Google some ask without artificial intelligence (AI) how can assessor sites be real?, how does webstatesdomain know this site is # 27 in the 30 million World Web sites, top .0001% of World sites, value at $7,638,983,154 usd, Google “probability theory” note Transparency International and the World Bank use sites like this to know Canadian corruption levels.

Web readers may also ask why a human controlled assessor Web site dealing with 30M Web sites around the world would bother with a Website in po-dunk Saskatchewan, the answer is money, they are paid for ads, go back into the assessor site as set out in the masthead, scroll down its entire length, note the stated site value, and ads, such as World Bank ads, is the site revenue .

The World Bank wants facts on corrupt Countries and this Website is full of documented official corruption in Canada and “websatesdomain,org” charges for advertising of the documented evidence this site provides, ie: its official, hard documented fact, that in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Developers must pay bribes to Rural Administrators to obtain development approval and Highway Contractors must bribe Government Engineers to survive, and the Ruling Elite ignore the Supreme Court of Canada ruling on corruption, FRANK AND THE LADY, the World Bank also likes to know when there is no hope for change.

Google “saskatchewan party wins lloydminister by election c.p.” despite the wonder of this Website, real or perceived, as set out in the site masthead just above, and the drop dead horror of the absolute and massive corruption of the RM of Britannia, as published in post CROCODILES DO CRY, the Sask Party candidate, a woman School Board Chair on the U of S Senate, a clone of RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, won Lloydminister with 64% of the vote, which at the end of the day is all that matters to the Argues, and I (Lee), note below:

Back to Queens Bench Barclay and the cover up of the Strudwick bribe demands, Google “scc 31940”, review CROCODILES DO CRY, I (Lee) set out that back in the day, as leader of a Grid road survey crew, once in a long while I faced down annoyed farmers carrying shotguns and pitchforks when a Grid road was diverted from the road allowance around a slough or into a valley; compare my long ago survey crew leadership to Harper hiding in a closet when shooting starts, Google “harper hides in closet when shooting starts”; confidants accept my courage, but question my intelligence, asking why not go to the RCMP?

The RCMP, then, as now, are as useless as Google “tits on a boar”, if I (Lee) had been slaughtered by a annoyed farmer back in the day, the RCMP may have taken the facts of my slaughter to a Crown Prosecutor, who, if he/she believed they could get a conviction, may have charged the farmer, and a jury may, or may not, have found the farmer guilty of manslaughter or murder, of me for being a Government Survey Crew Chief, which would be a close jury call, but unless one of the RCMP is shot, they have no interest whatsoever, note below:

Google “rcmp trained to cover up official corruption”, the RCMP covered up Pigman Pickton’s rape and slaughter of native Prostitutes to feed his pigs for a decade, in fact during Pigman Pickton era, the RCMP Elite spend their days doodling on their computers and day daydreaming about giving their women RCMP Constables to Pig Man Pickton to rape, slaughter and feed his pigs, TOP COP DAYDREAMS, now for my (Lee)s well documented experience below:

**** Google ” lee’s life threatened by highway engineers because of his refusal to pay bribes”, review the search results, note the Yorkton RCMP used wire taps to discover which Government Engineers were making death threats but refused to lay criminal charges of threatening against those Government Engineers.

**** Google “scc 31940” & “rcmp staff sergeant brent lewis destroyed affidavit evidence of Strudwick’s criminal acts” and review UPDATE WITH LETTER FROM LAW SOCIETY OF CANADA note that notwithstanding the fact the Supreme Court of Canada stated in Summary Statement that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue development was to bribe Strudwick, the RCMP cover up the Strudwick corruption to this very day.

**** Google “rcmp “f” division rule both argues must sign criminal complaint against strudwick” , review the search results and note that this aspect of the Donna Strudwick/RCMP corruption is the most disturbing; Outlook Community leader Lloyd Smith had done the detail work for me (Lee) and had sworn the affidavit Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed, BUT when Lloyd and I, the Argue Representative, offered to sign the criminal complaint, the RCMP “F” Division Ruling Elite remained adamant, the Argues must sign, not Lloyd and I. I (Lee), smelled a rat at “F” Divisions obdurate insistence the Argues must sign the criminal complaint against Strudwick, so I sent the Argues to the same four lawyers who had advised that it was impossible to obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing the Strudwick, and their advice is set out below:

The four lawyers were adamant Earle and Sharie must not sign the Strudwick complaint because if they did the RCMP would idle computers and cruisers for a month, then say there was nothing to the complaint and the Strudwick could sue the Argues for several hundred thousand dollars in libel damage, note that the RCMP rent office space from Strudwick in the RM Building in Balgonie, and the sick fact is that the RCMP “F” Division Elite was quarterbacking that scam.

