interest at 5%, would pay to maintain this Web site and run ads on both Access TV here in Saskatchewan and a Ottawa Cable Channel for 15 years, 4 election cycles, that may not win for the Argues, BUT I will have truly gone the last inch of the last foot of the last mile to obtain approval for Earle without bribing the Strudwick.

Google “never underestimate the enemy” that axiom is the oldest in history and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that I (Lee), am capable of preparing a action against the RM of Edenwold and carry the action to the Supreme Court of Canada, again review TWO LADYS AND THE APPEAL BOOK, note the Appeal Book portion of the post, which was submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada, Google “scc 31940”, lawyers have complimented me on that Appeal Book.

It is true my (Lee)s application was not opposed, the arrogant, corrupt, slut, Strudwick, instructed her two bit shyster Dowling to ignore my Leave Appeal, Google “supreme court docket information for 31940” note the usual back and forth housekeeping, but note where, as part of that, Dowling tells the Court the Strudwick will not be filing anything, and at the end of the day, the Supreme Court response to my leave ask was gratifying, Google “scc 31940”, and is the basis for this Web site with its astonishing ranking, scroll back to post masthead.

The rest of my (Lee)s defense material to the Strudwicks libel action was as effective as the Appeal Book, the Queens Bench Appeal defense material convinced the Appeal panel, lead by Richards, that I was right, Richards is the usual MLT White Collar thug, but Bill Vancise is a Honorable man, and he was on the appeal panel, so Richards and Vancise “probably” did a trade off on my appeal, Google “richard rules that even if lee is right he still libeled strudwick”, Google “truth is never libel”, BUT Queens Bench corruption always defies sanity.

Back in the day, the Western Earth Moving lawyer, D.A Mackenzie Q.C, had the same problem, D.A., did his usual master-full job, he (D.A.), acting for Western claimed the Highway Engineers were negligent, had made Engineering error, and were in breach of contract, the Queens Bench Judge, “Sandy” Macperson, agreed with the facts of D.A.s Western claim but dismissed the claim on the grounds the Highway Engineers were “only human”, is that sane?, note below:

I (Lee) will never forget the area Cat guy, Bob Cojocar, words of wisdom on the MacPherson ruling, Bob advised “look on the bright side Bob, D.A., will have no trouble proving at appeal the corrupt bastards are not human” but review” LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and scroll down to the “April 1984 MLA Appeal with Appendix’s (PDF) a lot to wade through so just go to Appendix 7 MacPherson’s Queens Bench Judgment that the Engineers were “only human”, note below:

D.A., was very able and knew there was nothing in law to prove that even Government Engineer’s are not human, BUT in Strudwick/Lee the law is clear Google “truth is never libel” and “scc 31940”, hence, I (Lee) did not libel the Strudwick but have run out of time to use that fact in Court and Taxpaying voters may wonder why there is not a less destructive way to deal with Official corruption, there is, note that the Highway Contracts contain a conciliation clause to deal with Highway Engineers endless incompetence and in the Western case then Deputy Minister Tom Gentles ordered Conciliation by Larry Lashyn, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll down to the documents review page 2 and 3, letters from Tom Gentles and Larry Lashyn, note below:

When Jim Milliken and Ken Laxdal, Westerns lawyer and accountant, advised Lashyn the problem stemmed from my (Lee)e refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, Lashyn wrote his letter refusing to continue conciliation but, he could have set example by doubling the award because it was deliberate act to destroy me because of my refusal to pay bribes. In the Strudwick/ Argue bribery debacle, MUNICIPAL BOARD BOUNDAY APPLICATION 0001/2004, scroll to documents to typed page 3, note the circled paragraph, note the SMB, knowing the Strudwick, knew that the problem “probably” flowed from the Argues refusal to pay the Strudwick her bribes, SMB “pre-empted”, now note below:

Lady Beverley supplied the ultimate truth to my (Lee)s claim of not libeling the Strudwick, with her (Lady Bev)s Summary Statement Google “scc 31940”, and Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption” prevents carrying ANYTHING to a Municipal Official, ie: the corrupt slut, the Strudwick, proving I did not libel the Strudwick. BUT Google “time limit to launch civil action”, the time limit is two years for Civil action so time has run out on action based on Strudwick’s demand for bribes, but I have a new plan, note below:

My (Lee)s mind keeps turning to the famous political losers speech, Google “the people have spoken,—- the bastards” and I keep day dreaming of a way to design a Statement of Claim against Edenwold along the same lines, something as simple as: “Lady Beverley has spoken—-the Edenwold bastards owe me $236,000.00”, but time is out on the Strudwick bribe demands, so note below:

Review HEYENAS WITH HUBRIS & SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, note that effing Lane has blocked Tony (Merchant) from receiving his $20M legal fee for his honest Indian lawyering and I (Lee) believe that to get his $20M, Tony, a good Liberal, with wife Pana a Liberal Senator, will ensure that Lane, already supernumerary for age, is gone from the Appeal Court after the Trudeau Fed forms Government in the spring or fall of 2015, removing the Strudwicks Court protection, at which time I will commence action against the RM of Edenwold.

The collapse of the Harper Fed will be well within two years of David McKay establishing the need for SLGA “fairness” which sets a precedent, ONE GOOD MAN, and Google “west meadows raceway-regina sk-local business” and the legal precedent is clear, if the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming (SLGA) Officials, are required, in law, to be fair, then RM Administrator Strudwick was required to be fair, which will be the basis of my legal action, not Strudwick’s bribe demand, and by then Premier Wall may have published, Queens Bench Barclay’s report regarding the Sherwood Reeves corrupt $200M development.

Review ONE GOOD MAN, and “west meadows raceway-regina sk-local business” note that all involved are sworn to secrecy, BUT settlement of David’s $6M action against SLGA regarding their failure to be “fair” is fact and sets a precedent of a legal demand for “fairness”, which is my (Lee) Google “cause of action”, ie: it is not “fair” for Edenwold Council to refuse approval of the Argue development when serviced by their own 350 gpm spring, compared to the Sherwood Council approval of their Reeve’s development with no water supply.

I (Lee) might even win at the Queens Bench level, Google “saskatchewan bar association susan mcgrath states federal judges might take bribes scmitz” the Queens/Appeal Judges may believe they can demand bigger bribes from County Administrators than RM Administrators, Premier Wall and the Edenwold Council should reflect on that fact while we all wait for the Harper Fed to fall.

I (Lee) will set a second rabbit loose in Court on the “fairness” question, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15. note that Queens Bench Barclay ruled that “all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere unless it descends into a farce”, now Google “caledonia wakeup call ranking” and “gary mchale saves caledonia couple”, review the search results.

Note the McHale Web site caused Ontario Premier Mcguinty to grant the “Caledonia Couple” millions of dollars restitution with McHales Web site at a ranking in the top 86,883 of 30 million yet the Strudwick and her boss, Premier Wall, snicker and sneer at my effort to use this Web site, ranked at a astonishing top 27 of 30 million World Web sites, to settle the Strudwick bribe debacle at no taxpayer cost Google “lee offers to use sask water to settle strudwick bribe debacle at no taxpayer cost”, that political comparison between the “Caledonia Couple” and Argues is a clear farce and politically unfair.

I (Lee) suggest Premier Wall Google “old ghost haunts ndp gains mandryk”, Murrays column, and then go to the masthead of this post for the Assessor site stating this Web site is one of the 27 most watched sites out of 30M, and click the red line to get to the Assessor site, then scroll to “Social” Trillium Network’s interest in “Rural Zoning in Saskatchewan” and note that Trillium Network, part of Trillium, the oldest and biggest of the investment Funds behind alternate energy, has taken a interest in the Strudwick horror, note below:

Google “scc 31940”, and “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”, Premier Wall could ask his AG to charge the Strudwick, under Section 123 (1). and let the AG fight the Strudwick Lawyer over the time issue; If Premier Wall hears chains rattling in the Leg hallway it may not be Marley, it is probably Jack Wolfe, Google “jack wolfe mla suicide” BUT it is Christmas so the Premier should think about ghosts, old and new, and in the spirit of Christmas, instead of charging the Strudwick under the Criminal Code, end the Strudwick bribe horror by using my (Lee)s long time standing offer, Google “lee offers to use sask water to end argue/strudwick bribery debacle at no taxpayer cost”.



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