**** Google “lane macpherson do deal to destroy lee”, note that my (Lee)s claim can easily be proven one way or another by North Battleford Provincial Court Judge, the Hon Kim Young, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and note that a “F” Division Ruling Elite named Vanderkratch threw me out of his office when I (Lee) tried to file complaint after the Devine Gang fell.

**** Google “gary lane, high school girls and cocaine”, review all search results, note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Lane ran those cocaine high school girl parties and I (Lee) can prove it through Devine backbench, except for teachers, Carnal knowledge of a high school girl above age of consent is not a criminal act, but feeding them Cocaine is. My problem is I can not prove Queens Bench Barclay attended Lanes high school girl/Cocaine parties but I can prove that after Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties Barclay ignored hard evidence the Argue Development had received all RM Council and Provincial approvals.

One of my (Lee)s confidants believes Queens Bench Barclay is caught between a rock and hard place, to wit: if he does not bow to the Strudwick demands she will publicize his attendance at Lanes high shool girl/cocaine parties, if he does bow to the Strudwick the Elite wives will assume Strudwick blackmailed him over Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties and make sure he does not open any more Historical Court House’s, Google “barclay opens wolseley historic court house” but I disagree with my confidant, its true, back in my day women were Angels, but today’s women are as corrupt as their husbands and lovers.

I (Lee) have proven that today’s Elite Saskatchewan women are corrupt sluts, the Strudwick and Lady Justice Janet McMurty, are well established facts, and it is my belief that Elite wives of the Queens/Appeal Bench thugs, such as Queens Bench Barclay, do not give a tinkers dam how many cocaine fueled high school girls their husbands Google “fuddel-duddel” as long as they keep adding corrupt millions to the families off shore bank accounts, so the Strudwick and Ruling Elite’s wives will agree on what to demand of Queens Bench Barclay.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 1.- 14. note the massive amount of hard evidence (official documents) the Edenwold Council had approved the Argue development, then note TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15. where Queens Bench Barclay wrote judgment supporting the Strudwick’s refusal to approve the Argue Development and following that ruling the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argues $30M Development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”.

Google “occam’s razor definition” and note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the simplest explanation for Queens Bench Barclay’s travesty of Justice Judgment regarding the Strudwick bribery demands is that Barclay was blackmailed or bribed, review post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, review CROCODILES DO CRY, and remember the question now is; will Barclay stay “bought”, remember, if Barclay had attended even one of Lanes High school girl/cocaine parties the Strudwick has him (Barclay) by the balls.

There is a huge amount of corrupt money for the Official/Judicial thugs, Lane, Strudwick, Reiter. Barclay and the Sherwood Reeve to scam, a total of $230M, $30M from the Argue Development, and $200M from the Sherwood Reeve’s development, BUT to make the scam work they must have the Argues 350 gpm spring and as set out in CROCODILES DO CRY, that turns on Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge Richards ruling the RM of Edenwold may expropriate the Argues development quarter and their 350 gpm spring water flow, note below:

Google “expropriation definition”, note the Strudwick wants title to the Argue development and 350 gpm spring, and no power on earth can stop the RM of Edenwold from expropriating the Argues $30M Development and 350 gpm spring and giving title to the Strudwick, all Chief Judge Richards can do is follow Canadian law and order the RM of Edenwold Council compensate the Argues for their $30M loss, many will think of the Irish axiom, “if pigs had wings they would fly”, BUT Richards knows, as I, and all lawyers know, that if it goes to the Supreme Court, Lady Beverley, will rule the Argues must be compensated. As note of casual interest review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 64.- 65. and note that NDP Premier Calvert attempted to bribe the Argues to go away quietly but Earle and Sharie refused NDP Calverts $1M bribe and many voting taxpayers will correctly say the future of the Argues $30M development and 350 gpm spring, once up to NDP Calvert, is now up to the Wall, BUT those taxpayers should Google “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal greed is good” & ” star phoenix editors state wall influenced by devine”, then note below:

Review SHEAF OP-ED ASK & WALL OF UNFAIRNESS and Google “feds cancel scn-lavalin contracts” & “snc-lavalin to cut 4000 jobs, reduces 2014 profit expectations c.p.” note that SNC-Lavalin corruption chickens are coming home to roost, remember that SNC- Lavalin is the most corrupt corporate entity in Christendom, SNC-Lavilin is so corrupt the World Bank has banned them from the EU, but Wall still shortlisted them to do the $1B, no bid, cozy crony, Regina by-pass, so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Wall will promote White Collar thugs interests before honest taxpayers such as the Argues.

Again Google “expropriation definition”. The Wall will allow his personal gang of White Collar thugs, Lane, Strudwick, Sherwood’s Reeve, Reiter, and Barclay to expropriate the Argues development and its 350 gpm spring to scam $230M. As set out the Argues can not stop expropriation of their $30M development and 350 gpm spring water, but to color up his integrity as Chief Judge, Richards, MAY order that the RM of Edenwold must compensate the Argues for their $30M loss for the expropriation of their development and 350 gpm spring.

How the RM of Edenwold Council could give the Argues $30M of RM ratepayer money to allow the Strudwick to color up a scam of $230M, without the Edenwold taxpayers marching on Council with torches, pitchforks and 12 gauge shotguns, is beyond me (Lee), but Reiter claims that I am the stupidest man in Canada, so much is beyond me, but I dealt with expropriation issues while running errands for Archie Clampitt, and know the only way the Ruling Elite can scam the Argue Development and 350 gpm spring water flow is through the RM of Edenwold expropriating the Argue development and its 350 gpm spring.

The bright spot for the Argues is that expropriation always leaves a Court paper trail a foot deep and ten feet wide of Ruling Elite official actions/signatures and is so repugnant in a Democracy that it opens the door for a lawyer to take a legal action through to the Supreme Court, as set out in CROCODILES DO CRY, but I (Lee) remind the Web readers that for the Argues to have a chance the corrupt Harper Fed must fall and the Trudeau Liberals form the Fed Government, which polls predict will occur, Google “trudeau’s march to 24 sussex kinsella” and “liberal score highest, conservatives plateau in nanos power index nanos ctv”

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that polls show that Trudeau will form the next Canadian Fed, BUT this must happen for the Argues to have a chance: note the Harper Fed owes its soul to that corrupt, slut, Strudwick; God knows how the Strudwick did it; that “effing” Lane probably did it for her, but review ASSET NUMBERS, Harpers Minister, Ritz used Strudwick’s Dairy Farm in Balgonie to brag about the destruction of the Wheat Board when no other family in Saskatchewan would allow Ritz on their farm to pander to their base by boasting of destroying the Wheat Board, which will haunt Harper, note below:

Web readers are asked to Google “global economy warning lights are flashing, says pm nick robinson” and “the harper government’s incredible shrinking surplus johnstone” and “harper government’s budget cuts killed 37,000 jobs, holding back recovery: economists huff post tencer” and “buffets $55 billion gamble in a bet on us collapse, warns cia economist money morning staff” and “sask boom may end with mid year oil mandryk”, and note below:

I (Lee) urge all Web readers to take special note of the the Money Morning article, note if Warren Buffet is predicting the collapse of the US economy, it will collapse, and also take special note of Murray’s oil article and remember that 80% of Saskatchewan GDP comes from trade with the US, so Saskatchewan taxpayers can not afford to continue to pay the Strudwick, and her RM Administrator ilk, bribes to approve developments, now note below:

Review FRANK AND THE LADY, and note Lady Beverley, Canada’s Chief Judge, is waiting in Ottawa, like a spider in a web, for these corrupt bastards to be dragged in front of her, and a honest Liberal Lawyer may decide that with Regina Lawyer David MacKay, ONE GOOD MAN, paving the trail and this Web site scattering rose petals on the trail, scroll back to the first paragraph in this post, note the Web Stats, there is enough hope for success that a honest lawyer may accept my (Lee)s ask to launch a 50% contingency action for $30M against the RM of Edenwold for expropriating the Argue $30M Development,

I (Lee) remind all taxpaying voters that the Supreme Court award to the Argues, whatever it is, will come out of the SARM/RMAA $.5B self insurance fund, money SARM has already seized from the Saskatchewan taxpayers, BUT I ask the taxpaying voters to review FRANK AND THE LADY and get used to that level of Court award against the RM’s, as example, Google “rm of britannia and the supreme court”, review all search results, Britannia was laundering taxpayer money through Ron Handel Farms, paying for road maintenance, which was not done, resulting in a car accident leaving one victim a paraplegic.

With paraplegic cost of care at +/- $100K a year the total cost will result in $3M to $4M over the next thirty to forty years, plus many times that in pain, suffering, and loss of income, again this money will come out of the SARM/RMAA $.5B self insurance fund, is a example of corrupt RM Administration; for normal RM corruption, Google “weird things in wilton saskatchewan taxpayer federation”, multiply Wilton corruption by 300 (298) for Saskatchewan RM corruption.

I (Lee) suggest all taxpaying voters think about the Administrators of the 300 RMs who all function like Afghanistan War Lords, review SASKATCHEWAN/ AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION & ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALATY ?, and note this corrupt Rural administrative horror will continue until the Wall follows Alberta, removes the RMs and creates Counties.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that SARM/RMAA are corrupt to the core with tentacles in all Rural Administration, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, & UBAVKA’S PONZI , & CROCODILES DO CRY where Web readers are asked to review the first paragraph and note Senator Hugh Segal has left the Harper Conservatives over the “Just Energy” Ponzi, note public knowledge of the Just Energy Ponzi is growing, it was the subject of the Global TV’s Channel 5, expose “16 x 9” on Saturday November 9 th 2014 at 7 pm Regina time.

Again, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, and take special note of the fact a BC Market watch group is using this Web site posts to warn their investors of the “Just Energy” ponzi and issuing a “sell” notice. Google “goodale sold income trust stock short”, I (Lee) believe the Wall Cabinet is using the Goodale “short sell” scam and keeping the Just Energy Ponzi alive using taxpayer money to assume the debt of Drummonds now defunct Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine to keep “Just Energy” out of bankruptcy and extend the Ponzi as long as possible, note below:

Beyond the “Just Energy” Ponzi, Google ” canadian feds cancel scn-lavalin contracts”, Walls big brother, Harper, shut down SNC-Lavlin corruption, BUT the Wall short lists them for the $1B Regina by-pass, cozy crony, no bid contract, now Google “sask party november 2014 convention turnout at seven hundred”, note that Saskatchewan’s Political Parties, CCF, NDP, Liberal, PC’s, Saskies, annual Conventions were always attended by 1200 – 1500, but this Web site is at over 55,000 visits and going up a visit every 15 minutes during the work day, resulted in Google “sask party november 2014 convention attendance 700”.

All Web readers, especially Sask Party supporters, are asked to note Regina Leader Post’s, Bruce Johnstone, has dubbed the Wall and his people the “Saskies” and I (Lee) am proud that this Web site, at over 55,000 visits, and going up a visit every 15 minutes during the work week, has caused taxpaying voters to be aware of the “Saskies” cozy, corrupt, relationship with SNC-Lavalin and the Just Energy Ponzi, to the point that turnout at the November 2014 “Saskie” Convention has been cut in half, from 1400 to 700, hard evidence this Web site is doing its job, as established and set out in this post masthead, BUT there is still a impossible problem with the Strudwick demand for bribes.

Again scroll back to the post masthead, note that even if this Web site is doing its job as assessed, the hard reality is that even if this Web site is so effective it causes the fall of the “Saskies” and return of the NDP, the Argues have less chance of obtaining approval for their $30M Development without bribing the Strudwick from the NDP, than they have from the Wall.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 20, -27; Premier Roy had Cabinet approval to end official RM bribe demands by removing the RMs until the NDP rank and file Rural membership forced Roy’s resignation as Premier/NDP Party Leader, with the next NDP Premier, Lorne Calvert, ordering Len Taylor issue a Ministerial edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue $30M development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator, the Strudwick, and note below:

Web readers are asked to Google “scc 31940”, and note that the result of the NDP Ruling Elite demand for the Strudwick to be paid bribes to approve the Argue development is this Web site with 55K plus visits. Google “why the ‘local’ multiplier effect’ always counts” and note that while many Web and internet users believe assessor Web sites can not be real, note a assessor Web site Google “” ranks this site in the top .0001% of the 30M World Web sites; for expert review of this Web site scroll back to the post masthead and Google “what is” study the description of the purpose, intent, and role in the internet of that advisory site, always keeping top of mind many believe it can not possibly reflect reality, but note below:

This Web site is ranked # 27 in the World, “Yes Virginia” that is the TOP 27, not the bottom, the top 27, it is in the top .0001% of 30 million World wide sites, scroll through the search review, note site value is $7,638,983,154 USD Google “what does usd mean in web site value?” and “value of website domain name” all of that notwithstanding, Web readers are going to ask, how the hell can this Website, trying to deal with the Argues $30M bribery/development problem be valued at 7 – 8 Billion dollars, not millions, Billions, one explanation below:

Google “rural zoning website forces end of federal ethanol/bio diesel- subsidy” and “dollar amount of canadian federal ethanol bio-diesel subsidy” note that subsidy has been calculated at many 100’s of millions and this Web site has been credited with forcing the Harper Feds to end the ethanol/bio-desiel subsidy, example of the detail I (Lee) used to cause Harper to cancel the Fed Ethanol subsidy review post FOLLOW THE MONEY, and any bright grade 12 High school kid on the internet could figure out the savings in his head in 30 seconds.

Another example of big dollar citizen savings, credited to this Web site, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, note that a Marketwatch group used posts of this Web site to warn investors of the Just Energy Ponzi and issued a “sell” advisory, resulting in Just Energy being forced to convert shares to bonds, God alone knows how much money the small investors saved by the Market watch group using this Web site as basis to issue that sell advice, but based on those examples, the saving to the Canadian taxpayers from this Web site could easily be $7-8B.

The only reason I (Lee) have gone down this road is to try to cause, first Calvert, now the Wall, to grant the Argues development approval without bribing the Strudwick, but have accomplished nothing, SO back to the real world of the Strudwick and her bribe demand to approve Earle and Sharie Argue’s $30M development, note below:

Google “wall panders to snc-lavalin”, note official documented evidence that the Wall panders to the most corrupt entity in Christendom, SNC-Lavalin, a group the World Bank has banned from the EU for corruption. The most recent example of SNC-Lavalin corruption Google “former snc-lavalin executive riadh ben aissa gets bail in montreal cp”, proving the absolute corruption, but could even artificial intelligence end the Strudwicks demand for bribes?, note below:

Google ” is artificial intelligence here now”, search results say no, so are Assessor Web sites, as set out in the masthead of this post real?, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that “” computer study shows this Web site states are near perfect and I (Lee) had hope until I realized there are two different worlds, the internet world of honor and here in Saskatchewan, the Strudwick’s world of Official bribery and corruption, Google “scc 31940”, which corruption is clearly supported by first Calvert, now the Wall, note below:

The hard fact is that it does not matter one iota what the rating of this Web site is, or even if the rating is real, or even if this Web site was written and published by the Angel Gabriel on a Web site with Saint Peter and Moloch as Webmasters, with each post written in the night skies from dusk till dawn from now until April of 2016, all it can, and will do, is return the NDP to power and the NDP Elite are the effing political thugs who pandered to the Strudwick’s bribe demands to approve the Argue development in the first place, Google “scc 31940”.

At the end of the day, the, arrogant, evil, lying, corrupt, obdurate, slut, the Strudwick, will demand her bribes to approve the Argue Development, Google “scc 31940”, until the RMs are wiped from the face of Saskatchewan and replaced with Counties, BUT, as advised by four Regina Lawyers, and notwithstanding the impossibility of obtaining approval for the Argues $30M Development without bribing the Strudwick, I (Lee) am mighty pleased and proud of this Web site stats record as set out in the post masthead, note below:

I (Lee) am proud of what the site Webmaster and I have done, it explains why Lawyers stop me on the street to shake my hand, and it explains why internet experts compliment me on the visit numbers; it does not explain the oddity I raised in the early posts, Google “mcguinty settles with ‘caledonia couple’ rural zoning”, review the Caledonia Couple and their Paladin, David McHale, showing up in the search results, and note the good reason for my puzzlement below:

The political contradiction is that the Ontario Premier Mcguinty treated the “Caledonia Couple” honestly when McHale’s Web site was at 14,000 visits in Ontario with a population of 13M, while in Saskatchewan, with a population of 1M, visits to this Web site are over 55,000 the Strudwick, and her two boss’s, first NDP Premier Calvert, and now the Wall, snicker and sneer at the Argues, is puzzling. The only possible explanation is that the Ruling Elite officials truly believe McHale is a genius, and that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and that this Web site is a stupid joke, BUT something is wrong with the picture of Saskatchewan Ruling Elite insistence of my stupidity, note below:

This Web site at 55,000 visits and going up a visit every 15 minutes during the work week, proves this site is not a stupid joke and Reiter’s insistence that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada does not ring true either, so where did that “lee stupidest man in canada” stuff come from? I refused to pay bribes, so the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Engineers despise me as the Nazi’s despised the Israelite’s, they claimed I was insane for refusing to pay their bribes and threatened my life for refusing to pay their bribes, Google “lee’s life threatened by highway engineers”, BUT, to my knowledge, not one of the evil, lying, corrupt Highway Engineers has ever stated that I am stupid, note below:

When I (Lee) finished Grade 12 the Guidance Counselor’s told me that my IQ was 137, Mensa rating starts at 140, so I was not a stupid kid, and by the Stanford – Binet IQ standard, at any one time, by the Google “probability theory” the Google “smartest guy in the room”, BUT the problem with being smart in Saskatchewan is that it’s of no use unless you have the kind of soul that can pay bribes to corrupt Official scum such as the Highway Engineers and evil, lying, corrupt, sluts such as RM Administrator, the Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”.

Google “its dangerous to be a honest man”, note that all Government Elite have always feared honest men and that is especially true in Saskatchewan, Google “jack wolfe mla suicide” but I (Lee) have been dead for decades so fear nothing, review posts DEJA VU EDENWOLD & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note that there is documented, hard formal, official, evidence, including their boasts, that the evil, lying corrupt bastards, the Saskatchewan Highway Engineers destroyed my Highway Contracting Company because of my refusal to pay their bribes which I believe lead to the death of my wife and co owner of our company, Lorna Latta.

My (Lee)s wife Lorna was a Pharmacist, and we saved enough money to establish our Contracting Company, and Lorna had been in University partying with the Highway Engineers and the stress of dealing with the corruption and boasts of the deliberate destruction of me, her husband and herself, by her Colleagues for my refusal to pay their bribes, resulted in her early death from cancer and lead to my guilt for refusing to pay the bribes that lead to Lorna’s death, and my view of the horror of the corruption of the official Ruling Elite.

My (Lee)s experience resulted in my despising my existence in a massively corrupt Saskatchewan, Canada for several decades, but there is also hard, documented evidence, for my view, Google ” canada ranked worst of g-7 nations in fighting bribery corruption sher” note that Transparency International has determined Canada to be the most corrupt Country in Christendom, review TURNING OVER ROCKS, Dr. Carl Baar advised Saskatchewan is the most corrupt Province in Canada, not Quebec, but po-dunk Saskatchewan, as ruled by the Official Ruling Elite, is the most corrupt Province in Canada.

I (Lee) have stated the reason why I refuse to pay bribes to Government officials is to be able to face myself to shave and confidants now ask if it has been worth it and notwithstanding the fact that I sat holding Lorna’s hand at the Cross Cancer Institute at Edmonton when she died of Cancer at four in the morning, my view is unchanged, it’s worth any sacrifice to not pay bribes to Government officials, such as the Strudwick, Google “corruption economies are doomed”.

I (Lee) do not have the balls to suicide, conversely, I have no fear of being “suicided” by corrupt Government officials and when not working on this Web site, day dream of the future when a honest Fed Administration puts the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges under control of a independent body such as the Senate, review LADY LORI A BEACON, scroll to document 3, but also remember the Irish axiom, Google “if pigs had wings they would fly”, note below:

As example, scroll back to the start of this post, review the first paragraph following the masthead,, note the “Saskies” candidate, now their MLA, is a local woman heavy hitter, School Board Chair, on U of S Senate Board, a clear clone of the Strudwick, she won the Lloydminister by-election with 64% of the vote but what is really worrying is that the Libs won only +/- 2% of popular vote.

Google “why the liberal party of canada nomination process requires serious reform coyne” & “linda haverstock destroyed for promising to end cozy crony contracts”, review the search results documenting Goodale’s destruction of Linda, but that dynamic may change after the Fed Election, Google “‘god save justin trudeau depicts liberal leader’ unfiltered and unrestrained mas cbc news”, note movies are being made before Trudeau’s Coronation, now back to reality.

Notwithstanding the Strudwick clone’s romp to victory for the Saskies in the Lloyminister by election, this Web site, if at the standard experts set out in the post masthead, projected to be 90K visits by April of 2016, could cause a return of the NDP to power, so I (Lee) ask Web readers to review UBAVAKA’S PONZI and note that it does not matter to taxpayers which gang of White collar official thugs, NDP or “Saskie”, allow the Strudwick and her ilk, to demand bribes to approve developments, Google “scc 31940”, the cost to taxpayers is massive.

Google “analysis/does ontario need a charbonneau inquiry?, dubinsky cbc”, Google “scc 31940” & “lee asks for judicial inquiry by alberta or us judge” review the search results, note that I (Lee) asked for a Judicial inquiry to be conducted by a Alberta Judge, or a US Judge from one of the northern tier states, into the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve developments, review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, note I believe the Wall has instructed Barclay to cover up the Strudwick Corruption and note below:

Google “regina city plaza lawsuit rural zoning” note posts of this Web site predicted Regina City Officials would be forced to settle, note Web post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, spells out the Judicial corruption, ie: the details of official blackmail and bribery of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges has forced the Ruling Elite, fearing public reaction, to act fairly, Google “city of regina not releasing details of plaza lawsuit settlement mceahern”.

Review post ONE GOOD MAN, note as this post goes to the sites Webmaster, rumor is rife that SLGA settled with David’s Harness Race people with all involved sworn to secrecy regarding the fact of settlement, let alone dollar value of settlement, but it will leak, watch the news and then decide if this Website forced the Wall to treat David’s Regina Harness Race people with fairness.

Google “sask communities learn to play nice at growth summit in regina lypny” , a waste of time and money, but I (Lee) suggest the “Saskies” end the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue development before it occurs to one of the NDP backroom genius’s the NDP could win the April 2016 General Election by promising to end the Strudwick bribe demands to approve the Argue development, it would work like a dream for the NDP, note below:

The simple, beauty of the Election plan I (Lee) set out for the NDP in the preceding paragraph ie: promise to end the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve developments, is as simple as a walk in the park, the NDP could use the material set out by the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940” and the study as set out in this post masthead, and LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, as campaign literature to win the vote in both big cities, Regina and Saskatoon.

The facts cannot be debated and are the basis for this Web site with over 55,000 visits, projected to be 80,000 by April of 2016, with Stats Canada showing 2.5 visits in each household that’s 200,000 voters, half of the voting population and then after the NDP won the April 2016 General Election there is precedent for the NDP to do exactly what the Sask Party did after November of 2007, tell the Argues to Google “fuddel-duddel” themselves,

The NDP did it first, setting the precedent and the Sask Party followed, so the NDP could follow their own precedent, after the election ignore the promise and demand the Argues, and other Developers, pay the Strudwick, and her ilk, bribes to approve their developments, Google “sask party mla’s refuse to honor their promise to approve argues development” & “scc 31940” & “global corruption a bigger scourge than terrorism stewart cbc.

Web readers may have noticed, Regina Leader Post article, Google “regina bypass will bissect new neighborhood lypny” and ask if that effects my (Lee) effort to obtain the Argue Development without bribing the Strudwick; Google “argue development regina bypass rural zoning”, review the search results, note post CROCODILES DO CRY Regina reference maps sets it out, but note below:

I (Lee) am not a real estate expert and the Hon Jim Reiter deems me to be the stupidest man in Canada, but I do believe the answer to the question posed by Natascia’s November 19th 2014 article, is that the Argues will be effected the same as all acreage owners on the south side of #1 across from the CK Tower, ie: it should bump all acreage owners net worth up a bit, not much, but a bit.


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